Latest update from several sites...


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I have read few sites and this a C/P from al7bar

Actually none of the coders for any Fta,s had the knowledge to fix the latest nag we seen on Ftas.. SO now its a money thing, U have these coders outside of of Fta,s Who found the solution to the latest problem, JUst recently work out..
They will sell this to the fta coders for a price, from there the coders for each fta who buys this info will incorporate into there ftas which probably will have some nags, then they have to make the adjustment from there with help from the coder who came with the fix for it, the ftas who doesnt buy the info will dump the fta that bought it steal the info from another provider and they will be always last to come out with the fix.. Watch your receiver bins when fixes comes out for each downfall and you will notice who is always sort of to the end each time..

Also if you notice when each time there is a new fix and when this new fix goes down, they all go down, means they all running the same bin, just incorporated into there receivers..

so really when you buy a receiver, you only buying the receiver for best performance outside of the bin.. and also when buying who u usually puts up the money first..

The bin is there, coders who bought the fix is incorporating them into there receivers.. When those nags are fix, we should see a release.. then others will follow..

Copied from the most recent post from lethalwings, a supermod on BL's site for anyone curious:

July 11th


In response to some of the members who are pressing regarding a statement:

As it stands now, nobody in there right mind is saying anything. This is for many reasons, not the least of which is that this latest measures employed require a lot of work.

Delays can and will happen just like in the construction industry. We've all seen how ignorant some members get whining, demanding and scrutinizing every last word posted. Why would anyone set themselves up for those hassles?

As has been posted in several threads currently running and countless more in the trash bin:

When the bins are ready, they will be released. They are not released yet which, by extension, means they're not ready! No amount of "are we there yet?" posts is going to make things progress any quicker.

I can appreciate that people may feel like they are in the dark, but we are all living in the same darkness. Rest assured, everything that can be done at this time is being done.


some are saying possibly this weekend, we shall see..

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Thanks for the update BigDog. At last a post with an update and no trash...

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This is probably the best update we've had in a while.

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Does anyone know if the new bin is going to support Globecast?

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yea...I also heard that the next pope is going to be a niggger...don't believe everything that you hear you fcuking retards...ROTF
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