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Top 10 Hi-Fi News Stories: May 1, 2022

For the week ending May 1, 2022 we roundup the top 10 Hi-Fi news stories of the week from across the web.

Good Vibes

1. Vicarious

🇺🇸 Were you attending AXPONA 2022 vicariously? Thank you, content creators, for all your coverage. What story stood out to you? Drop a comment and let us know.
The first feed to hit my radar post-show were Gene Dellasala and James Larson live streaming Sunday evening with The Best Audiophile Loudspeakers at AXPONA 2022

2.  This Community

🇺🇸 Randy @cheapaudioman recaps AXPONA perfectly, “Come for the speakers and amps, stay for the friendships.” It’s time to reinvent why we engage in this community; to build friendships, inclusion and modulate groovy. The people we meet throughout this journey are some of the most interesting in the world.

3. New Music Friday

🇺🇸 Where do you find new music? Social is great place to discover. “Each Friday, Stephen Mejias, AudioQuest’s Director of Communications and former Stereophile and Audiostream columnist, will browse through the many exciting albums released that day and select 15 worth a closer listen.”

For more information:

4. Now Spinning

🇺🇸 edmund_vinyl is Now Spinning Cannonball Adderley “Somethin Else” I’m streaming the 1958 original master recording, WOWZA, so good. “Classic Vinyl Series 33rpm Reissue vs Analogue productions 45rpm pressing. Which version you prefer? Seriously, I’m really impressed the Classic Vinyl Series reissue 💙! Well done @bluenoterecords”

5. Vintage Audio News

🇬🇷 Does audio news have to be new to be new? No, just like vintage audio, this may be new to you. Most def check out Kennedy Magazine; a biannual journal based in Athens, Greece. Its aim is to explore the views and ideas of certain individuals that have influenced our esthetics and cultural wanderings in one way or another.

6. T.H.E. Talk

🇺🇸 Mr. Jiles McCoy @hometheaterfanatics and Emiko talk. Will we see you face-to-face June 10-12, 2022 at T.H.E. Show, Hilton Long Beach California. @bass_therapy_ we want to see you there bruh

7. Extraction

🇬🇧 ORT has been communicating on Good Vibes and while agreeing to disagree in places, I appreciate the creativity of his lexicon. ORT has pointed to Ken Kessler, a must investigate. GOOD VIBES ORT 😊

For more information:

8. Healthier Social

🇺🇸 Social media is the news and a tool to expand our presence and voice; tune out noise and turn off push notifications. Not audio related directly, but we all are using social media, so let’s be intentional through it.

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9. Are You?

🇺🇸 Are you an audiophile? I’ve been asking and @cathodbias says “NO, not an audiophile.” I love to hear other’s point of view, it’s the whole point of community and good vibes. Are you? Leave a comment and let us know.

10. Up and Coming

🇺🇸 Howard Kneller at the Listening Chair. I can’t wait to tune in.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    May 3, 2022 at 1:58 am

    Thank you for linking to some of Ken’s writing. That was very kind of you and he is a good man. Far better than I shall ever be in my allotted time.

    As for social media? For the greater part, I loathe it. I would say more but I shall refrain from doing so for now.

    And am I an Audiophile? Nope.
    As I have stated throughout the several decades of my existence, the Doobie Brothers never sang, “Listen To the Equipment”.

    I am some one who enjoys music. I have my druthers and that is that. I like equipment for what it brings to me and that being music and film. I also like it for its looks and as with women, I have a look I prefer and oddly enough they are similar in that one word sums up said look.


    Exempli gratia…Audrey Hepburn is for ever beautiful Her looks are timeless, classic if you will. Lauren Bacall in “To Have and Have Not”, “You know how to whistle, don’t you Toad?”

    Yup. And I know exactly what makes me want to whistle and it sure as Hades ain’t a $100,000+ turntable that looks like it was the product of a evening of mindless robot passion between Robby the Robot of “Forbidden Planet” and Brigette Helm’s character in “Metropolis”, coupled with several decades of being FARCE fed the tripe that is Fremer’s typing or Lavrogna’s pecking.

    I am going to make an effort to attend T.H.E. this year (hopefully the plandemic/scamdemic will not kick us all in the collective testicles ever again!). If I do make it, I shall visit the Headphonium to try and meet you and the other gentlemen from Ecoustics. Be assured that I will not be rude and intrude. I am no one of worth. I have met the one person I always wanted to meet in person years ago at the show. He is a good man and you may know him but I will refrain from saying his name.

    In all ways and for always, be well young man.


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