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Infinity Introduces Classia Series Loudspeakers And Showcases Its Latest Loudspeakers And System Solutions At CES 2007

8 January 2007


— New Infinity Classia Lineup; Total Solutions TSS 3-in-1 LCR Speaker; Responsible Sound Environmentally Friendly Loudspeaker Technology Showcase Among CES 2007 Highlights–

WOODBURY, NY — Infinity Systems is exhibiting a wide variety of advanced-technology loudspeakers at CES 2007 that exemplify the company’s commitment to innovative design, exceptional performance and installation solutions that complement the home environment. The exhibit features the debut of Infinity’s Classia Series loudspeakers, five high-performance home theater and stereo models that combine distinctively elegant styling with advanced technologies to deliver extraordinary sonic accuracy.

At CES 2007, Infinity is exhibiting its new Total Solutions TSS 3-in-1 integrated left-center-right (LCR) loudspeaker, which combines the left, center and right front speakers of a home theater system in a single enclosure. The company is showcasing its redesigned Infinity Primus Series loudspeakers, which deliver exceptional performance at attractive price points; its Cascade loudspeakers, which combine beautiful design with groundbreaking technologies to achieve remarkable sonic realism; and additional home entertainment solutions.

Following is an overview of Infinity loudspeakers and systems featured at CES 2007 in Infinity’s suite at the Las Vegas Hilton (January 8 — 11).

Classia Series Loudspeakers: Exceptional Sonic Accuracy and Installation Versatility

Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers combine attractive styling with versatile installation options, and incorporate the company’s acclaimed Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD) drivers to deliver superlative sound quality. Successor to the company’s renowned Infinity Beta Series, Classia Series models feature styling that blends slim, elegantly proportioned enclosures with design elements that are evocative of the company’s award-winning Infinity Cascade loudspeakers.

The Classia Series includes a compact bookshelf monitor (model C205); a wall-mountable center channel speaker (model CC225); a floorstanding tower (model C336); and a wall-mountable surround speaker with selectable monopole/bipole/dipole/dual speaker operation (model C255ES). Prices for the Classia Series loudspeakers range from $329 to $899 each (SRP).

All the drivers in Classia Series loudspeakers incorporate Infinity’s proven CMMD driver technology, manufactured by anodizing a ceramic compound to both sides of an aluminum core, to deliver sonic accuracy and musicality far superior to that of conventional loudspeakers. All Classia Series loudspeakers feature a CMMD tweeter with frequency response that extends to beyond 40kHz, operating in conjunction with a proprietary Constant Acoustic Impedance (CAI) waveguide to provide open and detailed high-frequency reproduction with optimal dispersion. All models utilize premium-grade parts and construction, with well-braced enclosures designed to minimize cabinet colorations and preserve subtle musical detail.

Classia Series loudspeakers excel in every sonic respect, with natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, a smooth tonal balance, wide dynamic range and precise imaging in an enveloping sound field. Depending on the model, Classia offers a host of placement options, including on a wall (models CC225 and C255ES), floor or shelf.

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Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers will be available in late spring 2007 in two stunning finishes, high-gloss black and cherry-wood veneer, both accented by silver and black trim and complementing grille colors.

At CES 2007, Infinity is also introducing its PSW-12 powered subwoofer. The PSW12 (SRP: $799) is styled to match Classia Series loudspeakers, and employs a 12-inch CMMD woofer, built-in 400-watt amplifier and Infinity’s exclusive Bass Optimization System, to deliver articulate, extended low-frequency response.

TSS 3-in-1: Space-Saving Design and Exceptional Multichannel Sound

Infinity’s Total Solutions TSS 3-in-1 loudspeaker combines the left, center and right front speakers of a home theater system in a single enclosure that’s slim in design, yet delivers expansive multichannel sound. It is ideal for home entertainment systems where space is limited or placing speakers to the sides of the television is impractical, yet where uncompromising sound quality is required.

The Infinity TSS 3-in-1 can be wall-mounted using its included wall-mount bracket, or placed on a shelf. The drivers used in the TSS 3-in-1 incorporate Infinity’s exclusive Metal Matrix Diaphragm (MMD) driver technology, and the speaker features a 3/4-inch MMD tweeter and two 3-1/2-inch MMD woofers for each (left, center and right) channel.

The TSS 3-in-1 is acoustically optimized to provide outstanding imaging and dialogue localization and a seamless soundfield across a wide listening area. Available in a choice of platinum or charcoal finish, the TSS 3-in-1 can be combined with Total Solutions surround speakers and a powered subwoofer to create a complete home theater loudspeaker package that offers exceptional installation flexibility, attractive styling and superlative performance. A selection of additional Total Solutions models is featured at CES.

The Infinity Total Solutions TSS 3-in-1 loudspeaker is currently available at a suggested retail price of $679.

Responsible Sound Environmentally Friendly Loudspeaker Technology Preview

At CES 2007, Infinity Systems is featuring a first look at new, environmentally friendly loudspeaker materials and technologies in its Responsible Sound exhibit. The exhibit includes examples of recyclable, replenishable and biodegradable materials that are being evaluated for use as loudspeaker enclosures, components and finishes.

Infinity Primus Series: Setting a New Standard in High Performance Loudspeaker Value

Infinity’s recently introduced, redesigned Primus Series loudspeaker lineup features refined styling with an elegant appearance that complements any home entertainment system and decor. The seven Primus Series models, which are all currently available, incorporate Infinity’s MMD driver technology to deliver superb sound at prices that offer outstanding value. The Primus Series includes two wall-mount/bookshelf monitors (models P142, P152); a compact bookshelf loudspeaker (model P162); two floorstanding towers (models P252, P262) and two center channel loudspeakers (models PC250, PC350). Prices for the Primus Series range from $99 to $349 each (SRP). Primus Series loudspeakers feature rich black-ash-finish enclosures, accented by light-silver grilles that have gracefully tapered top surfaces.

Primus Series loudspeakers utilize MMD drivers to provide the ideal combination of accurate vocal and instrumental reproduction, a smooth tonal balance and expansive, room-filling sound. Each driver is optimized for its particular application, and all tweeters are mounted in a specially shaped recessed waveguide that provides precise imaging, even frequency response and controlled directivity over a wide listening area. In common with all Infinity loudspeakers, Primus Series models utilize the company’s room-friendly design principles, which ensure they will provide sonically accurate performance in the widest variety of listening environments and placement positions.

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To complement the Primus Series, Infinity offers its redesigned PS Series subwoofers. Three models — the PS28 (8-inch woofer, 150 watts, SRP: $329), the PS210 (10-inch woofer, 300 watts, SRP: $429) and the PS212 (12-inch woofer, 400 watts, SRP: $549) are available. PS Series subwoofers utilize MMD woofers, high-efficiency amplifiers and tuned enclosures to deliver authoritative low-frequency response, making them perfect for use with the Primus Series or to complete a multichannel home theater loudspeaker system. Selected Primus Series and PS Series models are on exhibit at CES.

Infinity Cascade: Extraordinary Design and Performance

Among high-performance loudspeakers, Infinity’s Cascade Series truly stands apart, offering a compelling combination of beautiful design, installation flexibility and superlative sound. The award-winning Cascade loudspeakers feature unique slim-profile styling, with curved, sculptured surfaces and a choice of a rich real-wood cherry veneer, high-gloss black or high-gloss silver finish.

The Infinity Cascade line includes the Model Three V on-wall/bookshelf loudspeaker, Model Three C center channel loudspeaker with wall-mount capability, Model Five on-wall/bookshelf loudspeaker, Model Seven floorstanding loudspeaker, Model Nine floorstanding loudspeaker, Model Twelve powered subwoofer and Model Fifteen powered subwoofer. Suggested retail prices range from $699 to $1,499 each.

To achieve their unprecedented sonic accuracy and musicality, Cascade employs Infinity’s most advanced engineering innovations, including proprietary Maximum Radiating Surface (MRS) flat-panel transducer technology utilizing Infinity’s patented CMMD material; a CMMD tweeter with frequency response that extends beyond 40kHz, and the company’s exclusive Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System (R.A.B.O.S.). The MRS driver incorporates a host of technical and design breakthroughs that enables it to operate more like an ideal pistonic radiator, with more accurate time alignment, than that provided by cone loudspeakers, for unmatched clarity and image specificity. Equally important, the MRS driver’s narrow rectangular shape and thin depth allow Cascade enclosures to have a much slimmer profile than that of conventional loudspeakers.

This combination of sleek, attractive design, remarkable performance and numerous installation options makes Cascade perfect for a wide range of home entertainment systems, including architectural and designer applications.

The Harman Consumer Group (HCG) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high-fidelity loudspeakers, audio and video components, and multimedia systems for use in homes and automobiles, and with computers. The group’s brands include JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Revel, Audioaccess and Lexicon.

HCG is a division of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Harman International ( is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-fidelity audio products and electronic systems for the automotive, consumer and professional markets. The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HAR.”
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For additional information, contact:

Frank Doris
FM Group Public Relations
631-385-1304 ext. 402

Infinity, Infinity Primus, CMMD, Infinity Beta and MMD are registered trademarks, and Infinity Classia, Total Solutions, Infinity Cascade, Constant Acoustic Impedance, CAI, Bass Optimization System, Metal Matrix Diaphragm, Maximum Radiating Surface, MRS, Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System and R.A.B.O.S. are trademarks, of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.

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