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what kind of spliter do i need to hook up for two boxes im runing 4 dishes, i want to split off the incoming cable, can i use a cable tv spliter.. i got a dish 500 2 18 in. dishes,a 4 way switch,using a 3500 wanting to add another 3500

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I saw Mr Schutz's reply and he is pointing you to the right direction.
You may have power supply problems using the switches, and particularly the 3500 is poor in this respect. You should use an additional power supply on Port 1 output of your switch. You can use an old useless Dishnet receiver to achieve the same goal. You might get away with keeping both Pansats on all the time, but I would not recommend it.
A splitter can only allow you to watch the same channel on both receivers.

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Look at this discussion too.

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WRONG NALIN! First we need to know if your lnbs are single or dual,legacy or dish pro and what switch your using . Without this this basic info you cant answer anything. It would be pure speculation and a waste of time on all party's involved.

Guess you couldn't google this one and still couldn't pass up another chance to do another incorrect bad post eh nalin?

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MclinkASS aka PRFRMNJ:

You have started your interruptions again. Can't you understand that this person is specifically asking me questions? You go back to your site and reply to people who are asking you. I do not come to your site to interrupt and advise and I suggest you leave me on my own devices to reply and converse with people.

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Can somebody PLEASE HELP.....
I have Viewset Ultra, I tried installing a new bin on it & during the process on installation it freezed & now I cn not see any power coming in my box....
Please advise what went wrong & how should I fix it
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