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DSL Forum Exhibits DSLHome Interactive Broadband at CES05: IP Centric Architecture Provides Superior Platform for Digital Home Applications


DSL, the #1 Choice for Global Broadband Access at CES Booth #70619, Silver Exhibit

Las Vegas — (January 6, 2005) — DSL Forum announces a host of new work to expedite the rollout of exciting new digital subscriber line (DSL) based home applications. A key resource is the new ABC’s of (DSL) Home Networking White Paper, launched to further educate consumers about how DSL– the world’s leading broadband access technology– is an integral part of the best intelligent home networks. With 10% of the world’s phone lines delivering DSL and 100 million subscribers on the horizon, DSL is poised to facilitate an even broader suite of services supporting efficiency in intelligent homes, businesses, educational and medical establishments. DSL’s new IP-centric architecture provides a greater level of quality and dependability, empowering network support of simultaneous, multiple device auto-configuration. This more flexible and responsive platform for the emergence of exciting voice, video and data applications is revolutionizing the DSLHome.

“DSL was originally viewed as a short term solution to high speed data transport,” said Laurie Gonzalez, Marketing Director of the DSL Forum, “but today it is clear that DSL has a very strong future. With the new IP-centric architecture partnered with all the great products being designed for interactive broadband, tomorrow’s digital home can depend on DSL to provide all the speed, dependability and quality that users deserve.”

Beyond exciting content delivery services such as games on demand, music downloads, video on demand, and video conferencing, new services have arrived. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) via DSL and IP Video over DSL are two examples of some of the latest commercial product offerings that will build on the new architecture. These applications will change the face of ‘triple-play’ to offer something more: true interactive broadband services.

DSL’s unique architecture provides application awareness and tailored quality of experience (QoE) that no other broadband method provides. Because DSL is delivered over the reliable phone network, with cutting edge IP-centric transport, DSL converges traditional telephony and Internet applications, opening up a host of new service options. Caller identification (caller ID) on the television, family member extensions that can move with them wherever they go, remote DSL email access via cell phone, multicast video with virtual TiVo type recording, delayed viewing capabilities via the network anytime, and turbo button speed-whenever needed. The sky is the limit!

Developed to work with any home network system, DSL is the prime solution for families ready to network and go online. DSL Forum’s ABC’s of Home Networking White Paper, a critical resource for today’s broadband consumers, is available for download from It provides a simple, clear overview of the options and components of today’s home network. Developed to help service providers communicate the benefits of installing a home network, this paper will be the first to demystify the exciting digital home.
The DSL Forum has advanced from addressing pure transport to embracing the unique needs of each of the new voice and video services. In development are a variety of technical report drafts, designed to set the provisioning and reference models for VoIP in the DSLHome, as well as to enhance the network architecture to fully support multiple head-ends and content sources for the ultimate interactive video experience.

“Power, flexibility and application responsiveness are the cornerstones of today’s DSL. The DSL Forum looks forward to continuing our efforts to facilitate superior options for further improvements and greater availability, giving every home the option to be the ultimate DSLHome,” continued Gonzalez.

CES 2005 DSLHome Exhibit (Booth #70619)

The DSLHome Roadshow (Booth #70619) is an interactive demonstration this week at CES 2005, bringing consumers the opportunity to experience firsthand how DSL can improve their lives. Focusing on educating attendees about the potential of the newly evolved IP-centric DSL architecture, and the variety of exciting services that DSL empowers, the show provides a visual tour of the intelligent home, including hands-on demonstrations of video on demand, streaming video, IP telephony, online gaming, and video conferencing. New to the DSLHome Roadshow at CES is the demonstration of the DSL turbo button and the Parental Controls empowered by the DSL network and partners. The next and final stop for this Roadshow is CeBIT-Europe 2005.

This multi-vendor DSL Forum Roadshow demonstrates products from these valuable DSLHome Roadshow Participants:

Cisco Systems
Infineon Technologies
Laurel Networks
Microsoft Xbox
Redback Networks
Spirent Communications
TAZZ Networks

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Bringing to the forefront new features that can improve the performance of users’ favorite applications, the full DSLHome capabilities empower consumers everywhere. By driving capabilities to the customer premises from the access network, scheduled services including home network security, as well as real time content distribution services such as high quality interactive video, that will attract and benefit consumer electronics’ manufacturers and DSL customers alike.

DSL Forum’s President Tom Starr sums it up, “With DSL’s strong market lead (64% and rising) over alternative broadband options, and our vision that broadband DSL consumers must benefit globally from the rapid broadband technological advances that the Forum and partner organizations collaboratively hone, DSL continues to better serve mass market needs. Striving to provide superior fast services in a simple and efficient manner is priority one for the Forum. The new, improved DSLHome is extending DSL’s usefulness–as broadband consumer requirements continue to expand to meet societal demands and keep pace with today’s hectic lifestyles. The future is broadband DSL.”

About the DSL Forum
The DSL Forum is an international industry consortium of more than 200 leading service providers, equipment manufacturers and other interested parties focused on developing the full potential of broadband DSL to meet the needs of the mass market. Working to streamline processes, develop specifications and share best practices, the Forum’s work sets the stage for effective deployments, and explosive global DSL growth. By evolving DSL technology to embrace new applications, the DSL Forum is tailoring DSL to meet the needs of the next generation of multi-media services and the online community. Recognized as the voice of the DSL industry, the Forum has set a target of 500 million broadband DSL subscribers by 2010. More information about the DSL Forum is available from its industry site Information tailored to end-users is available on

DSL — much more than a phone line – it’s a global solution.

Media Contacts (North & South America):
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Media Contacts (Europe & Asia Pacific):
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