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Sony Marine Head Units Announced






Sony’s New Marine Head Units Make a Splash at IBEX

For music lovers spending time on the water, Sony launched its first splash-proof CD receiver with iPod-direct control functionality (model CDX-H905IP). The company debuted the marine head unit and three new UV resistant CD receivers today at the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX).

The top-of-the-line, IPx5-compliant marine stereo (CDX-HS905IP) is iPod-direct connectable. The included 9.8-foot cable has a 30-pin connector made for most iPod players and provides full menu control and charging.

Modeled after Sony’s award-winning CDX-HS70MW marine splash-proof head unit, the CDX-HS905IP model was designed with a retro, sporty look that is similar to the other dials found in a boat cockpit. The head unit is also sun, water and salt-resistant, and its large buttons and display make it easy to use. It also includes a red and blue two-key illumination and a rear RCA auxiliary input for expanding marine entertainment options.

“Our line-up gives you choices for connecting to digital music players or HD Radio and satellite radio adapters at an attractive price,” said Mike Kahn, director of mobile electronics at Sony Electronics.

The CDX-M50IP marine stereo is also iPod-direct connect capable, plus satellite radio and HD Radio ready. The head unit features an auxiliary input (and included cap) on the faceplate, facilitating the use of portable music players on a boat with a standard 1/8-inch mini jack cord (not supplied). This model has a traditional Xplod design with red and blue two-key illumination and front and rear sub selectable pre-outs.

While the CDX-H905IP model is splash proof, the CDX-M50IP unit and two new UV resistant CD receivers come with a drip panel and a conformal coating on the circuit board to prevent water intrusion and corrosion. The faceplate is treated with a UV coating to avoid yellowing and fading. Sony offers a waterproof stereo cover that fits snugly over the faceplate to prevent water damage. The GDM-616 cover is sold separately for about $50.

The CDX-M30 receiver is iPod, satellite radio and HD Radio ready. It also comes with a front auxiliary input with included cap. The CDX-H950IP, CDX-M50IP and CDX-M30 marine head models all have front and rear/sub selectable preouts to add external amplification.

The entry-level CDX-M10 model comes with a front-auxiliary input and included cap, as well as a rear and sub selectable preout. All of Sony’s new marine stereos support the MP3 and WMA music formats, while the top three models add AAC compatibility. They also all offer 52 watts x 4 high-power output, a direct sunlight viewable white LCD screen, and a 9 kHz and 10 kHz switchable tuner.

In addition, Sony markets two compatible Remote Commander remote controls (models RM-X55M and RM-X11M sold separately) that make it easy to control the music from the front, back or the cabin of a boat. They are sold separately for about $130 and $100, respectively. The CDX-M10 model works with the RM-X11M remote control, while the other three head units are compatible with both Remote Commander models.

The CDX-H905IP, CDX-M50IP and CDX-M30 models require additional equipment for satellite radio and HD Radio compatibility. The CDX-M30 model works with an iPod adapter (model XA-120IP for about $50), charges the device and controls it from the head unit. Satellite radio requires a subscription.

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Pricing and Availability
The CDX-M10, CDX-M30, CDX-M50IP and CDX-H905IP head units will be available for about $130, $170, $200 and $350, respectively in February at authorized retailers across the country.

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