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Furutech deMag Wins Innovations Award

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New York, New York, November 8, 2006 — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced today that Furutech Co., Ltd., manufacturer of analog and digital audio and video cable and accessories, is an International CES Best of Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for its remarkable new deMag.

The futuristic looking deMag completely demagnetizes LPs and optical disc media like CD, CD-R, DVD, MD, Game CD, Photo CD, SACD, and DVD-Audio. Plus it’s an indispensable accessory for keeping interconnects, power cords and their connectors demagnetized preventing distortion. It carries as MSRP of $1,800.

Disc magnetization is no mystery. The silk-screened label of optical discs contains chemical compounds such as iron, nickel, and cobalt. These materials are strongly magnetic and easily remagnetized. The reflective information-bearing surface of optical media contains 99% aluminum, but 1% of these same highly magnetic materials! Even aluminum is considered a weak magnetic conductor.

Amazingly, optical discs actually magnetize as they play. A magnetic field is induced as they spin. Other so-called demagnetizers on the market including specialist products, head erasers, bulk erasers, etc. don’t completely demagnetize your discs. Rather, some of them actually induce magnetism! Take spinning demagnetizers, for example. After the disc stops, a section of the CD is left exposed to the fixed magnet below. Because Furutech’s patented deMag Ring Magnet Technology ramps power up then down again, all residual magnetism is completely removed.

As for LPs, Stereophile’s Michael Fremer reviewed the Furutech deMag in the October Recommended Components issue in Analog Corner. “… Demagnetizing an LP definitively removed a high-frequency glaze or glare and seemed to enrich the midband… Demagnetizing LPs works. Better yet, once a record has been demagnetized, it seems to stay that way… And do not try one of these devices unless you’re prepared to buy it.”

Furutech’s deMag will be displayed at the 2007 International CES, which runs January 8-11, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit where you can see a list of product categories, as well as each product name, manufacturer information, designer, description, photo and URL.

Visit for more information on all their outstanding products.



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