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CEA Response to CBA Lawsuit

The Community Broadcasters Association (CBA) today filed a writ of mandamus with the D.C. Circuit asking the court to compel the FCC to block implementation of the ongoing DTV converter box coupon program implemented by NTIA. The following comment can be attributed to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association:

“CEA is amazed that this group which stood silently while broadcasters, the electronics industry and government successfully implemented the DTV transition is now trying an 11th hour litigation strategy to freeze the entire nation in analog. Now, as cover for its refusal to shift to DTV, CBA wants to impose new costs on millions of Americans who do not rely on or use their service. This is an irresponsible lawsuit, as was CBA’s advertising calling the government program a “scam”. CBA should act in the national interest and either shift to digital or promote the several converter box models with analog pass-through that already provide the solution CBA seeks. Instead, CBA would block the DTV transition, threaten $20 billion in analog auction revenue, waste billions of dollars in sunk investment and force consumers to spend much more to buy converter boxes.

CEA will continue to work with its partners in government and industry to ensure the success of the DTV transition.”

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