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GigaTribe Version 3 File Sharing Software

GigaTribe announced today the availability of GigaTribe Version 3 free file sharing software — the must-have solution for online social communities to securely share unlimited amounts of photos, videos, music, and other files with their “tribe” of friends, in a private, fully-encrypted peer-to-peer environment.

Online social communities and forums don’t have the ability to share unlimited large photos and videos, because the communities either don’t have enough storage space, are too cumbersome to use, or because members don’t want to share private content with everyone online. GigaTribe solves these issues by providing social communities with the ability to offer unlimited integrated private file-sharing capabilities in an easy-to-use instantly updated environment that can be securely controlled by their members.

GigaTribe Enhances Forums — Stronger Integration between Communities & GigaTribe
“GigaTribe realized that many online communities were using it as an enhancement to their forums,” said Alexis Leseigneur, co-founder of GigaTribe. “With Version 3, we decided to provide a stronger integration between the online communities and GigaTribe.” Each member decides exactly what he or she wants to share and with whom. All his/her files remain in the private environment of their hard drive, always secure and up to date. Only the selected social community members see his/her files and they can decide whether or not they wish to download them.

Many photo and video communities are already using GigaTribe, including unique communities, such as:

  • Members of the FlipJuke (pinball machine community) and JukeBox community share instruction manuals.
  • Xplane flight simulation game members share add-ons.
  • 93Bikers members create huge videos that they want to keep private.

New GigaTribe Version 3 offers new customized features for Online Communities:

  • GigaTribe’s interface can be branded with the online community’s logo and colors.
  • Communities can push their messages through a news page that is displayed each time GigaTribe is launched.
  • GigaTribe users can get a list of all the community members who are also using the customized version of GigaTribe.
  • An ‘Add Contact’ button will provide search features restricted to community members only.
  • Large communities will receive special discounts on licenses of GigaTribe’s “Ultimate” version, with more advanced features.

For more information on customizing GigaTribe Version 3 for social communities, see the website:

New GigaTribe Version 3 also has new features for everyone:

  • Most recently shared files are displayed with a different color so they are easily noticeable.
  • Shared files can be customized with a photo or comment.
  • The ‘Chat’ interface has been completely revamped to state-of-the-art standards.
  • A private Blog allows users to post messages that can only be seen by members of their private network.

GigaTribe version 3 “basic” is available for free and GigaTribe version 3 “Ultimate” is priced at only $4.99/month or $29.95 a year.

About GigaTribe
GigaTribe is community software used by more than 1 million people to share files privately over the Internet. GigaTribe’s unique solution lets you share files directly from your hard drive, without having to copy your files on someone else’s server. This way sharing files remains private, secure and without a limit to the number or size of the files that you share.

GigaTribe Photos :
Screen Shot:

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