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Technics Hi-Fi Audio Brand Reborn

Technics R1 Reference Class System

Panasonic announced the rebirth of the Technics audio brand to “Rediscover Music.” The first new product lines include two audiophile systems — the high-end R1 Reference system with floor standing speakers and the Premium System C700 bookshelf sized stereo system.

Reference Class R1 Series

  • SE-R1 Stereo Power Amplifier – Flagship power amplifier sets a new high-performance standard for digital amplifiers by employing state-of-the-art components and innovative technologies.
  • SU-R1 Network Audio Control Player – Minimizes noise, and achieves maximum silence, building on the digital source reproduction technology and knowhow that we have accumulated over many years.
  • SB-R1 Speaker System – Reference floor standing loudspeakers achieve a superlative level of sound reproduction, building on our linear-phase, point-sound-source concept.

Technics Premium System C700

Premium System C700

  • SU-C700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier – Employs innovative fully-digitised processing that delivers a pure and accurate signal to the speakers.
  • ST-C700 Network Audio Player – Effectively removes noise to deliver a pure listening experience.
  • SL-C700 Compact Disc Player – Provides accurate and high-quality music reproduction, drawing out the full potential inherent in a music CD.
  • SB-C700 Speaker System – 2-way bookshelf speaker which realizes both high transparency and a precise sound image, building on our linear-phase, point-sound-source concept.

By combining heritage “audio technology” with state-of-the-art “digital technology,” Panasonic offers music lovers emotionally engaging sound that will allow them to “Rediscover Music.”

Price and Availability

New Technics-branded hi-fi audio systems will be released first in the European market in December 2014 and later in other parts of the world. Price TBD.


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