Looking at finally entering the realm of widescreen TV, but need to do it on a budget. I saw the Akai CFT3090 on the Sam's Club website and was wondering if anyone out there has this model. So far, I have seen mixed reviews about Akai's reliability, but I'm curious what I can expect as far as image quality, DVD playback, etc. The price seems right, though ($496).

Any info would be helpful.




One thing to remember about widescreen is that if you watch a lot of stardard (4:3) channels, you still get letter boxes on the sides. If you watch a lot of widescreen DVDs then you will be fine. I tested the CFT3090 at Sam's and it was pretty nice except for the sound. I think the speakers were only like 3 watts each. I ended up getting the AKAI CFT2791 27" Flat screen. Much better sound and it does a nice job with 16:9 movies. Didn't have much need for total widescreen viewing. But if I did, I thought it was a good price. As far as AKAI the company, their tech support isn't the greatest. I called them with a setup question and they were somewhat clueless. But they were nice and tried to help. I find this forum to be much more helpful. Consumer Reports gave high marks to the AKAI CFT2791. Hope this helps....


thanks for the quick response. I'm looking at the CFT2791 as well. What can you tell me about the 16:9 mode? The screen is 4:3, right? What benefits does this mode give you for wide-screen viewing (something I do a lot of)?

I can see what you mean about this forum. I sort of stumbled onto it, but already I can see that folks here know their stuff.

Thanks again...

The screen is the standard 4:3, but there is a menu option that allows you to stretch 4:3 broadcasts to 16:9 (with letter boxes). This is called vertical compression. Vertical compression allows TVs to display the full resolution of anamorphic DVDs, which makes a big difference in added detail and sharpness. If the channel or DVD is already 16:9 then the set automatically goes into 16:9 mode. If you manual stretch a 4:3 broadcast everything gets a little short and fat. I usually only do this for sporting events (football especially).

I just got the Akai CFT-3090 yesterday at Fry's, where it's on sale for $499 (regular $599). I took it home and the color was off out of the box, but some minor setup tweaks made it work perfectly for DVD's. It has a Wide (stretched) mode, Panorama (proportional center, edges stretched), and Normal (4:3). Normal appears to have a slight pincushioning effect. Wide's probably going to be how I use it. I tested "The Matrix" for 2:35-to-1, and contrast was excellent. Then I used "High Fidelity" to test the daytime scenes and fleshtones, and it was more than satisfactory. The last test involved "Monsters, Inc." to test color and vividness. It was flat out eyepopping. I was viewing from 8 feet, so I was at the sweet spot. Did not see dot crawl unless I turned sharpness up to the max.

For $500, can't be beat. Only downside is the lack of advanced setup options, which is to be expected. I'm hoping to get some information on how to get into the service mode so that I can work on the pincushion effect and other controls.

I found the akai at sam's after purchasing the 30" wide-screen samsung at sears for $1100. I have no complaints on the samsung's performance but the akai is 50% less expensive. If you use rt, lt, center channel speakers for high fidelity you will be turning off the tv speakers for dvd playback making the native speaker performance moot. If quality is a concern then get the $54/ 3yr additional policy but realize that your tv may be "out" for weeks at repair if needed. As far as reliability goes....its always wise to be neither the first nor the last to use a product.

I need help.. I bought a Akai CFT-3090 didn't like it so returned it. But here is my problem, I returned my remote fro my dvd with it and they have already shipped it back.
Now could I ask someone who has this tv to please send me instructions on how to program the remote, because i am going to have to use this remote from dvd player. need code for pioneer dvd player and how to program it..
thanks to anyone who can help

I am interested in purchasing the Akai CFT-3090 but have one problem. Im not sure if it will fit my current entertainment center. I looked on the sams club website and the akai usa site but have had no luck. If any one knows the dimensions it would sure help me out.

I am looking into purchasing a new television for my game room. I saw the Akai CFT-3090 at Sam's Club and liked the fact that it was a widscreen TV for less than $500! I am also looking at the 30in. HDTV Samsung and I also really like the picture on the Toshiba 32HF42. Can anyone please help me out and let me know if the Akai is a good choice amongst the Samsung and Toshiba?

Eric, the set is about 22 1/2 inches deep, 22 1/2 inches tall and 34 inches across. These aren't exact measurements but they are very close. I hope this helps you out...

Ryan, from what I understand, Akai is simply a rebadged Samsung. This is the link to an older message board that talks quite a bit about it. The folks on that board seem quite happy with the picture (and price) of their Akai. At Sam's Club prices vs Samsung, it's really quite a deal. Hope that's helpful.

George Simon
Does anyone know if this TV shows progressive scan DVDs in 480p format?

Does anyone know where I can get a remote control for the CFT 3090? I bought the display model from Sam's Club for $375 because it didn't have a remote. The code list for universal remote I have doesn't work.

You could try the Akai homepage. E-mail them and see if they can supply a replacement.

I also know there are a few models of Sony universal remotes that support Akai. Also keep in mind if a remote supports Samsung, it will probably support your Akai.

Good Luck.

The Akai CFT-3090 does not do 480p, it is not an SDTV, EDTV, or HDTV set. It's simply widescreen. I haven't bothered to use the remote with anything else yet, nor have I tried to use another remote with it (I have a Pioneer receiver and DVD player, and I use the receiver's remote for both). Fry's just put these on sale again, I saw an ad that showed the set for $349! Looks like I'll be getting some money back!

Are you sure you saw it at Fry's for $349? Thanks for any clarification.

Can anyone tell me the remote control code to control toshiba dvd player with a 3090 remote?

The code in the online manual is 000 for toshiba dvd, but this does not work.
I didnt' get a printed manual because I ended up gettting a floor model of the TV which didn't have the manual.

I have been looking at these for a while as well and just noticed Sam's dropped the price by $100. They now are around $395. I would be interested if anyone could provide feedback on the the tv's quality for watching dvds, playing xbox, etc. My perception is it's a pretty good "poor man's" 30" HDTV widescreen, without the HD.

I bought one this past week and the picture quality is excellent. Have Hitachi Progressive Scan DVD player(also from SAMS) set to 480i. Best DVD viewing experience I have had.

Broadcast television looks okay in the slightly streched format of 16x9.

I bought an AKAI 3090 at Sams for $395. The picture is great and the sound is good. Here is the thing that puzzles me...I understand the 4:3 and the 16:9 format, but what is the Panorama option for. The sides of the picture are "warped" when you watch it.

My roommate and I bought the 3090 from Sam's today, brought it home, and I am completely puzzled. I thought that a widescreen 16:9 TV was made for watching widescreen DVD's and such. But when we put in a widescreen DVD (like "Contact" or "Aliens 3") and play the movie in wide mode, there are huge black bars at the top and the bottom of the picture!! When we switch the TV to normal mode, the screen looks great except now there are black bars on the top and sides of the screen!!

When we put in an older non-widescreen DVD the picture takes up the whole screen. (???)

Would someone please tell me what is going on here? I thought the whole point of having a widescreen TV was to get rid of the black bars. . .

Norm Schultz

I saw the 3090 at a local best buy yesterday, at first I thought the price was a misprint. I've never seen a widescreen tv for such a low price. Needless to say, I purchased it. :)

I use the tv-out on my GF4-4200ti from my computer to watch divx & dvd movies on the 3090, and I'm very impressed with it's picture quality. This is a great tv for the price, I love it.

Norm Schultz, you may want to check your DVD player. The output option should be set to 16x9, rather than 4x3 or letterbox. That's probably what's causing the confusion.

I saw the CFT3090 last week on the Sam's Club web site and just about fell over! I've wanted a 16x9 for forever, but can't afford one. I know in the UK and Asia, it's easy to get a standard analog TV in 16x9, but for some reason in the States, everything that's 16x9 is usually a HD monitor ($bucks$).

I currently have the Akai CFT2791 and I love it. But I'd much rather have the 3090. I checked the Sam's site the other day, and now it's gone! I've scoped the net to no avail! Even sent an e-mail to Akai asking where I can purchase one... never heard back. Anybody know a place still selling the 3090 (or equivalent sub $500.00 16x9)??????

Many thanks!

I purchased the 3090 from Fryes for $349, got it on June 14. It worked great right out of the box. One strange problem though, on June 18 the color flipped out. Got a bulls-eye color pattern on the screen. I unplugged it overnight and it worked fine the next morning and has been OK for 3 days. Could this be caused by a large stereo speaker being too close?

Mark Krieg,
At my local Sams Club they have the 30" Widescreen AKAI for $398.63, I was just there yesterday so I can confirm that at least @ my local store they still sell it.

Fry's has the Akai CFT-3090 for $399 thru 6/26/03.

Unfortunately we don't have Fry's around these parts. :(

A Stehney
I purchased the cft-3090 last week at Sam's ($396) and have been comparing it to a Samsung 3071, and the Akai's picture is much clearer and doesn't suffer from the "Digital veil" and artifacts that the Samsung (and most all digital sets) suffer from.

The Akai is actually manufactured by Daewoo International, which I learned by calling Akai Technical Support.

TO A Stehney

They really said that ?

Might be worth a look at the Daewoo site
for any equivalent WS TV they sell under their
name. We still need the remote keystroke
sequence to getinto the calibration menu.


I totally believe A Stehney, however, I believe that he was given a bad piece of information. The 3090 is not made by Daewoo or Samsung. It is, in fact, made by Hyunwoo. I learned this from AKAI last December. Look in your manuals in the remote section and you will see a special note about the code for Hyunwoo. This is the code that will make you tv work properly. Hope this helps!


Does anyone know the code to get into the TVs setup menu?

A Stehney
Yes, they said that this model in particular was made by Daewoo, other Akai models are made by other manufacturers (they didn't mention who for which models).

I'm a video tech and am trying to get the service manual to do some tweaks and will advise asap on my success. I don't understand why it's so difficult to get the service manual (I'm willing to pay for one). We're not going into the service business, just want to make a really decent tv into something a little better!


Good Luck! Hope you can come up with something good for us.

I am also thinking of buying the 3090 at sam's club ($395), but have two main questions: 1) How do you turn off the tv's speakers completely? I couldn't figure out how to do this in the store - I want to use this with a home theater system and don't want to have sound through the tv speakers (Turning down the speakers all the way affects my volume settings and 'mute' will mute all sound through my system on normal tv broadcasts). 2) Is S-VHS input the same as S-video? My DVD player has both RCA outputs and S-video. I would prefer to use the S-video. Is anyone using S-video cable into the 3090 "S-VHS" input with good results? Thanks.

Russell M
Just bought the AKAI 3090 at Sam's. Can someone explain to me what the "FUZZY" button on the remote does? Pushing it simply toggles between PRESET and CUSTOM, but I have no idea what that refers to. Thanks.

Jason H
I bought the 3090 at Fry's on Monday for $398 (price match of Sam's) I love the TV, but I have a problem. I have The Dish network PVR receiver and I can't get the Universal remote to control the Akai 3090. I've tried scanning for the remote code and I also put in the 3 Akai codes from the manual, but none of them are working. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.


I don't have the CFT3090, but I've got the CFT2791 which is similar (only 4x3). To answer your question about speaker volume... I simply turn my TV volume to zero. However, I'm guessing that you're running the DVD volume through the TV, and then the TV out into the surround sound amp?! I've got my DVD audio going straight into the surround sound amp, and only the video goes into the TV. It's less control from one source, and requires two remotes... but it give the optimum audio/video experience.

BTW, my 2791 has single RCA, S-Video, and Component video (3 RCA's). The Component has the richest color of the three. S-video is definately a step up form a single RCA, though.

I got the 3090 today and it's very wonderful. Everything is super sharp and crystal clear, color is very vibrant as well. I got it for $398 @ Sams Club tonight and I'm very happy with this purchase. It beats the snot out of my old 27" Philips tv from 1998.

I was looking for way to contact AKAI, and stumbled on this very informative site where some of my questions/comments have been at least partially addressed here. I also got 3090 $399 at Sams last week, and make my questions/comments now, in hope AKAI is also attentive. Agree picture good, sound is quality of $10 clock radios in motels.

Manual has no information on
Resoloution - Audio Effect - Mem - Fuzzy -
CC diference bet. C1, C2, T1 & T2
No way to call or email AKAI
No info on use of 16:9 with digital HiDef, if I choose to subscribe to that service.
I have T-W digital cable; the Motorola remote will not operate the system. No other Univ. Remotes will operate AKAI & AKAI remote - so far - has failed ot operate my other components.
"Display" (Recall, I guess) shows Mono, even when Stereo is Set.

And a general question - Why do TVs still require Time to be set, while VCRs have long had automatic Time Set???????????

I know this is too long; but will be grateful foe any responses. By thye way, where can you get the 2791?


My old Philips tv had auto time set, it was nice.
I don't use the speakers on this tv, I use my 5.1 surround sound for audio.
I couldn't get the AKAI remote to work my Apex DVD player... even though I punched in the right code. :(
In the manual it says how to hook up a set top box (is this a high def set top box?) and it says to hook it up with the component cables but you'll get 480p only.


This is the page from my CFT3090 manual which makes me think it supports 480P... most people say it doesn't but check out the manual specific to this model... Makes me really want to get that service code too. I don't have any component cables so I can't test it out, I don't even have a progressive scan DVD player... but I plan on getting one, especially after finding this.

Yea the sets great in 16:9 mode...but my set has some serious pincushioning. I guess if I can't get the service codes I'll have to call their service number....that outta be fun :(
I don't really want to take this Elephant back. It's seriously heavy going up 2 flight of stairs.

Just using the S-video(S-vhs in manual) the detail in DVD's are amazing. Keep in mind my last set was a 20" 4X3 Phillips....bleh :(.

Anyone find those service codes yet?

I'd like to see some service codes too. Hopefully someone *in the biz* will be kind enough to give them to us.
DVD quality on this set is amazing.
I came from a 4:3 Philips Magnavox 27" set... what a BIG difference.

pasting case some brave soul can
'get' them to tell us how to access the service
menu ;-0 (Phone number appears in body of text)

yeah...we NEED someone who has access to a 'TV repairman' who can call this number. They will NOT issue that info to a 'layman'.

Trying to 'find' info on the Hyunwoo site is
impossible as well. We need help from someone on the Pacific Rim ;-)

(paste in message I rc'd)

Sorry man, no dice. I can tell you who has it. 1.888.697.2247 is the
number, but I can't get it out of them. They won't reveal it to an end
user, only a repair guy. If you know any television repair guys, maybe they
could call in for you. If you do ever find it out though, please do drop me
a line. Thanks,

PS. Do remeber that this TV isn't made by Samsung like the 27". It is made
by Hyunwoo.

That number is 1.888.697.2247 is not the right number. That number is Akai (samsung made) models only. Currect number is 1.888.530.3688

Wouldn't waste your breath unless your a repair guy - he wouldn't give me the service codes when I called. Why are all of these companies so A$$ backwards. I could fix the problem NOW if I had the f'in codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think someone could lie about being a repairman or do they ask some serious questions?

Yea you could try but I had no luck. I think that the 1 guy answering the phone will either ask you a bunch of questions, presumably your dealer code or just give you another number - which I have called. That number asks you for a passcode immediatley. Anyone know a TV repair guy?

Wish I did. :(

But I still love the set.

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. $$ is a great motivator. I'll think I'll stop by my neighborhood repair shop and offer them a few $$ if they can get the code. Of course I have a repair tech calling me from AKIA in the next FIVE days....... :(

I've not known for my patience though....... :)

Hehe. :)

Please keep us informed!

I have had my 3090 for about a month now and as I was watching TV the screen just went out. Has this happened to anyone before and if it has what did you do about it? I haven't called the service people yet, but I will in the morning when they are open. But now the TV makes a weird noise and it won't turn on at all. So I have to unplug it so it would stop making that noise. TV was working fine up until today.

Does anyone know why there is now warranty information on this TV?

John Dodson
Parts warranty is 1 yr, labor 90 days. I'd take it back and get another set.

I had my 3090 for 5 days and the audio went out on it yesterday! I returned it to Sams for another - not a lot of fun, the set is very heavy.

Nice set, especially for the price, but I've got to wonder about quality control.

Paul C.
Picked up my set a few days ago. Notice some geometry problems when using the S-video from my laptop. Is this the TV's fault or the Laptop video card's fault? Looking at regular broadcast TV I do not notice any geometry problems so I'm guessing it's the laptop's fault.

Not sure as to what is at fault (if I had to guess I'd say the tv though)
But how does the computer look on the tv? Is it nice and clear or really fuzzy? What resolution is it at when you put it on the tv?

Paul C.
My laptop has a ATI Mobile Radeon 7500 video card. Output via S-Video is surprisingly sharp. It is set to output at 1024 x 768. I use Zoom Player to correct the aspect ratio of the videos played through the TV.


Reason I ask is I have S-video out on my Geforce 3 and was curious about hooking it up to my tv.

Rathish Yelavarti
For those of you who are looking for the 3090 Akai TV, it is available now at Sams Club (website as well) for $299.91!!!! I just saw that and fell out of my chair... :-)

Ekk H.
but also if you order from the website, shipping is about $99!!! so that would equal to what they sell in the store itself (if its available locally) $396 or so =] .. At least you wouldn't have to worry about fitting it into your car but at same time, u gotta wait for delivery guy hehe

Ya I saw that too.I went down to buy one at Sam's and there
still $400.But the 2791 is down to $250.I've got the 2791
and they cough up $50.(price match)for me.I did have the
3090 but the tuner went out.When I returned it was still
$500.and they did not have another so I got the 2791 for
$300.Now that I've had both,I can easaly that the 2791 is
much better quality.I'd still take the 3090 over the 2791,
SIZE DOES MATTER!!.There's a loss of 5" with the 2791

I don't see that anymore on the website. Looks like they dropped it from website.

yea its weird, yesterday it was on there then later on at night it wasn't .. then I search it again and I found it but now its gone again lol

Ekk H.
Right now I'm torn between a few 27" Flat TV and the Akai 30" .. Most likely either the Sony Wega with the 16x9 Mode for 449 or the Akai for 396. I'm only gonna use it mainly for DVD and Xbox Gaming. Does anyone know if it'll display Xbox games ok on the Akai??? That's the biggest concern at the moment, if anyone that has the Akai hooked up to the Xbox, let me know how it is. Thanks =]

Here's a post from:

Last entry.......

The saga continues......

Straight from the horses mouth. Received a call from
They do the service work for AKAI in the states. They were very polite and actually sent me the service manual. Guess need a service remote in order to get into the service menu. There is no service code...there never was. So I called the main AKAI service menu and asked them if I could buy a service remote. Answer "NO". Can I rent a service remote. Answer "NO". Service from AKAI themselves is atrocious(sp?), The ONLY reason I have gotten this far is due to the people from WACA. In fact the Head Manager for AKAI's customer service, Robert Rodriguez, told me to just return the TV and get another one. OK...great idea except for one thing. What happens when you have the TV for 60 days and something happens? You will not be able to return it to the place of purchase but rather you will need to get it serviced from the manufacturer! In fact I asked Mr. Rodriguez "You would rather have me carry this 275 pound TV back to Sam's and get another one than actually help me and service it?" The answer "Yes". I do not know of ANY company that will not service their own defective product. Especially a 275 pound TV. Service DOES NOT EXIST from this company. In fact they may as well call it CUSTOMER F U. There is NO Service. The only saving grace to this company is WACA. At least they are willing to help me. I have never been so enraged by a service rep in my entire life. Well I am sort of glad that something happened now rather than later so I could really experience their service. Now I KNOW. So if anyone would like the service manual I would be more than willing to email it to you. I'll set up a temporary email account at work. Just email me at
It may take awhile for me to send it to you depending on the amount of requests. I'll only keep that account open for 2 weeks.
I'll have that account active by 10:00AM cst so do not email until after that time as you will receive an error.

I am about fed up with AKAI and about to shove this TV back in the box and ship it back to the store.


I appreciate what you're doing for us Chet.

BTW, to whomever asked about how well an Xbox looks on the 3090...


Especially in games that truly support 16:9...
It's so crips and great looking.

Anyone figure out how to get 480P through the component inputs on this unit?

When I try progressive input, the picture isn't sync'd. Seeing the 480P input setup with a set top box makes me hope it's possible somehow!

Maybe I need to send a signal to the coax input along with the component signal???

Yeah, I'd hope it's possible, that page in the manual that says '480p only' makes me think it can do it. I don't have any component cables yet to try though.

You should try the signal to the coax though, see if that works.

How wide is the 3090? The box at Sam's said 38", but I can't believe it's that wide. I know I need a wider tv table, but this is ridiculous!

How much does the tv weigh

how much does the 3090 weigh

The 3090 wont do 480p,is 35.5" wide and weighs in at 150lb.

It's actually 38X26, I just measured it at Sam's club. It does not fit my entertainment unit for 3"!!!!! Looks like a great 16X9 TV for a great price, I think I'm going to buy it and sell my entertainment center which now has a 32" 4X3 Sony.

Tom B
I have a AKAI 3090 and I am wondering if anyone else has any green color tinted corners on screen when you are playing any movies? I have a tiny tint in the upper left hand side of my screen. Its a real pain.
DOes anyone think it could be caused by the center channel speaker I have on top of the left hand side of the TV? Its a shielded speaker BUT its a very powerful Cinema QUality speaker. Its quite large takes up virtually the entire top of the TV. Any thoughts??

Looks like that needs to be degaussed...and I'd venture to guess the magnet in the speaker has caused that.
I thought 'new TVs' automatically degaussed themselves. I might be wrong. Try and move that center channel speaker. Dunno if you would need to unplug the TV and then try all over.

I've had my set for about 3 weeks now and 2 days ago I also got that weird colors ring problem around the screen. Turned it off for about 5 minutes and it went away. Also I am getting a yello tint shade on the lower right hand corner of the screen. I'ts really noticable when white comes up. I really wish there was a service menu code to fine tune the pin cushioning also.

"I really wish there was a service menu code to fine tune the pin cushioning also."

There is with a service remote but no one can get there hands on one. Don't bother with AKAI as they have yet to learn what service means......but you never know they may eventually get a clue.

Returning a second set to Sam's. Speakers went out on both of them.
I am thinking of upgrading to a Philips or a Sony.

Could someone shed a little more light on what the service code does? I am thinking of purchasing the cft3090(now at Sams for 330.81! It's gotta be worth the price, I would think...)as an introduction to 16:9 viewing and to hold me over until the prices on the hd models drops a bit lower.

Also was anyone able to find a remote code for use with a Dish network remote?

Thanks folks,

I bought the 3090 at Sam's yesterday for $334.00
It was the floor model and had no remote manual.
I came with nothing. I saw Daewoe on the back
info plate on the TV and tried my Daewoe remote
control and it works fine. I still want a universal remote. If anyone knows which works best please post it.

John Archambault
I also would like the service remote for tweeking. The 480p only for component input with my Panisonic progresive scan will not work ,could be the akai does its own up conversion ? Anybody know?/ the set itself does great dvd display but,crappy tv. All in all im happy with it ,price was right. John

John Archambault
radio shack all in one remote 6 device works but you have to enter code 0060 and teach all the funtions to it 60.00 for the remote it works very well john

Same story, Sam's $338,no remote or manuel. Bought the OneForAll remote and can't get it to work! Any help ? Mark

Okay, I called AKAI this morning and they were great! I faxed them a copy of my reciept and they sent me a manual and remote. They called me back to let me know that they went out today and wanted to make sure I was happy with the purchase. I am!

The sams Club here was selling the displays for 300.00 and 338.81 for clearance in box.

BTW I sold my 32" Toshiba (pre-component) and got this one. It barely fit in the entertainment center. I love the colors, it blows away the old Toshiba.

I paid for the three year warranty too.

Does anyone know how big the box for this TV is, I'm curious if it will fit in my car, thanks!

I picked up a 3090 new in box at the Sam's in Langhorne, PA last night (Philadelphia Area)....$338.81 clearance price. I also went for the 3yr $55 warranty (I feel compelled to take warranty on anything only offering a 90 labor warranty from the manufacturer). If anyone is in the area and wants one new in box, they had two new in box units up high on the pallets about an aisle or two back from the electronics area. There was also what looked like an open box return under the display model.

TV has a great picture after adjusting properly (set is set way too bright out of box). I also have an Akai 27" flat I got at Sam's last year. Akai seems to offer excellent products at great pricepoints.

I just bought the 3090 last night, what a great set for the price. The picture is excellent, both sharp and vibrant. I thought watching a widescreen DVD on a widescreen television would eliminate the black bars on top and bottom. I am using my xbox as a DVD player and changed its display mode to widescreen. Please help clear this up for me!

I have the 3090 also and am really glad to have found this site. I am very happy with the picture but still can't get a universal remote to work with it. I have the radio shack 6 in one smart av remote and tried the code listed above but it didn't work. Also have Directv remote and tried all the akai and daewo numbers but still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. About the black bars on some DVDs, some are shot in a different aspect ratio, so you will still see the whole movie but smaller black bars than a regular tv. At least I believe this is what is happening

Found this site surfing for info on this television.
We purchased one at the initial price of $499 at SAM's 1-03. Also bought the SAM's 1 year warrenty for $20. Early on, (within 2 weeks) occaisionally turning the set off and back on within a few seconds would result in scrambled color. Leaving the set off for a while and/or unplugging it fixed the color. Color problem seemed to disappear eventually. Two weeks ago, came home and the set would turn on for about a second, then click off. Tried over and over, unplugged it, etc. could not get it to stay on. Called SAM's service number and they arranged pick up by an AKAI authorized repair shop about 35 miles away. Before service guys came two days later, set would turn on but there was no sound. Set has been in shop a week but still has not been evaluated. When working properly, the television is excellent, watch cable in normal mode and DVD's in wide mode. Use home theater for DVD sound & pipe picture through S-video. Letterbox DVD's only cover center section of screen in normal mode but 16x9 'enhanced for widescreen' are excellent.

I suspect that technically this is an inferior product. Since the primary motivation for wide screen is for DVD's and eventually HDTV, lack of zoom mode for letter box and no digital capabilities make this a poor choice. Since it seems to be disappearing from the market is probably why the price is plummenting. I would be happy to get my $499 back and buy up to the $900 Samsung Widescreen or equivalent.

Phil P
If you get a JP 1 Cable you can use the device upgrade that I built for the 3090. You did not say which RS remote you have, but I think most of them come with the JP 1 connector on them.

You can find the FAQ, upgrade instructions, advanced codes, and more at:

For general OFA/RS remote info, visit

My file is at:

anyone out there copy the service remote code? or acquire the actual service remote for the CFT3090 yet?

I'm having the same problem that Richard S on July 2nd wrote about. I bought my 3090 from SAM's just over 4 months ago. While watching TV the screen went blank and a noise kind of like a switch repeatedly going on and off started up. You can't shut the TV off only unplug the set, and when plugged back in the noise starts up again. I called the Akai service center, explained the problem, and asked if this was a known defect. They wouldn't acknowledge that, only took my information and told me to expect a call from a local repair service with three days. Today makes day four so I need to make another call. Being over 90 days they will only cover parts, which sucks since it will probably be a two bit part that could go out any time again. All the more reason to get the extended warranty from SAM's if you're considering buying this model.

I do not have the remote or manual to TV. How do i change screen options on tv: normal to widescreen etcc.

The TV is very heavy and cumbersome. If you don't get it in a box, wear baseball or weightlifting gloves to carry it. The bottom is not really hand friendly.

THERE ARE NO SERVICE CODES FOR THIS UNIT. It's best to find a repair tech or rated calibration tech to fix your picture problems. Hell, you might want to pay one anyway, just to tweak it to any semblance of true NTSC levels. Though I have my doubts that this display would get very close.

The set is obviously not HDTV and is totally incapable of progressive (non-interlaced) and doesn't have any upconversion or line doubling. Oddly, though, the tube itself looks to be about 700-1000 lines, since the scan lines in 500 line dvd are very noticeable, with black spaces between them. Slightly unstable and annoying, but to some extent expected with a tv of this size. At the distance required to really have the picture coalesce, you might as well just get a better, smaller TV and move your couch closer. I do know that the Sony's with 3D comb filter look MUCH better than this. Interlaced line doubling would probably help this set's picture, if you could afford it.

There is no Zoom Mode for 4:3 letterbox. Panoramic Mode does not work as advertised and still distorts the height, just slightly less than Wide Mode.

The picture is definitely sub par, like an 80's era rear projection TV with the contrast settings all the way up. With the contrast down to 50 and brightness up to compensate, the blacks are not black. My blacks, in fact, are slightly green. With the Preset video mode you are getting overly saturated colors and no properly subtle gray scale...lots of blacks, lots of whites, lots of vivid colors, but almost nothing in between. About the only thing it can reproduce correctly are cartoons. I hate the picture, even in component from a high quality universal Pioneer import player. The Akai is very unnatural looking, even without taking into account the slightly green blacks. If you have a bad eye for video and photography I can see how you might be able to like this. My old 13" NEC TV, with vertical height manually adjusted to 16:9 from the back, is natural and film-like compared to this thing, with nothing more than composite input. I was also able to open that one up and refocus the electron guns, adjust their levels, and adjust the mean brightness. I could probably master video on that thing, but this Akai is garbage in comparison.

I'm considering taking it back. If I can't zoom (undistorted) on 4:3 letterbox DVD's like Dune, Bound, 2010, and Bjork's Volumen, then this TV really isn't going to work for me. It should be able to properly deal with both 4:3 anamorphic AND letterbox. If you simply use 4:3 mode, the picture certainly is not as good as the average 20 inch TV, which is how big the image is in Normal Mode. And anamorphic material in Wide Mode isn't really even that good. These are "canceled" units, for obvious reasons. I bought the last Akai CFT3090 in Las Vegas from the only Sam's Club that had one left, a display model for $320 + $35 (membership) + tax. I'm not looking forward to hauling it back. I don't know if hiring a calibration tech would even be worth it.

For those of you trying to find a stand, Target has a black one for $50 with spots for DVD's and 3 component spaces. It's the perfect size. Only problem is its EXTREMELY complicated to put together. Mine also had a crack in the rear corner of the bottom panel.

I was looking at the unit and was trying to see if the unit had 1/8 ear phone jack on the side or the back. Sam's had the unit so high I couldn't tell and of corse know one knew. So the question is
" does the Akai CTF3090 have an Ear Phone Jack?

Benjamin, I love the picture on my 3090. Calling the set garbage is harsh. The 32" $279 GE I returned to BestBuy last month was true 'Garbage'; I'm glad I replaced that bad GE purchase with the 3090. I Agree the 3090 is way too bright out of box at factory preset but I had no problem adjusting to acceptable levels. Anamorphic DVD's look fantastic. Just watched Die Another Day and Emperor's Club over the weekend and have no complaints about picture quality. 3090's only shortcoming, IMHO, is the lack of a zoom mode for 4:3 source material: this not the TV to watch non-anamorphic letterboxed material (i.e. E.R., Nip/Tuck, older 'letterboxed' DVD's or letterboxed VHS). What's peculiar is that the instruction manual describes Panorama mode as a zooming mode. I wonder if a zoom mode is hidden in the service menu we cannot access? I view this set as a compromise until larger Plasma sets with built in HDTV tuners become available at mass market prices ( <$1000) which I feel is about 4 yrs away.

Benjamin Goulart
Well, I have since been able to adjust the settings a little, particularly the contrast, which had to be lowered to 50 or below. The brightness had to be cranked up to 90 or above for it to look reasonably natural. At this current level the contrast to brightness ratio of the set is still not very good, resulting in poor blacks. Any more contrast, though, and the colors and whites are going to be cartoony. My blacks are still slightly green and there's some slight bowing of the picture in 4:3 mode, but my brother in Florida called Akai for me and found out they can just send someone out to adjust the set rather than require me to take it in. The wanky panaramic mode and lack of zoom mode is a severe annoyance, though. Brazil, Dune, Bound, 2010...five of my favorite films...there are lots of widescreen movies that are not in anamorphic. Maybe I was a little harsh, but not by much.

Benjamin Goulart
Panaramic mode actually only distorts the edges of the picture. If a car drives across it's like watching the Enterprise go to warp. If the camera pans it's like looking through a fisheye lens. Extremely annoying. Closes of people often have their heads normal and their shoulders abnormally broad. Extreme close ups destort the sides of the face. Don't use Wide for 4:3 material, going back to normal is going to make you think everyone looks too tall. Oh yeah, Office Space isn't anamorphic either. That's the fifth one I wanted to mention. And the size of the picture in 4:3 Normal mode is 24", not 20" as I stated before. But no 24" is going to have scan lines this noticable.

Benjamin Goulart
Oh, and if we all had access the the service menu (like you do on all computer monitors) we could just change the height and width of the screen ourselves for letterboxed non-anamorphic material. Anyway, what good is THX callibration if we can't adjust the electron gun levels and size of the picture?!

Benjamin Goulart
Oh, and to QED: no headphone jack. I don't think that's really a big deal, though, considering tv headphone jacks usually suck. Get youself a Red Sound.

Yep, no headhone jack anywhere...but not something I've ever used on my prior TV sets that had one. I totally agree that the lack of a zoom mode is truly a bonehead design flaw on the 3090. I use panorama mode for normal 4:3 TV viewing. Viewing non-anamorphic letterbox DVD's is not possible to any satisfaction on the 3090...I must watch older DVD's on another set. Here's hoping Mike Judge puts aside his differences with Fox and goes ahead and releases the much anticipated 2 disc OfficeSpace SE. That would be just great.

Benjamin Goulart
yes it would, as would anamorphic versions of all those other movies i mentioned. *and* i'd like the director's cut of aliens, please. the s.e. sucks.

I bought open box CFT3090 from Sam's club without remote control. Any one knows from where to order the remote control and what is the exact part number is? since other universal remote does not work with this TV.Any help will be apprecate it.

I almost bought one 3090 today from Sam's but thought to check it out first. I am glad I did. After reading all this, I am not sure I want to go for it. I have had a 27" Magnavox for over a decade and it is still, to my surprise, av ery reliable and is working great. Well, the picture and the sound are not the greatest, but what the hek, it fits perfect in my center. I just felt the need for a new TV set but can't afford an expensive set. I am thinking a 32" Sony Vega now. Would someone please give me an idea on which is a better buy. Thanks in advance.

Mazzi: If the 32" Sony Wega has a 16x9 mode and is similarly priced I'd go for that one over the Akai 3090; however, I think the Sony would be much more $$$$ than the Akai. I know I got the Akai purely for watching DVD's. It was the cheapest way to get this large a monitor for 16x9 DVD viewing. The 32" Sony would give approx the same size as the 3090 on 16x9 material but cost so much more. I still have my sights on a 50" plasma for about a $1000-$1500 in about 4 years. Until then, the Akai 3090 suits me fine.

Qed: Thanks for the advice. I watch mostly free to air TV and once in a while I watch the wide screen DVD format. I think I will wait a short while until I find a good deal on a Sony or something similar.


Teri, Call AKAI direct in California and they will send you a remote and a manual. Just fax your reciept to them and you'll get what you need. I tried every universal and code and none worked only the factory unit worked! AKAI was great , I got it from them in 2 days! Good luck!

James Green
I recently picked a 3090 display model at sams for $240 (got an extra $10 off as there was no remote). The easy part was buying it, the hard part was lifting it.. I got the remote from Akai by sending a money order payable to APH for $15 to the following address:

Att Erika in Customer Support
7849 Canoga Avenue
Canoga Park, CA

They sent me the remote in about a week or so, faster than i was expecting.

I'm happy with the TV so far, DVDs look great, Lord of the Rings for example. I agree that the Panarama mode is a waste of time. Watching in 4x3 mode means watching a 24'' screen instead of 27'' for the sony I replaced this one with. But, getting used to a smaller screen for TV viewing just makes watching 16:9 DVDs look that much bigger and better.. I'm getting a bit of color distortion on one side due to my audio speakers, which i need to move, being too close but apart from that I'm pleased with the purchase..

James Green
Maybe if I'd read these postings earlier I could have saved myself $15 by just faxing the receipt. Kind of cool they'd send a remote for free I guess. Kind of weird they told me to pay when others got if for nothing.. oh well..

Hey all, to all the people having problems viewing widescreen dvds and still get blackboxes (not letterbox format). You may want to check your DVD players settings. I had to change mine to the 16:9 ratio on my sony.

Also, does anyone have any good suggestions for video calibration? The settings on here really stink and the red are RED and if I tone them down then the rest of the picture looks washed out. (Especially in monsters, inc.)

Benjamin Goulart
The problems we were having were on NON-anamorphic letterbox DVD's, which is obviously not solved by being in 16:9 on your DVD player. The only way to adjust the actual color balance is in the service menu. You adjust the intensity of the electron guns, the trick is getting the blacks dark gray and not tinged a color when the contrast is down and the brightness up. After that, if the tv's normal menu isn't enough, you might want to try your DVD players video settings, if it has it. A tv repair guy came out today and they're going to get the service codes from Akai to adjust my TV.

Benjamin Goulart
Oh, how the hell did you guys get the 3090 for $100 dollars less than me? The sam's I got it at sold it to me at cost for like $319.

And videogames on this thing are amazing. Gran Turusomo and Wipeout 3 in anamorphic. Pixelly like crazy on the PS1, but so fun. I've had that console in the closet forever and just got so bored with it before. A blast now.

Eric Shonborn
A few days ago, the power went off in my apartment (a 100+ year old building). In the morning when I woke up, I turned on my 3090, and the picture was in widescreen mode, but had condensed itself to a 4:3 frame and curved inward. I started going through the menus, and the set shut off. I turned it back on, and it wouldn't even power up. The light would switch to green and then shut off immediately. An engineer friend of mine told me that it most likely died of a power surge.

I bought this back in March/April from Sam's, and haven't had any problems with it 'til now. I doubt highly that I still have the receipt.

Has anyone had any dealings with repairs on their sets, and roughly how much did it cost them? Should I contact AKAI, Sam's or a local independent repair office?

In the end, I could probably do without a television, as I work at a tv station, and could get a lot more work done at home if I didn't watch tv. However, I like movies and video games, and I loved this set. Would like to have it operational rather than a $500 dollar paperweight.

Oh, and when I get it repaired, I'm buying the best damn surge protector I can find.

Dont get *just* a surge supresor, get a UPS from APC or some other manufacturer. Gets you clean power and backup in case the power goes 'down'.
I have a 650 for my system, including my flat panel, DSL etc...and its supposed to be good for some 22 minutes, allowing for a real world shut down. Check out
They list a vendor selling higher powered units on sale right now.
Good Luck

Did the service guys get the Service codes for the 3090? And if they did, did you write them down?

Eric Shonborn
Well, my tv is a giant paperweight, but Sam's is allowing me to return it for credit. I was hoping they'd have the same or similar model of television, however not so. So I am once again widescreenless. Bummer. I got a JVC 32" 4:3. Looks like I'm Letterboxin' it for the long haul now. Double bummer.

I bought my 3090 from Sams Club in November or October of 2002, I dont remember and no longer have my receipt.

As it turns out the TV died on me. It started by getting blurry, text was very hard to read on the screen and over time, I had to turn the contrast way high in order to see anything...and then it died. Could hear the channels, but no picture.

I took it to the shop last week and they need to buy a part from Akai directly, so that's what's going on. I hope it doesnt cost too much to fix. The TV repair guy said the horizontal something or another is not working and thats the part they need to buy from Akai.

Mario Padilla
hmmm all very intersrting.... I have gone thru not one not two but three akai 3090 tv's. sam's has been very helpful and have credited me all 3 times.. I finally got the odd bullseye after having the (3rd tv) for a month... very very dissapointed, I really do not want to return it again, howeveer the Wife is going to make me return it before the 90 days are up :-(... I think the tv was a good value however lugging that beast back to Sam's is a nightmare i do not want to repeat... By the way they have a great looking phillips 30" 16x9 at my local best buy here in san antonio tx for only 529.oo.. I was wondering abpout purchasing.. any comments?? Best BUy's service agreement is $99 for 3 years.. kinda pricey but hopefully worth it.. If i could i would just ride out the ol akai but, i do watch alot of movies and knowing a few months down the road it will die on me... does not make me feel any better,, I hope your Tv's fare better than my last 3.... by the way i am not bagging on the akai i went back 3 times to replace it the picture was excellent for the price...

The fact of the matter is that Akai isn't actually owned by one company in particular. When the actual Akai went under a few years back, several companies, including Samsung and Daewoo (among others), purchased rights to use the name in order to produce sub-par units that cost little in overhead for them and were manufactured at the lowest imaginable standards. They are also made with low quality parts as well as they have minimal warranties. But, they did all of this because they know that people are inherently cheap, yet feel the need to own an oversized television with the latest technology. The truth of the matter is, the technology isn't even proven for the most part. So, if all of you Akai owners out there, if you take a look at your warranty cards for a moment, you will notice that you are only covered for only three months of labour cost. Now, the cost of labour is basically 90% of any repair cost. As well, the only companies that are selling this product are (by and large) Sam's club and Costco, the two great providers to all of those of you who want-want-want but don't quite know why... Without these wholesalers Akai units would have greater difficulty finding their market niche. So, in the end all of you Akai owners: A) you get what you pay for, and, B)if it seems too good to be true, well, you know the rest... I know this because I work for one of the manufactures.

I've had mine for awhile (six months +)... and it works fine still! :)

Hopefully I'll get at least a couple years out of it.

Paul C.
Unregistered guest
Any new developments? Did anyone ever get the service remote?

New member
Username: Djdave

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Registered: 01-2004
I am new at this so forgive the mood of this letter.
I did purchase the AKAI CFT3090 TV at Brandsmart Clearance Center in Davie Florida for 329 Dollars last weekend. It was refurbished and has the 480P inputs. I double checked the instruction manuel and it also said that it could accept a set top box at 480p, not 480i. So this was an older generation model, repaired and or retested at the factory. The box appeared new with only the r marking in front of the cft3090 number. I noticed the Made in Korea label, and with my experiance with korean models,cars etc. you either have a really good product, or a really bad one. So I purchased an extended 2 year warranty (a good company) just to be safe.
This web page really helped me.
My plans are to simply use the DVD player right now on the Component imput, with a DISH box with 480P later. I took the tv home and tucked it into my ent center. Kind of as heavy as lifting a chevy s-10 engine from a jack onto a table.
The picture is excellent. I noticed the pillow effect on the approx. 25" pan and scan but that was it. The Panorama is ok, but people have really big shoulders on each end, including Martha Stewart, but that is normal. NFL Football is great with the WS setting. I will run tthe heck out of this tv to make sure that it does not fade. I do like to know how I can obtain the SERVICE remote when it is divulged in this chatrrom. I also shorted myself 80 dollars for a premeium replacement warranty from a good local company to avoid the horror story that I heard from others in this page.
I would also like opinions on whether AKAI actually had a 480p input at one time on a CFT tv.. I do understand that the new 3090s have 480i inputs, but am not sure they had it on all of thier tvs.
Maybe this explains why FRYs had the 480p on their advertisment, display. They may have been selling older models or refurbished ones.
I believe refurbished units are superior in function to new ones as they had a thorough inspection and testing the second time around.
I do love SAMs, I shop for ribs, beer in bulk and closeouts all the time. I checked out their tvs, but no AKAIs other than a 25" model.

Please keep this chatroom going. It helped this DJ/Wrenchhead..
Thanks again for all of your discussions.

New member
Username: Djdave

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Went to sears today, they do not have high regards for AKAI. Looks like I got a good 3090 out of the lot. It works great. I am used to the panarama.
The screen is so clear, It does show the limitations of some satillite channels.

New member
Username: Qed

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Registered: 02-2004
My 3090 is still going strong after six months. Would love to figure out a way into the service menu, but this forum seems to be dying out now that the 3090 is no longer widely available at retail stores. I'm hoping Sam's will stock some Akai plasma's....looking for the day when I can get a 42" or 50" plasma with built in HD tuner at a $2500 or less price point. I feel this is less than a year away. Sams has a 42" Daewoo HD plasma going for under $3400 right now but no built in HD tuner.

Paul C.
Unregistered guest
I don't think any of the 3090s have 480P.

Unregistered guest
Dear Sr.

I bought an AKAI TV model CFT 3090 at SAM'S Club in Montgomery-AL, USA, in December 2002.
After I moved to BRAZIL where I am living now, the TV sound stopped working.
It has been very difficult to fix the TV because I could not find the service manual and the schema neither in INTERNET search nor in electronic stores in my country.
I would like to buy the manual service and the TV CFT 3090 schema but I do not know where. Could you help me and send me information about where I could find it.
My e-mail is:

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope to hear from you soon!


New School
Unregistered guest
CFT 3090 How To:
Reset Tv/pincushion/degauss/fixing faded color
Had tv for three days,Noticed color fade and uneven picture boarder on top left.
How i fixed...?!!!:

Hook up to PC Component ypbpr/S-video
I have ATI Rad9800pr agp
2nd day i was tweaking resolutions/refreshrates
I switched to a high refereshrate 120-200hz
And i heard a static noise on my 3090.....!!!and
BINGO perfect Picture( on any resolution or refreshrate)
Perfect border/coloring/pincushin

ATi 98000 pro,DVi to Component Video Dongle:

Res:640x480i & 480p
848x480 is !sweet spot! Perfect!!
1920x1080 works but scanlines are noticable

ohh if any 1 is lucky enough to have a pc try this
you will be amazed.
Ati Cat 4.7 drivers have a Video mode that i think interlaces picture and man its looks amazing but there is overscan9text is 98%Perfect)

Good luck

PLEASE HELP, thanks !!!

Unregistered guest

Paul I forgot my password
Unregistered guest
I haven't posted here since July 9th 2003!!! That has been over a year... wow.

Anyway, I wanted to update the status of my Akai 3090... it is still going strong and looking great, just like when I first bought it!
DVDs still look amazing... no problems at all. Maybe I was lucky? Not sure, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again... but I'm sure my next TV purchase will be HDTV.
Once you go 16:9, you can never go back!

Unregistered guest
Have had my 3090 for over a year. No problems. Got it at Sam's clearance $300 free remote and paperwork from Akai. There service folks are great!! NEVER BUY PHILIPS!!

Craig in Casper
Unregistered guest
we have had our CFT3090 for a couple of years and no problems...but we are slow here in Wyoming and only now have a HDTV channel on our Bresnan cable system, so we upgraded to a Motorola DVR/HDTV capable 'cable' box & service...AND we STILL have black bars on our tv. Any help out there? We like everything else about it.

Unregistered guest
I used the samsung remote codes to program my TIVO remote to control my TV. I have a AKAI PT5299HD. It worked like a charm and I can finally get rid of the AKAI remote. the code I used was 0092. Hope it works for you too.

Unregistered guest
I have a Kameleon Universal remote, has anyone found the setup code for the 3090? I have emailed, with no response yet and would love to be able to program my remote.

Unregistered guest
We just bought Akai CFT 3090 from a liquidator.
the problem is it doesnot have a users manual and other manuals for remote etc.can someone be kind enough to send me the pdf format.I will appreciate any help.thank you
my email is

Unregistered guest
Hi All,

Just a quick note that my CFT3090 has been going great for the last 2 years. It was a close out from Sam's Club.

Unregistered guest
Found a cft3090 in a trash pile on the side of the road. looked like i could get some nice pieces out of it so i took it home(heavy) plugged it in and it works fine minus there is no sound. I think i can fix this without too much trouble. Other than that its a good tv (for the price :-)

Desert Heat
Unregistered guest
i have had this Akai cft3090 for about two years inlcuding three moves. The picture is still great especially when partnered with an xbox dvd player. Has anybody in the past 2 years found a remote code that works for this TV? Service remote? Someone mentioned tweaking using a desktop computer? How? Thanks for all the great feedback lets keep this thread going!

Unregistered guest
i purchased a akai 56 in at Sam's club also for $500.00 on a mark down, my husband works there so we got a wounderful deal, we love it we have had it for about 9 months now and have had no problems with the t.v the sound is out of this world and the picture is unbelievable, only thing is now my son reset the remote and now we cant program it becouse i lost the remote instructions so if anyone has the directions please email me i would greatly appreciate it i cant seem to get them nor can my husband being that sams club doesnt sell the t.v anymore.thanx so very much

lonnie c.
Unregistered guest
does anyone out there have the original remote control for the akai CFT3090 for sale . If so please email me at

lonnie c.
Unregistered guest
does anyone out there have the original remote control for the akai CFT3090 for sale . If so please email me at

New member
Username: Xabachay

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I found out the code to use for the CFT 2791

It's in the codes for Samsung, 516.

At least, it worked for me. Good luck, all

New member
Username: Sammyg

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Registered: Jan-10
I have a cft3090 for sale WITH REMOTE, if anybody cares:-)
san francisco area
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