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Algolith Introduces Powerful New Acclaim HD Video Processor-Scaler


Pro Processor, Now Shipping, Combines Superb Realta HQV Video Engine
with Unique AnyPlace Projector Placement, Ideal for Hard-to-Fit Venues

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, June 11, 2007 — Algolith, a leading developer of video image enhancement solutions, Introduces the powerful and versatile Acclaim HD Video Processor-Scaler at INFOCOMM 2007, the annual convention of the International Communications Industries Association, beginning June 19 in Anaheim, California.

Designed for the professional market, the elegant Acclaim combines several important engineering achievements, making it an essential component offering superb performance, flexibility and utility to custom theaters, visual presentation systems and other commercial and professional applications, regardless of venue. It embodies Algolith’s vision of providing superlative image quality significantly beyond anything now available, and further advances Algolith’s position at the forefront of digital image enhancement.

Foremost among the Acclaim’s many features is its AnyPlace flexible projector placement, which gives integrators the freedom to place video projectors virtually anywhere in a room while maintaining every element of the Acclaim’s outstanding performance. This unusual flexibility is especially valuable in asymmetric venues like churches, other houses of worship, town halls, restaurants, bars and the like, which often contain unintended structural obstacles. AnyPlace projector placement frees integrators and installers from having to present clients with the need to choose between architecture and A/V. No other processor-scaler includes this feature, which is, however, also available in single-function products costing more than the Acclaim.

The Acclaim features the powerful Realta HQV Video Engine by Silicon Optix, the leading supplier of advanced video/image digital processing integrated circuits. The uncompromising Realta platform sets a new benchmark standard of video excellence called Hollywood Quality Video, or HQV, making the Acclaim ideal for use with Standard Definition DVDs, Satellite TV, and digital cable signals.

Pursuing Perfection
The Acclaim up-scales, down-scales, de-interlaces and cadence-corrects all video signals from 480i to 1080p. The Acclaim uses technology previously available only to film directors and video professionals, allowing viewers of large-screen displays — plasma, LCD and projection — to benefit from advanced de-interlacing, detail enhancement, and noise reduction processing.

The Acclaim includes front-panel controls and a bright active-matrix LCD screen for detailed settings menus. It also comes with a remote control designed for its specific capabilities.

The Acclaim achieves its remarkable performance by combining several proprietary features. Key among them is AnyPlace flexible projector placement, which extends keystone correction both horizontally (up to 80 degrees, +/-40) and vertically (up to 70 degrees, +/-35), giving users the freedom to place projectors virtually anywhere in a room while maintaining the highest quality graphics, fine text, and crisp high-definition video. This is especially useful in Houses of Worship, Concert Halls and AV Staging applications where clear sightlines are unavailable.
Also significant is Acclaim’s True 1080i to 1080p De-Interlacing capability, which uses the full four-field processing window for HD video de-interlacing and cadence detection, preserving the rich details in HD imagery, instead of discarding half the resolution of HD images as is done by conventional image processors.

A true 10-bit diagonal interpolator removes so-called jaggies and stair-stepping artifacts from de-interlaced video sources without blurring the image. A proprietary Noise Reduction algorithm from Algolith’s Intellectual Property portfolio is available as an option to reduce the analog and MPEG noise artifacts that plague DVD and broadcast sources. The fully automatic adaptive software adds a fourth dimension of pixel-by-pixel noise and motion measurement, detecting and reducing the analog and MPEG noise that currently plague DVD and broadcast sources.

Acclaim’s exceptional detail enhancement improves the image detail on a pixel-by-pixel basis, delivering standard-definition (SD) quality that approaches HD, instead of the blurring effect often encountered when watching SD images on HD displays.

Acclaim’s Automatic Film Mode Cadence Processing delivers a quantum improvement in the automatic handling of film and video sources. It also delivers industry-first support for Vari-Speed cadences like 3:2:3:2:2, which are commonly used for movies broadcast on TV; as well as the 5:5, 6:4, and 8:7 cadences used for animation. The Acclaim also offers 3:2 insertion, which is needed for the new HD Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats coming to the consumer market. Cadence processing ensures that viewers will always be watching film and video sources in their original formats without losing resolution.

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Acclaim’s Automatic Per Pixel Video/Film Detection capability allows the processor to make pixel-level decisions when processing film pixels as film and video pixels as video — rather than frame-level decisions, which can lead to visible artifacts in video titles over film backgrounds.

The Acclaim HD Video Processor/Scaler is available now from authorized Algolith dealers at a suggested price of $3,995. It can be seen with Algolith’s other outstanding products in Booth 1429, Anaheim Convention Center, during the show.

About Algolith
Based in Montreal, Algolith is a leading image enhancement solutions company offering a broad range of products designed to meet the exacting needs of Digital TV consumers, Post-Production houses, Media Server Manufacturers, and IPTV and Digital Broadcasters. Spun off in 2003 by a broadcast infrastructure company that helps major broadcast networks transition from analog to digital transmission, Algolith develops products based on an exceptional Intellectual Property portfolio that significantly improves image quality in all formats.

For the Home Theater and Digital TV market, Algolith manufactures video processors and scalers — the Dragonfly, Mosquito, Mosquito HDMI and Flea — that dramatically heighten image quality using proprietary Algolith technology, including its 3D Dynamic and MPEG noise reduction, block artifact reduction, and de-interlacing and scaling technologies.
In the Post-Production sector, Algolith provides media content creators with sophisticated tools to restore image quality and convert between different video formats, for example, between film and video, or standard TV and HDTV. Its advanced PROVIDEO Solutions fulfill the demanding requirements of a wide variety of digital video applications, providing the finest scaling, de-interlacing, inverse telecine, and MPEG artifact reduction and noise reduction solutions.
Algolith remains dedicated to providing high quality services and innovative products that consistently far exceed its customers’ expectations. For further technical information, visit

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