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Floorstanding Speakers

Lansche Audio No. 5.1 Loudspeakers


Lansche Audio introduced the No. 5.1 Three-Way Floor Standing Loudspeaker, which includes a new, improved version of the Corona Tweeter, a new midrange driver from Audio Technologies, a new crossover design, a slightly taller cabinet with a new aluminum front baffle, a new internal cabinet design, and a higher quality finish for the cabinet. The No. 5.1 Speaker replaces Lansche’s Model No. 5.

The No. 5.1 Loudspeaker is designed to produce music that sounds as direct and natural as when it was originally performed. With the speaker presenting no restrictions in dynamic range, frequency spectrum or reproducibility, listeners feel as if they had been transported into the middle of a live music experience.

The No. 5.1 reproduces sound using a 4-inch cone driver for midrange frequencies, two 8.7-inch long-throw drivers for bass, the Corona Plasma Tweeter for higher frequencies, and a passive bass reflex port. The low mass of the 4-inch driver seamlessly integrates the crucial midrange frequencies with the plasma tweeter, while the 8.7-inch woofers produce a solid bottom end, well beyond the usual home volume levels.

The bass is handled by two 8 inch long-throw drivers of low moving mass. These can achieve a membrane displacement of ±0.5 inch. The meticulously crafted enclosure with sandwiched composite cabinet walls is the basis for the loudspeaker’s outstanding audio performance. Thanks to the extensive internal cabinet cross-bracing matrix and the application of custom made internal damping materials, cabinet wall resonances have been reduced to vanishingly low levels — there is no opportunity for the cabinet to develop any resonant response of its own.

Lansche Audio Corona Plasma Tweeter

The Corona Plasma Tweeter, a hallmark of Lansche technology, comes closer than any other tweeter to the ideal of a point-shaped sound source with zero mass, since it employs an 8mm-long electric arc to directly activate the surrounding air as a sound transmission medium. The tweeter’s arc of resonance-free, voltage-modulated air helps it avoid the limitations of conventional tweeters to achieve outstanding impulse, phase and amplitude response, and an exact, three-dimensional sound. As a result, the No. 5.1 delivers faithful, coherent musical reproduction with incredible precision, speed and economy.

The No. 5.1 Speaker also boasts a meticulously crafted, 41-inch high cabinet with sandwiched composite walls that are the basis for the loudspeaker’s outstanding audio performance. Thanks to the cabinet’s extensive internal cross-bracing matrix and the application of custom-made damping materials, cabinet wall resonances have been reduced to vanishingly low levels. There is no opportunity for the cabinet to develop any resonant response of its own. Inputs include one for the midrange frequencies and tweeter, one for the bass, and a bi-wiring terminal on the back that can be adjusted to help the tweeter better match a room’s acoustic characteristics.

The tweeter level is user adjustable in four 1dB steps via jumpers on the rear panel and the bass level can be atenuated to compensate for room or placement deficiencies. With an efficiency rating of 91 dB, even amplifiers with a modest power output are suitable.

Price and Availability
The Lansche Audio No. 5.1 Loudspeaker is available now from Aaudio Imports at suggested prices of $40,000/pair in a Satin Veneer finish, and $45,000/pair in a High Gloss Veneer (Burl Maple, Macassar Ebony) or a Piano Black Lacquer finish.

Lansche Audio No. 5.1 Loudspeakers - Macassar Ebony


Description: 3-way passive loudspeaker vented-box system
Tweeter chassis: 1 x 8mm (0.3″) Corona Plasma
Midrange chassis: 1 x 15.5 cm (4″)
Bass chassis: 2 x 22cm (8.7″) composite glass fibre/ polyester fabric cone, coated
Crossover frequencies: 200Hz / 2.5kHz
Impedance: 4Ω nominal, 3.2Ω minimum
Sensitivity: 91dB/1W/1m
Maximum level: 112dB/1m
Frequency response: 32Hz – 150kHz ±3dB
Input terminals: 2 sets: 1 x bass, 1 x mid+high,
connection for bi-wiring or bi-amping
Internal wiring: Silver plated OFC
Dimensions (H x W x D): 101.9 x 25.8 x 49 cm
(40.9 x 10.1 x 19.3 inches)
Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)
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