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Mordaunt-Short releases full Mezzo loudspeaker range


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When Mordaunt-Short produced Performance in 2004, it made a statement of intent and showed what it was capable of. The company’s flagship Performance Series challenged the status quo and embraced some truly remarkable design innovations. Since the range’s introduction, many of these principles have disseminated down to Mordaunt-Short’s other products — most notably Mezzo. Mezzo is an entirely new family of loudspeakers which offer staggering performance and innovative design whilst delivering value for money. With the Mezzo 2 standmount and Mezzo 6 floorstander Mordaunt-Short has yet again created two-channel stereo bliss. These two elegant designs are soon to be joined by a complete multi-channel range including the Mezzo 1 rear effects/satellite, 5 centre and 9 subwoofer.

Key features:

  • Striking yet elegant curved cabinet design to reduce standing waves
  • All new Aspirated Tweeter Technology (ATT™)
  • Latest generation 5¼/6½” Continuous Profile Cone (CPC™) mid/bass drivers and 25mm aluminium dome tweeter which are light but incredibly rigid to reduce distortion
  • Custom designed and isolate mounted crossover for minimal distortion
  • 375W sub with Digital Sound Processing (DSP)
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter and remote in one easy to use handset
  • Phase Compensation Filter (PCF) for accurate phase adjustment
  • Sound deadened driver baskets for low distortion
  • Aluminium front baffle for smooth sound dispersion characteristics
  • Carefully selected internal wadding and critical bracing
  • Audiophile grade components throughout
  • Stunning light oak and dark walnut finishes
  • Easily removable magnetic grilles for an invisible fit with contrasting finishes

The Mezzo two-channel range comprises the Mezzo 2 standmount and Mezzo 6 floorstanding loudspeakers. Belying its compact size, Mezzo 2 produces a remarkably expansive sound and integrates into any environment while the Mezzo 6 provides additional bass extension.

At the heart of Mezzo is its Aspirated Tweeter Technology (ATT™). Directly descended from the Performance Series, Mordaunt-Short’s unique high-end tweeter design has been carefully adapted to enable the incredible effect of this patent pending acoustic principle to be experienced across the Mezzo range. Mezzo’s Aspirated Tweeter Technology employs scrupulously designed structural mouldings with strategically positioned vents which help turn rear radiation into “diffuse field energy”. This lowers the colouration that plagues traditional closed-back designs and means the tweeters literally ‘breathe’ for a phenomenally open and detailed sound. The tweeter also uses an integral one-piece dome and voice coil for more consistent performance across a wider dynamic range. Aluminium is used for the dome as it is light but extremely strong. (See detailed ATT images on the Mordaunt-Short extranet).

Further down the frequency range Mezzo uses the latest generation 6½” CPC™ (Continuous Profile Cone) bass drivers. This proprietary technology produces exactly predictable driver performance by ensuring controlled piston-like movement at low frequencies and minimal break up at higher frequencies. Lightweight and extremely rigid hard-anodised aluminium cones are used for faithful dynamics. This advanced technology produces a deeply stunning and realistic performance with awesome stereo imaging.

The crossover uses critically selected components for their signal path integrity including high quality polypropylene capacitors in Dual Value Parallel (DVP) configuration which produce outstanding treble. Coiled inductors with low saturation characteristics greatly reduce non-linear distortion artefacts for an extremely clean and detailed sound. The crossover itself is isolate mounted further reducing vibration and unwanted resonance.

The driver chassis are bonded to a specially developed sound deadened steel/rubber basket which completely eliminates unwanted resonance effects and house the CPC drivers producing a beautifully clear midrange.

One of the most interesting aspects of the speakers’ design is the cabinet. After a critical selection process, a wood composite was chosen and then carefully formed and bonded into shape. Internal bracing provides inherent strength while the cabinet’s curved shape discourages the build up of standing waves for a cleaner and more realistic sound. The curves also offer an aesthetic boon as they give the appearance of a far smaller cabinet but in actual fact provide a bigger enclosure for a more commanding sound.

The Mezzo 1 proves that Mordaunt-Short’s trademark sound can be delivered from even the smallest of cabinets and offers a taste of genuine high-end hi-fi at a more than attainable price. The ATT tweeter is featured in its most compact cabinet to date and coupled with a 5¼” driver, this petite bookshelf speaker offers a deep and rich performance as well as an impressively large sound stage. Mezzo 1 was designed with two specific purposes in mind; to act as a satellite or rear effect speaker in a home theatre system or as a sublime stereo bookshelf speaker for smaller environments with audiophile reproduction requirements. Either way, these beautiful speakers fit perfectly anywhere.

Consistent with Mordaunt-Short’s other successful speaker packages, Mezzo features a dedicated centre — the Mezzo 5 — which is designed to deal with the demands of dialogue in movies. Its ATT tweeter integrates fantastically with the rest of the range to produce awesome vocals. The cabinet is a closed box design while the infinite front baffle guarantees consistent dispersion characteristics and performance.

The Mezzo 9 is a truly incredible subwoofer and uses a plethora of features to ensure it integrates seamlessly with any existing home entertainment system. Using dual opposed 8″ CPC ultra long throw woofers in a force cancelling configuration, the sub metes out a thumping 375W of power. All this comes from an incredibly compact cabinet which blends into any listening environment.

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The Mezzo 9 subwoofer features a powerful DSP engine which can be tailored to your exact set-up and room acoustics. Notch filters allow response anomalies (room modes) to be equalised out and a Phase Compensation Filter (PCF) enables accurate step-by-step phase adjustment at the crossover point rather than the usual basic phase inversion switch on lesser products. The crossover point is fully adjustable and the roll-off rate selectable. A special test CD and combined Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter / remote control are supplied making set-up surprisingly simple.

In use the DSP’s engine is able to implement ‘Night’ modes and other dynamic processing so that for instance low level sounds are made louder whilst at the same time explosions appear quieter, ideal for late-night listening. A Music/Movie/Game select mode allows the sub to be changed for specific use and these presets are easily recalled. The sub includes an attractive and dimmable backlit display for full control of all features via the top panel or remote control and this kind of technology once again puts Mordaunt-Short at the forefront of home cinema entertainment.

The Mezzo range uses a stunning custom finish that is designed and sourced in the UK and comes in a choice of either light oak or dark walnut cabinet that complement any listening environment. The speakers also have easily removable magnetic grilles which sit neatly flush against the baffle.

Suggested retail prices:
Mezzo 1 bookshelf (pair) $499 ex sales tax – £349/€499 inc VAT
Mezzo 2 standmount (pair) $699 ex sales tax – £449/€699 inc VAT
Mezzo 5 centre (each) $499 ex sales tax – £349/€499 inc VAT
Mezzo 6 floorstander (pair) $1199 ex sales tax – £799/€1199 inc VAT
Mezzo 9 subwoofer (each) $999 ex sales tax – £699/€999 inc VAT

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