Wednesday...3-30 new key change again


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KEY0: 28-B7-91-31-06-C1-A9-50 Active...changed on 3-30
KEY1: 4D 70 A0 DD 7F 7D 37 65 ...changed on 3-29

Read this link for MUCH more info..autorolls bins,howto's install,manually key change guide,etc/....Pansat,Fortec,BB,coo*sat...disregardthe keys in the link below (yesterdays),BUT all else is neeeded..

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Kneegrow is now banned from dsscommunity read the link above,and go to a place where idiots like him are not tolerated..ONLY friendly helpful people and info...along with the latest files and keys..

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Thanks Bosox for the new key change. You are a great help.

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Whenever the Key change, you can go to this website you the New Key will be posted also for the Newbies, There will be a zip file with all the software that you need to run your Fortec Receiver.
Click Here

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Thanks Bosox for providing the new key change.

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need new key for 3-31-05

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rolled again.
01 Active
6C BA 94 43 E4 6B EF FF

Can anyone help me, i've inputed the keys and have checked it more then 3 times and i've inpute the right keys but it still doesn't work. what am i doing wrong?

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The new key codes did not work. Anyone know why?

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The new key codes did not work. Anyone know why?

when you change one key, do you have to do anythin to the other? or re enter the 00 key?

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KEY00=28 B7 91 31 06 C1 A9 50 ....changed 3-30
KEY01=6C BA 94 43 E4 6B EF FF ..changed 3-31....ACTIVE

No U do Not need to change the key that is not ACTIVE,assuming U already changed earlier..

These are the latest firmware for pansat with auto roll.

X-75BL_050314_236cE_api for pansat 2300A
X-85BL_050405_246_api for pansat 2500A
X-85BL2_050330_245_api for pansat 1500A
X-87BL_050315_101_api for pansat 2700A
X-95BL_3032_2005_0405_api for pansat 5000HC

they all autoroll. you don't have to deal with entering key changes again.

download the files free here

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be carefull with these idiots at dsscentral....They will sell your emails to spam companys and you will get spam out the have been warned..
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