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Introducing the Rocket Digital EQ System

After months of anticipation, AV123 is proud to announce the release of the brand new Rocket Digital Equalization System or…R-DES.

What is R-DES?

R-DES (Rocket Digital Equalization System) is a PC based 6-band parametric EQ used to correct your subwoofer’s in-room response. This eliminates annoying frequency peaks created by your subwoofer’s interaction with certain characteristics of your room. The result is smooth, even, and natural bass response that brings you closer to how music and movie soundtracks were intended to sound. Best of all…ANY subwoofer will benefit from using the R-DES interface.

What effect does my room have on my system?

Your room contributes a large amount (more than you might think) to the sound you hear from your system. In fact, MOST of the sound you hear is actually reflected several times before finally reaching your listening position. This is especially the case with low frequencies…due mainly to the fact that most rooms do not absorb these long wavelengths well. With these reflections come frequency response problems based on the shape of the room itself. Depending on its dimensions, treatments, surfaces, etc. your room starts to resonate at certain frequencies causing an overly “boomy” or “one-note” response. ONIX Graph Paper…a graphing utility included with R-DES…along with the provided test tones and a simple Radio Shack SPL meter can help you find and eliminate these resonances…giving you a more balanced, and natural low frequency response.

Why do I need R-DES?

With R-DES, it’s easy to correct for these frequency response aberrations. All you need is a SPL meter and your PC! With the included Graph Paper program and test tones, you can easily plot your in-room Frequency Response quickly and easily. Graph Paper will even compensate for the C-weighting of the Radio Shack SPL meter so you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive measuring device. Once you have your in-room response graphed, you can make corrections in R-DES and upload them in real time! This means you can hear the changes you are making as you go.

What’s included with R-DES?

The R-DES product consists of a hardware interface allowing you to electronically control the response of your subwoofers through a PC connected via USB (included) and the R-DES software featuring a 6-band parametric equalizer, Onix Graph Paper, and even a CD complete with a full suite of test tones and pink noise files.

What’s different about R-DES?

R-DES also allows you to store multiple curves in the hardware, and another several thousand on your PC! This means you can build a frequency response curve for general movies, action movies, music or every movie/album in your library if you feel like it, and load them IN REAL TIME to your subwoofers! It really is THAT easy…no sliders to adjust, no calculations to make, and no moving your speakers around the room. When you want to switch curves, just touch a button on the front panel of the R-DES hardware, sit back, and enjoy.

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R-DES represents a huge shift towards high quality, accurate bass in the home environment. With our 30-day in-room audition period, you simply must try out R-DES for yourself and hear what it can do for your system.

Click here for more information or to place an order for your 30 day trial!

Sean Parque

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