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Atlantic Technology 8600e Home Theater Speaker System is Massive

Atlantic Technology’s flagship home theater speaker system features huge 8600eLR tower loudspeakers and a new 8600eC center channel.

Atlantic Technology 8600elr tower loudspeakers and 8600eC center speaker

Atlantic Technology has quietly assembled a massive new home theater speaker system comprised of their flagship 8600eLR series tower loudspeakers and the just announced 8600eC center channel, which are designed to work together. Round out the system with either their SBT500 or SBT1000 powered subwoofers and 8200eSR surround speakers and a 5.1 system will set you back at least $11,699.

Atlantic Technology 8600eLR Tower Speakers in Makassar Ebony
8600eLR tower speakers in Makassar Ebony, $5700/pr


In the 30-year legacy of Atlantic Technology, the 8600eLR floorstanding loudspeakers represent the highest caliber tower speakers the company has ever created. The 8600eLR feature internally braced non-resonant MDF cabinets housing seven new state-of-the art Atlantic Technology drivers configured in a D’Appolito/M-T-M array; four 8-inch fiberglass woofers, two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-drivers, and an advanced 1-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet structure. The midrange and tweeter drivers are internally isolated within their own airtight sub-enclosure. The crossover is a 4th order Butterworth asymmetrical time-aligned Linkwitz-Riley design with bi-wire inputs. 

Atlantic Technology 8600elr Tower Speaker Rear Switches

The 8600eLR can be tuned to any room with the rear mounted acoustic optimization controls to minimize detrimental effects of speaker placement and room acoustics.

  • A 3-position High Frequency Energy switch changes the tilt of the tweeters response, not simply how loudly the tweeter plays but allows matching the speaker’s response to different room environments.  Whether used in an acoustically live (highly reflective) or dead (highly absorptive) room, correction for varying acoustics can be applied.
  • A Location Selector switch shelves up both the upper midrange and the high frequency output to compensate for speakers being located behind a perforated screen or theater curtains, providing improved detail at the listening position.
  • A Boundary Compensation control adjusts the lower midrange to minimize the sound colorations caused by placing the speakers in custom cabinets or directly adjacent to a TV, ensuring an open and natural sound.
Atlantic Technology 8600eC Center Speaker Front Angle
8600eC center channel speaker, $2300 each

Center Channel

The latest entrant to the 8600e series is a biggie, the 8600eC center channel speaker that’s over three feet wide, roughly measuring 38 x 14 x 15 inches. It packs together a massive D’Appolito/M-T-M array consisting of four 6.5-inch fiberglass woofers with two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-drivers and an advanced 1-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter internally isolated within their own airtight sub-enclosure.  

Atlantic Technology 8600 series loudspeaker internal tweeter crossover
8600 series crossover

Like the company’s new flagship 8600eLR towers, the speaker incorporates a 4th order Butterworth asymmetrical time-aligned Linkwitz-Riley crossover with bi-wire inputs to maximize power transfer and maintain optimum amplifier damping factor for better bass control. The towers and center are voice matched to each other and compatible with other high-performance Atlantic Technology surrounds, subwoofers, and architectural speakers for maximum versatility in creating custom surround or immersive audio systems. 

Critical to a center channel’s performance is dialog intelligibility. Typical D’Appolito systems often arrange the center M-T-M drivers horizontally vs. the correct vertical array of the L/R speakers. The company claims this creates undesirable comb-filtering effects for inconsistent intelligibility across listening positions. With the 8600eC, Atlantic Technology says everyone gets clear un-compromised sound quality. 

Atlantic Technology 8600eC Center Speaker Rear Angle
24K gold-plated terminals secure large gauge speaker cable or accept banana plugs. 24K gold-plated terminal jumper links are used when bi-wiring is not employed.

The 8600eC can be placed above, below or behind an acoustically transparent projection screen. It incorporates the trademark Atlantic pivoting base which tilts the 8600eC vertically optimizing sound to the listener’s seating position. Built-in compensation controls further optimize the system for any placement and room acoustics providing the ultimate in flexibility and performance for today’s high-end installations. A high-sensitivity spec of 93 dB with power handling of up to 300-watts makes the 8600eC ideal for very high-performance, large-room systems.

“With the design of the 8600e system, Atlantic Technology set new performance standards with new driver technology in an all-new configuration for a no-compromise surround system with superb performance in a variety of settings. The 8600e has an unbeatable combination of smooth, accurate sound, sophisticated style and value. Whether playing music or movies, listeners will appreciate the system’s ability to deliver the explosive dynamics of Hollywood blockbusters or the subtle detail of HiRes music.” Paul Fredrickson, Business Development Director at Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’s PR and Business Development partner. 

Acoustics Optimization Controls

Like the 8600eLR, the 8600eC can be tuned to any room with the same three rear mounted acoustic optimization controls to minimize detrimental effects of speaker placement and room acoustics.

  • High Frequency Energy: Changes the tilt of the tweeter response to correct for acoustics in live or dead rooms.
  • Location Selector: Shelves the upper midrange and the high frequency output to compensate for being behind a screen or theater curtains, providing improved detail at the listening position.
  • Boundary Compensation: Adjusts the lower midrange minimizing sound colorations when placing speakers in custom cabinets or directly adjacent to a TV, for a open and natural sound.


TypeSealed-box, 3-waySealed-box, 3-way D’Appolito M-T-M Array 
Woofer(4) 8″ Glass Fiber(4) 6.5″ Glass Fiber 
Midrange(2) 5.25″ Glass Fiber(2) 5.25” Glass Fiber 
Tweeter(1) 1″ Aluminum-Magnesium(1) 1″ Silk Dome
Frequency Response50Hz – 25kHz ±2dB50 Hz – 25 kHz ± 2 dB 
Nominal Impedance
Crossover Frequency450Hz, 3kHz 450Hz, 3kHz 
Crossover TypeComputer designed Butterworth 4th order asymmetrical time aligned Linkwitz-Riley
Recommended Amplifier Power25 – 300 Watts RMS25 – 300 Watts RMS 
Magnetic ShieldingYesYes
Dimensions w/ grilles(W x H x D)10.9 x 51.7 x 11.4in 
278 x 1314 x 291mm
37.6 x 13.7 x 14.5in
955 x 347 x 369mm
Weight (ea)93.3lbs; 42.3kg91.5lbs; 41.5kg 
Atlantic Technology SBT-500 Subwoofer without grille in matte black
SBT-500 & SBT-1000 subwoofer look identical except for size differences, $1999 or $2749


First debuting in 2019, Atlantic Technology’s flagship SBT Series powered subwoofers include the 500-watt dual 10-inch SBT-500 and 1,000-watt dual 12-inch SBT-1000. As the company’s first dual-driver subs, each claims to deliver room-shaking bass that’s deep, clear and musical.

The company says both subs utilize the latest in technology and finest components available. Featured are dual long-throw composite cone drivers, each with a vented motor structure and high-temperature, 2-inch, 4-layer voice coil, and driven by patented Audera Class LH™ high-efficiency linear hybrid amplifiers. The amps’ high-current capabilities contribute to exceptional driver control and headroom while ensuring cool and reliable operation. A continuous adjustable 40 Hz to 140 Hz, 24 dB per octave low pass crossover assures finely-tuned blending with other speakers ranging from high-performance towers to satellites.

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Atlantic Technology SBT-500 Subwoofer Rear Panel
SBT-500 rear panel inputs and controls, same for SBT-1000

Features & Benefits

  • Dual long-throw composite cone bass drivers, each with a vented motor structure and high temperature, 2-inch, 4-layer voice coil. This driver design has a very stiff cone that acts like a piston through its operating range.  Its massive magnetic motor assembly and high temperature component parts deliver exceptional power, performance and reliability.
  • Ported bass-alignment with a robust braced MDF enclosure. This delivers low distortion, superior transient response and extended deep bass output, resulting in Atlantic’s renowned accurate musical bass reproduction with wide dynamic range for stunning special effects.
  • High-efficiency 500 and 1000 watt amplifiers. The Audera Class LH™ output stages are capable of very high current delivery for exceptional driver control and headroom while ensuring cool, reliable operation.  Each amplifier is precision matched and equalized to its specific driver resulting in powerful, controlled bass with great articulation and authority.
  • Volume control.  Sets the subwoofer’s overall output to match the sound level to integrate with the rest of the audio system. 
  • Continuous Adjustable 40 Hz to 140 Hz, 24 dB per octave low pass crossover. The steep 24 dB per octave slope allows for much better blending with the satellite speakers while making the woofer less localizable. 
  • Low Pass/Bypass Switch. The Low Pass setting sets the upper frequency limit of the subwoofer with the sub’s adjustable crossover control. A Bypass setting is for processors and receivers with their own crossovers and low-pass outputs.
  • EQ Switch. The Max SPL position provides stronger overall output with restricted deep bass output.  The Max Range position provides deeper bass extension with restricted maximum overall output.  
  • Absolute Phase Invert Switch.  This switches between normal or inverted phase to allow better acoustic matching and blending with satellite speaker systems. This switch also allows you to compensate for unusual room acoustics that occur when the woofer is physically separated from the main speakers by a significant distance.
  • Choice of Line In and XLR inputs.  Connect mono or stereo signals to line or XLR inputs for better rejection of hum and noise over longer cable runs for more flexible sub placement in larger rooms.
  • Main Power/Automatic standby.  The three position power switch (on/off/standby) gives users operational flexibility.  Automatic standby senses a signal presence to turn the subwoofer on.  It automatically turns back to standby with a 7 to 10 minute delay when no signal is present.
  • LED Status Indicators:  The multi-color power indicator LED located on the amplifier panel glows green when on, yellow in standby and red when off.
  • 110-120/220-240V (50/60Hz) Input Voltage Switch.  Allows for international use with industry standard user detachable cables connecting to the sub’s IEC-320-13 power input socket.


Dual Bass Drivers12-inch long-throw composite cone10-inch long-throw composite cone
Output Power1000 W RMS500 W RMS
Amplifier Distortion< 0.5%< 0.5%
Frequency Response20 Hz – 300 Hz +/- 3 dB
(Max Range)
23 Hz – 300 Hz +/- 3 dB
(Max Range)
27 Hz – 300 Hz +/- 3 dB
(Max SPL)
29 Hz – 300 Hz +/- 3 dB
(Max SPL)
Low Level Line Impedance20 k Ohms20 k Ohms
Peak Output (2,500 cu. ft.)107 dB SPL107 dB SPL
Dimensions22.4 x 22.9 x 22.4 in18.5 x 18.8 x 18.5 in
(W x H x D)568 x 581 x 568 mm470 x 477 x 470 mm
Weight110 lbs. / 50 kg66 lbs. / 30 kg
AC Power110 VAC 50/60 Hz &110 VAC 50/60 Hz &
Compatibility240 VAC 50/60 Hz240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Atlantic Technology 8200eSR Surround Speaker in Matte Black
8200eSR surround speakers, $1700/pair

Surround Speakers

Although technically not part of the 8600e series, Atlantic Technology recommends their 8200eSR THX Ultra 2 certified surround speakers to complete their flagship home theater setup. They feature a configurable Dipole (diffuse) Bipole, (semi-diffuse) design with dual 5.25-inch woofers and 1-inch dome tweeters. For added convenience, the surround speakers can be hung on the wall with the supplied integrated keyhole bracket. For additional overhead or surround speakers, Atlantic Technology also offers a selection of timbre matched in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for a complete Dolby Atmos home theater speaker system.

Price & Availability

The towers and center channel come in high-gloss lacquered Makassar Ebony or luxurious Gloss Piano Black. The surrounds and subs come in matte black or gloss black.

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