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Is an option?paul eads3
Rex 1 Recieverted smith1
Question for LkDave H1
SOMEONE PLEASE....krish patel10
Pansat 3500sd helpRTAP3
Fortec receiver FLU any fix ?haz sh4
Flashing numbers,please helpramiro gonzo1
Remote problemsheel neil2
Pansat ans SV fixes are available. More to come.Jake Snodgrass1
Cool Satters are very hot SHEHZAD KAMAL1
Viewsat Fixdantetn37
Problem with boot vers. b-80 in pansat 3500faisal taylor5
HELP, All channels work except ESPN?KP21
Converted 2500 to 2700 can it be done?steve r3
NEed all the Mems HelpLK2
Question about loading the new binAlbino Midget9
HOW BOUT IT?satgrl1
C00lsat 7000chrisduclo2
Co0lsat 5000 UploaderHell-01
Viewsat Fix 106 Release @ FTAbinsReza7
I'm ready to upgrade. What is the best?Homerun CC5
( CNN ) ( CNBC ) just got hit zulu2
DN down ?john johnson3
New BIN for Pansat 2700 (Clone) link please..Vasil Bikov6
SOniview 4000 Charlie ECM FIX 167Pdantetn2
New file for flu yet?lionking1
Ppv down dantetn7
Bins and converting?????Zizo Zizo15
Any fix for Ariza 700 yet ?OzJatt3
FTA Test Results by "KING"King Tapeman22
What about now?Kami19
Strange problems BEV and CharlieKing Tapeman20
Need ViewSat Ultra bindantetn3
Converting 2500 cloneKami10
Do anyone know how to program an FTA receiver by "KING"King Tapeman5
Need some info.terry5
What does that meeansatgrl6
What happened to viewsatdamindar ghumman4
Would like suggestions, is it better to get viewsat since I have Ar...asp lover3
Pansat 3500sdRTAP4
The file is slowgreg1
AV or any other pros read this!!AV2
Setanta Sports on 110WKavin Reno3
Juan Cavazos plz helpjuan Cavazos7
WHAT NOW?satgrl4
New pansat receiverKavin Reno3
Which is betterDaKangOfKrunk1
Never count on viewsat . his a faggcartier11
Converted FLU to Pansat 2700 problem...plz helpcartier18
Anyone knows if Ariza Xtreme will have new bin like the rest?gogarock2
QuestionNew To FTA3
Lastest binstoo hot7
BEV keysAV6
Pansat 2700A!!!mph21
DigiWave 7000Nalin Nyda3
Help Cool Sat 6000 no S/Asian channelsNalin Nyda4
HElp with Pansat 2700 4 newbieNalin Nyda4
PantecNalin Nyda4
Cools*t 7000 Binmatt layne3
Confirmed...pansat2700 all openNalin Nyda12
FLU (10/23/2007) DN down, Keys changed?jack smith11
I cannot get my compter and receiver talk to update Captivewokrs 600Shtiek16
Nfusion, Viewsat, Captiveworks out with a fix for ESPN and other on DNcartier17
Ppv and adult out as of 11ptRTAP9
SUN TV India not workingViswaa Dure8
Help with clst 7000zulu4
Viewsat ultra lost ppvchrisduclo3
ESPN, Bravo & Nick are outjuan Cavazos4
Can i erase ppv from p5?marvito barajas5
Dishnetwork - Losing Channels?LK6
Newbie needs help, no channels, no nothin on viewsat Eric garica3
Bell Chanel Listlolol7
Magnum v157BETA Releasedzulu1
Echostar launches IPTVzulu1
Problem with 119Tamara11
No espnjuan Cavazos7
Download Charlie Progamming MagazineLK2
Can i erase ppv from p5?cartier15
Newbee needs assistancecartier12
Is anyone w/ Dish Network getting ESPN right now?Ronnie4
Dish network setupRTAP3
Linear LNB vs Universal LNBLK19
What is polarization tilt King Tapeman11
UfcKavin Reno2
-----G.C.bane j2
Regarding cool receiver 5000 please helpScorp A2
Channels wrongJoe2
LK.. Where is the blowout game of PATS and Dolphins coming onLK4
Best Satellites ? Ernesto33
What kind of cableRTAP3
VS Extreme & Dish 500 Nalin Nyda16
Viewsat Ultra does not autorollNalin Nyda69
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