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Torrent SureConnect HDMI Cables


Feature-rich, performance-driven and green; next-gen cables enhance the HD experience

Torrent, Inc. today leverages the CEA Line Show stage to officially launch the SureConnect™ family of HDMI-certified cables; exceeding “status quo” options by maximizing performance while making connections stronger, more reliable and easier to use. In doing so, SureConnect cables address long-standing issues that jeopardize the HD experience – improving consumer satisfaction while delivering much-needed differentiation at a competitive price.

Torrent was established for the very purpose of bringing ingenuity to digital connectivity – an area with known deficiencies despite its critical importance to ensuring that ever-advancing home theater, gaming and PC systems perform to expectations. Much like the best engine will underwhelm if used in a poorly designed car, today’s high-end systems are only as reliable as their weakest link – which too often is the cable. With the launch of SureConnect HDMI cables, Torrent is poised to fill the gap between overpriced offerings narrowly focused on speeds and commodity options that don’t deliver solutions to real-world problems. By contrast, the SureConnect line tackles real issues caused by loose connections, interference, cumbersome designs and other limitations noted by end users and professional installers alike.

“Our SureConnect HDMI cables were designed around the end user experience,” said Craig Palli, CEO and Co-founder, Torrent, Inc. “Torrent offers a unique value proposition in a market that has long been characterized by lack of distinct choices. We’ve introduced new technologies, problem-solving features and high-quality designs that will become synonymous with the Torrent brand, along with our attention to eco-sensitive materials and practices.”

SureConnect HDMI cables are available in Select, Advanced and Elite models designed to meet wide-ranging needs. They apply patent-pending technologies that ensure delivery of the best HDMI digital signal with innovative cable connection, verification, shielding and amplification.

Industry-first features include:

  • MagLoc™ – Eliminates the well-documented problem of loose connections by fortifying connection strength by three to five times
  • VeriFYI – A clever LED indicator that confirms proper signal transmission from end to end
  • Signal Armor – Advanced five-layer shielding that provides maximum protection from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference
  • AmpliFire™ – An advanced equalization process based on a specialized low-power processor built right into the cable; boosting and amplifying the signal for longer cable runs or other demanding environments
  • HDMI Certification – Documented compliance with the HDMI 1.3C specification
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – Designed without the use of harmful substances such as PVC, halogen and phthalate; and lack the presence of bromine, lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, as validated through rigorous analysis by an independent and accredited testing lab

Torrent products are distributed by D&H, a leading technology distributor, and will also be available through popular retail and online outlets. SureConnect HDMI cables will be available in July 2009, starting at $49.99. Pre-orders may be placed at

All of Torrent’s products are backed by the company’s lifetime warranty and environmental commitment. A line of feature-rich video component cables is slated for release later this year.

About Torrent
At Torrent, we believe that maximum performance can co-exist with minimal environmental impact. We apply innovation and thoughtful design to develop high-performance, high-quality electronics in the most eco-friendly way. These include HDMI™ and component cables incorporating our patent-pending MagLoc™, VeriFYI, AmpliFire™ and Signal Armor™ technologies for more reliable connectivity, reduced interference, data correction and enhancement; all steeped in green sensibility from the get-go. The result? Superior performance for consumers, diminished waste for earth. Founded in 2007, Torrent is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts.

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