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NetStreams DigiLinX System Makes its Benefits Heard

LAS VEGAS, NV — January 6, 2005 — NetStreams, the leader in Networked Audio/Video , is fulfilling its promise to bring homeowners a new experience of feature-rich yet simple home entertainment distribution. Following the launch of the highly anticipated DigiLinX IP-based multi-room audio system, new installations are generating positive feedback from those who are experiencing its features for the first time. The innovative product line is the first IP-based multi-room audio system in the custom market, and puts forth capabilities that previously required extensive programming to typical distribution systems. DigiLinX delivers the benefits of “convergence,” effectively marrying networking technologies and hi-fidelity audio, and marks the introduction of ‘Networked Digital Entertainment.’

“The DigiLinX system is the result of years of research and development in the fields of networking, audio/video distribution, and control,” said Herman Cardenas, founder and CEO of NetStreams. “Now that installers and homeowners are seeing, firsthand, DigiLinX’s benefits all the way from installation to end-use, there is change in what is expected of today’s home entertainment systems. No other audio distribution system provides DigiLinX’s sound quality, control precision, and integration flexibility with the same level of simplicity at installation and during operation.”

The DigiLinX system, which uses NetStreams’ patent pending StreamNet technology, distributes audio over CAT5e using TCP/IP on an Ethernet network, in a meshed networked architecture. DigiLinX converts audio from legacy sources (Tuner, CD Player, other) in real-time, allowing up to 24-bit, studio-quality audio streams to be distributed throughout a home or commercial facility. All system components are network upgradeable. NetStreams’ DigiLinX products are available at AVAD distribution centers throughout the United States, and through select distributors worldwide.

Tracy Lowe is a Senior Account Executive with AVAD Metro East in Gaithersburg, Maryland. After visiting a new DigiLinX installation in Potomac, he was impressed with how quickly the installation went.

“In less than three hours, I watched the DigiLinX system get taken out of the box, get connected to sources, programmed for twelve zones, and operated by the homeowner.

The dealer wasn’t a veteran audio system designer–he had been primarily a security system installer–so the speed and ease with which he completed the DigiLinX installation is unheard of in this day. And the homeowner was literally teaching themselves how to utilize the different system capabilities in minutes. The whole process was a real eye-opener.”

Traditionally, distributed audio systems have been hampered by mediocre performance, limited expandability, poor user interfaces and highly specialized programming. Control signals were routed one way, IR signals another, audio and video handled through myriad processes–and all with expandability limitations. The DigiLinX Audio Distribution System overcomes these issues with a flexible architecture that delivers high quality sound, and broad source compatibility & expansion options.

End-users will be surprised at the ease with which they can control each source connected to DigiLinX and access system status. The system’s attractive TouchLinX in-wall control pads let users adjust the volume, treble, and bass in their zone, as well as check the current function of any source. DigiLinX constantly updates all sources’ status, and provides that information in real-time status to every keypad. There’s virtually no time delay between command input at the keypad and response from the sources.

Each TouchLinX keypad can access and distribute metadata from advanced digital audio sources like ReQuest Multimedia’s Audio Request digital media servers. The data is displayed on each keypad’s color display, and allows users to access any source from any room at any time, and if the source provides metadata, music can be selected by Artist, Album, Song, and Genre. Keypads can even display album cover art. The DigiLinX System can also play both uncompressed (.wav) and mp3, and because system processing code is stored in flash memory, future updates to support new audio formats are easily programmed.

DigiLinX does not limit the user interface to its keypads. Each system component contains its own IP address and web server that transmits rich control pages to third party products such as PDA’s, Web Tablets, Web TVs, or computers for effortless control anywhere in the home.

While DigiLinX provides homeowners with a wealth of benefits, the system was also designed to give installers a new level of simplicity at each step of set-up. DigiLinX is able to perform without using proprietary wiring–only cat-5 and 4-conductor speaker wire–so prewiring is as simple as any audio distribution system. But that’s where the similarities end. DigiLinX’s Universal Plug and Play architecture lets installers connect and program sources far faster than typical systems. The process is similar to programming universal remote controls. The system accepts virtually any analog or digital source, and a virtually unlimited number of sources and/or rooms can be programmed at system installation, or added at any time, without any reduction in sound quality.

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Unlike traditional audio distribution systems, DigiLinX amplifiers are located within each zone, rather than centralized in an equipment rack, which invites unnecessary service issues. For example, if one amplifier needs repair a problem, all other zones continue operating, whereas, with a multi-channel amp, if a homeowner loses one channel, they can’t enjoy the system at all until the amp is repaired. DigiLinX’s localized amplifiers also ensure loud and richly detailed sound.

DigiLinX can be integrated with a wide variety of home subsystems, such as lighting, security, telephones, doorbells, air conditioning etc. Integrating newer systems is simple as many of them are migrating to IP networked control, however older systems can be integrated via RS-232 or RS-485. DigiLinX even has inputs for simple doorbell systems.

NetStreams’ DigiLinX family of IP-based products is comprised of the following components (with many more to come):

SpeakerLinX – is a family of IP-based amplifiers with unmatched intelligence. A SpeakerLinX module contains not only an IP-controlled amplifier, but also decodes and plays MP-3, WMA (future), or WAV (uncompressed) audio streams, encodes audio from a local source, and contains a web server for generating rich control from any computing or display device that hosts a web browser. These Class-D amplifiers have a small footprint and are designed to mount on or adjacent to a speaker. By localizing the amplifier right at the speaker, power and damping losses are minimized, yielding impressive clarity and definition typically only heard in expensive audiophile component systems.

MediaLinX – an IP-based product designed to convert (in real-time) analog or digital audio signals from a legacy source (CD player, tuner, other), into TCP/IP 24-bit audio streams and IR control that can than be distributed over a home entertainment network.

TouchLinX – is an elegant IP-based touch-screen keypad featuring a high resolution color LCD, which displays the metadata (artist, album, song, cover art) and transport controls available for each audio source and network amp. TouchLinX’s simple, intuitive design allows users to access their favorite songs, artists, play lists, or stations easily and quickly. Each room can have customized bass, treble, balance and loudness contours. NetStreams also is the first to offer an in-wall control panel with an integrated amplifier and FM Tuner for discrete playback in each zone.

SwitchLinX – is an IGMP (Internet Group Message Protocol) enabled, multicasting, non-blocking Ethernet switch designed specifically for handling the high demands of networked audio/video distribution products. Additional SwitchLinX modules can be employed to expand the network audio inputs.

PowerLinX – is a rack-mounted power supply that designed to distribute up to 21amps/28 volts of power to multiple DigiLinX devices on a network.

About NetStreams

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state-of-the-art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user-friendly and future-compatible. NetStreams is creating the future of home entertainment today.

For additional information on NetStreams and its innovative products, please visit

Request MultiMedia is a registered trademark of ReQuest Multimedia.

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NetStreams, DigiLinX, SpeakerLinX, MediaLinX, TouchLinX, SwitchLinX, PowerLinX, and AudioLinX are registered trademarks of NetStreams. Burr Brown is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

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