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Acurus ASPEQT Redefines Room Optimization Technology

Getting your room right is the best way to achieve better sound quality at home. The Acurus ASPEQT room optimization platform is great news for integrators.

ASPEQT Sweep Diagram

Indy Audio Labs are based in Indianapolis so their trek to CEDIA 2021 was relatively painless this year; more than 130 key exhibitors pulled out of the show due to the rising number of Delta variant cases in Indiana and Midwest. After almost 18 months of no trade shows, almost everyone was looking forward to CEDIA this year. Acurus is a brand that we know well having owned a number of their power amplifiers over the years and having just reviewed the MUSE A/V Processor in July. The Acurus ASPEQT announcement this week is worth a deeper dive.

The room is the most important component of any stereo or home theater system and it doesn’t get enough attention from most consumers. People don’t think about how bass interacts with their room, or how different materials used in construction impact the sound. The type of flooring or carpeting can have a huge impact on the sound and very few people are willing to add acoustic treatment to their living room or den because it looks really ugly.

The folks at Indy Audio Labs believe they have a better solution for integrators.

Acurus ASPEQT (Automatic Speaker Parameter and EQualization Tool) is a revolutionary new proprietary system designed to make the process of tuning high-performance audio systems surprisingly straightforward and less time consuming than ever before.

Acurus ASPEQT is a real-time, multiple measurement tool which provides super-fast data acquisition and execution. This is a completely new technology development from Indy Audio Labs and represents a total revisioning of room acoustics optimization for systems integrators.

ASPEQT is designed to vastly improve the job of acoustically tuning a room in terms of speed, ease-of-use, and consistency of results. At its core, ASPEQT is an innovative approach to room response optimization intended to offer residential integrators a fast, high-quality method for tuning an audio system’s response to acoustic interactions between loudspeakers and room attributes.

With its graphics-rich UI, ASPEQT is an acoustic software and hardware ecosystem supported by an easily transportable, Wi-Fi-enabled measurement microphone IoT hub. Used in conjunction with Acurus immersive processors such as the 20-channel ACT 4 or the 16-channel MUSE, integrators can use ASPEQT to easily solve room response optimization challenges with this simple, quick, and accurate tool.

The U.S. Retail Price of $2,549 includes proprietary embedded ASPEQT measurement software, a portable hardware kit consisting of a carrying case with four professional-grade USB measurement microphones, microphone stands, cables, and mobile-ready IoT control and processing endpoints — everything an integrator would need to properly optimize a private cinema or home entertainment space acoustically.

ASPEQT is immensely valuable to the home technology professional due to its speed: the measurement process is extraordinarily uncluttered and fast. Analysis is automatic along with adjustments of the processor’s speaker parameters and EQ filters. • ease-of-use: ASPEQT turns acoustic measurement on its head by providing a graphics-rich interface and setup kit that takes the drudgery out of acoustic measurement. • pro-level kit: ASPEQT is a professional scientific instrument that offers precision and quality to the process of optimizing a customer’s audio space.

ASPEQT uses four measurement microphones linked to networked signal acquisition/analyzer endpoints. These in turn integrate seamlessly with Acurus processors. Post-optimization, the installer can quickly do an A/B test to compare before and after scenarios and fine-adjust acoustic factors if desired.

All-in-all, ASPEQT is a powerful tool which enables the integrator to offer a unique service to residential customers during both the initial installation as well as later for periodic check-ups and adjustments.

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For more information: Indy Audio Labs

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