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How to legally get free DN programming in the USA...Tomhiro Nishkado1
Nalyn pleaseKavin Reno8
Time to buy new reciver LK3
SONICVIEW 1000Tomhiro Nishkado3
Help pleas is my reciver dead?Tomhiro Nishkado2
Opinions about King TapemanTomhiro Nishkado1
ARIZA 700 JTAGTomhiro Nishkado9
Why can't we use rs232 cbl for ariza700 to change it to pansat2700 ...LK4
Vortex 3500 clone de pansat 3500Rossyjess1
AV & Nydas - Help for Neusat SP6000 Premium new bin file!!!AV4
Sonicview binsLK2
Are the new files out for Pansat2700?Jogi Mago12
PPV channelsdantetn3
Cools@t 5000.. Bin troubles.Viswaa Dure2
I am getting Scramble or bad channle!Nalin Nyda7
How come VS ULTRA bin in Totalfta is not working?Tomhiro Nishkado2
New Keys (3)Tomhiro Nishkado2
Koolsat 5000 Bin153 OK/Tomhiro Nishkado4
The 220 bins have so many bugss, post your complaintsThe One11
Atmega128 Always going downMarco B13
Sonicview 8000 bin?wile coyote1
Need help with cs5000 pleaseScorp A5
Koolsat 5000 153 bin NOT workingCu Nguyen4
Buzz 2010f binThe Smart 1!4
119 and 110 diseqccartier15
C00LS@T 4,000Tomhiro Nishkado2
Viewsat Xtreame advisesavoy4
EnigmaTomhiro Nishkado1
Does anyone have VS ULTRA that is working rightnow?mike reddi4
What is the latest bin for panset 2700a clone?Jalaj Mehta1
Bin 121mike baydoon5
Receiver keeps rebootingBabu Lal1
Nalin Nyda Need your help again!RTAP7
YO HOW DO I CONVERT A 3500 PAN TO A 2700ZooYork5
How long till they come out The One2
Any word on a ariza700 fix yet???RTAP15
Viewsat Exteme HelpLK9
Cnx infoLK2
Can anyone post a bin for VS ULTRA that is workingNalin Nyda2
Need Help with VS ULTRAsohil3
Can You Enter Keys Manually for 0106 ? ? ? ? ?Tejpal1
Koolsat 4000 proNalin Nyda6
Help Please beginners Guide.Nalin Nyda4
How to set up and enter keys for 0106 PID? PLEASE!!Nalin Nyda2
Vs platinum new 071109p fix worksHawaiian_time4
New FTA Keys and Dish keysKavin Reno3
How to fix ZEE sports ?Nalin Nyda5
Keymaster 4.0 not workingLaura Dawson3
How to select anik F3 in pansat 2700AKavin Reno7
Viewsat Pro Updating new Bin ...Aamir5
Need setup help with DN 1000.2crazymech1
How do I tell if my Pansat 2800a is a clone?JIMMY JONES3
Pansat 2700 (clone)...New keys are working fine or not (with the ol...Viswaa Dure2
New viewsat extreme bin is outZunna19
New bin at Rossyjess14
Where is the Ultra BinDrMunna8
Vs-ultra + most(all) VS bins outDrMunna2
DN (Echo3) down on Jvvh_219T ( Pansat 2700)Nalin Nyda13
Deleted channelsscabz1
For the PretendersLK3
DN new bin out yet for pansat 2500a (conversion)??kacha1
Is dish 101 over?LK6
There is no more stupider person than you.Nalin bin Nadia9
Best ReCiEvEr Pansat Colsat CAPT DN KEYSRTAP7
Help guysRTAP2
Need Help on Receiving Zee Sports AmericaJoe9
Viewsat 61.5 Down ? ? ? ? ?dantetn7
Keys not rollingNalin Nyda4
New Bin ??Nalin Nyda18
Error erasing flash/eepromMarco B3
Why do I get the wrong time and wrong channel numbers??Nalin Nyda4
DN Questiondantetn4
DN 61.5 goneSim kang25
Need help with converted Pansat 2700a.LK5
Are ppv channels gone again ?kiran patel5
Watching Cricket on BELL HELP!cricpower2
Magnum v160 still freezingHc5
Cw600p problemsbruce l6
Upgrade from VS extremedantetn2
Everything Up and running for Captive works 600s tested--RKS1
New down loadsgreg6
Need Help on Receiving Bell Channelsafaizi26
Some HD channels missing for B3V on Sonicview 8000Gastrognome3
DN down again?? Nalin Nyda11
Zeesa & all 61.5 up and runningV10
Chancysand_220T_serial_bin FLU/2500 to 2700 gupu140
Viewsat ultra fix??Nalin Nyda6
NOT AGAIN plzz not PID again....satgrl1
JVVH_219T DN DOWN!!!! Anyone else can confirm that?Vasil Bikov4
Purveyors of po_rn on this sitepsychmonster1
FTA Receiver Comparable to the Dish 625Jeya One2
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