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Jtag cable, walk in purchase, so cal/ocTooter4
27.02 loader iamdrumming2
Fortec-pansat conversion failurejamal6
PANSAT 2700A urgent help necessaryJuan Carlos Benoit A5
CNX.... shane sharma2
Any one try new bins at thetotalfta yet????davidvandiesel3
What a crapy place this ishughlarryazz10
Viewsat Fixes - Updated Jan 5 Jamie Miller20
Globecastbaz zoon3
Viewsat Ultra Autorollin.... any legit bin files out there?Kishan Patel29
Extreme and Platinum Bev Fix files to be released shortlydavidvandiesel10
Viewsat Ultra settings question.jabber osx18
Hdtv channels on viewsat lite?Not Today2
Are any other files used to test the Viewsat Ultra?ROB SKYDIVER2
2500A remote on convert 2700Sled King4
ARIZA 750Hc4
Pansat 3500 problems - doesn't show me the menuBandida22
Ariza 700 autoroll optionrafael Perez7
Auto ScanPaul13
Where can a watch TV online free?Hc4
Please help with vs ultra Stinko Dinko3
How much can i get for 33'' dish with dn lnb and mounting bracket...BB player11
Missing some channels...G-MANrus3
Viewsat down?sharon wells11
Sharon wells here is how you start a new thread..Carpie2
Straight or nullRTAP4
Viewsat bev problemsCarpie3
Viewsat 9000HD , TV connection helpMary Ellen10
SonicView 4000 Please Help me to get channelsDjibo2
How to scan particular TP tell me26
Why are missing GhazalaAsh16
Viewstat Extreme QuestionAfrican2
Loading file onto Pansat Receiverdickfoil4
DSS FraudsRazzor16
All Ariza Fixes - All Upolgakemerovo21
Knight rider lightsshlitz3
Viewset Pro bin load with USB Flash DriveAfrican4
No InformationTina Chick8
FTA Tester, I need your help, pleasePalmettoLola7
Pansat-C 2700 235v1 TivoKrazy1
Help!P Gomes1
Clarification needed on difference between 2700 clone and converted...Jogi Mago4
95.0°w (galaxy 3c)sada28
Question! Please helpKevin7
C00lsat 7000 bin is outAfrican16
Mark V 2500A?bdsingleton243
Please read before updating your receiverTHE FTA TESTER50
Vs platinum lite problemTHE FTA TESTER8
Help with loader for 2700a !joan m19
Can someone plese help me vs-ultramoddy39
It's true cool 5000 bin outAfrican3
CoolstNot Today13
Need Helpsmoke744
New file for lite and platinum at thetotalftajustice1
Cw600pv1.67_2008_01_04 Jignesh4
Platinum Lite BIN outThe Outer Limits2
Viewsat not scanning all the channels on 61.5Ehsan Khan17
New viewsat binjustice21
JVVH 235jim gordon1
Nfusion owners..juan Cavazos17
Cw600s V1.60_080104 bruce l1
Why does the ultra fixRazzor2
VS platinum When the bin comes out ?..justice2
Viewsat Ultra New Bin: No audio or videogreg d.3
Viewsat Ultra New Bin: No audio or videoSignalFTA4
Scrambled or bad channelDavid Hunter14
Problem wich Ariza 700rafael Perez12
A Great Deal ! ?THE FTA TESTER18
Prevent freezing?Ali3
Att: Tester...doing it again. Tee13
Can anyone help me ?THE FTA TESTER20
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE FTA TESTER31
Fortec ultracanon labtec1
Is Dn down on pansat /??hanibal536
Where is the correct one bin file?THE FTA TESTER5
Disc channel transponder freq's THE FTA TESTER4
Viewsat extreme[autoroll]THE FTA TESTER7
Totalfta or Thetotalftascabz6
ViewSat Platinum??? - New Bin does it work with Bev?THE FTA TESTER13
Watch it where you download your files fromFan of VIewsat11
Pansat 2500 ConversionNalin Nyda10
Dwnlded new bin for VS Extreme but not workingMad Flea12
Any bin for coolsat6000?Nalin Nyda3
Have a flu can i use a pansat binNalin Nyda3
Pansat-C 2700 235v1 Tivo HELP?Nalin Nyda12
What happened to the TV channelsNalin Nyda22
Bruce 1... in regards to posting @completeftabruce l12
With new bin bev is working or noscott2120
No PPVs and Other Missing Channels w/Pansat Clone BinAbby10
Signal weak problem on CW600SPremiumbruce l11
Is my reciever dead?Prowler96
Viewsat platinum dana keddy15
VS platinum not work dana keddy10
Viewsat still trying to catch uppsychmonster15
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