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Digital Cameras

Ricoh CX1 Digital Camera (2009)


7.1x Optical wide-angle zoom digital camera with maximum dynamic range equivalent to 12 EV

Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Shiro Kondo) announced the development and release of the CX1, a new digital camera with a 7.1x optical wide-angle zoom lens (28-200 mm in 35 mm film equivalent focal length). The CX1’s expanded dynamic range of 12 EV equivalent makes it possible to capture high-contrast scenes in a way not possible with earlier models.

Ricoh CX1 SilverRicoh CX1 Champagne Rose

With new image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine IV and a new high-speed image processing CMOS sensor installed, the CX1 achieves greater image quality while at the same time expanding dynamic range with its dynamic range double shot mode.

Ricoh CX1 Digital Camera - Front in Black

In addition, functions such as multi-pattern auto white balance (sets white balance based on the light sources of segregated areas of the image) and multi-target AF (shoots consecutive images at seven focal distances automatically defined by the camera) enable the new CX1 to create beautiful images giving an almost naked-eye impression.

Ricoh CX1 Digital Camera - Back in Silver

The CX1 has a large 3.0-inch 920,000-dot VGA monitor and high-speed continuous shooting functions at approximately 4 frames/second that make it even easier to enjoy photography. This is a digital camera that takes the design concept “A tool you will want to use every day” to a new level of perfection.

Main features of the new CX1

Greater image quality from a new image processing engine and new image sensor.

  • The CX1 has the new image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine IV and a new high-speed image processing CMOS sensor. In high-sensitivity shooting conditions, these enhancements result in greater resolution than previous models and also reduce noise without compromising color reproduction.
  • The addition of a customized circuit to the image processing engine has made it possible to include a pixel output interpolation algorithm that expands the CX1’s dynamic range by up to 1 EV compared to conventional methods. This reduces whiteout in high-contrast situations and recreates the beauty seen by the eye.

Dynamic range double shot mode for excellent reproduction of both light and dark areas.

  • The transformation of the image processing engine and the image sensor has enabled the CX1 to do high-speed continuous shooting. This, in turn, has made it possible to create dynamic range double shot mode, which takes high-speed consecutive shots of two still images with different exposures and then records an image that combines the properly exposed portions of each. Expanding the dynamic range up to a maximum equivalent to 12 EV, this mode makes it possible to record images that give an almost naked-eye impression.
  • It is possible to also record a normal image in addition to the expanded-dynamic-range image so you can check the results immediately after shooting.

The multi-pattern auto white balance function gives the optimum color reproduction when shooting subjects mixing different color temperatures.

  • For scenes with both shadow and sunlight and scenes mixing flash and natural light (or fluorescent light, etc.) during flash photography, this function can define white balance to fit the light source of each segregated area of the image. This enhances image quality in people-photography situations that were difficult to shoot with the old auto white balance function.

High-definition 3.0-inch 920,000-dot VGA monitor.

  • The large, high-resolution LCD monitor has a wide viewing angle and high contrast. The screen has a fluorine coat to prevent soiling, a hard coat to prevent scratches, and an anti-reflection coat to give greater visibility even outdoors in bright sunshine.
  • The optimum fonts are used for high visibility on the VGA monitor, and greater camera operability is achieved with an enhanced setting-screen design easily readable at a glance. There is also an 81-image playback screen display function useful when checking images during playback.
  • Image framing during shooting is now easier as a result of the addition of a shooting information display frame which does not superimpose shooting information over the image itself.

With the multi-target AF function, the camera automatically finds seven focal distances and shoots at each one in succession.

  • The camera automatically decides seven focus points and does high-speed consecutive shooting of seven images while shifting the focus to each point. After shooting, you can select the image with the preferred focus. This function is effective for scenes (such as flowers) where there is a narrow range for a sharp focus.
  • The consecutively shot images are recorded as a single MP file (a file format with multiple still images in a single file).

Enhanced high-speed continuous shooting functions catch the decisive movement of moving subjects.

  • In continuous shooting mode, it is possible to do high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 4 frames/second for still images with the maximum number of pixels.
  • Continuous shooting speed will vary depending on shooting conditions, card type, card condition, etc.
  • The M-continuous plus shooting function does continuous shooting that saves the 30 images (30 frames/sec.) taken during the one second or so before the finger is removed from the shutter release button or the 30 images (15 frames/sec.) taken during the two seconds before. By taking your finger from the shutter release just after the decisive moment has passed, you can be sure that you caught it.
  • Image size is fixed at N1728 (2M).
  • The consecutively shot images are recorded as a single MP file (a file format with multiple still images in a single file).
  • With ultra-high-speed continuous shooting, the CX1 shoots 120 images (120 frames/sec.) during an interval of about one second after the shutter release button is pushed, or 120 images (60 frames/sec.) during an interval of about two seconds.
  • Image size is fixed at N640 (VGA).
  • The consecutively shot images are recorded as a single MP file (a file format with multiple still images in a single file).

A 7.1x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 28-200 mm focal length for 35 mm cameras) in a body optimized for ease of use as a photographic tool.

  • Ricoh’s original double retracting lens system has made it possible to fit a 7.1x optical wide-angle zoom lens in a body that is both easy to carry and easy to operate.
  • This lens can handle a wide range of shooting situations, including powerful telephoto shots as well as wide-angle shooting of both expansive landscapes and interior scenes with limited distance between camera and subject.

Popular macro photography functions.

  • With the macro photography functions you can get as close to the subject as 1 cm for wide-angle* and 25 cm for telephoto. *Equivalent to 32 mm focal length for 35 mm cameras
  • When shooting up close in easy shooting mode, the camera will automatically switch to macro mode so you can enjoy macro photography without the inconvenience of mode switching.

A wide range of functions inspired by the “A tool you will want to use every day” concept.

  • Electronic level utilizing an acceleration sensor.
  • Image sensor shift blur reduction function to reduce hand-motion blurring.
  • Face mode that automatically identifies subject faces and optimizes face focus, exposure, and white balance.
  • Easy shooting mode for photographic fun with simple operations.
  • Minimum shooting distance display function that shows on the monitor the minimum shooting distance, which changes depending on the zoom setting.
  • Aspect ratio (vertical/horizontal ratio) 1:1 square format photography function.
  • Image flag function to enable the quick display of specific images from among those in the camera.
  • The ability to switch from frame to frame with the still image display remaining enlarged in playback mode.

CX1 Option

Accessory Name Model
Rechargeable Battery DB-70
Battery Charger BJ-7
Soft Case (black) SC-90BK
Soft Case (brown) SC-90BN
Neck Strap ST-2
Cable switch CA-1
AC adapter AC-4g

* The “dynamic range” of a digital camera is range of light intensity that the camera is able to process.
* The term “MP file” used in this document refers to “Extended MP files” conforming to the “multi-picture format” standardized by the CIPA. (The file extension is MPO.) With MP file images recorded by the CX1, a selected frame can be extracted and saved as an individual JPEG image within the camera.

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