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Paradigm Is Thinking Outside The Box With Its New Compact Theater Line


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Paradigm Is Thinking “Outside The Box” With Its New Compact Theater Line

ONTARIO, CANADA — November 2004 — What do you think of when you hear “home-theater-in-a-box”? Most likely, you think of a so-so receiver and media player with tinny-sounding satellites thrown in almost as an afterthought. Do you feel that you need to settle for low-quality speakers to achieve a low-cost complete home theater system? Think again! Paradigm shows how it’s done, with their new line of 5.1 Compact Theater systems — Cinema 70 CT, Cinema 90 CT and Cinema 110 CT. These are Paradigm’s most affordable complete and compact speaker systems to date and feature the company’s award-winning Monitor Series technology (the company’s affordable high-end line of speakers). With the Cinema CT line, Paradigm delivers real audiophile quality sound — at really modest prices.

Paradigm displays its commitment to affordable high-end products by giving you three different CT systems to choose from. Studio apartment dwellers and gamers will revel in the high-end sound the Cinema 70 system provides — four award winning Cinema 70 satellites and the Cinema CC center channel together with a compact subwoofer bring multi dimensional sound to games and movies. Then there’s the dream system Cinema 90 CT — two slightly larger Cinema 90 satellites up front and a Cinema CC center channel are flanked by Paradigm’s award-winning ADP speakers and a more powerful (but still compact) subwoofer. Cinema ADPs add reverberant surround sound for a supremely realistic music and multichannel soundstage. And then there’s Cinema 110 CT which uses three larger speakers (identical in size, driver configuration and hence, identical specification) to optimize timbral accuracy across the front of your home theater or music listening room. The company’s popular ADP surround speakers are also part of this package. Paradigm offers three contemporary finishes to suit today’s lifestyle settings — silver, white or black.

As far as audiophile quality goes, we know that you’ve learned not to expect much from the speakers in a conventional “home-theater-in-a-box” system. But the “sub” in subwoofer doesn’t have to mean “sub par”! The powerful new compact Cinema CT v.3 subwoofers meet the same standards as all of Paradigm’s award winning subwoofers, offering tremendous output, superb control and clean, articulate bass .The subs also feature patented built-in high-power discrete amplifiers that provide exceptional high-current, low-distortion power.

Designed with a compact profile, Cinema CTs will fit into any living space and blend with any decor. They’re also very lightweight for easy maneuverability and installation. The result? Shockingly high sound quality with aesthetics to match, at a price that’s truly affordable!

Cinema CT Model Introduction Breakdown

Cinema 70 CT System
4 x Cinema 70 — 3.5″ bass/midrange driver, 1″ high-frequency driver
1 x Cinema CC — 2 x 3.5″ bass/midrange driver, 1″ high-frequency driver
1 x Cinema 70 CT Subwoofer — 8″ Driver, 100 watt RMS/250 Watts Peak
Available finishes include Silver, White and Black
MSRP is $499/US per system

Cinema 90 CT System
2 x Cinema 90 — 4.5″ bass/midrange driver, 1″ high-frequency driver
1 x Cinema CC — 2 x 3.5″ bass/midrange driver, 1″ high-frequency driver
2 x Cinema ADP — 2 x 3.5″ bass/midrange driver, 2 x 1″ high frequency driver
1 x Cinema 90 CT Subwoofer — 10″ Driver, 120 watts RMS/360 Watts Peak
Available finishes include Silver, White and Black
MSRP is $649/US per system

Cinema 110 CT System
2 x Cinema 110 L/R — 2 x 4.5″ bass/midrange driver, 1″ high-frequency driver
1 x Cinema 110 C — 2 x 4.5″ bass/midrange driver, 1″ high-frequency driver
2 x Cinema ADP — 2 x 3.5″ bass/midrange driver, 2 x 1″ high-frequency driver
1 x Cinema 110 CT Subwoofer — 10″ Driver, 150 watts RMS/450 Watts Peak
Available finishes include Silver, White and Black
MSRP is $799/US per system

Considering a 6.1 system? Cinema ADP speakers (sold separately) with their large, reverberant soundfield are the best choice for the rear channel in a 6.1 surround-sound system. What about a 7.1 system? Simply add a pair of Cinema ADP’s (sold separately) as rear speakers in Cinema 110 CT or Cinema 90 CT, or add a pair of Cinema 70 satellites (sold separately) as rears in the Cinema 70 CT. Visit for more information.

Innovative design, advanced materials, in-house manufacturing, and state-of-the-art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design. With more than 250 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm is committed to being at the leading edge of speaker technology and consistently achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theater.

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Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080
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