Veiwsat ultra cable ?


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I need a null modem cable 4 veiwsat ultra. I have one for the pansat 2500. Are they the same cause it seems like it isnt working. Reading 8888 and need to try to do factory file. Please help thanks.

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pansat2500 uses straight cable not null.

C / P

How to load any USB file automatically when "booting up" your Ultra...

A great new feature with the Ultra (since the 080404U file), is the ability to be able to load up a "boot" file from a USB stick.

(A "boot" file simply means any file that you want the Ultra to load up when you turn it on from the back switch when there is a USB stick inserted).

This should (hopefully) enable anybody to circumvent the hassles of having to connect their receiver to their computer with a cable and use a "Loader program" in order to simply load a file into their "frozen" (or otherwise "unresponsive") box.

The basic procedure:

1: Insert your USB stick into your computer and "open up" the files folder so that you can look at your various Ultra files on your USB stick.

2: "Right click" on the file that you would like to be loaded onto your Ultra (it can be either a factory file or any other ultra "fix" file), and select Rename from the window that pops up.

3: Rename that file to PFTAUSWR.PGM and make sure that it saves it properly. (You can do this by closing your USB window and then opening it back up to ensure that the new PFTAUSWR.PGM file name is still there).

4: And, as always, before you remove any USB stick from your computer, click on the little Icon on your taskbar (at the lower right of your screen), and select "Safely Remove Hardware" before you remove your USB stick.

5: Insert your USB stick into your Ultra (which is turned off by the back switch).

6: Turn on your Ultra from the back and it will now automatically look for, and load, any file named PFTAUSWR.PGM.
(The front display on the receiver will show "uSb", then "InSt", then "End").

When your menu comes back you can confirm which file has now been loaded into the Ultra by using your remote to go to Menu>System Information>Receiver Information and check to see what file name is listed beside the Main S/W entry.

It should show the original file name you had changed to PFTAUSWR.PGM on your USB stick!

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