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CES05 launch for Audia Flight high-end Class-A hi-fi

Press Release – NO EMBARGO
For CES 2005 January 5 2005

imported by Trian Electronics
Alexis Park room AP 1103


Stunning Class-A amplification
in new high-end line from Italy

The Audia Flight amplifiers have been developed with a new technical approach, to improve on the sonic performances of the most advanced audio designs available today.

The most relevant shortcomings of traditional voltage feedback designs is lack of speed and when the feedback is relatively high, there is consequent transient instability, modifying the original signal. Starting from the assumption that the electric circuits in the audio chain should strictly not affect the signal, Audia has developed completely new circuitry,

This new scheme exploits CURRENT FEEDBACK, rather than the usual voltage feedback, the amplification is of the transimpedance kind (and, therefore, extremely linear) and the feedback is closed before the output stage. The final outcome consists of very fast, stable circuits with a strong ability to control even the wildest reactive load.

Obviously, beside developing new technology in amp design, Audia spent a lot of energy in looking for first class components, both for the quality and the performance, for clean signal paths, for unique transformers, all that is needed so to deiver superb products.

Flight PRE preamplifier at $6,995.00 combines the merits of Audia circuitry based on the local feedback and the transconductance amplification, with the use of a constant impedance attenuator with 0,5 dB steps and a chassis designed to obtain an almost total separation among the stages and skill keeping one singal cabinet.

Flight 100 $10,995.00 and 50 at $7,495.00 power amps Improving the sound of your audio system means using new, innovative products, that offer brand new solutions, therefore Audia has created the Flight 100 and Flight 50, dual-mono amplifiers with the power of 100 or 50 Wrms, in pure ‘Class A’, with current feedback circuitry.

Flight 3.100 Three Channel Amplifier at $5,995.00 for high-end surround systems, consists of three amplifiers similar to those used for the integrated amplifier Flight ONE. 100Wrms high bias amplifiers, with 300VA toroidal transformers, aged and selected IGBT output devices running in pure ‘Class A’, with current feedback circuitry.

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Flight ONE $7,995.00 is Audia’s new integrated amplifier offering audio performance similar to the pre-power combos as it employs all Audia Flight series innovations. The combination in the same chassis of pre and power amp allows advantages such as: drastic reduction of connections, optimisation of the interface between the pre and final stages, reduction of the size and lowering of the costs. Flight One consists of two 100 Wrms high bias amplifiers, with 300 VA toroidal transformers, ‘current-feedback’ circuitry, aged and selected IGBT output devices, stabilized supply to the drivers, electronic protection operating only on excess current output and maximum temperature on the output devices; protection does not limit the signal.

CD ONE at $6,995.00 is a Hi-End 24 bit 192 KHz audio CD player, featuring cast-alloy CDM-PRO2 Philips transport with top loading and motorized tray, totally rigid mechanical disk coupling, multiple dedicated power supplies, three transformers with damped coupling, Class-A circuitry, balanced and unbalanced audio outputs using Audia Flight topology, digital inputs and output and more. Massive damped construction keeps vibration to a minimum.

AUDIA has been an exciting new force in the design and manufacture of sophisticated hi-fi components since 1995. Distribution is via independent marketing companies worldwide. Corporate headquarters are located in Italy.

TRIAN ELECTRONICS, INC. is an importer and distributor of high-end professional audio and consumer audio products, including ELAC loudspeakers, Thorens turntables and Vincent audio components from Germany and Audia Flight from Italy, serving the broadcast, studio, contracting and hi-fi markets, with corporate headquarters located at 5812 Highway K, Waunakee, WI 53597.

elac, thorens,
audia flight and vincent
hi-fi and home cinema electronics and
loudspeakers plus audiophile turntables
distributed by trian in the usa


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