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Car Speakers

JVC DRVN Car Speakers Announced for 2013


For 2013, JVC announced an updated lineup of DRVN entry level coaxial and component speaker options including five new coaxial selections plus two continuing custom fit sizes and a component system package. Woofer drive cones feature Carbon Mica combined with a hybrid surround comprised of cloth and rubber for enhanced longevity and light, quick playback response. Carbon Mica cones use a thin yet hard profile to increase response accuracy. Using this combination of materials, SPL response has increased throughout the entire frequency range versus previous models. Speaker grilles include a tri-way design, which balances the midrange output to fill the vehicle uniformly. They also feature a Poly-Ether Imide cone midrange, tweeter, and super tweeters while both woofer and midrange or tweeter drivers feature strontium ferrite magnets.

The CS-VS608 is a 6.5-inch 2-way component speaker set with 300-watt peak power handling and 60-watt RMS power handling. It features a separate PEI tweeter, multiple mounting bracket options and an in-line crossover network box. The set will be available in January for $109.95.

The CS-V6948 is a 6-inch by 9-inch 4-way coaxial speaker with 400-watt peak power handling and 60-watt RMS power handling, and will be available in January for $89.95.

The CS-V6938 is a 6-inch by 9-inch 3-way coaxial speaker with 400-watt peak power handling and 60-watt RMS power handling, and will be available in January for $79.95.

The CS-V628 is a 6.5-inch 2-way coaxial speaker with 250-watt peak power handling and 40-watt RMS power handling, and will be available in January for $59.95.

The CS-V528 is a 5.25-inch 2-way coaxial speaker with 220-watt peak power handling and 27-watt RMS power handling, and will be available in January for $59.95.

The CS-V428 is a 4-inch 2-way coaxial speaker with 200-watt peak power handling and 20-watt RMS power handling, and will be available in January for $59.95.

The 6-inch by 8-inch and 4-inch by 6-inch custom-fit coaxial speakers continue into 2013 from the previous DRVN lineup.

The CS-V6837 coaxial speaker features 250-watt peak power handling and 30-watt RMS peak handling plus a PEI midrange cone and tweeter. It is currently available for $99.95.

The CS-V4627 coaxial speaker features 140-watt peak power and 20-watt RMS power. It is currently available for $79.95.


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