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How can I set anik F3 on puff receiver, what program is good. thanksssssssssssss

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This is the LNB for the new 118W (Anik F3 / 118.7W / 118.8W) satellite. With this special LNB, you can get BOTH 118 and 119 at the same time!

Works with both Free-to-Air and Original DN Receivers!
Requires: 30-inch or larger dish. 20' oval may work but is unreliable and YOU WILL MISS some channels.
Compatible with DirecTV, Free-to-Air (DiSEqC, 22KHz), and
legacy switches (SW21, SW44, etc)
Not compatible with DishPro switches and/or DishPro (stacked) LNB's


Polarization: Circular
Input Frequency: 11.70 - 12.75 GHz
LO Frequency: 10.750 GHz
Noise: 0.5 dB

Dual-output (ready for 1 or 2 receivers). Each output will give you both 118.7W and 119W.

Using a 30-inch or larger dish, aim with the following settings:

Satellite Name: 118A°W (Anik F3) or 119A°W (Echo7)
LNB Type: Standard (or Single)
LO Frequency: 10750 or 10600 MHz
Finally, do an AUTO SCAN or a BLIND SCAN

For some the following settings may work better or give you more channels:

LNB Type: Universal
LO Frequency: 9750 MHz
HI Frequency: 11750 MHz

The lnb is good for 118.7, but may not receive all channels/transponders for 119 as the highest frequency of the LNB is 12.2 GHz. The normal 119 LNB goes up to 12.70 GHz. According to lyngsat (http://www.lyngsat*com/packages/dish119.html) the highest transponder frequency in use now is 12.516GHz.

You may get around this by doing two scans. One with LNB frequency set at 10750 or even lower and then another scan with LNB frequency set at 11250. alternatively scan each one of the missing transponders of Echo 9 separately using LNB frequency 11250.

WHERE TO BUY: You can try ebay , search for Superdish type1 to 500+ repoint kit -part 148328. This contain the LNBs to retrofit the Superdish. If you have a 33" dish (other than Superdish) you can get the CB2008A lnb which will get 118.7 and 119. CB2008A is available at ebay and many other online stores. this is one of the hottest items on the market, so please do not ask '" just Google for it and you will find it.

MECHANICAL CONSIDERATIONS: CB2008A cannot directly replace the 119 LNB on the Superdish. Superdish lnb for 119 has a special bracket. If you are good mechanically ,you could probably figure a way to mount it on the Superdish; - it is not impossible. Iit requires a rectangular mount similar to those of DTV. The mount for Dish LNB have one side that is semicircular.
If you have a Superdish the best bet it to get the Superdish type1 toDish 500+ repoint kit part#148328.
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