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2005 CES spotlight on Jazz Hipster– digital home


JAZZ introduces some attractive products for digital home at CES 2005. They are as follows:

Wi-Fi Mini Combo-Hi-Tech & Home Style
If you want to get and play digital music files from your PC or portable storage devices, or even listen to internet radio without computer, Wi-Fi Mini Combo must be the best solution for you to enjoy digital home entertainment. Wi-Fi Mini Combo is composed of a wireless networked audio player, an audio amplifier system and a RF remote control. What we can say is Wi-Fi Mini Combo stands for the revolutionary integration of wireless technology and speaker production.

The most importance of Wi-Fi Mini Combo is that the audio system supports 802.11b WLAN and Ethernet so that users can listen to Internet radio easily at home without any computer; moreover, you are able to store your favorite AM/FM stations in the system’s memory with 2MB ROM and 8MB SDRAM. On the other hand, if you connect Wi-Fi Mini Combo with your networked PC as a multimedia server, you can use the smart touch screen and the RF remote control with white EL backlight to get digital music from the PC, read all of the system information listed on LCD display and play any songs as you want in different rooms at the same time. That is so-called the meaning of digital home.

Besides, with built-in MP3/WMA decoders as well as USB host and SD/MMC slots, Wi-Fi Mini Combo can play MP3/WMA format digital music files from portable storage devices such as Flash Disk, USB HDD or flash memory card, etc. Moreover, Wi-Fi Mini Combo can connect with other entertainment equipments such as CD or DVD player as an amplifier.

AM/FM Radio-Old fashion is in
With 2 3/4 inches 5watts full range driver and built-in AM/FM antenna, the table radio utilizes high sensitive tuner technology to perform high quality sound and to meet audiophile’s needs. In fact, it is more than a table radio by playing CD or MP3 with its auxiliary input.As to the product design, it features retro style with a wooden cabinet made of MDF in real cherry, walnut or other optional wood veneers. Briefly, high quality and high taste is all in this fabulous radio.

DAB Receiver
Apart from AM/FM Radio, Jazz also offers DAB Receiver which upgrades traditional Radio. By using the digital technology, it can decrease the distortion caused by the unstable process of analog transportation; therefore, offering the excellent sound effect like CD player. In addition, the program information and PDA or non-PDA message can be seen on the built-in LCD screen or computer screen which is connected with DAB Receiver. On the other hand, it has the same look of AM/FM Radio which features retro style in real cherry, walnut or other optional wood veneers. No doubt it will satisfy all aspect of users’ needs.

Speaker Driver for Car/ NB / PDP/ LCD TV
As a global leader in speaker manufacturing, Jazz, of course, has the capability to produce speaker drivers for cars, laptops, PDP and LCD TV, etc. Obviously, Jazz makes flexible manufacturing a reality without doubt. At CES 2005, we display drivers for cars from 5 1/4″ to 6 1/2″ including coaxial 2-way and component 2-way and various sizes of drivers for laptops. As for PDP/LCD TV 2.0 speakers, they are good for PDP/ LCD TV from 20″ to 50″, providing various options according to customer’s needs. In other words, that means Jazz really has the ability to achieve flexible manufacturing.

Founded in 1981, Jazz Hipster Corporation (TOSE: 6247) is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of speakers for the computer and entertainment market. Jazz offers a complete range of multimedia speakers and home theater systems, incorporating with cutting-edge technologies such as USB, flat speaker, advanced 3D surround sound, 2.4 GHz wireless speaker, digital decoder with Dolby & DTS, and etc.

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