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I be very new ta fta, but I got uh new viewsat Xtreme from uh guy who claims ta know uh lot about fta systems. He hooked da system up an' pointed da dish ta AMC 2 @ 105 w In about five minutes we's wuz up an' running wiff about 500 chanels o' nuttin' nahh movies or nothin' except uh lot o' CBS(repeated about 20 times) an' about 15 diffrent versions o' NBC. A lot o' da other chanels iz repeats. Is dere uh scrip' or file dat will alow me ta see at least uh couple movie chanels on AMC 2. I be currently usin' uh 31" dish but dis here guy claims dat I won't git uh reception from da other sats wiff dis here dish. I live in Smithtown. In light o' da fact dat I be getting very pimp-tight reception from AMC 2 could I reposition da dish ta 110 or 119 (whichever one dat would be easier ta git to) an' still git reception? Can someone please he`p me as dis here iz muh ma fonkin only source o' entertainment as cable iz not available where I be living. what the fonk sup now?

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Hee hee!

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would that be considered racism? just following up from a different thread ...

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son, I told you already that I am not your father, don't be discouraged, keep looking and you will find him son ...
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