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Two new releases from Cyrus reflect a century of growth


Friday 7th May 2004

Press contact:
Maureen Marsh
Cyrus Electronics Ltd, Huntingdon,
Cambridgeshire, England PE29 6XY
Tel + 44 (0) 1480 4355 77
Fax + 44 (0) 1480 4377 15

Press Release

Two new releases from Cyrus reflect a century of growth

Huntingdon, U.K. Friday 7th May 2004
This summer, the true breadth of engineering expertise at Cyrus will be revealed, as we achieve the seemingly impossible feat of bending time! Within weeks of each other, Cyrus will launch two cutting-edge audiophile products featuring vastly differing technologies whose roots lie separated by 60 years.

Cyrus’ new DAC XP is one of the world’s finest Digital to Analogue Converters, allowing any CD player (of any make) to be upgraded to our very latest 192Khz DAC technology.

In true Cyrus tradition upgradeability is a key advantage built into this new decoder. The DAC X can be ordered (or upgraded) with dual mono, fully balanced, preamplifier cards built into the hand finished die-cast enclosure making this not only one of the most exciting products to arrive on the audio scene for years but also one of the most compact. The Preamp version will be known as DAC XP. Further upgradeable with our high value power supply, PSX-R, the new unit will become the centre of many high-end Cyrus systems. The target price for the DAC X is £1,000 and for DAC XP £2,000.

Within weeks, we will also launch a phono pre-amplifier called Phono X. Whilst phono-cartridge technology harks back to the golden age of gramophone in the 1920s, Phono X is set to be one of the world’s most advanced turntable pickup amplifiers. Compatible with both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, it can, in fact, operate with both, allowing two turntables to be used in one system. The target price for Phono X is £750.

Peter Bartlett, Cyrus Division Manager comments: “The unknown degree of mis-match between an MC cartridge and phono input is frustrating for many vinyl enthusiasts. Phono X provides a special adjustment to match cartridge to amp, ensuring the highest possible audio quality from a wide range of MC cartridges. This is extremely important if you have made a significant investment in your vinyl and want to hear it at its very best!

“Whilst many of us at Cyrus are children of the ’70s, listening to vinyl out of sheer nostalgia, a whole new generation of music lovers is discovering that this medium can offer outstanding audio quality. This wonderful, new, audiophile, phono-stage can unlock their full glory.

“In a world seemingly fascinated with MP3 and all things digitally compressed, Cyrus continues to explore quality wherever it may be found. So are technologies born at opposite ends of a century of change really diametrically opposed? We think not.”

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More information will follow, over the coming weeks.

More about Cyrus
Cyrus is based in Cambridgeshire, England from where we have been developing high performance hi-fi systems for 20 years. Today our upgradeable modular product range spans multi-room systems, Hard Disc audio servers, Home Theatre and one of the world’s finest upgradeable hi-fi systems. Cyrus products are hand finished, half-size, die-cast alloy enclosures and include a hidden digital command system that allows simple operation of any size system. The cutting edge design, modular upgradeability and outstanding performance are unique in the CE industry.


Phono X

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