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Algolith Showcases Family of Digital Home Theater Processor/Scalers


Powerful Dragonfly, Mosquito and Flea – Plus Serial Option –
Dramatically Enhance Standard, Digital and HD Image Quality

CES ’07, LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2007 – Algolith, a leading developer of video image enhancement solutions, showcases a family of new digital video processors and enhancers – the Dragonfly, the Mosquito and the Flea – plus a vital Serial Option at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show, beginning here today.

The Dragonfly Home Theater Processor/Scaler
The elegantly designed Dragonfly, flagship of Algolith’s line, is a must for videophiles passionate about their high-performance Home Theaters and entertainment systems. The Dragonfly will up- or downscale, de-interlace and cadence-correct all video signals from 480i to 1080p. Using technology previously available only to film directors and video professionals, the Dragonfly allows viewers of large-screen displays – plasma, LCD and projection – to benefit from advanced de-interlacing, detail enhancement, and noise reduction processing.

A powerful Realta HQV™ Video Engine by Silicon Optix makes it ideal for use with Standard Definition DVDs, Satellite TV, and digital cable signals. It embodies Algolith’s vision of providing superlative image quality significantly beyond anything now available, and further advances Algolith’s position at the forefront of digital image enhancement.

The Dragonfly achieves its remarkable performance by combining several proprietary features, including True 1080i to 1080p De-Interlacing, which uses the full four-field processing window for HD video de-interlacing and cadence detection, preserving the rich details in HD imagery, instead of discarding half the resolution of HD images as do conventional image processors.

A true 10-bit diagonal interpolator removes so-called jaggies and stair-stepping artifacts from de-interlaced video sources without blurring the image, and a unique Noise Reduction capability, available as an option, reduces the analog and MPEG noise artifacts that plague DVD and broadcast sources. A fully automatic adaptive software algorithm adds a fourth dimension of pixel-by-pixel noise and motion measurement.

Dragonfly’s detail enhancement improves the image detail on a pixel-by-pixel basis, delivering SD quality that approaches HD, while Automatic Film Mode Cadence Processing significantly improves the handling of film and video sources. Automatic Per Pixel Video/Film Detection lets the Dragonfly make pixel-level decisions when processing film pixels as film and video pixels as video – rather than frame-level decisions, which can lead to visible artifacts; and an eWARP-2 engine allows AnyPlace™ flexible projector placement while maintaining superb quality.

An onboard USB interface allows Dragonfly software to be fully upgraded and re-programmed via the Web, helping it stay at the bleeding-edge of video processing technology. In addition to the Noise Reduction Option, the Dragonfly can be equipped with an SDI Option that allows users to pass 480i and 576i signals through to the Dragonfly’s digital input.

The Dragonfly, which includes a remote control, is available now from authorized Algolith dealers at a suggested price of $2,995, with the Noise Reduction and SDI Input options available at an additional $495 each.

The Mosquito Home Theater Video Enhancer
The Mosquito reduces image noise on digital and HD video signals. Big-screen HD images don’t look as good as they should due to the compression of video signals by TV broadcasters and DVD makers. The larger the screen, the more noticeable the video artifacts. Operating in real time, the Mosquito filters and reduces video imperfections without losing detail for exceptionally sharp, noise-free images. Users instantly see an improvement in picture quality.

The Mosquito includes a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) that enables it to transmit and process uncompressed digital video signals from an HDMI-compatible source component to an HDMI-compatible display. Using a single, simple, user-friendly cable, the HDMI protocol supports standard, enhanced and high-definition digital video, transmitting all signal standards with bandwidth to spare.

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The Mosquito also includes the new edition, Version 2.0, of Algolith’s software core, a major advance in performance that renders the Mosquito both more efficient and effective, and improves its ability to address blocking artifacts in highly compressed images.

The Mosquito is available now from authorized Algolith dealers at a suggested price of $2,995.

The Flea Digital Video Enhancer
The Flea is an essential, unobtrusive, addition for Home Theater enthusiasts that dramatically improves the picture quality of compressed Standard Definition and High Definition images. Weighing less than one pound and equal in size to a paperback novel, the new Flea upgrades Algolith’s groundbreaking original Flea by the addition of an HDMI input that permits the Flea to transmit and process uncompressed digital video signals from an HDMI-compatible source component to an HDMI-compatible display. It also includes the new edition, Version 2.0, of Algolith’s software core, and an HDMI interface

The Flea reduces noise and artifacts introduced by compressed digital video signals from such sources as DVDs, satellites, digital cable, PVRs and Home Theater PCs. It is especially efficient when used with new large-screen digital displays and projectors that magnify image artifacts, and delivers exceptionally sharp, noise-free pictures.

The Flea is available now from authorized Algolith dealers at a suggested retail price of $995.

The Serial Option
The Serial Option is a small accessory module that allows the Mosquito and Flea to be controlled by Home Automation systems like those produced by Crestron, AMX and other manufacturers. The Serial Option module includes a Serial, or RS-2322, connection, a USB port, and a power input. The Serial Option provides bi-directional communication between the unit and a Home Automation system, which is vital for large systems that are required to monitor and poll its components.

Use of the Serial Option is completely transparent to the performance of both the Mosquito and Flea, and enables installers to seamlessly integrate them into the control or automation routines of sophisticated home entertainment systems.

The Serial Option is available now from authorized Algolith dealers at a suggested retail price of $495.

All three processors – the Dragonfly, Mosquito and Flea – as well as the Serial Option can be seen with Algolith’s other outstanding products in Booth 26435, South Hall 2, Las Vegas Convention Center, during the show.

About Algolith
Based in Montreal, Algolith is a leading image enhancement solutions company offering a broad range of products designed to meet the exacting needs of Digital TV consumers, Post-Production houses, Media Server Manufacturers, and IPTV and Digital Broadcasters. Spun off in 2003 by a broadcast infrastructure company that helps major broadcast networks transition from analog to digital transmission, Algolith develops products based on an exceptional Intellectual Property portfolio that significantly improves image quality in all formats.

For the Home Theater and Digital TV market, Algolith manufactures video processors and scalers — the Dragonfly, Mosquito and Flea — that dramatically heighten image quality using proprietary Algolith technology, including its 3D Dynamic and MPEG noise reduction, block artifact reduction, and de-interlacing and scaling technologies.

In the Post-Production sector, Algolith provides media content creators with sophisticated tools to restore image quality and convert between different video formats, for example, between film and video, or standard TV and HDTV. Its advanced PROVIDEO Solutions fulfill the demanding requirements of a wide variety of digital video applications, providing the finest scaling, de-interlacing, inverse telecine, and MPEG artifact reduction and noise reduction solutions.

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Algolith remains dedicated to providing high quality services and innovative products that consistently far exceed its customers’ expectations. For further technical information, visit

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