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Astell&Kern’s AURA IEMs Utilize 11 Drivers: High-End Munich 2023

Astell&Kern have unveiled the 11-driver AURA flagship IEMs which will be on display at High-End Munich 2023. These $4,200 IEMs are already making waves in the Head-Fi community.

Astell&Kern AURA IEM with SE300 DAP Lifestyle

Astell&Kern is debuting two products at High-End Munich 2023; an ultra premium DAP for $1,900 (SE300) and the cost-no-object AURA IEMs in collaboration with Vision Ears for $4,200 discussed below.

Both products will be on display at their booth – HALL 1, E03 from May 18 – 21, 2023.

Astell&Kern’s A&futura SE300 DAP is a step-down from its current flagship model but there is a lot of technology packed into the chassis and you can learn about this forthcoming model here.

AURA is the first collaboration with IEM manufacturer Vision Ears to produce in-ear monitors (IEMs) under the Astell&Kern brand. AURA is a universal IEM designed for and sold exclusively by Astell&Kern. 

Vision Ears is a premium German IEM brand established in 2013. It provides the highest-quality IEMs created based on its technological prowess and meticulous craftsmanship by hand, earning it recognition as a leader in the premium IEM market.

Astell&Kern AURA IEM cable detached

AURA claims to use the best-quality drivers and materials with meticulous design for unparalleled sound. A total of 11 drivers enables overwhelming precision and offer perfect response and balance through the five-way crossover, while the delicate shell and mesh structure made from high-quality materials ensures that all components of AURA combine to create rich and natural sound.

Custom-Designed 11 Drivers

  • Two 8mm AI-Mg isobaric dynamic drivers offer powerful output and precision sound. The two 8-mm dynamic drivers handle the low and mid-low frequency ranges, offering tighter, more precise, and better tuned bass thanks to their exquisite design. 
  • Two Sets of Four Balanced Armature Drivers for a total of eight BA drivers, feature four mid-low balanced armature (BA) drivers and four mid and mid-high BA drivers with two pairs of dual BA drivers that combine to handle the mid and mid-high frequency range. The carefully selected eight BA drivers work together to create precision mid-range sound and produce warm and emotional male and female vocals.
  • One Balanced Armature Super Tweeter.  A Balanced Armature (BA) driver designed to maximize a sense of space and openness is utilized to create soft, delicate, yet expanded ultra-high-frequency sound that resonates richly in your ears.
Astell&Kern AURA IEM Front, Back and Side Views

Ultra-Precision Sound Technology

  • Five-way Crossover – The AURA technical configuration is designed with a 1st grade crossover, meticulously manufactured in Germany. All components being well chosen for the lowest tolerances possible on the market. AURA is using a 5-way crossover with a particular circuit solution that avoids an excessive load from the tweeter towards the source (amplifier), thus reducing distortion and extending the reproduction of high frequencies. Internal wiring is made with premium silver-plated copper alloy wire for highest performance. 
  • Two dynamic drivers in an isobaric configuration – Two 8mm dynamic drivers are placed facing each other in an isobaric configuration. As two drivers are placed facing each other, the compositional interference is maximized, effectively doubling the output volume. This, in turn, removes any phasing issues that may arise from the length difference between the sound tubes, reducing THD.  This design makes the low-frequency sound created by the dynamic drivers more accurate, solid, and vibrant.
  • Acoustic Chamber – The “special chamber” features a precise internal volume that has been calculated to get the best compromise between driver speediness and musicality. The two DD Drivers are strictly matched to reduce any possible phase incoherence which could lead to inaccurate transient reproduction.
  • Mesh – AURA’s open-structure design features a vacuum metal mesh that gleams elegantly on top. This special aluminum acoustic mesh circulates air from the dynamic driver to control the powerful resonating force, protecting internal components from external influences.
Astell&Kern AURA IEM in package open

Material Innovation and Craftsmanship

The front plate and shell of AURA is made from Swiss 6061-T6 aluminum;  aluminum 6061 is an alloy that is lightweight, sturdy, and highly resistant to corrosion. T6 heat treatment further enhances the strength of the aluminum, making it not only feather-light and sturdy but also allowing it to be given a beautiful finish. Production processes of all parts are done through the highest-quality CNC milling process, one part at a time.

  • Micro Groove Design Faceplate – The Micro Groove Design is applied with a surface treatment for the milling process. Grooves are dug along the grain of the raw material to create a unique design before the product is moved to a precision-tailored jig for laser engraving. This process is not just a standard laser process but a special laser process that eliminates parts of the raw material to engrave letters 0.5 mm deep while adding depth to the engravings. Next, the component is treated with oil to prevent oxidation, packaged, anodized, and given a custom dark bronze color.
  • Precision-Milled Aluminum Shell – Unlike the faceplate, the shell is oil-sealed and then handed to the polishing master. The faceplate is engraved with an esthetic design element, and the surfaces of shells are polished through a special sand-blast refinement process. Otherwise, marks will be left from the tools used, so each shell is polished like mirror by hand. Then, after sandblasting and anodizing, the shell is ready to be given Vision Ears’ custom warm gray color.  The AURA shell is the result of thousands of hours of work, including cutting diamonds out of rough rocks with carefully selected materials, precision processes, and specialized tools.
Astell&Kern AURA IEM Accessories

AURA includes the following accessories:

  • Effect Audio Custom Cable – The 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced cables that are included with AURA are custom-made cables from Effect Audio that are specifically designed to deliver the overwhelming sounds of AURA. The custom cables contain four wire components: two UP-OCC pure copper litz wires and two pure silver litz and pure copper litz hybrid wires to offer you the best sound performance. Effect Audio’s EPO (Ergonomic Performance Optimization) technology is applied to offer outstanding flexibility for a more comfortable fit without affecting audio quality.
  • Leather Accessories Handcrafted from PABLO Smooth Calf Leather – A leather carrying case, earphone pocket and cable clip for AURA are made of leathers from the best tanneries in Europe. These leather accessories are made from the highest-quality calfskins and are tanned by skilled craftsmen to imbue them with unique colors and gloss and guarantee excellent durability, along with a soft yet fine grainy texture. These leather accessories transcend time with their elegance and earn the envy of other famous brands.
  • AZLA SE1500 Eartips – 100% medical-grade silicone helps the SE1500 to fit comfortably in your ear and minimizes the possibility of skin irritation. The straight internal structure is designed in a perfect line that guarantees that sound moves in a linear fashion, enhancing sound insulation performance and increasing the sense of space. A total of six eartips (SS / S / SM / M / ML / L) are included to offer you a comfortable fit and improved sound.

AURA will be available exclusively at authorized Astell&Kern dealers worldwide in July 2023 for $4,200.

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  1. Gregory Stanton

    August 11, 2023 at 11:32 am

    And the sound?

    • Ian White

      August 11, 2023 at 11:38 am


      It’s clearly a news story. We’re expecting a review sample shortly.


      Ian White

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