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A Computer Network System Doesnt Just Become Unreliable

In the business world individuals with strong organizational skills are often seen as a major asset to any company. These individuals are coveted because their attention to detail and order enable them to become effective multi-taskers. They are able to keep things running smoothly and efficiently because they are never searching for a lost note or a misplaced document, they always seem to have things right at their fingertips, ready to produce at a moments notice.

This is contrary to the guy in the office that seems to have everything thrown on his desk, a chaotic mess that results in nothing less than time lost. While that messy desk may actually have the note or document it takes forever to find because he is forced to search through all the other stuff before finding it.

For companies that are looking to build their business on a reputation of reliability and competency there is no mystery behind which individual they would value. Not only will a company value the organized employee they will likely get rid of the one that is costing them time and money.

Adopting that philosophy for employees seems to be simple enough for a company but they seem to fall short of implementing the same practice when it comes to their computer network system. Just like an individual a computer network can operate in an organized manner or in a state of unpredictable confusion but the damage caused by that unreliable computer network will cause more damage than the unorganized employee.

It is for that reason every company should take the time to protect their computer network system from deteriorating into such a state of unreliability. Those companies that fail to do this could pay the ultimate price, a complete computer network crash that not only costs time and money but also any potential customers and clients.

It is important to understand that a computer network system doesn’t just become unreliable; it is generally caused by a computer disease known as fragmentation. This disease attacks the networks very ability to carry out the most basic tasks such as booting up, loading applications and files, browsing the Internet, accessing and sending emails, and more.

This attack is aided by the very nature in which hard drives are designed to save and store files. In many ways the hard drive shares the same attributes as the employee that throws things on the desk; the information you’re looking for may be there but it’s not always easy to find.

A hard drive isn’t designed to store files in an organized manner, it places space at a premium and thus problems are created when a saved file is modified. This is because once that file is modified it will no longer fit in the same space it originally occupied. The hard drive is then forced to cut the excess information and save it in the next available space creating what is known as a fragmented file. This method of saving information is the equivalent of a business just placing every piece of paper they have in a filing cabinet without regard for what goes where.

While you may have all the information in that filing cabinet it is certainly going to take you a long time to find a specific file. That, in essence, is fragmentation. The longer a hard drive goes unprotected the more files become fragmented and the slowdown begins to take its toll on the hard drive.

A slowdown is just the start for the hard drive, if ignored for an extended period of time the system will eventually crash and all the information that was stored on the hard drive will be lost.

So the solution to this fragmented hard drive is the installation of defragmentation software. Installing defragmentation software will quickly organize the hard drive and repair those fragmented files. Essentially what defrag does is find the fragmented files on the hard drive and take the pieces that belong to a single file and save it as such. Now when that file is recalled the hard drive has no problems delivering the request because it no longer has to search for all the pieces. It is like taking the chaotic filing cabinet and actually separating and placing the papers into corresponding folders.

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For any company that wants their employees to display strong organizational skills it would be a good idea to ensure the computer network system is equipped with the same abilities, defragmentation software is the simple solution.

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