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What caused my computer to slow down?

Perhaps the most common question heard by IT professionals around the world: What caused my computer to slow down? There are the general solutions: Scan for viruses, check for Adware and Spyware, and uninstall unnecessary programs, etc. These answers are good and if you had a virus your problem is solved. But what if nothing is wrong with your computer and “it is just slow”? There maybe one more simple solution that is becoming more significant on the slow computer resolution checklist.

Have you ever thought about defragging your computer? Yes, defrag!

Daily, computer users create Microsoft office documents, multimedia files, pictures, videos etc. When you save these files, they get broken up into pieces or fragments to fit in the available free space on the hard drive. As this process continues and more files are saved, edited, deleted and changed in size, the level of fragmentation can reach exponential numbers. This slows the file access time considerably as the read head reassembles each tiny piece of the file. This is an unavoidable problem that can lead to system inefficiency and unreliability. Over time this continual fragmentation can cause the system to slow to a halt.

To fix the problem of file fragmentation, just defrag.

It is recommended to use a third-party automatic defragmenter to tackle the fragmentation problem. Unlike the obsolete manual or scheduled defraggers that can be quite time consuming or incomplete; auto-defrag runs in the background and defrags in real-time. The automatic process tackles fragmentation as it arises, forbidding it from proliferating on the drive. This allows the user to work on their computer normally while it defrags in the background, without any negative effect on performance.

Not only does regular defrag boost files access times, it has also been proven to improve boot and load times and speed anti-virus scans, backups or web browsing

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So solve the slow computer enigma and defrag your computer automatically. It’s an easy fix that you will never have to think about again.

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