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With a title like that, you have to expect something grandiose. Well, I don't think it is so grandiose as it is a grand vision of the future. As has been stated in several threads, without DN, there are millions of FTA receivers aching to receive programming. What if the stations on G10r got together and created their own FTA service? By that I mean, start marketing to the advertisers the audience that they have acquired and generate more revenue by advertising national branding. With the inflow of funds they can improve the none WB or non UPN programming on their station, thereby increasing their audience and their revenue flow. They can look at the WTBS model and see how successful that became because of C band. Having 20 or so stations that carried a varied programming schedule would be great, and would kill cable. Have congress put CSpan on one of the satellites transponders, (I know it is a service of cable providers, but an independent link that broadcast only live feeds from Congress would be wonderful), Put the national weather service broadcast on this same satellite, with the Satellite map that NOAA uses. Move Nasa to the same satellite, as well as one PBS station that did original programming. Imagine 5 TBS stations and weather along with Nasa and the best of PBS, as well as some university stuff. With a national broadcast of news and a good radio talk show host crossing over to tv, it would rock. We just have to get people to see the vision. Of course this could all be premature and DN may be hacked again. If so, then the time that is gained by that hack should be used by those of us who see a vision for this technology beyond hacking to start getting things rolling. And just a little note concerning all the stuff passing for posts lately, the non informative, racist, hateful, stupid, and foul things said are by one of several types of individuals. A, they are just that stupid, B, they are agent provocteurs working for DN, C, People bored and frustrated by loss of "free" tv. None of the above really deserve to be responded to in any way other than by ignoring them. If this were a moderated site, hopefully they would remove the posts and discipline those involved. As it is not, we can only try to ignor them. They will eventually get tired, unless they are being paid.

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With a title like that, you have to expect something grandiose.[......]

Not from anyone posting on the serious..fatbastard

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what a fcuking retard.....ROTF

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knee*grow, man, you look like one big fat looooser qu*eer. nice hair. Girls must laugh at you. if i were you i would blow my brains out. your parants must be real low life. and dont say thats not your pix. fat f@g.
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