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Orb Audio Mod1X, Mod2X, Mod4X Speaker Systems

Orb Audio subONE with Mod2x

Orb Audio recently updated its line of mini spherical speakers and compact subwoofers designed for stereo or home theater use. The new models are Mod1X, Mod2X and Mod4X ball-shaped speakers and two new compact subwoofer models – subMINI and subONE. The speakers have been upgraded with an all new aluminum driver that delivers improved midrange and high frequency performance and provides higher power handling capabilities, over the original speakers released in 2003.

Orb speakers are unique because they are modular. Audiophiles can customize each speaker to consist of one, two or four Orbs (Mod1X, Mod2X and Mod4X), depending on their budget and sound requirements, and the system can be reconfigured at any time. Customers moving the system to a bigger room can simply add an additional Orb to some or all of their speakers for more output. Likewise, customers on a tight budget can start with an affordable audiophile system and build it up over time, instead of wasting money on a cheap system that will never sound good and will ultimately be discarded and replaced.

While these speakers feature improved technology and performance, they retain the stylish design that launched their popularity. All speakers are constructed with American carbon steel and are available in a Metallic Black and Pearl White powder coated finishes, as well as optional Hammered Earth, Hand Antiqued Copper, Hand Antiqued Bronze and Hand Polished Steel.

Orb Audio subONE Back

Orb Audio is also introducing two completely redesigned subwoofer models: subONE and subMINI. The new subONE features a new 200-watt amplifier and delivers improved low bass performance and accuracy. This high performance sound is packed into a cabinet smaller than 12 inches on each side, and is available in a furniture quality walnut finish for the first time. The subONE also features new anti-clipping and thermal overload circuits as well as auto-voltage sensing technology so that it can be used anywhere in the world.

Orb Audio subMINI Back

The subMINI is an all-new ultra-compact subwoofer ideal for customers who want to fill a smaller living space with deep, full sound, whether from a television, computer or mobile device. The budget and decor-friendly subwoofer features a 100-watt amplifier in a tiny nine-inch cabinet that can bring impressive bass to even the most limited spaces. The subMINI also features a dual port design for the best balance of bass performance and output volume. Both the subONE and subMINI are available with wireless options.

“Ten years ago, we launched a new company based on the idea that by selling directly to customers, we could eliminate markups and offer top quality systems and high-end design at a lower price,” said Ethan Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Orb Audio. “Our success over the past decade shows that the demand for superior performance and craftsmanship and modern styling is strong. By selling direct, we can spend a lot more on product components, design and support, and still keep our prices very competitive. Our direct business model has certainly been responsible for our success, and it is almost hard to believe that most people were still unwilling to enter their credit card online when we started our company.”

Price and Availability
All speakers are available now at in white, black, copper, bronze, steel, or hammered earth finished.

  • Mod1X 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System $889
  • Mod2X 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System $1398
  • Mod4X 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System $2098
  • subMINI $299
  • subONE $399

Orb Audio Mod1x Speaker System

Orb Audio Mod2x Speaker System

Orb Audio Mod4x Speaker System

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