I went to my local Sam's Club and they had 2 tube tvs that I am interested in buying: the AKAI CFT3090 30" Flat widescreen for $496 and the AKAI CFT2791 27" Flat 4:3 screen. I don't know much about AKAI, but the 27" CFT2791 received good ratings from Consumer Reports. Does anyone out there own one of these sets? How would you rate them???

I have the AKAI CFT2791 27" Flat Screen TV, too. Its a good flat-screen TV for the price ($350).

However, I noticed that it tends to shift the brightness on dark scenes. It almost appears as if its trying to "auto-iris" the image; brightening the screen.

For example, a black screen with white text: when the white text is on, the black screen is BLACK. When the white text dissolves off, the black screen becomes not as black.

Another example of this fluctuation is in the beginning of the Lord of the Rings when Gollum is in the cave eating a fish. As the camera tilts up, the screen is in a constant state of brightening/darkening. This happens no matter what setting the TV is in (standard, custom, zoom, 4:3, etc.)

This only happens when there is a dark scene. If its happening other times, it isn't noticeable.

I'm not overly concerned, as its not a constant problem. But I was wondering if anyone else had this issue with this model.

That's one of the features of this TV, but it annoyed the hell outta me and made it impossible to adjust proper black level. I found out how to get rid of it in the service menu:

with TV power off, press on the remote: mute, 1, 8, 2, power

Now go to "video adjust2" screen and take down all 3 "B stretch" levels to 0. This turns off the auto-brightness feature. And of course, write down all settings before changing them.

If you do this, could you do me a big favor? While in the service menu, please write down and pass along the settings on the "video adjust1" & "G2-adjust" screens. Would be a big help. I've changed mine and lost my file with the defaults written down.

Btw, I also figured out how to reduce the red push, turn off VSM & make this TV multi-system to accept a PAL signal. After all my tweaking, this is one helluva $350 set. Only thing I can't seem to figure out is how to adjust the amount of squeeze since it doesn't squeeze down enough (picture is too tall). Only thing I could do was change the overall hieght, but that changed the non-squeeze mode to be too short. Right now I have it set so that the error between the two is equal. Pretty much looks normal.

I haven't noticed this "shifting of brightness", but I will pay attention next time I watch it. I have "Lord of the Rings", so maybe I will check it out tonight.
One little issue that I have with the AKAI CFT2791 is this...
I bought the set at Sam's Club and when I was playing with the demo model in the store (CFT2791), I was able to "manually" switch from 4:3 to Zoom to 16:9. When I purchased the set and brought it home, I can only manually switch between 4:3 and Zoom. The instructions say nothing about manually changing to 16:9. Although on the box, it says Modes available: 4:3, 16:9, Zoom. I called tech support and they thought I was nuts. They said to call Sam's Club to see if they were broadcasting a 16:9 channel.
Does this option work for anyone out there????

Mine has "wide" mode that can be manually switched on during any signal. Has nothing to do with 16:9 broadcasts. This is one of the main features that I bought it for.

I went into my service menu thinking your TV might have a setting off, but couldn't find any setting that would only allow zoom & normal modes. There was a setting that changed my options to: zoom, plus & normal (no "wide"). Does yours have "plus". If so, I think I know what's wrong (let me know and I'll tell you how to fix it). If not, I think it's defective. Or it's another service menu setting that I haven't found.

I don't remember seeing "plus" anywhere. When I go to the normal menu and select the "Picture" menu, I only have 2 modes to choose from: Normal and Zoom. No Wide (16:9). I just went out on the the AKAI website ( and downloaded the manual, but I noticed that the manual on the website is for a CF2791 not a CFT2791. It looks different than my paper manual at home. My TV is a CFT2791 and the manual at home is a CFT2791. When I find the section in the CF2791 online manual that talks about changing the screen size, it does mention the wide mode (16:9). But my manual at home doesn't mention it. One thing I did notice on my TV is that the date it was built was December 2002. I wonder if AKAI made a design change in newer models of the CFT2791. If they did, they should have changed their features on the box!!! What were you going to have me try to change on my TV? I'd like to take a look at that service menu.

That's very odd. But you may be right about Akai changing features. Wonder why they would take that feature off? And it's even worse that they still list that on the box. I can't get to the back of mine to check the date, but I bought it in 11/02. I'll have to dig out my box and manual to see what they say.

Anyway. Get into the service menu by (while power is off) punching on the remote: mute, 1, 8, 2, power.

Then go to the "Option" screen. The setting that changes the picture options for me is "4. CRT". Mine is set to 4:3. I switched it to each of the other settings I have to see if I could produce your problem. One setting left me with only "normal" and one left me with no "wide", but added "plus". None just took away my wide. On the other hand, if you have a different TV, your service menu may be different. Make sure to write down any original setting before changing it.

Btw, while you're in the service menu, could you make note of your default settings on the "video1 adjust" screen for me?

Thank you! Thank you! I went into the service menu and under "Options" there was a setting called "Zoom Options". My 16:9 was turned off. I turned it on and now I get my 3 choices: Normal, Zoom, Wide (16:9). Works great. This feature was the main reason I chose this set over the Toshiba 27" Flat Screen. Thanks for your help. This is a fine example of the benefits of BBS.

Very glad I could help. Seems to be a slightly different TV as I don't have "zoom options" in my service menu. I'd still like to see what your "video adjust1" screen default settings are. Would be a big help to me if you could e-mail them ( Thanks.

Will do. Thanks again.

Does this set truly have 3 video inputs (v1,v2,v3)

I can see it has two sets on the back and one on the side.

Is the side just an extension of one of the back inputs.

Also if I use the component inputs for my DVD, do I lose the SVHS input for my VCR.

Looks like from manual they both use input 2.



mamma is dum

I recently bought the Akai CFT3090, but find that I cannot get into the service menu (apparently they changed the sequence from mute,1,8,2,power). Anyone know how I can access the service menu?

Also, I have a ("One For All") URC-8910 universal remote, and the Akai will not respond to any of the remote's codes, whether for Akai or Samsung. Any ideas?

Cheap Akai Auctions by the same person:

Just bought the Akai CFT2791 and all seems to be working well. However, I'm getting hum in the audio whenever I connect the DVD or VCR to the AV1 or AV2 input jacks. I can hear the hum when the volume is above 20 when the blue DVD screen is being displayed but before the movie starts. I've tried grounding all units together but can not get rid of the hum. I've used these DVD/VCR players on other TV's and did not get the audio hum. Also, took it back to Sam's Club and exchanged for a new one and still get the hum. Anyone else experienceing this problem?

NEWS FLASH: Sam's Club recently reduced the price of the Akai CFT2791 from $349.34 to $318.81. I noticed the price change when I was in the store on Sunday 05/05/03. I'm not sure if that was the exact day of the price reduction however, if you bought your TV within 30-days, take your sales receipt to Sam's and request your $32.29 credit. This almost paid for the Advantage membership of $35.00 I had to pay when I decided I wanted the TV.

NEWS FLASH: Sam's Club recently reduced the price of the Akai CFT2791 from $349.34 to $318.81. I noticed the price change when I was in the store on Sunday 05/04/03. I'm not sure if that was the exact day of the price reduction however, if you bought your TV within 30-days, take your sales receipt to Sam's and request your $32.29 credit. This almost paid for the Advantage membership of $35.00 I had to pay when I decided I wanted the TV.


I have found that you can get the pink or flushed tone out of white peoples faces and make them look more natural by backing off both the contrast and color drive.

Here are the key strokes:


Contrast - Lower from 100 to 80
Color - Lower from 50 to 25

Press MENU > MENU until you exit.

Now, press P.STD button on the remote control (located lower left) and toggle through Custom, Standard, Natural, Mild.

Another note:

On the Service Menu [TV must be off](Mute,1,8,2,Power), If you scroll down and select RESET and press Vol+ Vol+, this will set the TV back to the way it was right out of the box. You will then have to go through the routine as outlined in Chapter Three of the Owner's Instructions Manual. The RESET does not appear to restore any setting within the Service Menu.

Re: "I recently bought the Akai CFT3090, but find that I cannot get into the service menu (apparently they changed the sequence from mute,1,8,2,power). Anyone know how I can access the service menu? "

"Also, I have a ("One For All") URC-8910 universal remote, and the Akai will not respond to any of the remote's codes, whether for Akai or Samsung. Any ideas? "


Does your remote control look like the one pictured on page 1.5 of the manual? Mine does but I can not find a model number anywhere on it. All it says is "Made in Korea" [E-2] on the back.

All I can suggest is to make sure the TV is off first and then point the remote directly at the front of the TV and press Mute,1,8,2,Power.

Perhaps you don't have the correct remote control that is supplied with the CFT2791. ??


In the infinite wisdom of the Oriental mind, I suppose they never thought someone might want to listen to their CD player or Tape Deck through the TV's audio system.

After some head scratching and choice words, I've discovered that if there is NO video signal present on the AV1 or AV2 or Camcorder Jacks (Camcorder Jacks are the same connection as AV2), the Left & Right audio inputs are muted.

To overcome this, you must provide a video signal to the jack set you are attempting to use. With the Panasonic DVD-CV35 player, a blue "DVD Video" logo screen appears when the unit is turned on. The is an excellent video source to force the circuitry to activate the audio inputs.

For example, to listen to stereo cassette tapes through the TV's audio system, connect the audio patch cord to the Camcorder Jacks on the side (AV2) and also connect an active video source to the yellow video jack.

Of course, be sure to set the audio menu to Stereo Music, Turbo Boost=ON, Auto volume=OFF.

Boy Ramando, you're really getting into your new TV. Do you still get that hum? Please don't diss Akai or the "Oriental mind" over the av2 thing; after all, it is a TV, not a stereo receiver.

Ok I am Confused.......The CFT2791 is not a 16:9 tube. How can it have a 16:9 mode? I think I am going to Go with the CFT3090 because the tube is 16:9. But is the Service Menu the same as the rest? If you have the CFT3090 please let me know if the it is the Service Menu is the same.

That is correct, my 2791 is not a widescreen tube. What 16:9 mode does is lets the viewer take advantage of the extra resolution of anamorphic widescreen discs. This is done by first setting the DVD player to outfut 16:9, now the signal to the TV has more resolution but is tall and skinny. What 16:9 or wide mode does is squish the skinny picture back to its proper size, gaining the the extra resolution. I would certainly recommend the 3090, I would have gotten one myself if I had the extra dough. I think the code to get to the service menue is the same, but I'm not sure about that. mute, 1, 8, 2, power

Re: "after all, it is a TV, not a stereo receiver. "

I'm turning it into a home entertainment hub. Today, I've drilled holes and run cables through the walls and have the computer sound card connected to AV2 (don't you just love AV2?).

Now, I'm getting streaming audio off the Internet through the CFT2791.

Is there no end to the fun?

You know, if your PC video card has TV out, you've got a video source right there. I'd much rather have a screen saver on the tv as I listen to music than some dvd screen that will eventually burn in.

Thank you... great idea. I'll have to look into that.

Re: The hum problem - Gone !!

Apparently, I had an open ground in one of my patch cords. Sears has a really nice 3' and 6' set which combines L&R audio RCA plugs with RG-59 coax for video. I've used this and also an S-video cable and can't see any difference. Twenty bucks for an S cable is highway robery.

Benny Boy
I just got a 3090 from Sam's and it looks really good.
Anyony know the MSRP?What sort of a deal is $500.?
I'm a little bumbed out about the non progressive scan,
but find the picture to be Really good.
I moved up from a JVC 27" and find that this 3090 best the
jvc in everyway.

I think $500 is about the only price it sells for. Sams is the only place I know of that sells Akai TV's, and thats what they charge. Its a widescreen set, right? If you want progressive scan, Best Buy sells a Samsung 27" 4:3 HDTV(1080i/480p) for $599. Free shipping on the web. I don't know anything about this model, I just noticed it on the site today. Don't mean to give you un-asked for advice, but since you mentioned progressive scan I figured I'd meantion it. Paying only $100 more for HDTV looks pretty good to me.

Benny Boy
I saw the 3090 today at Fry's for $600.Sales guy said thay just came in.As far as the Samaung 27 go's,I prefer a widescreen,even if it's in 480I.My Mac monitor is a 18" HD
but I dont watch movie's on it.

Taylor Dorris
I'm considering buying the 3090 at Fry's. The $600 sale ends tomorrow, so I've got to make up my mind. I almost bought one tonight, but the sales guy told me that even though it's widescreen, it still plays 16x9 DVDs with letterboxing bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Is this right? I know it's analog, but that doesn't make any sense -- what's the point of a widescreen TV if widescreen DVDs are still letterboxed? Obviously I don't believe him, so I'm looking for someone to confirm or deny this.

I beleive he was talking about watching 2:35 movies(Star Wars, Lord of the Rings), which will have bars about the size of the ones on a 4:3 set when watching 1:85(Spiderman). There will be bars on the sides if you watch regular 4:3 programs on a widescreen set.

Benny Boy
The Fry's guy is a fool(thats the norm at frys)It's a 16/9 tv
and 16/9(1.8:1)looks fantastic on it.I bought mine on Sat
from Sam's and I have no complaints(except it not being
progressive scan)I'm told that if you sit more than 8' from
the set,you wont see the differents(I sit 11' from it)I'm not
sure why it looks so good,it may be my Panasonic RP-91
DVD.As far as my set go's,I've not seen a better analog set.
I had a Sony 2950q and a JVC27"flat,this Akai smoked the
JVC and is a little better than the Sony(mostly because its widescreen).You will get small bars on 2.35:1 movie's but
the norm for WS is becoming 16:9.For the short time I've
viewed this 16:9 screen,I know one thing,I'll never go back
to 4:3.Also,WS tv shows are 16:9.They look really good.
Some of my rich friends are POed at how good this 3090
looks because they spent so much on there flat 36" HD.

So is such a 30" widescreen tv future compatible?

In 2006 when the transmiisions are supposed to change, will 16:9 widescreen become the standard?

Please educate. Thanks.

P.S. That HDTV Samsung looks sweet, but its 4:3, so it'll look like sh!t in 2006 when everything switches to that new standard/format. Right or wrong?.........

PsS I saw the 30"Akamai at Frys for $600 today. looks fantastic. Maybe they will price-match Sam's Club....

BTW, has a Jensen 27" flat screen for $250 with free shipping for today.


No, the widescreen set it is not compatible with the signals past 2006, HD signals. The Samsung will be, with black bars, just like watching widescreen DVD's on a 4:3 set today. The Akai 30" widescreen is confusing because here in the US almaost all widescreen sets are HD compatible; this one is not. HDTV uses widescreen as its standard, but an analog TV cannot take advantage of this since it isn't HDTV compatible. If you're looking at watching high definition, the Akai will not work; if you are, the Samsung will, after you get a set-top box for it.

Despite the Akai Widescreen not being compatible with 2006 "digital" signals, will watching TV (on this Akai) be possible with legitmate non-distorted/non-black-bar FULL widescreen?

Isn't all 2006 TV signal widescreen, despite it being digital vs analog?

I need to know the measurement of the Akai 30" CFT3090, So i can get a Entertainment center to fit it. Thanks for the help.......

Benny Boy
the 3090 is 34"wide by 22.5"high and 21"deap.
As I see it,I'll spend $ and enjoy this Akai for the
next 3 to 5 years.In five years I'll get a 30" HD widescreen
Plasma for $500.

Taylor D
The guy at Fry's who told me that the CFT3090 couldn't display widescreen is completely wrong. I called Akai customer service about it and the guy couldn't even understand my question at first because it was so ridiculous (and I made sure to tell him how little Fry's knows about their TVs). I bought the 3090 at Sam's and it not only plays widescreen, it plays it beautifully. I Currently have my DVD player hooked up composite, and I know that once I get component cables it's going to look even better. I couldn't ask for a better deal.

I'm having the same problem as riffraff trying to get to the service menu. I've run the sequence several times but nothing happens. Has anyone who owns a 3090 been able to access the service menu with that sequence?

bob martynec
Fry's has a sign on the 3090 that says it displays 480p. Yet people here are saying it's only 480i. What's up?

I need some calibration info for best picture. Also my Playstation 2 is hooked up through S-Video but it will not display on the the CFT3090, i have it ran through the S-vhs slot. Is this Wrong?

Benny Boy
It's only 480i.It seems they stopped making 480P analog
sets.If you need 480P they want you to buy an HDTV.
If it helps,my 3090 looks very good at 480i.

Hey all,

I just got an Akai Flat Screen and would love to find the discrete codes for my Pronto, but have had no luck yet...any tips?



Dee Bee

I am having a problem that I was wondering if anyone else has experienced with my 27 inch flat screen AKAI purchased at SAMS last April (2002). I love the set and it has been great up to now (except for the infamous "auto-brightness" feature which Robert cleared up for all) Just recently while playing my X-box (using s-video) I fired up the box and tv and the picture was in B&W! After a few moments the color kicked in and it was fine all night. The next day, the same thing and, again, the color kicked in after a few minutes longer than the day before. The next 2 times I used the set it was perfectly fine. The last time I used it the picture was in B&W again and this time the color would not come on at all.

I verified that it is the TV as I tried my input devices (X-box/ps2/dvd player) on my other tv sets with the same cables and they were fine and I tried them all on my AKAI using different cobinations of cables and devices, and always was in black and white. Anyone have this happen to them? Strange thing is the picture itself is fine, just in Black and white, but still crisp. I realize that S-video in general seperates the color and B&W signals, so I guess it makes sense that somehow the S-video is going/gone bad. Any ideas? Is their any thing in the service menu to tweak or boost?

I have the extended warranty from sams and my set is 1 yr and 1 month old (since purchase)....Does anyone know how Sams extended warranty works? I really do not want to move the set as I have a bad back, but I am not sure if the company who handles SAMS warranties will come to the house to fix or not. If SAMS wanted to replace it, that would be fine, except I would have to get someone to "Swap" them for me because of my inability to take the tv myself. (although I am sure they would rather "fix" it under the extended warranty)

Thanks for any input on this.


Benny Boy
If the other inputs work?,I would think the svhs jack has failed(all that pluging and unpluging).Sam's warranty kicks
in after the Akai is up.That gives you 15 or 39 months.

The Akai CFT2791 is now on sale at Sams for $297. I just bought one. WOW!!! Everything that you guys said is true. OUTSTANDING picture quality.

John Benick
Thanks to all for the very useful info. on both Akai CFT2791 and 3090. One seems to me IF one does NOT plan to play DVD's, then the CFT2791 is probably the best bet? Am I correct?? Opinions please.


You are correct. I have a 2791 myself and I'm happy with it. Still playing with it, but contentedly happy.


Has Anyone found the Service Menu code for the Akai 30" CFT3090 yet? I am trying to get it but no luck yet.

John Bienick
Further info: I did buy the AKAI CFT2791 and I am very happy with it. It has an excellent picture. I adjusted mine 'manually' in the CUSTOM option to achieve the picture which was pleasing to me.

However, there is indeed no 16:9 option as is shown on the box the TV came in. There is only a NORMAL and a ZOOM. Previous messages , I think, gave info. on how to enter the service menu and ENABLE that option. Please explain what the benefit of enabeling this option would be.

Also, the TV definetly is a SAMSUNG 'offshoot'. I wanted to order an extra REMOTE CONTROL and AKAI forwards calls to SAMSUNG PARTS in CA or NJ.

Remote is Samsung # AA59-10110H or SAMAA5910110H and is $36.00.

I further investigated on the internet and found the AKAI CFT2791 is a combination of the Samsung models TXN2734F and TXN2730F, ie., it has some features of one and some features of the other.

I hope this is of some interest to the readers!

Please explain the 16:9 Option as I requested at the begining of the message.


John Benick
I just received confirmation of the part# for the REMOTE for AKAI CFT2791, it is;
AA59-00141A (as per SAMSUNG)

To enable 16:9: when the tv is off, push "mute, 1, 8, 2, power". You will now be at the service menu; go down to options and push volume up to select it. There will a mode that says "normal, zoom" or something like that. Go to this mode and push vol up once; it should now say "16:9" as well. Exit by pressing power, and now wide mode should be availible. Note that after using the sm your TV will be set to standart or dynamic, don't panic just go back to custom.

John Benick
Thanks Stephen! I'll give it a try

I bought CFT2791 a week ago and it's one great deal. All the reviews I read so far about picture quality are on the target. Lewis said in one of earlier postings that he figured out how to reduce the red push, turn off VSM & make this TV multi-system to accept a PAL signal. Does anyone tried this? If so, can you tell me how to do it?

Just bought this TV myself and i'm loving it, has a bit if high pitched buzz on bright scenes, but it seems to be fading as i use it. (or i'm not used to it since i'm coming from a 15" set) Anyway. previously mentioned was the B stretch options. under Adjust i have about 47 options all 3-4 characters with a number. Which is B stretch? under my service menu i only have "Adjust" , "Option" , "G2-Adjust" and "Reset" . G2-Adjust makes no sense to me. the set says "SCREEN ADJUST: NG/Inside" then "NG/Above" and no buttons seem to effect it. What am i doing or not doing?

You have the less user friendly service menu on your set; had the same thing on my previous 2791 and couldn't do anything with it. Sorry I can't help you adjust it, but you'll be less confused now if others give you instructions pertaining to the other service menu. BTW, your tv is less user friendly, but I prefer the color adjustments on it to the set I exchanged it for. My first one had no problem with red skin tones, and its black levels were fine out of the box. Do you notice the flickering black levels? If not, they're isn't any reason to set b-stretch anyway. Also, stay out of the g2-adjust; I don't know if there is a way to mess with anything from the remote, but only the pro's should go there.


Yeah, I have been getting the black level flickering, its quite noticable on dvds in 16:9 mode (which i had to enable in the service menu) the black of the tv set and the black of the letterbox on wider-than-16:9 dvds is often dead on, but on some scenes it will adjust itself incorrectly or cause that flicker. The red tones are great like you mentioned, but i did find the picture was a tad off center and cropped to more than my liking. Poking around in the adjustments fixed that tho. I've been keeping an excel spreadsheet of my defaults and what i've adjusted them to.

For others' reference here is the information I've gathered on picture position:
CODE Description Default My Current
VS Vertical Position 31 24
VA Vertical Stretch 34 24
HS Horizontal Position 39 39
EWID Horizontal Stretch 30 23

I am unsure of one thing about the '2791'. I am aware that one can enable the 16:9 mode in the 'service mode.

I just don't quite undrstand what the benefit is of doing this?? Does the 16:9 mode make DVD's play clearer or what??

Please explain as I am a bit of a novice about 16:9 format.

Georgie C
Just bought the CFT2791 yesterday at Sam's Club and I'm so pleased with it. The picture and features are just awesome! My friend bought this same set about 8 mos ago and paid $379.99, I got it for $297.61! Just thought I'd let you all know that this item is now cancelled at Sam's club which means they won't be buying anymore new inventory so if you're interested in buying this set you'd better hurry as supplies are now limited to what's on hand at the store. Thanks for all the posts as they helped me tweak my set!!

Georgie C
To Anonymous...

When I enabled the 16:9 in the service menu today and also enabled the 16:9 feature on my Akai DVD player, I found the advantage to be a significant reduction in the size of the black bars that appear at the top and bottom of the television screen in "Normal" mode. Obviously a significant increase in resolution on the viewing screen. I hope this answers you're question....

16:9 mode is to help resolution on wide-screen anamorphic dvd's.

Normally to view a widescreen(anamorphic) DVD on a 4:3 set the dvd player adds black bars to the top and bottom of the picture. So 1/4 or so of the resolution lines your dvd player is sending over the cable is black bar.

If you set your dvd player for a 16:9 tv set, the player sends a full resolution image (for wider-than-16:9 movies there is still a letterbox, but it's MUCH smaller). On a 4:3 set in Normal mode, the image is stretched, and everything looks tall and skinny. Setting the TV to 16:9 mode squishes the image BACK down to the proper picture size, so you'll still see black bars (generated by the TV this time) but you'll gain the extra picture data from the dvd being displayed.

I've done a comparison (pause movie, switch player and tv back and forth,) you really can see the benefits.

Thanks Georgie C. and Dan Johnson for the info. and explaination of the benefits of 16:9 format. I really appreciate it.

In looking at the Fry's ad this morning I noticed they have a Sony 30" Pure Flat Color TV for $349.99, regularly $599. It's a widescreen set. When I looked on Sony's site it didn't come up with this model CFT3090. When I did a google search, it came up with Akai. I guess the ad is wrong but the price of $349 is outstanding even if it's the AKAI.

Of course its a 1 Day Only sale.

It looks like SAMSUNG does NOT MFR the AKAI WS 30" TV SAMS is selling, from what I been able to gather, from a private email:

Hi KC,
I really appreciate your letting me know this. Unfortunately, it turns out that the tv is made by Hyunwoo, a Korean manufacturer about whom I know nothing, not Samsung. Samsung does make the AKAI 27" flat, but not the 30" flat 16:9.

Where did you see this ad for the CFT-3090 for $349 1-day-sale? Was it in the newspaper? Is it in all Fry's locations?

The San Jose Mercury News has the the Frys ad with the Akai 30" WS 16x9 on sale for $349.99. The regular price is $599. The sale price is good from June 4-5. This one notes limited to quantities on hand.

Is this 30 inch widescreen good??
I'll buy it tomorrow for 350$ ..
damn that's ridiculously cheap.

Can anyone tell me the remote control code to control toshiba dvd player with a 3090 remote?

The code in the online manual is 000 for toshiba dvd, but this does not work.
I didnt' get a printed manual because I ended up gettting a floor model of the TV which didn't have the manual.

I noticed that auto volume on CFT2791 doesn't work well. The volume during ad's is louder than the regular programs. I did turn on Auto volume option in the sound menu. Do I need to do anything else? Other than this one annoying thing, this TV is a real bargain. The picture quality is great. Akai did change the service menu, hence I couldn't play around with VSM and red push settings as suggested in the earlier messages. Does anyone tried it with the new service menu options?

Does anybody know about the Akai 42" plasma EDTV
monitor that sales at stores? (Model PDP4290). It sells for $2,999 BUT I have an opportunity to buy this tv for $1,599 (brand new). Is this better than the Viewsonic brand that sells at Good Guys for the same price? Is it worse? Any reviews/info are greatly appreciated.

still no word on the CFT3090 service menu code? the one for the 27" model doesnt work

Must fix this overscan!

Thanks =)

yeah...we NEED someone who has access to a 'TV repairman' who can call this number. They will NOT issue that info to a 'layman'.

Trying to 'find' info on the Hyunwoo site is
impossible as well. We need help from someone on the Pacific Rim ;-)

(paste in message I rc'd)

Sorry man, no dice. I can tell you who has it. 1.888.697.2247 is the
number, but I can't get it out of them. They won't reveal it to an end
user, only a repair guy. If you know any television repair guys, maybe they
could call in for you. If you do ever find it out though, please do drop me
a line. Thanks,

PS. Do remeber that this TV isn't made by Samsung like the 27". It is made
by Hyunwoo.

Please Someone get this Service code, i need to do some twinking bad.......

I'm thinking of getting the 30" Widescreen @ Sams Club, does it seem to have the same good quality as the 27"? I was hoping they were both rebadged Samsung TVs but since the 30" isn't I'm a little worried. But I would LOVE to have a 16:9 television flatscreen since 99.9% of what I watch is widescreen DVDs.
I wish I knew a repairman too... couldn't someone 'fake' it?

I have AKAI CFT2791 TV set, my younger kid damage the remote control I am looking for a spare one.
CANADA, Ontario - Burlington
Pl's e-mail me

Hey Paul

That 30" WS is NOT A REBADGED SAMSUNG. It is made by a different Korean company.

Read these threads.


Just thought I'd add some info on the Akai 27 inch sets.

The CF2791 is a Samsung TXL2791F Clone
The CFT2791 is a Samsung TXM2792F Clone

That's why there is a difference in the service menu & etc. between the CF2791 & the CFT2791. If you check the owner's manual on the Samsung TXM2792F it doesn't have SVM or the 16:9 DVD Mode. This answers why they are not turned on in the "T" AKAI Model.


I realize it isn't a rebadged Samsung, I said so in my post. :P

Hey Paul

sry...didn't mean to yell. :-( I am only here to help (if I can) and for info

I have threads on 2 different topics running and forget where what is.


Was just checking Sam's Website & the Akai 27" & 30" are now discontinued. So if anybody wants one call your local Sam's Club & see if they have any left. The last "Closeout" prices I saw were $297.16 for the 27" & the 30" was under $400.00

Bought the 27" three weeks ago for $297. Went to Sam's Club in Timonium, MD yesterday and the same tv was $216.11, brought my receipt and they refunded me the difference. I like this tv even more now.

Wow, that's a nice price drop.

Ok, the 27" versus the 30".

Who wins?
I would like a 16x9 television but is the 27" a higher quality?


That 27" is *definitely* made by SAMSUNG, and the biys here have posted how to get into the service menu for calibrations. That 16x9 isnt bad
nothing special, but at least its a widescreen for little bucks.

Mr Steney on a different thread is looking to get the service manual, and maybe help us all out.


Anyone know if the Akai 30" Widescreen has that auto lighting on it. Because the picture on mine is not that good. Can anyone send me the calibration from their Akai 30" Widescreen. I think it is not Calibraed right, i used 2 different Calibration dvd's. They where no help. So someone please send me send setting that you use. You can post them on here or send them to my e-mail... Thanks

Don't tell me it isn't good! :) I plan on getting the 30" tomorrow after work... *crosses fingers Sams didn't sell out*

I'll try and compare the 27" versus the 30" 16:9 while I'm there...

Ok, I decided to go ahead and get it tonight... AWESOME TV. They were sold out of the 27" model so I got the 16:9 and it ROCKS. Picture quality is great and has nice features... Currently I'm using S-Video but plan to get some component cables soon. :)

Any word on the service menu for the 309?. I'll start making some calls tomorrow to see if I can scam/buy/procure one from the local TV repair guy. I have noticed 2 things:
1. I have a banding effect when there are solid colors such as blue or red. The banding is vertical straight bands that cover the entire screen. They are present only on the s-vhs input. This is not overly distracting by any means but definately noticable. Any others see this on their sets?

2. Their is a definate pincusion effect when in normal mode or 4X3 mode. Any other notice this?

I'm sure the 2nd issue could be resolved from the service menu.

How can you check for overscan? The 16:9 viewing appears to be correct on my set.

What will component with progressive scan do for increasing resolution from my current configuration?

Any info would be appreciated. This is definatley a steel for $398. The Maple Grove, MN store has 4 remaining if anyone is interested and lives in the area.


"What will component with progressive scan do for increasing resolution from my current configuration? "

According to the manual it shows a set top box being connected to the component connections and it says 480p only... so I'm *assuming* connecting any progressive scan device to the components will allow for 480p resolution.

"2. Their is a definate pincusion effect when in normal mode or 4X3 mode. Any other notice this? "

Let me correct that.....the pincushioning is in all modes. I'm starting to wonder if I should just get another set.

Paul, did you try any calibration DVDs yet? I just tried the THX optimizer and found a few issues. Anybody else try calibrating this set?

MAatt, what type of issues are you speaking of?

I just used the THX optimizer today and I had to make a few adjustments.

Dark pictures in Movies have a Red tint to them, And the sides of the set Flickers,when watching a movie. I am wondering if it might be my DVD player. The filckering looks like a movie at the theater,You know when the sides of the screen flickers.But i think thats about it. I really want into the service menu though.:-)

Did you have any geometry issues?


Not that I recall... Could gravity be affecting your set?

According to the manual that is what the tilt function is for. I have already tweeked that setting. But that only changes how tht image is "squared" on the TV but does nothing for this pincushioning effect. In other words, the sides are always tilted no matter what I do with the tilt function.


I've noticed the pincushion when I'm in 4:3 mode, they lean inwards towards the top... but in 16:9 I don't see it.


Try putting in a 16x9 DVD with a vertical reference. I did not notice it until I threw in 24: Season 1. They utilize split screens during parts of the show. During those scenes the pincushioning effect is just as apparent as it is in 4x3 mode.

help.....i just bought the last 2791 at my sams remote, or directions.......can someone tell me the right code for my new 'universal remote:" i can not get it to work the set......picture is great.............
and could anyone tell me what the 800 number is for akai to request a remote and instruction manual?
thanks..........barb in iowa

just got the remote working off of trying all the samsung is 112 now i would love to see the manual to see what all this tv can do......sooo i would still love to have the 800 number......i could go back to the was 200.00................and the great, cute, universal remote was 20 next door at lowes.....the picture is great..........but i will love that constant volume if i can find it........i HATE IT WHEN THE COMMERCIALS ARE NOT SHOUTING AT ME.......THANKS............IT SURE IS HEAVY..................B.

that I can do:

Good luck. They're open for another 30 min

No..screwed up that time difference...sorry they're closed. open I think 8:00AM to 5:30PM PST.

Are you after info for JUST the 27" or the 30" W/S ?

This info was taken from another thread in tis forum, concerning the 30" W/S SAMS is selling for $397 now ($100 price drop)

Number for the AKAI people...for those trying to get the sevice menu information.

Sorry man, no dice. I can tell you who has it. 1.888.697.2247 is the
number, but I can't get it out of them. They won't reveal it to an end
user, only a repair guy. If you know any television repair guys, maybe they
could call in for you.

update on service numbers for AKAI

SRY guys...

That number is 1.888.697.2247 is not the right number. That number is Akai (samsung made) models only. Currect number is 1.888.530.3688

Can someone confirm that the tube on the CFT 3090 is truly 30 inches (diagonal)?

Also, how big is the box it comes in? Will it fit in a VW Golf with the back seats down and the trunk lid bungeed?


I don't have a tape measure so I can't measure mine, but it's damn big and DAMN heavy for sure.

It took most of the room in the back of my Blazer with the back seats folded down. :-O

I've lost my remote control to my Akai CFT2791 tv can anyone tell me how to go about purchasing a new one.

The screen is most definately 30" diagonally.

Call 1.888.530.3688 Monday or you can always buy a universal remote like barbara did. What model was that?

Personally I just picked up a Sony RM-Vl100 here:

I have yet to try it out though, Great price if you ask me 33.88 - I'll have to see if the remote has an AKAI code when I get it.

Good luck.....

The saga continues......

Straight from the horses mouth. Received a call from
They do the service work for AKAI in the states. They were very polite and actually sent me the service manual. Guess need a service remote in order to get into the service menu. There is no service code...there never was. So I called the main AKAI service menu and asked them if I could buy a service remote. Answer "NO". Can I rent a service remote. Answer "NO". Service from AKAI themselves is atrocious(sp?), The ONLY reason I have gotten this far is due to the people from WACA. In fact the Head Manager for AKAI's customer service, Robert Rodriguez, told me to just return the TV and get another one. OK...great idea except for one thing. What happens when you have the TV for 60 days and something happens? You will not be able to return it to the place of purchase but rather you will need to get it serviced from the manufacturer! In fact I asked Mr. Rodriguez "You would rather have me carry this 275 pound TV back to Sam's and get another one than actually help me and service it?" The answer "Yes". I do not know of ANY company that will not service their own defective product. Especially a 275 pound TV. Service DOES NOT EXIST from this company. In fact they may as well call it CUSTOMER F U. There is NO Service. The only saving grace to this company is WACA. At least they are willing to help me. I have never been so enraged by a service rep in my entire life. Well I am sort of glad that something happened now rather than later so I could really experience their service. Now I KNOW. So if anyone would like the service manual I would be more than willing to email it to you. I'll set up a temporary email account at work. Just email me at
It may take awhile for me to send it to you depending on the amount of requests. I'll only keep that account open for 2 weeks.
I'll have that account active by 10:00AM cst so do not email until after that time as you will receive an error.

I am about fed up with AKAI and about to shove this TV back in the box and ship it back to the store.


Well that is interesting, I hate how mine flickers on the sides, When watching a movie or Cable. Does anyone else have this problem? I wonder why no Service Code. That Sucks I am pissed.

I've had the 2791 for about a week,this puppy is a first class
set.I got it a Sam's in concord,Ca.for $252.91.I've had other
TV's in the past few years and this set is way ahead of the others.Can anyone out there define the meaning of all of
the different settings in the service menu?


Just bought the last AKAI CFT2791 from Sam's in Syracuse for $168 about a week and a half ago.

I really like this TV, but I have a small magnetic spot on the bottom left of the screen, like a speaker is nearby. Great deal though. I have a service guy coming tomorrow to check it out.

"I have a service guy coming tomorrow to check it out."

How in the heck did you do that?!?!?

I've been trying to get service for mine for about 10 days now.


Well, the remote that I posted a link to has a code for the AKAI 3090: 8061 - with just the preset code you can do just about everything. The remote has a learning function with several "lcd labeled" buttons available for other functions such as the 'wide' button.


Walter Chan
One way you can tell who actually make the Akai television is to open up the back cover with a screwdriver. There is a sticker on the tube on who is the company. For example, if the tube is Samsung, then the TV is made by Samsung.

To the person regarding the plasma TV...Akai 42" plasma EDTV
monitor Model PDP4290 I am also interested in this TV. The price you found($1599) is this available to everyone?? I would be very interested in purchasing the TV at that price

Ok everyone. I hope this is not a totally stupid question. I bought the 3090 today at Sams. They had two left. We got it home, and put it on the cable. Well, in wide mode everything is squashed because it is going from 4:3 to 16:9. Now, the manual says that panorama doesn't distort the picture but zooms in. When we take a 4:3 signal and go to panorama, it looks like you are looking through a bottle. The sides are really, really stretched. Please let me know if this is normal, or should I go to sams and exchange this puppy. Just drop me an email.

Ya,thats normal.with mine I got used to watching everything in 16:9.I'm kinda fat and this make me feel more normal.


I watch everything in 16:9 as well... pretty much the only non 16:9 shows I watch are Seinfield and Six Feet Under, they don't look bad at all.

Just bought the 3090 today at Sams for $389. Pretty decent price if you ask me. Watched a DVD tonight, Daredevil, and the picture was awesome. 'Course, I was upgrading from a 27" standard Toshiba. Seems the panarama mode works best, but will report later.

I thought only Sams Club sold Akai. Was at Costco first and saw a 42" big screen Akai. weird.

Thanks everyone for you inputs I just bought an open box 3090 for $300 it still sits in my truck waiting for a friend to help unload it. Hope it works great. I am looking for a remote for it as it did not have one.

OK, I've read all the posts. There is one 3090 left at Sams...$338, no remote, no manual, shall I go for it?

I bought a floor model Akai CFT3090 from Sam's club, which is missing remote control and owner's manual. Can someone help me get the model number of remote control and the contact number to order the remote. This unit does not work with universal remote control, thanks in advance for helping.

call AKAI. Tell them you didnt get one

Follow this other thread:

specific message pasted in:

Mark Harvey
Monday, August 18, 2003 - 03:01 pm
Okay, I called AKAI this morning and they were great! I faxed them a copy of my reciept and they sent me a manual and remote. They called me back to let me know that they went out today and wanted to make sure I was happy with the purchase. I am!

KC , thanks for your help.

Benjamin Goulart
yeah panaramic looks like a fisheye lens. akai are idiots. it should have been a zoom mode for non-anamorphic letterbox movies. REMEMBER, this is a big interlaced picture, so you are going to get those weird jaggies when either your eyes or the onscreen elements move. if you want a better picture that fully takes advantage of dvd, get a progressive one. oh, and a tv repair guy came out today. they're going to fix the pin cushioning, gray-tinged blacks, and position problems for me.

Anyone heard anything new on these TV's? Also
Benjamin did the repair man fix the problems with your set?

Im looking for the code to set remotes off my Samsung txl2791f, does anyone know these? I heard it was 112 from a person on here but that doesnt seem to work? any ideas?

New member
Username: Bullysgal

Post Number: 1
Registered: 01-2004
Akai 5492
We get a great picture on everything but football! It appears blurry, almost as if you are looking through the heat of a fire. Not in close-ups, it's fine then, but when you view the whole field it is not clear. Does anyone have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Unregistered guest
Does anyone know where I can buy the 3090 anymore? Sam's Club doesn't sell it anymore right? I'm located in New York City and have been looking on the 'net but haven't found it anywhere.

hi guys. I just wanted to add for any TiVo users out there, that the CFT 2791 works great with my standalone TiVo, but it took me a while to find the remote code for it.. Akai codes didn't work, but then i remembered to try Samsung, and sure enough, for my Philips series1 TiVo, the remote code was 0092.

Unregistered guest
Akai TV's at Costco- Bought a 41" Rear Projection Akai about 6 months ago for $995. Got it home, never really cared for the picture quality, and the TV is a bit small for my space- but i just held off and waited. Yesterday I saw for the first time at Costco a new Akai 55" HDTV Widescreen Rear Projection for just under $1600, AND a $200 off coupon. I ran home, grabbed the 41", told the returns counter I just didn't like it, and I was given CASH BACK- turned around a got the 55". No hassles, no extra "warrenty", I just wasn't sure I believed all the claims of the great Costco guarentee until it happened to me. Every item is guarenteed good for the life of the item (as long as you keep a CostCo membership) without any extra cost to you. The new Akai seems to have a clearer picture and I am much happier!

Unregistered guest
Today, I saw an Akai 42 inch widescreen HDTV for $899. It looks good and everything is fine. I don't see any ratings for Akai products and especially for this TV. I would like to know does anybody have this product and how is it's reliability and quality. I would appreciate anybody's help here.


Unregistered guest
Can anyone tell me how to contact Akai support? My manual has no information about technical support. I have a CFT2791 and the sound just quit. I don't know if it is a cable box problem or a tv probkem. Thanks, Pat

I own the cft2790 and I was just wondering if anyone had some picture settings that could make the picture look nice. Just send to my email.

Unregistered guest
I have the akai tv that has the 3 in one combo and i was wondering why when i turn on the tv the screen is blue but the dvd and vcr are working. Also i was wondering could i have accidentaly pushed something.

Unregistered guest
I have been reading all posts for an answer to my problem and can't find it :-(

I have lost sound on my AKAI CFT2791. I have tried reset in the service menu but nope, still no sound. I have sound thru the headset. I have disconnected all connections so it is just the TV with no DVD, VCR etc. Can't get sound back.

Can anyone help me?


Unregistered guest
I need help with my CFT 2790 from Sams. I purchased it in 2002. The picture is gone but sound remains. Any help except "buy a new one"


Unregistered guest
Dear Mr. Chairman,
Before i start with my complaint let me introduce my self properly. I am the senior most journalist of the country's most prestigious news channel. in a year or so i should be retiring having reported for the news channel for over 30 years.
i have never had the opportunity of making a complaint against a product of a reputed company.
unfortunately all the comments listed on this page praise your product which is not true. there are defects and defects which need to be looked into. and the sooner you do the better before AKAI looses its reputation or whatever reputation its left with.
i have theheadache of owning a tv set model NO:CT 2167 P which developed your " AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA AKAI CARE CENTER 14/A-B-C, SWASTIK PLAZA, SARDAR PATEL STADIUM RO, NAVRANGPURA, AHMEDABAD-380 009 PHONES 91-079-26420046, 30922466 ".

Unregistered guest
Hey bro Jam, just brought a AKAI CFT2791 27" Flat Screen .. ..good suggestion! thanks a lot for your review, i learned a lot!
this forum is really really useful! thankss a lot!


Unregistered guest
having trouble getting pic in pic to work on a 54" akai connected to a rca directv and a ge vcr
any one have an idea or where to go for help?
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