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Genesis Absolute Surround System


For Immediate Release: April 12, 2004

Genesis Announces Absolute Surround Multi-channel Audio System

Seattle, WA — Genesis Advanced Technologies, manufacturer of legendary high-end two-channel audiophile loudspeaker systems, announced the release of the Genesis 6.1 Absolute Surround multi-channel music and cinema system. “We are on the crux of a revolution in performance playback,” stated V.P. Sales & Marketing, Mr. Dave Firestone. “Just like the progression from mono to stereo in the fifties and sixties, we are now ready and able to reproduce the 360 degree sound experience of a live performance, playing back not only the performance, but the location in which it was captured. Further, we’ve brought the level of performance expected by audiophiles to the cinema surround sound customer.”

Fundamental to the G6.1 Absolute Surround system’s ability to recreate real performance space is full-frequency response in every channel. “Our center channel and surround speaker systems, not to mention the left and right pair, all play from 16Hz to 36kHz.”, said Mr. Scott Garside, Product Manager. “This low-bass extension from every channel gives our system the power to recreate large venues with long, low frequency reverberant tails. Audiophile labels such as Telarc have been known to make extensive use the Low Frequency Effects or subwoofer channel to carry such ambient information in their multi-channel music releases. In addition, we have balanced LFE in and outputs that allow us to distribute the LFE signal throughout the system – eliminating room modes and add real low-frequency impact.”

Active servo-bass subwoofers are the key to achieving this performance level and every channel of the G6.1 Absolute Surround system has them: integrated into the G6.1 left and right pair, and added to the G6.1c center channel and G6.1sr surround speakers by the inclusion of the ServoSub 4/8 center sub, the S2/12t surround and corner sub, and the G928 subwoofer.

Each speaker in the series is designed to have the “voice” of a Genesis absolute fidelity loudspeaker so that Genesis owners of all models will find the sound familiar. This means that they are the perfect choice as a supplement to ANY Genesis stereo system to turn it into an Absolute Surround system.

“The 6.5-inch mid-bass couplers, titanium midrange drivers and Genesis’ exclusive ribbon tweeter create stunning soundstaging and imaging; managed by crossover designs that I’ve been refining for years”, stated Mr. Arnie Nudell, Genesis Chief Scientist. “With the G6.1 Absolute Surround system, I’ve experienced a new level of realism that takes us even closer to the experience of a live performance. With the newer multi-channel formats of DVDA and SACD, I find it more and more difficult to be satisfied with the experience of just two channels.”

All G6.1 loudspeakers come in a variety of fine wood, automotive and custom paint finishes. Each speaker was meticulously designed to blend elegantly into the home. “Subtle angles and curves accent the design and slim the look of the speakers to create a pleasing and room-friendly appearance”, explained Mr. Gary Leonard Koh, Managing Director and Industrial Designer. “A design of this complexity can only be accomplished through the use of computer-aided design, five-axis CNC machines and state-of-the-art veneer and finishing processes. We’ve challenged our manufacturing partners to push the envelope of cabinet construction and they have responded with a beautiful product.”

The G6.1 Absolute Surround system starts at $28,000 for the standard finish, and is available through authorized Genesis dealers and distributors worldwide. Complete specifications for the G6.1 system can be found at

About Genesis Advanced Technologies
Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading developer of high-end audiophile loudspeaker systems. Founded by the developer of the legendary Infinity IRS speaker system, Mr. Arnie Nudell, Genesis is now a worldwide manufacturing and sales organization with a commitment to absolute fidelity, in product service and performance.
Absolute Surround is a registered trademark of Genesis Advanced Technologies Pty Ltd in the United States and other countries.
For more information please contact: Genesis Advanced Technologies • 4407 6th Ave NW • Seattle, WA 98107 • voice: 206-789-3400 • fax: 206-789-7577 •

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