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All new power supply by FSP Group The Green Power


The American film “The Day After Tomorrow” has awakened people of environmental protection. This is echoed with the iron-fist environment policy in the European Union. With high share of the power supply market in Europe, the FSP Group is innovative and confident in its operation. Being highly aware of environmental protection and the concept of recycling of materials, the FSP Group launched the low energy consumption and high performance environmentally friendly power supply unit. This new item is absolutely environmentally friendly from the selection of materials to manufacturing, and is compatible with almost all PC systems, even the demand in the PC game fans market. Nonetheless, this new item also meets the specification requirements of AMD, Intel and multimedia PC.

In the EU countries, the environmental protection policy is the product of consensus between the people and the governments from the very beginning. All electrical appliances for export are subject to the strict control of safety in those countries. They pay close attention to the possible problems of the harmful electromagnetic wave. They are even stricter in regulating the massively manufactured products that may cause problems in pollution, recycling, to the ozone layer and green house effect. As such, all products shall consume only the minimal quantity of materials in the manufacturing process and about 75% of the materials used shall be recyclable. In light of this strict requirement, the FSP Group strictly control the use of harmful solvents like fluoride in the research and development process of this new piece of environmentally friendly power supply unit. For the outer shell of this device, FSP Group also use the minimal quantity of heavy metal compound (like cadmium(Cd), lead(Pb), mercury(Hg) and Chromium VI (Cr(VI)) compounds) with the objective of meeting the legal requirement in environmental protection in the European Union.

This new piece of environmentally friendly power supply unit is famed with low energy consumption. With the tacit design for low energy consumption of its circuit, this new item can reach 85% of the efficiency in running, which is much higher than the 65% for most products of its kind in the market, not to mention the high energy consumption rate. The consumption of power is as low as 1W in the stand-by mode. This design effectively helps to save the electricity bill. The low noise of lower than 30 dB meets the standard of sound pollution control. Indeed, this is the standard layout of the good quality power supply products from FSP Group.

While legal rules and test methods on environmental protection are not fully in place, the FSP Group has already emerged as a world-class manufacturer in the electronic industry. With its broad world view and understanding of the future, the company understands that legal rules on environmental protection will get stricter and stricter, reinforced by the ever increasingly items in relevant testing. Seeing this trend of development, the FSP Group prepares in advance. By fully upgrading the awareness of green products inside the company, the FSP Group is the first who launched the Green Power series in the market. With is solid and broad foundation in the IT market, the company will seek to sustain its competitive advantage, as the gravity of the market in the future will be guided by green products.

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