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FotoNation Announces PTP-IP Suite


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Empowers Wireless Image Transfer-
Lets Digital Imaging Manufacturers Develop, Test, & Analyze Wireless Image Transfer & Printing

February 7, 2006, Burlingame, California — FotoNation Inc., one of the world’s leading imaging and connectivity solutions companies for the digital photography industry, announced today that it will demonstrate PTP-IP Suite at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Conference held in Orlando February 26th.

PTP-IP Suite is a collection of software tools, reference designs and engineering services for digital imaging device manufacturers. The software suite provides the core technology necessary to develop, test and analyze wireless image transfer and wireless printing directly from digital cameras.

PTP-IP Suite has been designed from the ground up for the transfer of digital still images over WiFi or Ethernet. It works seamlessly with PTP and PictBridge, the industry standards for USB-based image transfer and printing and transparently provides WiFi functionality to existing image transfer applications.

FotoNation’s PTP-IP Adopted by CIPA as International Standard

Soon all digital imaging devices will communicate wirelessly, without the need for tethered connections. Developed by FotoNation, Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) over IP Networks (PTP-IP) is a protocol recently adopted as an international standard by CIPA. PTP-IP provides the wireless interoperability, which enables the transfer and sharing of digital photos between cameras and PCs, laptops, handheld devices, display devices and printers.

FotoNation’s PTP-IP Suite

PTP-IP Suite is the foundation upon which all wireless features of imaging devices are built. A high-performance and portable PTP-IP camera and imaging device (responder) stack makes it easy for device manufacturers to add wireless functionality to their imaging products. As an added bonus, the software is also compatible with PTP over USB and can be used with USB transports as well. A PictBridge implementation is available that allows wired or wireless printing directly from the camera, and Microsoft’s MTP over IP will be supported for both Responders and Initiators.

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FotoNation PTP-IP Analyzer tests and analyses PTP-IP devices to the most rigorous and exhaustive extremes, ensuring that they are completely tested and ready for market. This tool will save time, money and development headaches by ensuring problem-free communications between digital imaging devices.
FotoNation PTP/DPS Analyzer is an engineering tool developed to test higher levels of the communications stack, namely PTP and PictBridge protocols. This is achieved by simulating a PTP host or a PictBridge printer connected to the camera. Its flexibility permits users to modify DPS (PictBridge) actions and create different printing scenarios by changing the timing or the order of PTP operations.
Redesigning a product line for wireless functionality is a slow, complicated and high-risk activity. FotoNation recently developed the CWPD wireless printer dongle, based on the PTP-IP Suite. This device simply plugs into any given PictBridge printer, enabling wireless printing directly from a PC, laptop or digital camera. The Printer Dongle is available both as an external bundle accessory or an integrated board. This module offers all that is required to add wireless functionality to a USB photo-printer in a very small package in a short time, with a minimum of effort and modification to current products.

PTP-IP will do for wireless image transfer what PictBridge has done for printing. By implementing PTP-IP in the camera, end-users will enjoy unprecedented wireless connectivity possibilities for mobile image transfer, sharing, printing and instant slide shows on display devices. FotoNation’s PTP-IP Suite is the imaging industry’s choice of applications, products and tools designed to ease image capture and output companies into the exciting and inevitable paradigm shift into consumer wireless digital photography. For more information, see the site:

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