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Just5 Cell Phone for Seniors


Just5 Cell Phone for Seniors - back

Ideal for Seniors, People with Poor Eyesight or Hearing Problems, People with Medical Conditions that Require Constant Care and Children Who Need a 'Starter Phone'

Just5 today announced the general availability of its new line of mobile phones targeting seniors, people with poor eyesight or hearing problems, people with medical conditions that require constant care and children who need a “starter phone.” The phone line offers only the essential features for these target audiences and provides a simple alternative to today's increasingly complex handsets and smartphones.

Just5 phones feature large, easily visible buttons for ease of dialing and texting; a “speaking keypad” that confirms which buttons are pressed; a small form factor that easily fits in the hand; amplified speaker volume (up to 100db); an FM radio for convenient listening without a headset; a flashlight to negotiate dark spaces; simple keyboard locking via a switch; exceptionally long battery life for reliability; and an emergency-response function.

“There is a great opportunity for a phone that places a high priority on ease of use and offers just the most commonly used functions,” said Alex Petrov, vice president of operations at Just5 Americas. “We want to open mobile phones to specific populations that may have difficulty using the latest and greatest mobile gadgets, especially the current generation of 'baby boomers' who need a safe, reliable phone.”

According to Petrov, the emergency-response function enables users to preset up to five phone numbers for 911, family, friends, doctors, etc. When users press a large emergency SOS button, the phone will activate a siren to attract the attention of others nearby. Then, the phone will text an urgent message (e.g. “I'm having an emergency, please answer”) to the five preset numbers, then dial them in prioritized order. Once someone answers a call, the phone automatically switches to loud-speaker mode for easier communications. This feature is vital if a user drops the phone after pressing the SOS button.

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Just5 cell phones are currently available in black, red, gray, orange or white for $119 in the U.S. and Canada through wholesale distribution channels.

About Just5
Just5 is a global provider of mobile phones that are designed for optimal ease of use, reliability and emergency response, offering basic features that are ideal for seniors, people with poor eyesight or hearing problems, people with medical conditions that require constant care and children who need a “starter phone.” Features include large buttons, a high-volume speaker for amplified sound, a long-lasting battery for reliability, and an emergency SOS button. Just5's unlocked GSM 850/1900 band phones enable users to connect with any U.S. or Canadian GSM service provider.

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