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Flat File to XML Data Conversion Tops Stylus Studio Box Office

Popular XML video demonstrations for simplifying advanced XML data integration eclipsing tired summer blockbuster fare

Bedford, MA, July 26, 2005 — Stylus Studio (, the leading provider of XML tools for advanced data integration, today released their list of the top-10 most popular online XML video demonstrations at the Stylus Studio Box Office. This tell-all list is based on live Web server statistics for the month of July 2005.

Talk about big box-office! XML movie fans turned out in droves to see ‘Flat File to XML Data Conversion in Stylus Studio’, easily catapulting it to the top spot. This new, all-purpose utility for getting legacy data of all sorts (EDI, EDIFACT, CSV, binary, and more.) into any custom XML format wowed XML developers worldwide with its breathtaking cinema verite. ‘Generating Java Code in Stylus Studio’, the newly released blockbuster showcasing how to generate the Java code needed to run XSLT and XQuery in Java applications, earned the #2 spot on this summer’s list of must-see video. Not to be outdone, the great camera work and dulcet voiceovers of ‘EDI to XML Data Conversion in Stylus Studio’ propelled it to a strong third-place finish. Stylus Studio online video demonstrations provide a free and easy way to learn how simplify some of the most common and time-consuming XML development tasks. So grab a bucket of popcorn, settle in, and learn how to increase developer productivity while reducing software bugs with the help of Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition.

Digitally Remastered! Stylus Studio Online XML Video Demonstrations Now Playing in a Web Browser Near You

The following is the list of the top 10 XML video demonstrations at the Stylus Studio Box Office for July 2005 — all of which have been digitally re-mastered using new online screen capture technologies featuring exciting special effects like cursor- and mouse-click highlighting, more compact file sizes, a flash plug-in that eliminates the need for Microsoft Windows Media Player, and more!

1. Flat File Data Conversion in Stylus Studio – Convert to XML is Stylus Studio’s new multi-purpose utility for integrating legacy data of all sorts (EDI, EDIFACT, CSV, Binary, etc.) into XML applications. This video provides an overview of the tool and walks you through a sample CSV to XML data transformation project. You can use Convert to XML to convert individual files, or to build converters that allow you to open flat files as XML documents anywhere in Stylus Studio. Once there, the XQuery and XSLT skies are the limit.

2. Generating Java Code in Stylus Studio – Stylus Studio’s Java Code Generator saves you hours of needless work and error-prone typing by automatically generating the Java code needed to run XSLT and XQuery in your Java applications. Learn how to leverage this powerful feature in just 5 minutes. With no commercial interruption!

3. EDI to XML Conversion – This video covers a sample EDI-to-XML mapping project using Stylus Studio’s new EDI-to-XML mapping tools in Convert-to-XML. The demonstration starts with loading an EDI file, inspecting application control codes, using default conversion settings, customizing XML output and other advanced EDI-to-XML mapping features.

4. Introduction to WYSIWYG XSLT Editing in Stylus Studio – This classic video, lovingly restored using modern-day tools and techniques, demonstrates Stylus Studio’s WYSIWYG XSLT Designer for creating static and dynamic HTML content, and some basic techniques for creating dynamic, XML-data driven tables. Find out how easy it is to develop, convert or migrate Web sites to new XML/XHTML and XSLT technologies.

5. Creating SQL/XML with Stylus Studio – This demonstration shows you how to use the DB-to-XML Data Source Editor to connect to a relational database, automatically generate SQL/XML, and preview query results as XML. It also describes how you can use SQL/XML to define the structure of the XML document containing the query results.

6. XQuery Development in Stylus Studio – XML Query (XQuery) is the W3C language for querying XML documents. Stylus Studio’s XQuery Mapper lets you compose an XQuery using intuitive drag-and-drop tools. This demonstration, recorded in hi-def StylusVision, shows you how to use Stylus Studio’s XQuery Mapper to aggregate data from multiple sources using FLWOR and condition blocks

7. Developing XSLT Templates with the WYSIWYG XSLT Editor – Stylus Studio provides intuitive WYSIWYG XSLT editor that lets you transform XML into HTML using XSLT — without writing any XSLT! Learn how to apply and match templates, and how to create, edit, and reuse templates of your own.

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8. Editing XML files Using Grid View – Stylus Studio’s XML Grid View makes it easy to visualize, navigate, and edit XML documents with tabular (table-like) structures, including XML views of relational data. Using the XML Grid View, you can perform advanced XML editing operations like sorting, reshaping an XML document, renaming elements, moving elements or attributes, and more.

9. Accessing Relational Data with the URL Builder – The URL Builder is a quick and efficient way to extract data from a relational table or view and render it as XML, and this video, in spite of its ranking, is a quick and efficient way to learn how to use it. This demonstration shows you how to use the URL Builder to create a DB-to-XML Data Source, and how to reuse the data source to build an XSLT stylesheet.

10. Using the XML Differencing Utilities in Stylus Studio – See just how easy it is to visually compare different XML files or folders using Stylus Studio’s powerful new XML Differencing Utility. Thrill as you see how quickly and easily you can analyze and merge changes made to different XML documents! Price of admission? Free!

Pricing and Availability
Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition is available for immediate purchase at the Stylus Studio online shop starting at $995 (USD) for a single-user license, with volume discounts available.

About Stylus Studio
Stylus Studio, a product from DataDirect Technologies, an operating company of Progress Software Corporation, is the industry’s most innovative XML IDE, providing advanced support for XML and its related technologies: XSL, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD, SOAP, WSDL, SQL/XML, XML mapping, and XQuery. Used by leading software developers world-wide, Stylus Studio simplifies XML programming and enhances developer productivity through innovation. For more information, visit

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