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HiFiMAN HM901S Portable High-Res Music Player


HiFiMAN just announced the HM901S, an upgraded version of its HM901 high-res portable player from 2013, which was notable for its innovative use of replaceable amplifier cards, expandable memory via SD cards, Dual Saber ES9018 32-bit DAC chips, advanced step potentiometer and TAICHI user interface.

The HM901S incorporates all those design features plus sports a luxurious aluminum housing for durability along with increased rigidity and heat dissipation. For ease of operation, the new HiFiMAN player also has an improved UI with a more precise click wheel. For faster on /off times, a powerful CPU will now turn the player on or off in a mere three seconds. Lastly, the HM901S now plays DSD files. In addition to offering unrivaled sound quality, the HiFiMAN HM901S accepts a wide array of audio formats, is expandable and easy to operate.

According to HiFiMAN Founder and President, Dr. Fang Bian, “When people who know HiFiMAN reflect on our brand, they often think first of our planar magnetic headphones. In fact, my first product, and for that matter, the first anywhere, was a high-res portable player. These products have always been a passion of mine and I am very proud of the HM901S. We have worked very hard to develop a player that sounds great, is easy to use and is durable. HM901S is truly worthy of the HiFiMAN name.”


Supplied Accessories:

  • The player
  • Power supply
  • Balanced amplifier card or gold minibox (installed)
  • Extension socket (Line out, coax input, coax output, USB cable, charge port)
  • Portable charger
  • Screwdriver


  • Dual Saber ES9018 32-bit DAC chips for highest sound quality
  • Upsampling to 24/192
  • DSD (Direct Stream Digital) digital ready
  • New Aluminum alloy case for improved rigidity, durability and heat dissipation
  • Step potentiometer for precise volume control and accurate channel balance
  • Improved TAICHI UI for faster response and simplicity of operation
  • Expandable via replaceable amplifier cards
  • Digital input/output and USB decoding through optional docking station

Price and Availability
HiFiMAN HM-901S High-Res Music Player will be available June 2015 for $1,499 with choice of an installed balanced amplifier card or Gold minibox.

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