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Top 10 Hi-Fi News Stories of the Week

For the week ending May 22, 2022 we roundup the top 10 Hi-Fi news stories of the week from across the web.

Good Vibes

Good Vibes is about spotlighting friends, influencers and contributors in the audio and music community to say THANK YOU! Check out these ten stories all from Instagram this week. Do you have someone to spotlight? Leave a comment so we can all check them out. 

1. 1K Club

🇨🇦 Congratulations Harbottle Audio on hitting 1k – LOVE IT!

“Starting on Tuesday May 24, we are running a giveaway through @caffeinatedhifi. Caffeinated Hifi is the Instagram account of Harbottle Audio founder, Caitlyn Harbottle, and is the way we express appreciation for all the things that we don’t make while showing audio in the light of daily life.”

2. Punk

🇺🇸 PunkFloyd4Eyes talks about a mixing solution, planets and you too, U2. 

3. Timeless

🇧🇷 Is your audio timeless? This LP display is uniquely timeless by Timeless Audio

4. Raindrop

🇷🇸 @joeyaudiophile leads us to check out Volnutt Audio. WOW!

5. High End Reels

🇩🇪 Instagram is where it’s at and John Darko presents one-minute reels of his days at Munich High End. 

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6. Hegel Style

🇵🇱 Top_Hifi_Krakow directs us the Hegel P30A and H30A pre and power amplifier. I’m loving the simplicity and new faceplate style.

7. Hifi Lars

🇳🇴 @Hifilars shows off some amazing audio gear. The Amazingly Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond together With Lyngdorf.

8. High End Analog

🇯🇵 Yukiseimitsu Audio shows off the AP-0 Analog Turntable. DANG!

9. Smiles 😊

Soulmining is showing amazing smiles 😊 with the people at High End Munich 2022. This demonstrates what an amazing community there is and that shows are more than Hi-Fi, they are community. 

10. Pool Party

🇺🇸 With The Home Entertainment Show just around the corner, you can expect five floors of Hi-Fi, a sold out HEADPHONIUM™️, a pool party, and an award winning documentary, T.H.E. Show Long Beach, June 10-12, 2022 is exactly where you want to be if you love music, Hifi, vinyl, headphones, and yes, craft cocktails!

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  1. ORT

    May 24, 2022 at 12:38 am

    Please, what does it mean, a “sold out Headphonium”?

    I may have to work but other wise the main reason to attend is to go to the Headphonium, but if “sold out” means no more attendees allowed then I shall not go.

    I can not swim so a pool party is not for me. Also, I do not drink adult beverages so that too, is off limits for me. I like music and records but I suppose I can still do that at home. Reel to reel is always gorgeous to look upon and listen to. Cassettes too, so long as they both have VU Meters. “SIGH”…

    Any way. I should abandon the idea of going. Travel is difficult for me, even short distances. I am such a toad and toads are S L O W. 😉 Okay then. I hope all Ecoustics folk can attend and enjoy themselves as well as those who are already signed in/up. Good for them!

    In all ways and for always, be well. You guys are cool. I mean that. Cool.


    • Ian White

      May 24, 2022 at 12:40 am


      It means we sold out the exhibitor space.


      Ian White

      • ORT

        May 24, 2022 at 1:33 am

        I am seriously getting into my dotage. Thank you, Sir Ian!


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