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I just purchased a Home Theater system from my friend but can't seem to find information on the internet on the brand or unit. The unit is an EPIPHANY SOLO LIMITED. The box also has Holographic Imaging System. Has anyone heard of this brand? If so can you please let me know where I can get additional info. Thanks in Advance.

robert j thompson
That is exactly what I was going to ask. I bought some epiphany speakers and wanted some info on them. Let me know what you find out.

Ok same here I got the Epiphany solo limited unit and can't find info on it? need help?

Alot of help guys , thanks.

Same here, this was the only hit on my search...too bad.

ask the store where you purchased your system. May be they can help.

This could be useful.

I bought a set of Epiphany 1200 series floor speakers
and I have not been able to find any info on them especially the hook-up. They are listed for warranty in Hollywood Ca. on Hollywood Bvld. but directory assistance has no listing??????? The rear of the speakers have four hook-ups black and red on top and another set of black and red on the bottom connected with a brass fitting that connects black with black and red with red and are removable one speaker works fine but I can't get sound from other.....any suggestions???????

Edwin Garcia
After countless hours of research all over the internet, I couldn't find
any information on that brand. I'm not sure if it ever went out of
business but I had no luck. I bought the SOLO Limited from these 2 guys in
a van that were in a Home Depot parking lot in NJ. I paid $300. In the instructions, there are no customer numbers listed. I first connected it to my new Toshiba 50H71 projection TV and picture quality was not good even though I was using all Monster 3 cables. Also unit does not have a Component output which I prefer. Anyhow I'm currently using it with my 12year old Sharp 25 inch and it does not look that bad.
Sound on unit is not bad at all but Unit also gets pretty hot while in use since it has the built in amp. PLEASE DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN $200 - $300 FOR THIS UNIT. FOR OVER $400 YOU CAN GET A KNOWN BRAND LIKE KENWOOD OR SONY OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT WILL COME WITH WARRANTY AND PEACE OF MIND. ONCE YOU BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE, YOU'LL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN. My advice is if you bought one just like me good luck, if not, do not bother to spend your money. Buy something else if anything. Hope this helps.
Bought a real unit this time. Got the Onkyo HTS650 which I'm waiting to connect. Selling my Epiphany system if anyone is interested.

Just bought one out of a van at my local gas station.....$360.00!!!!! Freackin does not work!!! I'm going to get a copy of the video gas station and get their license plate number and bust these sobs's!!!!!! Im pissed...did anybody do anything and report these guys? they had bs id tags around their necks!!!!! im really ticked cause i dont have this kind of $$$ plus i dont like being f'ed with!!!! they are going to pay for this!!! they tod me they were on there way to Danbury, CT!!!

This could be another case of the White Van Scam.

Read this report about the scam.

I bought a set of Epiphany speakers and a Epiphany solo home theater system from two guys in the Home Depot parking lot in Aurora Il. One was a stocky Hispanic guy and the other was a smaller caucasion guy with an earring and a bandanah.They were driving a white Chevy van and had ID's that looked legit.I believe the big guys name was Efrain Roman from a Florida licsense.I paid $360 for the sound system & $250 for the speakers.They are still in the boxes. Looks like I'll be trying to sell them cheap.

Here's some good news. tracked down the distibutor in our area.Sound Vision @414 N. Eisenhower Ln. Lombard Il. Caught the owner there last night. Told him I wanted a refund. He told me I would have to get it from the salesmen (The two guys in the white van). He was good enough to get them on the phone & let me talk to them. I met with them today and got a refund.I checked with the local authorities & unless this stuff is stolen (which I don't think it is), there's not too much you can do about it. These guys didn't give me any hassle about the refund. He stated they are just business men not crooks.

I just have to laugh really hard about this after finding this web site. We just got scammed as well in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. We should have known better because we told the 2 guys that we have never heard of the brand and started to drive a way. One of the kids, ran after our car and convinced us to buy them. Now we are stuck with the cheesy system. The speakers are horrible to listen to. My alarm clock sounds better than this. My husband now wants to go find these 2 kids now, but its not even worth wasting the time. Since they said it wasn't stolen, its really our fault. I kepted telling my husband, " I think we have have been X'd ". Just like the Jamie Kennedy Show.

Epiphany speaker information can be found on WebFerret.

Remember the old saying "If it's too good to be true somethings amiss"

Only buy from an authorized dealer or your factory warranty will not be any good. Go to for the best deal. Free shipping and no sales tax.

Killer K
I got scammed two at home depot parking lot in atlanta, georgia. But im going to get my money back, i garuntee it! They were in a white van too, but they had 2 vans. Let me catch them slippin, i will get payback for every one!

Thanks to Gary for your message...I also bought the same system as you did from a couple of guys in a van. This happened in Orland Park, Illinois. Two questions. Did you try out the system before you took it back? And, second, they really gave you back your money? I'm thinking about calling up the store like you did.



jason edward
Two guys just tried to sell me a $12,000 system for $800. White chevy van the whole works. Said thier boss just loaded 1 system too many and they wanted to dump the system for some pocket change. Thank God I got squirmy. they got mad and left. They wanted to do a quick deal and leave. I looked it up on the internet while they waited and found ya'll. Thanks!!!! The police are looking for them now.!!!

wow i bought a epiphany like 6 months ago paid $400 truly thought i was getting a deal but thank god it works fine for now ............these guys truly get around i see caught me in queens nyc .

What the hell do you people expect from buying something from two guys in a van? Did you guys really think this system would work when you got it home? If it didn't, did you really think you would get it fixed or a refund? If so, I have some property in Florida I'm trying to sell. Call me at 1-800-SUC-KERS.

gary is full of it. i went there and its a construction company. he's probably one of those $#@& in the white van.

gary how did you find them?

Guys I just bought the Epiphany Bantum Towers from the guys in the white van LOL. I gotta tell ya they are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! They absolutely blow away my Bose501 speakers away. I mean it aint even close. I paid $300 to the guys and you couldnt touch similar quality in a audio store for under $750+ ONE HAPPY CAMPER

one happy camper
gary was close, i found the address on its 144N Eisenhauer Pkwy, Lombard IL. the guy's name is chris. i gave him a line of BS and returned the system. he asked me what i paid, who i bought it from and when i got it, that's it. then he gave me a check for a bank around the corner and i cashed it. now i don't feel like such an idiot. never again! the next time i get solicited again, i'm going to see what they are selling and call the cops and tell them i saw them stealing it form a loading dock somewhere. Good luck.

C. Howitt Fitz
I got duped in the parking lot of Elliots Hardware in Grapevine, Texas. I bought the C4 Tower Epiphany Speakers for $ 200. Thought I could add these to my B & W speakers for 7.1 surround system. They sound OK, but look like crap. They are probably worth $ 50. I called the police and gave them their license tag. Nothing more to do. I did call th eguy and request a refund, I'll keep ya posted. This is the first time I got scammed and I feel like an idiot. It was a good scam and I fell for it.

young but not so stupid
This is all interesting because I recall an incident about 12 years ago while I was on the road, a white van (it's amazing that it always appears to be a white van), pulled up next to me at a stop light and the two slick guys in their early 20s told me they were selling speakers and asked me to pull over and check them out.

So we pulled over (I was young and stupid). They opened the sliding side door and inside were stacked boxes. They gave me some story about the company they work for being overstocked and their manager wanted them to do whatever they could to sell what they can.

They opened a box to show me the speakers; very cheezy looking. I don't recall the brand or how much they were asking for, but in the end I told them I wasn't interested. I told them I didn't have any money, and they offered to come with me to an ATM to withdraw some cash. (I wasn't that young and stupid) Needless to say, I didn't go for it, but they were persistent and even suggested trading the gold necklace and sunglasses that I had on for the speakers. Amazing. It seems to be a nationwide phenomenon, as this encounter happened in California.

You guys shouldnt feel so bad, My buddy just spent $4000 on two complete systems and some PA monitors. Though when he sorted it all out it's all missmatched brands and colors. He is from NW Indiana and the white van was from Illinois, they even said the west suburbs too so Lombard must be where they same from. Sucks for him, hopefully he can get his money back like the few others in lombard. So thanks all, for the research and info on these f*#$ers......

I was sitting at home when my father called me to tell me that some guys were offering to sell him some Epiphany C-4 towers and two other speakers for a couple of hundred bucks. The sales guy had given them some pitch about how they had an order that was canceled, but the speakers had already been purchased, so the boss was just giving them all the speakers as a bonus since they only make 9 bucks an hour. The guy told my father to have me check the website for the speakers ( , so I did and found that they were selling online for around $1,400 a speaker. I was amazed and told him he getting a good deal, but I told him to call me back in five minutes so I could do some research on them, to see if any known retailers sell them. Well after one search on google, I found this website and flipped, I immediately called my father back and told him not to buy them, that it was a scam. I also asked if they were in a white van in a parking The moment my father said that he wasn't interested, and that he had heard that there was a scam, the guys jumped in their car and pealed out. We got the license plate number and reported it to the police. Hopefully some justice will be served to these men. This all happened outside BestBuy in Springfield, VA.

Guys, I am totally puzzled by the story about this Epiphany brand. Like most of you I have never heard about this brand until a couple of days ago. My buddy at work told me he got a pair of speakers and wanted to audition them. Someone did tell him about this spam I guess. So, he brought a couple of Epiphany Bantam Towers (surround speakers) I connected them as front speakers to my Denon 3803 (the rest were Klipsch speakers). I have to say they sounded quite good. Lacking some bass, but highs and mids were very solid. Also, they appear to have a very solid build quality, very nice looking furniture-class finish, quite heavy for surrounds. I even advised the guy to go and find a matching pair of front speakers. What puzzles me is that if those guys are crooks and spammers how do they get hold of the quality speakers? On the other hand, the company that makes the speakers for some reason prefers to deal with this questionable distribution system, while they could be quite successful should they start selling their speakes through more legitimate channles. Weird. But the speakers were nice.

young but not so stupid
You know, if you think about it, the word "epiphany" is defined as an "awakening to a truth" or a "sudden realization".

So maybe this is an inside joke from the manufacturer of these speakers; that if you buy these speakers, you will eventually have your own personal epiphany. You'll come to the realization that you've been duped; but it will be too late, because all that you'll be left with is the smell of the exhaust from the white van.

This is how I define Epiphany: Un-f-ing-believa-ble!!! I came on line with the intention of auctioning my brand new Epiphany Model H3 Towers, with a retail value of $1,469 (according to the company website). I figured I could probably sell them for hmmm, $1000 a piece maybe, not bad considering the fact that I basically stole them from "Two Guys in a White Van" for $200. But then, I stumbled onto this site... Nonetheless, I put these two speakers, black with a silver 6.5 inch Cone speaker on the front, and a 10" woofer on the side, all encased in a beutiful black diamond wood tower (an attractive system) against my 601 Bose'. They sound good... But, I think I'm going to go and rent a white van, throw them in the back, take some acting classes, and pass them off to some greedy-deal-seeking-fool...

A wise old man once said: "Never buy anything unless it is from a store where you can return it"

Look out Dallas Texas.Same 2 guys in white van with plate # 7HTM11<~~Texas plate

Soundivision - Here is the Lombard IL phone number - 630-495-9330
Ask for Derrick between 7 - 9 pm. The office is located in the back of the UNMARKED building. Go there with some buddies and get your money back! The place is just full of white trash H.S. dropouts.

I purchased an Onkyo HT-S650 for $250.00 from the van guys and guess what? It works great. What a deal. They threw in Monster Home Theater Kit 200 for $20.00.

Proper Hookup
I bought a pair of the epiphany bantam towers for 200 bucks. At first I thought I was totally scammed, especially after reading about all these dissatisfied people. I had realized that I had not hooked the speakers up properly. If this is the model you have, make sure that you keep the brass clips attached securely so the current runs through both the top and the bottom screws and use the bottom hookups for the speaker wire. Now they sound great. As good as if not better than my floor standing polk audios.

Lesson: Never buy from two guys in a white van.
Had a similar thing here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Guy had speakers from a guessed it a white one. I said no, and walked away, got in my car and drove as he continued his 'act'.

I'm from Madison Ga. and I was coming out my local Ingle's Grocery store, and these two SOB'S pulled up in a WHITE VAN and sold me a pair of epiphany speaker. But the good thing about this story is that the speakers play GREAT, and the SON OF B----s didn't get anthing close to what they was asking. SO a word to the wise, DON'T BUY FROM A WHITE VAN. IF I SEE THE BA-TARDS I'M GOING TO KICK THIER a--

Just Say NO
I just don't understand you folks esp. Anonymous from Georgia. Purchasing is a 2 way deal. No one forced you to make this purchase. Are you so easily influenced by 2 guys selling stuff from their van? Can't say "no, not interested" and walk away?? You say the speakers play "GREAT". You paid less than the asking price. So what exactly is your gripe?
What do you expect buying merchandise out of the back of a truck!!!!

Georgian One Up
I ran into the infamous white van today. I got them to follow me to a gas station about 5 miles from my house and wait there until I went and tested 2 of the speakers out. I left a $100 cash deposit as I felt that if the speakers did suck, the cabinets were worth that. The black ones are good looking speakers. I took the 2 front speakers home and hooked them up. Sounded like 6x9's in a cardboard box. I went back up there and gave them the speakers back and told them that I was not interested. One of the guys got really pissed off but the other one kept his cool. Cool dude, if you read this, leave that loser and go get a real job. Best of Luck and always try before you buy. Georgia is a "Buyer Beware" state.

I came across these three guys in a white van out-
side a warehouse club. I purchased the Epiphany
Solo for $500. After hooking the system up...
to be honest I was truely impressed with it's
performance. So, I was driven to find out more
about this product and I arrived here. After,
patiently reading through every entry on this site
I have to admit I am a bit confused. I have been
looking around for a home audio
after store...and this system outperformes any
display demo I have experienced. So, I guess most of you cats are just coming across the wrong
white van because the one that came my way delivered performance. I'm not encouraging anyone to go this route I am just speaking of my
experience on this subject.

HA! i'm such a sucker! but i didn't buy. Jan 28, 2003. 2 dudes, white van, Marietta, GA. i'm walking out of the FedEx on Windy Hill. They give the pitch. I think...Epiphany...hmmm...have i heard of that? So...the dudes come to my house so i can research the speakers on the internet! I even gave one of them a mello yello. I can't find jackSH** on the internet except for their own crappy site and a C4 on ebay for $50 with no bidders. I told them I couldn't buy something that had no market on ebay and no reputation or presence on the net. I feel like such a dumbass but I'm posting this to warn others! watch out!

BTW, after they left i searched for "epiphany audio scam" and here i am....

I also heard someone purchased some Cypress speakers. Anyone hear of those. I can't even find a scam report on those.....
Happened to me in Newington Ct a month ago. Walked away luckily....
Some friends of mine were not so lucky and bought them. Haven't heard the verdict on the quality. They look nice on the Epiphany website.
My advice stay away

just me in Chicago
Just bought the "white van" sold Ephiphany solo limited in Hoffman Estates for $400 it works, at least for now, but my $350 Panasonic DVD player with component video kicks butt compared to that DVD (the sales people who even set the thing up in my home agreed). I sure hope the warranty is sound or I get at least 2 years. The guys assured me the firm they work for in the suburbs of Chicago has been around for 12 years & not going anywhere - I even have the phone numbers (and called them) of the two sales people

Ho Ho Ho Ho Hilary
Ok, went to the website, they don't even have real copyright laws. Just scroll down to the bottom of their page and look at the bottom.


All content is (c) Epiphany, 2002 unless otherwise noted


What the hell is (c)? The crippled Copyright law? Guys, if these people were not white trash with white trash garbage, I would be suprised. Any idiot can make the correct sign. © Voila!

Just got an offer from two young guys outside the Staples in Bowie, MD. The rap was the same. They claim to be $7 an hour lackies that came across overstock their boss was letting them unload. Too good to be true is too good to be true. Look out Maryland, they're here.

Now these guys are in a very nice Tahoe in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area.The one boys name according to his driver's license is Paul M Allen. He is probably the besst talker I have ever met. Shows you pictures of his baby, says his dad works for the sherriff's department and is very personable.Have his address and driver's license number but sure this won't do one bit of good. God, are we stupid or what?

you know thanks for the compliment.Ive been selling them for 3 1\2 years and i love my life.
[all you pay me for is my superb show]
So all you whiners that got slammed by me you just
bought me a knew CADILLAC!
TRIPLE SET KING sincerly yours

ps.and a knew big

yes a KNEW big screen TV, well guess what? Im am not as big an idiot as you. You can't even spell you red-neck fuk face.

south jersey lesson
They are in jersey too...... in the home depot on the Black Horse Pike in English Creek, near Mays Landing. The little voice saying no was not loud enough..... thank God the bantam towers actually work and sound pretty good. They were a gift for my husband who had just started shopping for speakers. I paid a bit over 200. Perhaps I didn't get exactly what I paid for, but as all so far have said..... what can one expect purchasing from fast talkers in a white van in a parking lot. And for all you slick salesmen scamming people out there...... karma!!!! maybe not today.... but bad deeds will come back to haunt you, so don't be so comfortably smug.

I can't believe it. I live in Manhattn and got scammed right in front of my apartment. Two white guys with Jersey plates in a SoundVision Van. If anyone knows how to get my $300 back for the H3 towers I bought from these two as____es I would appreciate the help.

Guess what? i have a dvd solo system and its GREAT!! What are you people talking about?
Where could you get a DVD player and the Dolby digital Receiver in one, with mp3 and cd player plus surround sound for under $400?
Those vans really gave you a good deal.
Maybe you should go buy a Sony DVD player, then go buy a complete surround sound system with the receiver and dolby digital decocoder is always much more expensive.

Professor L
I recently got ripped off on the Epiphany C4 Towers. It sux that I got scammed. What is the deal with the two pos and two neg in the back of them. What is the best way to hook them up? Can someone tell me how to make these sound the best out of my receiver? Thanks.

In downtown Atlanta GA, I saw the white van today.. the two guys tried to sell me the hometheater system. I told them that I didn't have any money. They insisted. And made the price cheaper and cheaper. But I told them that yesterday I had bought a laptop and was out of money. I offered them drugs for the speakers to see what they said. They looked at each other. Then they told me to wait for a minute and talked with each other and then decided not to go for it. They almost did though. So if you see the guys, just try to rip them off like they try to rip you, because the drugs that I was going to give them aren't really drugs.

I met with the two guys in the white van in a parking lot in Mishawaka, ,In. they said that they had picked up this merchandise at a dock in Chicago and that the person who loaded their truck had accidently put an extra system in the van. They said that they called their boss in Chicago and he told them that if they came back with it they would be foolish. So they needed to dump it off before they could deliver the Two that had been ordered by a distributor, and that they had to do it before 4:30 pm. Well it was already 4:40pm.They seemed to be in a hurry because they were going to be late. Like an idiot I bought into it. when I got the s..t I went to the web site and found all of the above stories. Lucky for me I am a home boy here in MY town. I tracked them down, and without hesitation they gave me my money back. But on the way back to get their s..t I led them to the local police department. To my supprise they didn't run. Turns out that the cops couldn't touch them because it wasn't stolen, even though I presented to them a print out of all the letters listed above at this site. I should have listened to my heart when it told me that "if a deal is too good to be true,IT IS. So I was lucky to get my money back, and the only one to seemingly get in any trouble here was me, because the cop scolded me for buying. They walked off scott free. Upon leaving the one person stated to me that he was only a businessman. I corrected him in that areal man is an honest man, and that he was not. There has got to be a way to skin these a..wipes from Chi(ster) town IL.

My wife just bought an Epiphany Holographic Imaging System tonight at the Bigfoot Amoco in Normal, IL. She paid $500, and I knew it was garbage before it even came out of the box(es). You can buy name-brand, factory warrantied, higher quality equipment at Best Buy or Circuit City.

Just yesterday I had nixed an idea about taking my kids to Disneyworld for lack of money. I didn't know we had an "extra" $500 lying around.

So a big thank-you goes out to my wife, who can "buy anything she wants," and to the "white van guys" for allowing my wife to reach her full potential in selfishness.

young but not so stupid
You know, I'm continuing to check up on the stories added to this message string and I'm amazed at how many people have the same story. 12 years ago, when I had my encounter with the infamous white van, I thought I was the only one.

I guess I was one of the lucky ones who didn't buy into this scam. But you know, I really don't blame you folks who forked over your money; I mean, sure it was your choice to say no, but these slick guys are professional liars and they push really hard to make their sale. Don't blame your spouse or family member for bringing this stuff home; blame the bastarrd liars in the white van that sold it to them.

white van - n. dallas
just a warning to those in n. dallas/plano area near Preston Rd. have met 2 speaker sales people in 2 days! had initial one last fall (2002). in two cases, a chick was driving and was somewhat attractive. this may be part of new strategy for the outfit. 2 guys were alongside/in the back.

i did not listen to scam, but next time i may pursue. then walk off. i will be listening for "ephiphany towers".

looks like i just got scammed by the same guys, NJ

People ... people .. people ... come on ... Listen, if you take a look at all these stories, they're all the same, boring, no life, got scamed, blah-blah-blah stories. If you ask me, I think that even though you THINK you got ripped off, the truth is you just like making big conflicts over little situations. I personally have a complete system with 4 bantams, one sub, and a cypress center channel, and I fu*kin love it. Why do I have the system? Because all day, every day, I go out and take your money. It's not a scam, it's instant gratification to making your day go better, with a deal of a life time. I'll tell you right now, these bantams are the best speakers I've ever heard, don't believe me? GET SOME. I have to go now, I'll check back later. Oh, and by the way, you may think we're white trash, but every day I come home with cash on cash laying in my pockets because I can present my self properly, talk properly, and take your money with a straight face. How many white trash people do you know who can do that, with out going to law school?? Thanks for reading.


PMA=OPM is right folks. It's not a scam unless the product you got doesn't work or is mis-represented. Most of you got the chance to test the speakers or dvd player before you decided to purchase. YOU made the decision to buy. You wanted a quick, slick deal & you got one.
Next time, y'all might want to ask for their local sales license, if they cannot show you one, then you'd better beware.

OPM- Isnt it the best to have. These people want
to give you the world when they think THEY are the ones pulling the wool over on the wharehouse
guys. people you are mad because we were able to
get you to buy speakers out of your pure greed
As long as human nature is present the speaker guys will make money. And for the ones saying that youre gonna hurt us if you catch us,you are
outside the law in that statement. why dont you check the deal you made on your last car or truck

lol .. why hang up your keys?
Your morals are corrupt, you now live with lying and deciept .. face it, you're stuck driving the white van for the rest of your life.
Oh yeah .. enjoy driving the white van, because while you're out lying and cheating people out of their money, I'm with your wife laughin about how much of a loser you are.

young but not so stupid
Hey, like I said, the people in the white vans are professional liars. Most of them probably have no other skills to make a living, so they use the only thing they're good at... lying.

In order to alleviate themselves from any guilt, they shift the blame from themselves to their victims. They call their victims "greedy". How much sense does that make, and who would you say are really the greedy ones. They probably read that one out of their "White Van Scam Training Manual".

Put it this way; How willing would they be, to talk in public to normal people (like at a freind's party) about the work that they do, without feeling ashamed or like they had something to hide? Why is that?

They'll say anything to justify what they do in order to reduce their feelings of guilt, just like they'll say anything to scam their victims. That's pretty sad. In a way, I don't really have anger towards them, but rather, I pitty them for what they are.

dos mdder fkrs
A good friend of mine got taken down that road.
He only payed $150.00.. Atlantic city area Post the tag numbers please!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought 2 Bantum speakers in the home depot parking lot in MI and should have bought the full 6 speaker deal from them because the speakers are great for what I paid. The real question is how do I find the guys to get the rest of the system now? My mistake.

Arty Art
These van guys really seem to like Home Depot parking lots. I was approachecd at one, and offered first the speakers, and then the Solo DVD system. Looked crappy, even though one of the guys "called" his boss and checked the price on the system ($3,495). I didn't buy sh_t. In response to the people who have indeed purchased the system and are happy with it: Good for you. However, please don't brag about the benefits of a $500 Epiphany system with all the "features" -- you can get the same stuff at BestBuy or Crutchfield for 300-500, and the brands will be Sonys, Panasonics and JVCs. I don't know about you, but I'll take one of those three over Epiphany any day.


Rob YouBlind

feb 12, 2003
I go to get my haircut, in Orange. These two guys in a WHITE VAN, with some logo on the side stop me in the parking lot in ORANGE, CONNECTICUT. They give me this 'spec sheet' its a damn laminated webpage printout of something off of Long story short, this just happened about 5 - 6 hours ago. This guy in a van with his obvious confidence scheme cohort, say hey you want home stereo man? I always love a laugh so I check it out, these dirtbags....oh geez. Anyways he shows me these boxes full of junk labeled Epiphany. All sealed, new looking like,...I dunno boxes of stereo stuff. He shows me the sheet which has it listed as 1,450.00 or some other astronomical price! He says because these speakers were paid for by showcase cinemas in milford, THAT HAS TO BE SLANDER, using their name to sell junk, and they cancelled their order his boss told him to 'unload' them, just throw them out he even says. See he can't keep them because he lives somewhere in 'New York' So he has to sell them to me, right now. I say well I don't have 14 hundred for no name speakers. He asks how much do you have? I say nothing becausre this guy looks so fcking hungry, I've been mugged before, thats the look he had on his face. I guess if his parents tried a little harder and he got some education or learned a skill or a craft. No let's rip off our fellow citizens. So skeptical, I say I gotta shoot up the road, i'll come back in 15 minutes. Its only a mile and I have to show my dad this sht. He recounts how 5 weeks ago some persistent puerto rican guy, similar description of van and appearance, tried to sell him some 'audio stuff', 'cell phones' 'whatever you want',..etc.....
hmmmm so anyways I go back to supercuts, i just wanna get my haircut. I tell the guy not interested. He becomes beligerent and theatens to punch my fcking face in. And my whiteboy azz is gonna give him something. He says, you got five dollars? No.
I know you do, you owe me for wasting my time. Give me some money motherfcker. I told this guy, 'NO!' get the fck out of my way. I gotta say I felt like a bittch, but this greasy bastrd took me by surprise. This guy was conning me, even though I knew it from the get go, so persistent, so arrogant so aggresive. Anyways I tell him If he I'm going to get in my car now and just fcking leave. I just sort of said that, not sure why. Luckily there was atleast 1 witness it was daylight and a highly frequented road. This bastrd was a mugger in sheeps clothing, his last name was Romero and says his base of operations is in stamford, ct.
He was about 5'9'', black hair, perto rican, with a u.s marine keychain string holding on his 'official salesdick' license around his neck.

here's what I do know about these guys;
1. The company name is Sound Division, that was the logo on their Van, they are located in Stamford.

2. The ringleader places adds in the Norwalk Hour, Call Jim 203-323-0741 <<<any questions try this dick.

3. They have a 'great' website

That's all I know check out the connecticut section of, they have OODLES on this white van scam. P.S If anyone sees Mr. Romero from Sound Division in Stamford, who's manager MAY be named Jim
at this number 203-323-0741 tell him if he still wants to punch me in the face Im up for it.
PS if you do get the license plate please post it here I want to file a complaint with local cops, state cops and my lawyer. They drive the standard long white van but the sign, which is one of those magnetic take off put on types reads Sound Design, they claim to only install Movie Theatres sound systems and such.

I am making a second request to anyone in, or around, Manhattan who can offer information on these Soundivision guys. I would really like to track them down. If you have a name, # or licence plate I would appreciate the tips.

Hope this site helps you guys out

Whie Van Scam...Epiphany Bantam Towers

Just like the warning and article. Exhuberant, fell upon a windfall and had to get rid of product ASAP. Three white guys in white Chevy van. Telegraph and Goddard area. I payed $265 fom the ATM and pocket change. Haven't tried them yet...hope they sound good.

Michigan Distributor...
a.k.a. Vision Ventures
11700 Wormer Street
Redford, Michigan 48239
Contact: Larry Kaiser

By the way, he removed his street number, so it's very hard to find his warehouse. We talked to Larry Kaiser, but he was very rude. Basically, he said he was a distributor and can't do anything about refunding the money. He is not responsible for returns, even though he sells directly to the van drivers. If we wanted a refund, we have to go directly to the guys in the white van. Then he left quickly, claiming he had an appointment with his attorney.

My brother-in-law just got "scammed" today, February 13, 2003. Happy Valentines Day! I'm sure he won't be getting any from his wife tomorrow! Just for the record, we live in Farmington Hills, Michigan and the scam occurred at a Home Depot!

I don't know why you people call this a scam. Anyone who is selling a product is going to say it's the best there is and what not, much like Bose workers, QVC, Nike, ect. As a consumer it's up to you to make sound choices, like someone said earlier in this thread, you bought them because you thought you were getting over, instead you got bent over, and now you feel cheated. But you didn't think you were cheating anyone buying $2500 speakers for $250. These people are not much different from door to door sales men, and you have no problem saying no to them, but because they were selling something you wanted you listened. So really, the only person you scammed, was yourself.

Hi everyone, sorta seems like this is one of those AA meetings that you see in movies... Hi I'm so and so, and I bought a set of speakers from a couple of guys in a white van....

Well, I guess you can add me to that list. I should have known better, but oh well. I have yet to hook up the speakers to see if they actually work, but I got those epiphany C4 speakers.

Anyway, I found some info on the company. I searched the web and found this site (ecoustics), but I also figured I would search on ebay to see what I could find. Here is what I found:

Take a look on ebay, it looks as if some people are getting a little cash back from this deal. I just feel bad for the people who are buying from them.

Hey peeps, it's me again. I try telling you guys, but very few of you seem to listen, it's NOT a scam, it's not even a bad deal. like I said before, it's instant gratification to making your day go better. You know, it really boggles me to hear about someone who thinks they are getting F'ed, and they haven't even pulled the freakin speakers out of the box yet. Seriously, can anyone else agree with that? Yes, I am a speaker guy, and very proud of it. I'll tell anyone who asks me what I do for a living. I don't feel ashamed or wrong, and I certainly don't put any blame on my customers, not "victims." It's my business, my company, just because I don't set up shop, advertise, and wait for something to happen, doesn't make me a bad person. I'm extremely educated, and I was always told that if you wait for something to happen, life won't just pass you by, it'll run you over. My van is my shop, and I feel smarter that way, no phone bills, gas bills, electric bills, or even rent. I don't have to pay for advertising, because I don't want to wait for you to come to me, I go to you, and I have everything it takes to make the deal happen NOW. So tell me, who's a smarter business owner? I'm tired now, I think I'll go watch my big screen, sit back on my italian leather sofas, and enjoy life. What do you know, I get my weekends off. Isn't that great? By the way, a slam I made yesterday, on valentines, the guys name was Curtis, if you should happen to read this, I just wanted you to know that you were probably the coolest guy I've ever sold to, and I hope you're loving your new big screen, and C4s. Peace I'm out.

You know, PMA=OPM, it may be that the speakers are not bad at all. I am not complaining about that. I won't complain about that until I actually hook them up and try them. Actually, I expect that they will work pretty good. If they don't, then shame on me, because I should have known better than to buy from some guy out of the back of a white van. However, I don't anticipate any problems with the speakers.

What I didn't like is the fact that I was lied to. If these are quality speakers as you state, and this is a legitimate business, then why is there a need to lie to your customer. Your whole method of doing business is a lie, so why are you suprised when people get upset? Tell the truth.

If the products are as good as you claim, then they will sell themselves. Here you are, operating a business based on lies, there is no method of trying to contact you if someone does have a problem, and anyone who has anything to do with the speakers takes the fifth whenever questioned. You also only deal in cash, so that there is no paper trail (It also makes it convient for you not to have to report sales to the government). Seems like a scam to me. Someday you will probably scam the wrong person, and you'll get caught. It would be naive of me to say that I hope you learn your lesson, because you won't. I just hope that others might see these forum messages and hear the warnings before it is too late.

Like I stated earlier, if the speakers are as good as you claim, then they will sell themselves via word of mouth. There is no need to lie. However, due to the way you operate and word of mouth, your operating area will continue to shrink as we tell others not to deal with you.

Plain and simple fact is that you are a liar. I hope you change, but I doubt you will.

Yup, been there, done that, been had!

Atlanta, same white van, same pair of illiterates, same line of crap, god what an idiot for falling for their line,

By the way, anyone want to buy this really great Solo system and tower speakers still in box, I'll sell them, cheap, (white van not inlcuded)!

I say the next time anyone sees this van, instead of ignoring the salesman, kick the living sh*t out of them. Then, take all the equipment and dump the van down by the river. I haven't been scammed by them, but if I see them, I'm going to start swinging without even letting them deliver their pitch.

jason taylor
unfreakin believable.....Tha ATL. sh.tty white van, just two drugged out lookin young twenty somethings out to make a deal. I have to say though I thought for sure it was hot merchandise...glad to hear it's solo limited sounds and works great....maybe its the white van, don't know.....the only bad that may come of this is the fact that if i keep it going like i have, i'll be looking for a new place to live....everybody around me at my apts. has to be gettin pissed, unless they like my music.

hate'n life for ya....take the good with the bad

Hey guys I'd like to get everyone from Georgia who has gotten scammed by these people together. Please tell me all the information you know about who they were.. and if possible lisence plate numbers... names they gave you and numbers. I am going to contact my attorney about this soon. On the receipt it say that we are atleast entitled to get our money back.

Rick U.
My wife, trusting soul she is, got 2 "Bantam Towers" from a white van at a gas station in southern CT (this time from a woman named Vanessa, I think). She paid $260. Vanessa said she could get her money back by calling a guy named "Dan".

I called this "Dan" the next day at a cell #, and he said just follow the directions on the back of the receipt (which I didn't have in front of me). You have to return them within 3 days (& many other conditions). 1st problem, the sale date was illegible. 2nd problem, the price was illegible. 3rd problem, Dan never answered his phone again or returned msgs.

Haven't tried the spkrs yet... I'll let you know.

Ledco Ltd.
Same Van, Same sales staff. But honestly I love my solo system it's only a notch or two under the bose system for 1/5 of the price. I wasn't two thrilled with the h-3's. I've only hooked them up to the solo, I wonder if I have to drive them with a better amp or amp the solo output. anybody know? I gotta say though that my hats off to these guys. I've been in sales my whole life, and that was one of the best pitches I ever saw, I'm not easily fooled. but the stuff works great and i feel I got my moneys' worth. The only reason any of the people on this forum are pissed off,(with the exception of those who bought non-functioning equipment)is because you thought you were getting a chance to rip off the manufacturer. I'm not mad at all, I'm impressed
Sales requires tenacity as does business. it's not how I would run my business, but it seems to work. And the only reason it works is because so many people will become interested if they think they're the ones doing the cheating.

Keep up the good work guys but if you really want to make real cash find somthing you can sell
with integrity. The truly good salesman is the one who can sell somthing honestly, and the money is much better.

I read your thing about your big screen TV's
Look me up when you want to brag about your new airline or your new shopping mall. Maybe some day I'll see ya in the big leagues.


Meow Mix
Wow, this scam has been going on for a while! I had some fools do this to me 3yrs. ago at the LMU campus here in Los Angeles. I just laughed at their sales pitch (We just came back from a celebrity's house and did this amazing set up with these speakers, and we realized that we have one set too many, so we're not going to tell our boss about this.) I can't believe the huge amount of people falling for their scam. I've seen them 4 times in 4yrs., and all in their white vans with many of these speaker sets inside. Why would you trust anything being sold out of a car??

I just got scammed at a parking lot off RTE 22 in Scotch Plains New Jersey. I bought the Bantam Towers for $234 and now feel like a heel. I almost got in my car and left, but the pitch was good and now I am out of the money.

Just having had twin boys, that money could have been better spent on formula or diapers, but you live and learn.

support yourtown
You guys are amazing! This is the funniest story I've read in ages. Thanks for my laughs for today.
Greed strikes again---and again---and again. Yes, indeed, why would you buy anything from strangers out of a car, especially if you truly want quality? I'm in the process of buying my first home theater components, and believe me, I'm shopping at my local audio/video dealers. They need my business, and I need their technical support because I'm planning on using this equipment for years and years. When I support my local independent small business dealers, they will be there to help keep my community friendly and knitted together. Those guys in the white van and nationwide box stores like Home Depot don't care about me or my town. My local audio/video dealer does. Shop locally!

yeah so it happend to me tooo.... Unlike everyone else thus far i dont care. I had seen them 4 years ago outside of nyc....These couldnt be the same guys...But the pitch was the same. Droping off speakers to somewhere in villanova..They loaded us with too many so we gotta ditch these b4 we go back...Anyway its three guys with jersey plates saying they are from Cherry hill NJ...Either way be aware and hope you guys dont get stuck with shite you dont want
Either way check the cover on the side of the towers does seem to stay on for me.... :-(
My Email is posted if you have any Ouestions or have any comments....please put epiphany in the subject line so i dont delete it.

either way east coasters beware

I got scammed yesterday at about 6pm in Newington CT.
I got 2 H3 Towers for $150
so it's not that bad but still, im pissed and wanna find out how to get those guys or get my money back.
Did anyone else get scammed in Newington?
If anyone has any new info on these guys just email me.

God you people are stupid. You did NOT get scammed. These items are not stolen. they might not be all that good but they are legit. Plain and simple you got sold by some good street salesmen sellign whatever they can to make a living. You got greedy and now you hae buyers remorse is all. Call all the cops you want. they arent selling stolen stuff. you just got greedy and bought second rate goods. Now you are going to cry scam?

one pissedoffmotherfu....
i got taken for $100....the white man is the devil

Its funny but i see these guys alot around the lower fairfield county area, and they all have the same story, come on guys even if this stuff isnt stolen atleast be some what truthful so just for that imma put you guys on front street every time I see a different salesperson. Inoticed these two white guys trying to sell this stuff in the Stratford CT and Fairfield CT Home Depot parking lot driving a white van G.M brand license plate NMX-72P New Jersey plates two white males in their early 20's. If I see any more of these guys i will post them up.

Oh yeah for every stupid A$$ that approaches me with this same story on how the truck was overloaded and need to get rid of the stuff imma smack the sh!t out of you!!!! Cause I am not the one!!!!!! Its funny I never see you guys in the Bridgeport CT Home Depot cause you would get robbed for your stuff and the Sh!it kicked out of you.

Heard there's a special paint you paint a wall with to use as projector screen. Anybody heard of such paint and where to get it. thanks.

Suckered like the rest
Well at least its good to know I wasn't the only one. I am in the GA ATL area and I bought 2 H-2's for $120. They work ok.. I fell for the same thing everyone else did albeit not stolen or not functioning. Mine work fine for now.

BTW all those who have the H-2's the 4 hookups in back are as follows.. Top 2 are main sound bottom two (With connector pin inbetween them ) are to ADD more speakers to, without that connector bracket there is no use for the bottom connections.. Its kind of a loop thing add more for better sound.

Anyway it happened to me in front of work, I was thinking stolen or too good to be true, however I was greedy and bought them anyway.

My hat goes off to those smooth talkers, however as was stated earlier in this string if you like the quality of the stuff you sell then have the company sell it legit with a possibility of refund for unsatisfied customers..

And to everyone else Buyer Beware. Look into ANYTHING you buy, for your own peace of mind..

Suckered like the rest

PMA you sound like a real go getter..I would like to hire your professional services, I will train you and show you the only thing you are missing to be happy when you close a deal..integrity. and at the same time pass by my house,check my electronic toys, meet my happy family and my great circle of friends..most of them were once customers of mine..say hello to your dad..great job.

happened valentines day 2003
thought we got taken for sure
i didn't even check to see
if speakers were in the boxes
hook 'em up and rock out
mine work great
c-4 towers bought in plano tx.
white van 2 white guys
one big guy w/ piercings

one sm. long hair
great salesman
too risky though
lucked out my
first and only time
to buy something of the street

LOL everyone they screwed me today. I have the liscence plate numbers and i know whre the 2 kids in the white van live. I followed them back an hr from where i live in NJ just so i would know if they didnt work. Well i am asking you guys to ask around and send $1 to me so i can take these kids to court or at least make this thing public so more an more people dont fall for the same scam we did. I appreciate this very much if you are intrested you can email me at

PUNKS Thought I got a Deal of a life time they suck not only did my wife call me a fool she was right
Easton Pa same story New Jersey License plates
White Van with soundvision on it 2 guys and 1 chick

This white van scam thing has interested me so much only because I have never ever seen these guys up here in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Has anyone here seen these guys in or around Vancouver, BC in Canada?

I would love to find them and see this for myself!!

well like you guys i purchased a pair of these speakers but i got them from a friend i blew the tweeters in mine but i'll tellyou what i know good speakers when i hear them they were kickass speakers i just wish i could get the tweeters and crossovers fixed i already had a pair of polk audios that i paid 500 apiece for from circuit city that i knew was junk from the beginning so i didnt get ripped off they are very good speakers i wouldnt mind having another pair i just pumped to much power through them, and any grade school moron should know what binding posts onthe back of a speakr are only thing is that the marketing strategy is very suspect and the cabinetry is of very high quality and workmanship that is what made me purchase these speakers from my freind i know good quality cabnet work becausei do some of that as a hobby its very time consuming so pma if you read this maybe you can help me get some replacement tweeters i really like my speaker.

can you say "run on sentence"

Well well well... What do we have here... A bunch of new people. Oooops hold on... give me a sec. I think I'm going to take the day off today and go over all the publications in all the websites to see if I can hire some people to work with me.

What the hell are you talking about?

clown vomit
PMA=OPM is a 13 year old kid who wants you to believe he sells speakers using deceptive and border-line illegal sales tactics. He's trying to make friends at school, trying to fit in and will do just about anything (including posting ridiculous fantasies).

An imposter . not the real "white van" guy.

anyone know about cypress serious cinema 6.4 home theater set of speakers? My father just bought these from two white man drove a chevy Tahoe...Is this a scam? or not? and which connector use for these speakers? Thanks

This entire thread is too good to be true. Are we sure that this "two guys in a white van" story is not just an urban legend?

When I get old I am going to tell my grandchildren of this great tale.

This is pure entertainment...

Legally, you just implicated yourself, and can have criminal charges raised against you. I'd be more careful what you say in the future. This BBS forum is considered a legal document, and may be used as evidence in the court of law.

Greg Lee
If people can disagree this much about the quality of the white-van systems, it seems clear that some are being unduly influenced by extraneous factors. Either you think they're great because you don't like to think you've been had, or you think their awful because of the odd way they are, er, marketed. Whatever. But don't you think there is an interesting moral here for what to believe when you hear or read recommendations for audio systems that are widely sold, widely reviewed and widely discussed?

SounDivision is hiring here in Atlanta, i went down there today for an "interview" with a guy named J.C. ... the ad was in the AJC on sunday

" enjoyment opportunities "

i didnt know anything about this company until i decided to research and this forum link was the only thing to come up. after reading in this forum, i have decided not to pursue employment with "SounDivision"

That's too bad they took off PMA's message. It was pure gold.

SoundDiVision set up shop for a fleating moment last night in the parking lot of Lowe's in Charlottesville, VA. I laid down $180 for a sub-woofer. I tried it out and I can say that it at least works and sounds o.k. thus far; it probably is as good as the cheapest subwoofer at Crutchfield (low end Sony for $99). It looks good and feels sturdy so I'm guessing the materials alone in this thing must have been $30-$50 in cost to the manufacturer & margins on audio components are pretty high to begin with, so I figure I paid about $80 too much. They sold me the same line about their boss, had the same van, etc.

They were pushing hard for me to buy the speakers also for another $200, but I told them flat out that I thought there was a good chance that I was being somehow scammed and that if I got scamed for $200 I would be mildly ticked but if I got scammed for $400 than I'd really be pissed off. Should have gone with my gut and not parted with more than $80 for the sub-woofer, which is probably what it is worth. Shame on me!

From reading these posts, it seems that this is a 'professional' business opportunity for individuals who hold themselves to lower ethical standards than legitimate business people. I'm sure that the components are of low quality but at least they work, and I don't believe they are stolen. The bottom line is that these people have taken consumer marketing tactics to an all time low, but it appears to be working!

As the saying goes, "caveat emptor"...

White van, two twenty something white males, speakers and Epiphany Home Theater Systems, West Springfield, Massachusetts. Tuesday, March 11, 2003.

I was gotten by this scam about a month ago, I bought two of the floor speakers for $200 dollars, and I tried to take them to the pawn shop an all he offered was $100, but I am determined to get what I paid for them. It was two guys and a girl in a white van, and I was suckered in as it seems everybody else was. My incident happened int Atlanta, GA, and about a week later I was approached by another white van trying to sell me a sub woofer, I just hope and pray that I don't see them again, because I will get my money back.

Sunday, March 09, 2003 - 10:21 pm
"Legally, you just implicated yourself, and can have criminal charges raised against you. I'd be more careful what you say in the future. This BBS forum is considered a legal document, and may be used as evidence in the court of law. "

Sebastien, nevermind!

I was scamed by 1 man and 1 girl today white van !

but I know something they don't their f*ucking liscence nuber on the bank cameras sorry suckers

Hey you guys, go check under the home audio forum on this site, and you will see a bunch more people that got scammed by the white van guys too.

Anyone here buy the
"Digital Audio 2002 pro series II DA 5.1" 800 watts? if you do, can you please respond to this? I am wanting to know if you have any paperwork, like warranty and receipt and stuff.

John Jeffery
Does anyone know of the people who were scaming in roseville Mi in mocomb county??

I AM A SPEAKER MAN!!!!!!!!!! I just started with these guys and believe me if I didn't feel as if I was selling people a highend quality pruduct, I wouldn't be selling this stuff. If I had the money I'd buy the 6.4 Cypress series for my father. That thing is just FUC*!NG AWESOME!! And I will. I'll get it for my father and for myself. I read all these messages from people that haven't even opened the the box saying they've been had. QUIT BEING SUCH MORONS!!!! Open up the box, and hook up the speakers the right way and you will have an epiphany!! You'll have a f**king heart attack because of how good they sound! And please people consider the sources of negative feed on these boards. We've had people threaten us to beat our a$$es and rob our stuff. What intelligent person would say thigs like that? None that I know of! So if you see us on the street and you know what it's all about, just keep in mind we're only trying to make a livin just like anybody else. I'm a person just like you are, and I don't need someone telling me to F*CK OFF! just because youré having roid rage you big FU!@ING juice head at the gym the other night. I hope you read this you pr!ck. Be cool, enjoy life and even if you don't want anything you could still laugh a little. LIFE IS TOO SHORT MAN!!!!! LIVE A LITTLE BIT. On that note, I'll see you all out there, out of my white van, when I'm slammin you, and youré payin me!!! Sure the method of sales is a little diffrent but they called Einstein crazy too. Stop being soo narrow minded people. For anyone out there that speaks of Karma, I say FU$K YOU. I SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT! It's legal, it's fun, and while I'm making a little cash I'm giving you sh!t I wish I could afford. So if youré mad at your wife because she bought you something with money she should not have spent, what are you really mad at? That she bought you something or that she spent the money she should not have touched? Think about it dummy! Don't be mad at me cause I slammed your wife! HA HA! That's funny! PAY ME!!!!!!!! I AM A SPEAKER MAN!!!!!!!!

For all you people out there that can't figure out how to set up these awesome speakers all you havetó do is read the following phrase out loud and then you'll understand why.
It may take a couple of tries of saying it out loud before you eventually understand why you can't understand the setup of the speakers. Try again.
Yeah! you got it we sell sofas too!!

Hey is there any speaker people out there ?

If there is how do I get a refund?
You say this isn't a scam but, There is no refund on this stuff,no warrenty, and you your self are saying the stuff you sell is sh*t(but it puts money in you pocket. I lost 500 to you guys and got nothing but H 3 towers and a sub woofer. Come on guys I'm only 15 and new to this world. Why did you rip me off and take advantage of me? I do agree that this was my own selfishess
I've tried to call any get a refund but so far no one will be kind and help a young fellow out.
You guys are so good at what you do (you could get my to buy a piece of swamp land in Florida.
I was saving for a car but I am now a little short.)
Please if any of you guys out their want to help me out and refund me in the Michigan area give me a phone number. Or does this mean I should drive around and drop these off to someone else?
Well I hope I will have some luck in the future.
ps.please e mail me with some type of help

Hey Everybody I kidnapped two speaker guys here in Maryland! I will be autioning them Friday the 21st on ebay with no reserve.
You will be bidding on...
1 Chevy work van
20 boxes of low-grade speakers(retails fo well over 50k) Imax uses Epiphany!
2 name tags
2 magnetic SounDivision signs (for the van)
1 dirty Pothead with a jamaican rosta hat
1 kinda fat kid with glasses that doesn't shutup
Assorted invoices, blank receipts, full color documents showing retail prices for the speakers
Buyer pays all shipping.
This is a one of a kind auction guys...Happy Bidding!

sh*t, people this is crazy. my father just bought 2 epiphany h3 speakers for 270. i gotta say, my dad f***edem over, they wanted 800, then 400, then when they loaded em in his car he wanted 300, my dad gave em 270 and they kinda looked fucked, lol. when they were talking to my dad, i walked up with a cigarette, pretending to look down the street and checked out their plate. I AINT NO DAMN FOOL!! but i dont think anyone can touch'em, to me it sounds like they work for a warehouse in chicago and are salespeople who r slick as hell, its all legite, nothing illegal so you cant f***'em over with the cops, the thing is they make you think your gettin a real one of a kind deal when it happens all over. my guess is that there are a few sales white vans, they couldnt cover all that space in that amount of time. but we havent hooked em up yet, so well see if were on the good end or the bad end of the deals. came across this site tryin to hook em up and my jaw f***ing dropped. this is in racine wisconsin in a gas station. reply to this and tell me what ya think bout my theory

I hope someone will help me!

A fool and his money are soon parted.

We were approached in Downtown Atl near the Arts Center, by a white van with 2 white guys in it. He said his name was AJ and that Soundvision was on Howell Mill Road not far from where we stopped. They gave us the same speil about having extras and having to offload them before their next delivery or they would lose them. My BIG sister had me stop for the "White Van". I listened to her as always (never again). I lugged the 55 lb speakers up to my bedroom only to find that I didn't have anything to hook them to on my TV or DVD/VHS player. After reading this string, I'm gonna have to lug them back downstairs to the den to hook them up to my Kenwood stero in place of my Cerwin Vega's. GOD I hope I'm one of the lucky few who actually got a working pair of speakers. I borrowed $100 of the $200 I spent from my sister :-). I did find a link from this string that took me to the Epiphany website. I saw the very same speakers. I didn't look at the copyright on the bottom, but I will when I finish this message. If mines don't work, I'm calling Clark Howard!! He'll know what to do.

lucky 1N Atlanta
Whew!! They worked just fine. No need to call Clark (this time). I disconnected the CV's and turned the bass up and listened to the bump. It was good :-) They are not as good as the CV's, but then they are different sizes the CV's 12" and H3's are 8". I can work with them, unless somebody wants to make me an offer I can't refuse. I will be on the look-out for white guys in white vans though, never again will I put myself in a position to be scammed.

The van was sighted in Dearborn, Michigan on March 20. They are still scamming! My husband paid 500 for the home audio Epiphany system!
UNBELIEVABLE! Its comforting to know that he wasn't the only one who fell for this scam!

Whay would you call it ascam if you said they work just fine?

your mama
I had the same thing happen to me .but the big thing your missing is that the name isnt sound vision because that is a legitamat buisness in hollywood ca.just down the road from thier fake b#ll Sh@t address its SOUNDiVision .i got takken for 200 dollars gor the battom towers ohwell ill sell that at work for 300. I know thats mean but I dont care .p.s if ifind you two dorks!! agian im going to beat you so bad that youll be actually cool ill beat the dork out of you two spazzmatic ridalin fukks.

speaker man
dude i sell speakers out the side of my van i know there real i give reeipts and warrenties i hook them up if you wanted to hair them man people are greedy cause we tell them right off the bat that there extra so thay think hey im going to get a deal i make about 1500 a week i pay taxes am 21 i dont rip any one off ok thay say 2000 a pair you pay 200 to 600 the same way a car dealership gets a car for 4500 and sells it for 10000 no diffents sell ill keep jammin tell you stop buying

sound division is a scam

clown vomit
why do all "white van" speaker salesman sound like elementary school dropouts?
if you're going to "jam" somebody and then try to justify it on a message board, at least read your f**king post before you send it.
or better yet, open your own thread, name it "retarded dooshbags only" and post away.

i can give y'all the address of SounDivision here in Atlanta

1710 Chattahoochee Ave
Atlanta, GA 30138

turn right off of Howell Mill Rd onto Chatt Ave.

(it's 3rd building past the cemetary...not sure about the zip, but i've been by the place so i know it's there...and it is right off Howell Mill Rd.)

John Q
I was approached in Livonia, MI; MO as just about everyone else...white van, etc. I'm a reasonably honest person and found it hard to suppress the greed -- glad I did!

Joe Smith
Douchebags, got me too. I'm not pissed that I took a shot at a possible great deal and got beat. I'm pissed because these scumbags do this and it somehow seems to be legal. They lie to sell you something. Isn't there something wrong with that. I have contacts in the BBB and I am discussing the issue with them. I am not really worrying about getting my 200 bucks back, but being a consumer in the US I would like these scams to stop. I would rather buy stolen sh*t off of a street hussler than crap from two h0m0s in a van or in my case

A white Tahoe Tag number will be coming in my next post...i have it writted down in my car. Jersey me in Stroudsburg PA.

With that said I will be getting a carload of friends and traveling the area parking lots in search for these upstanding business men.

Jay Sherwin
The white van crew has been spotted in McLean, VA and also in Frederick, MD off Jefferson Street. Epiphany stuff is what they were hawking.

Yeah these fools like ripping people off. Thing is, their time is near. Big as@ liars right to your face. If you want to fuk these crack head fa@ots up they've been setting up shop in the Laurel, Baltimore, Anne Arundal County area. They've been spotted all over the place. They are sloppy a@s fuking loser drugged out bast@rds, who are too fuking stupid not to get caught. They are all fa@ots too, ones name, Jason, drives a copper looking tahoe or suburban with his g@y a@s fa@ot friend with his cute little plug earings. I swear they looked like lil flamers just trying to come out of the closet. His pus$y cowardly fa@ot lovers drive white vans with sometimes sound vision magnets on the side. They are so full of shizat. Make the trip...Get your damn cash. Join in and beat the sh1t of some ba@stards

I bought speakers in New Jersey- Paid $300, they didn't work well, so I received a full refund when I returned the speakers to the warehouse the following day.

Find your local SoundVision distributor and they will gladly refund your money within 3 days of purchase if your product doesn't work. Better to be proactive than to complain on a message board.

Speakerman here. How much money do you think you pay just for marketing alone when u go to Best Buy for the product. How much do you think they mark up the price. Just like you we speakermen are making money for our families. Its all legit. Its all legal. Its not a hustle. Its just like putting candy in front of a supermarket line. Its a form of marketing called direct mobile marketing. I get the product and sell it how much I want to. If you had a product and you could sell it for how much you wanted to wouldn't you sell it for as much as you could. E-bay on wheels that is what I do. How many of you can say that you make $500 a day. My fellow speakermen holla back. I got me my college education and loving the life of speakerman. Before you cry about the problems with the speakers you have listen to them. Don't listen the Web. White Van Gearing for more money.

A true salesman will also refund your money if you are not happy with the product, not leave you with white smoke from a van, and never see them again,
If you want to keep your word why don't you email me and take back these useless speakers?
you Speaker people!
I don't have time for this sh*T So email me!

yo these guys got me today, tuesday march 1st 2003, they are in pennsylvania, Stroudsburg. F****** a******. The system is good, but what kinda cheesey deal was this, i thought the stuff was hot. lol. ah well, The system is good though, titanium speakers and all and the epiphany sound system does work pretty well. I hooked it up and every thing works out ok. Actuallyl perfect. I don't see what all teh fuss is, to find something like this over at the local circut city or other retailers would be well over 2000, so i think i lucked out. Thank you you guys, it is a good deal that i'm happy with. lol. Remember me in the red civic! lol. i'm sure they read this every day and laugh their buts off. lol.
You've goto hook up both pre amps, in order to have both speakers working, if the connector pieces aren't there. This is a good speaker, good stuff. C'mon you guys have to give this guy credit. lol.

Yea I was just scammed by these f*ckers about 20mins ago... I was drivin and they pulled up next to me and got me to make the deal wit them I knew it was too shady and I didnt want to but for some reason I did and Im so f*ckin pissed I just dropped $200 on these shits that I will prob not use, Im prob gonna go take a baseball bat to them right now......

William M
I was scammed on Tuesday April 1, 2003 (April Fools Day). I knew it was too good to be true. I bought a pair of the Epiphany Bantam Towers for ~$200. The two guys had all of the credentials, fedex info, warranty info. etc... The speakers work but they do not sound good at all (they sound like a run of the mill $50 speaker).

DAMNIT: Quick Question. What speakers did you buy and where did they pull you over. I got hit in Parsippany New Jersey. If anyone has had success getting a refund (wishful thinking) on these speakers please let me know.

scammed in CT. watch out

michael weber
i have a klh dvd theater system it wont lewt me play rated r dvd no one has set a password.and the password in the book is supposed to be 2001.please help!!!!!!!

Did anyone get the license plate number of the white van in operating in the Maryland Virginia Washington DC area? These guys went too far. The police are looking for them.

Speaker man here.
Why are you saying all of you are being scammed? Aren't you the ones that came looking for a great deal trying to scam a way not spend that much money. The Speakers from the White Van are all legit and high quality speakers if installed correctly. If there is a problem with the speakers there is a three day guarentee as long as you have a receipt. If you dont ask for a receipt for it its your own fault for not asking for one.
Remember you can always say NO.

I agree. SoundDivisionSmoker is right. Don't get me wrong I dont like getting ripped off and I wouldnt wish it on anyone else, but I think the old "buyer beware" phrase applies here. If you are suspicious about someone selling you speakers out of a van and you go ahead and do it anyway.....well, sorry buddy, but not only can you not really justify complaining about it, but had it coming to begin with!
I understand that these days EVERYONE wants the most bang for their buck out there but if you are too "excited" about the thought of premium speakers at an unbelievable price too really "think" before you buy, well then frankly, you got what you deserved.
I dont agree with the way these guys do business, it is misleading, but then again 3/4 of all the salesmens rants in audio/video stores are too.....
And not to step on anyones toes but if you dont even ask for a receipt to return them if youre not happy, well again, you had it coming anyways.

Instead of ranting and raving that you got scammed, THINK BEFORE YOU BUY PEOPLE!!!!

I have seen this scam run in Portland, ME twice in the last few years. Both times the same story... white van, mistakenly overstocked, and these guys want to sell the speakers to make some quick cash. They have merchandising material, order forms, etc.

I have to agree with some others in this forum, though, anyone who has seen these guys in action can obviously tell there is something sketchy going on. They are pushy, in too much of a hurry, and too light on information. If you are foolish enough to buy stuff on the street, out of a van, from two pushy scumbags, then you have only yourself to blame.

Also, anyone who knows the basics of home audio/ theater should be able to tell just from looking at the cabinets and materials that this stuff is junk. Have you ever heard of epiphany speakers?! Its not like these guys were selling klipsch, paradigm, def tech, or any other well known brands. Would you buy a car from a manufacturer that you've never heard of?

i saw an ad in the chicago tribune for this place, it sounded like a good place to work till i went there and checked it out- definitely just a front for a scam. good thing i saw this before i decided to go work there!

Greg Wood
I have run into these guys several times in Atlanta, Ga. I have purchased a pair of bantam towers, and a sub from these guys. I told my friend about it and he bought two pairs of these speakers and a tower of subs. The sound is absolutely phenomenal. I have heard tons of speakers in my day, (all of the name brands...for tons more money), and these blow those speakers out of the water. As for those of you who don't think they sound good, you must be complete morons, or are not powering the speakers with a large enough amp. As for those of you who can't get a sound out of the speaker, you simply do not know how to hook the speakers up, and if you can't manage to do that you have no business buying speakers. These guys are 100% legit. Cops can't and won't do anything because they are completely legal. So quit complaining about stupid problems you are most cases you are probably not hooking the speakers up right.

I know where the white vans are from!! Who wants to know? O.K. I tell you they work for a company called Vision Ventures, or Sound Design, Or sound Divsion. I know because I worked there for 1 day and realized what they were doing so I never went back. It's a scam, trust me I know.
The address is 11700 Wormer, Redford Michigan. The phone number is 1-313-255-8110 ask for Larry he's the boss. It's a red building with no address on it, if you go there at about 8:00-9:00 p.m. you will see the vans. I promise

Epiphany sucks
This is the address of these fuc*ers in the white vans 11700 Wormer, Redford Michigan. The phone number is 1-313-255-8110. The building has no address on it but it the second building on the right side of Wormer if you turn off of Plymouth road. Go to the side of the building and look though a fence and you'll see 6 white vans. Hop the fence and fu*ck them up if you want. Ask for Larry he's the boss. Or ask for Matt, Chuck, Ian, Jade, Ann, Phil, Chris, Corey, that's about every who works there, fu*ck them up too. They deserve it. They start work at 8:00a.m. and get off around 8:00-9:00p.m. for real, all this true, trust me!!!!!!!

Epiphany sucks
If you want to get back at these fu*ckers in the white vans give this info to every you can. the address is 11700 Wormer, Redford Michigan. The number is 1-313-255-8110. I know because I worked there for 1 day and realized it was a scam. Let's bust these pu*ssy's and get your loot back. I'm loading my 9mm right now, happy hunting, P.S. shoot to kill!!!

you are the reason why we need gun control.

Epiphany need therapy.

I got scammed too yesterday in the of best buy at Gaithersburg, MD. I bought the Bantan Towers, and paid $240 for them. they were in a SUV, young lady and a young guy. the only thing i got from them was a phone # 240-882-2687

i need help anyone who could track a phone # please

Watch out!!! they in SUVs now.

Everybody what do we have and know about these guys....

1. Usually in front Home Depot or Best buy
2. Driving on SUVs and white Trucks
3. Usually in two
4. Always in a hurry to close the sale
5. Same story line craps....
6. Selling fake Audio Home System
7. They have network all over the United States

What can we do to stop them.
are you going to try to convince yourself to accept the fact that you have been scam or you want to fight back and get those f***kers busted.

what clues do you have.
I have a Maryland phone number one of them gave me by mistake to help them close the sale # 240-882-2687

can anybody get a track on that...
an address...

Yes this is a scam in the sense that they are misleading people into thinking they are getting a premium deal, but are they doing anything illegal. I dont think so. It is already so widely known about that if it was illegal the police would have stopped them already. Im not saying your cause is unworthy, but really the only thing we can do to stop these guys is to inform everyone you know about it and simply dont buy from them. The only reason they keep coming back is because they keep finding suckers to pull one over. So stop buying people and start informing yourselves and everyone else you know about them. End of story.

How can i find the phone number to Epiphany Solo Limited / Holographic Imaging System?

Well, I just got hit in Rochester Hills Michigan. To be honest with you, when I first started reading, I got angry, but the more I think about it, the more I wish to get into contact with these people to try to find employment. Epiphany, lemmie know......I bought them today, April 14, 2003.

I just have a simple msg. for these punks......"Im gonna f@#!k you @(#$ up!! dont let me catch you around NJ! Ill be watching for you at the Shell station! the Home Depot!! or anywhere else I can think of!!" Now I feel a little better.

Mike Australya
Just got hit up by them today in Atlanta, GA near the home depot. They tried to pull me over saying they had to dump some home theater equipment before they did a delivery.

Luckily I have heard of this scam before, as I had a friend who bought a pair.

To be honest, it does look very legit and could fool most people. White van has a "SoundVision" logo on the back, both guys are wearing company ID tags, etc. But I was immediately on to their game as they were trying to pull me over driving besides me doing 30 down the road......

"If it looks to good to be true, it probably is"

As PT Barnum said.."There's a sucker born every minute", anyone who buys anything from the back of a truck deserves what they get..Which is usually the shaft...

Greg Wood..... What kind of speakers and sub did you buy and how in the hell did you hook them up?

Sunday, April 13, 2003 - 05:36 pm

A friend of mine is saying that

Paradigm Monitor 90P's,
centre Paradigm CC370,
surround/rear Paradigm ADP 370's.....

hooked up to a Denon 2803 (has something called a hammerhead????) is
a superb sound system for both music and home theatre?

Any comments on these goods. I understand that both are very good
products and put higher $$$ stuff to shame?


i bought a sub from you today and i like it very much works great. the wood box alone is worth the money i payed
i want a job with you guys

the ny hookup

Anyone know if there's a wharehouse in or near Madison WI for the SoundiVision guys in the white van?

Look people.
The company of these fucks in the white vans is called SOUND VISION. The company is pretty much illegal. (They ran an ad in the local newspaper saying I could make $400-1000 a week) So I go apply) I quit after my first day. These people are insane. What they do is order these "3000$" speakers for 89$ each then load up a certain amount of them into a white truck and make up bullshit stories and chase you down, trying to give you a deal. Now from what I saw all the boxes were sealed, so they are selling new items, however the forms you fill out are bogus. It has to be illegal. Anyway, they put license plates on the vans and as soon as you buy something they take them right off, so you cant write them down. Again the company is called SOUND VISIONS. If they try to sell you something, I wouldn't take it because they will hustle every last $ out of your wallet. I quit because of the GREED. It was just SICK!

they are in new jersey again.... I got hit on thursday april 17 2003 They are in a white chevy tahoe with nj plates they got me in the shop rite plaza in ramsey remember me i'm in the blue dodge ram.......... the golf course guy all u guys are on tape at shop rite the own is a member of the golf club and as smart as you guys are most golfers are high profile people at the club i have 4 police cheifs and the owner of the bank that we got the money from i have ur photos everwhere.... and ur vechiles on tape at 3 locations shop rite and the bank and the storage place u guys are fu...cked ....... All i want is my money back $240.00 if i get it back you guys are on your marry way.. if not trust me u will be caught...... u can just drop the money for at the proshop at ramsey golf and country club and say to give to the guy in the blue dodge ram...................

Guys u are Fu cked I have all your information included the guy that came with me into the bank in ramsey.......nj.... All ur vehicle info everything ..... i want my money .....back now $240.00 drop it where i told u to asap and nothing will be done on my part if not action will take place... you guys sold ur sh it to the wrong guy ........ and the storage place also has u on camara ....... drop it a ramsey golf club ............ tell them the guy in the blue trucks money........

Vaughn Stewart

I got took yesterday outside of Lansing Michigan, and I got my money back today (minus a small cut).

These guys are located at:

a.k.a. Vision Ventures
11700 Wormer Street
Redford, Michigan 48239
Contact: Larry Kaiser

My sales guy / van driver was Matt. He's about 22-ish 5'11" ~ 160lbs. His cell phone number is 630-776-0092.

I called tyhe office and began to leave a message when he answered. I told him that I neded to meet him because one of my speakers was defective. He agreed to meet and at that time I asked for my money back. I got a song and dance on how he couldn't do that, so I told him that I'd make it worth his while for time and his partner. I gave them $50 each and received the other $400 back!

Or you could just show up at the address above at around 8:00 - 9:00 and get physical!

File a report with the FOX 2 PROBLEM SOLVERS!

Let's shut these f*cks down!

Good luck!


I just bought a pair of H3's last night in front of the best buy in toledo Oh, i am from MI. bought 2 H3's for 100.00... havnt heard them yet but i do have a different phone number for you if you need to b*tch them out... 313-610-6661... this is the number the kid asked me to call to verify the price of these.. luckily i only had 100 on me and they were skittish, so worse case scenario, il use the nice cabinets to put quality speakers in...hope this number helps those that are miffed!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW...
Concerned in MI

a.k.a. Vision Ventures
11700 Wormer Street
Redford, Michigan 48239
Contact: Larry Kaiser

clown vomit
I like it big and thick


Look out!!

I've been following this post for a while now, and while i have not been suckered by the "white van bandits", i do feel for you guys. Anyways, if any of you are from the New York City area, FOX 5 Problem Solvers are doing a story tonight (4/30) on the 10 o'clock news about some dudes selling junk out of a white van. Might be the same guys...thought i'd pass on the info.


WOuls you listen to yourself weather they work or not. Have you even tried them yet? Why did you buy them then? It's people like you who keep these people in business. A fool an his/her money are soon parted.

Edwin Garcia
Man, I started this thread last year and can't believe how many other people have been taken by these a$$hole$. Anyhow I just finished watching the Problem Solver special on Fox 5. They didn't show the address where located but the number on the building was 192. The manager name who claimed made about a quarter million last year on sales is Josh and can't remember his last name. Sales guy in the white van tried to give the same old bull about extra stock. Had t-shirt on with SoundVision on back. All I can say is stay away from this garbage. I still have my Epiphany system collecting dust in my garage. Still brand new.

Yeap, I saw that too on the news.

One of the problem solvers' team went undercover for a job interview at the place and was greeted by the manager in a T-Shirt and non-business casual civilian clothing. No interviewer I've ever come across for a job was ever dressed like that. :)

That place they showed looked like a garage house or an old storage facility. More like something I would expect to see out in Iraq in the desert :) .

If they really did have excess stock in their facility that they were trying to sell off anyway they could, that tells me, right off the bat, that their crap must not be selling worth a damn, an automatic discouragement from purchasing for me.

If I see Klipsch or Bose on a set of speakers, I know I'm probably looking at a hell of a good set. I have a Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Audio System for my Computer System which I bought from Best Buy back in January for around $200. After riggin' 'em up and giving them a field test, I knew within the first 2 minutes that my father was definitely right when he recommended the Klipsch brand to me.

I already have below 10% of trust for strangers as a result of the many times I was stupid enough in years past to fall for childish tricks and other stuff. Unless I see a trusted business name and a legitimate logo that's been known for great quality, my money is staying in my wallet if I can help it. :)

Buying from the infamous white van is a gamble. You might get a bargain deal or a pile of junk which I refer to as an anti-bargain. In my honest opinion, the white van crap is not worth the gamble, especially when the prices exceed $100.

I visited the Epiphany web site for a good laugh.

Here's what Epiphany wrote on their "About Us" section on their web-site. Have a good laugh. If you saw the Problem Solvers deal on Fox 5, you should get a kick out of this :) .

Epiphany concentrates solely on the audio business. Driven by an obsession for absolute quality of sound reproduction. Epiphany maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to research. This is complimented by Epiphany' dedication to pride and craftsmanship, as the products are equally appealing for both their aesthetic and sonic merits.

[quote from Epiphany Site]It is more then just research. Our goal is excellence in everything we do. From the way we run our business to our customer service. Outstanding is merely a starting point. Our search for better and more exciting products continues and the results of our efforts can be seen on this site. To maintain our position at the forefront of the home entertainment industry. Epiphany products simply offer incredible performance at competitive price points. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sudden realization of what you were missing.[endofquote]

Here's the actual link to that area of the site.

If you didn't click on it, I'd understand. It about made me wanna barf all over the floor.

Apparently, according to what I saw on Fox News, they (Epiphany company) can't even spell Tweeter right. One of the Problem Solvers' guys pulled the cover off of one of the speaker towers and saw that Tweeter was spelled Twerter on the speaker system :) .

I aint no marketing professional. But, you certainly don't have to be a Scotland Yard Detective or a Rocket Scientist to know that most successful Speaker systems are sold IN a Best Buy and not in a Van outside of Best Buy :) .

pretty funny .. i tried to order the C4s for $1,369 .. entered my credit card info (hehe) and here's the response:
"Epiphany is not open for business.
Ordering is allowed for testing purposes only."

Yeah .. I want to buy stock in this company. LOL

Vivendo e aprendendo !
Quando encontrei este site eu fiquei tao irado que deu vontade de jogar o speaker pela janela (do segundo andar) mas nao to querendo ficar com o prejuizo entao decidi colocar na caixa denovo pq "zoiao" nesse mundo e' oque nao falta e pra eu passar o speaker pra frente vai ser so' questao de tempo. Acredite ou nao estou louco pra encontrar esses carinhas da van novamente. Socar nao da pq acabo indo em jail mas vou ter prazer em xingar e colocar pra correr. A gente ainda se tromba seus filhos da put@ ! ATL, GA.

Eu que não vou comprar!

O mundo é solidário, um "zoiao" ajuda o outro!

Vivendo e aprendendo.
Da pra acreditar que agora eu fico olhando e procurando as vans pela rua ? Se eu trombar com uma delas vai ficar pequeno. Se eles vierem me oferecer denovo vai ficar menor ainda. Sera que um esquema desse no Brasil daria certo ?

VC é de Atlanta?

They have an additional web-site at . The site looks damned near identical to the Epiphany web-site and the About Us Mission Statement is identical.

Vivendo e aprendendo.
Yes, Im from Atlanta.

Dan Spytek
Hey, thanks a lot to the people who have posted messages, and the people who host this bulletin board. I got scammed today by these dirtbags. Then I went back and found them to get my money back. They were in a parking lot a mile away from where they got me. They'll give your money back if you ask them.

Dan Spytek
epiphany sunami subwoofer deal satellite speakers

just throwin some keywords in, to make the site easier to search for. I hope we can keep some others from geting screwed.

Chicago Illinois. Ashland and Irving park may 8 2003. these dirtbags pulled it off on me, I am going to Lombard tomorrow morning and looking for someone to smoke. watch out and be weary, and if you "delivery guys" read this, you better hope and pray you never cross my way again. If anybody knows anything that can help me get my cash back please e-mail me.

just ask for your money back .. they have to refund if you're not satisfied.

Can't E-mail you without your e-mail address. Here is the info on all the companies who sell speakers using the white van speaker scam and how to contact them.

Find your local distributer under the brand of speaker.

Give'em Hell!!! Good Luck.

This is an extremely OLD scam. I was taken by these clowns back in 1988 in Atlanta when I was a lot younger and very naive. What's amazing is that this scam continues to take people of their hard earned dollars every day. I'm amazed that the various state attorney generals haven't shut these guys down by now for fraud. You have to wonder what is the source of their network.

I got a little satisfaction after I quickly learned that I had been scammed. A week later, a second white van and a different couple of guys tried to do the same thing. When I told them to hold on, I started to call the police on my cell phone (I had one back then). I've never seen two guys peel out of a parking lot so fast.

Anyone in the Atlanta area that got f*cked by this please contact me and let find these people together. I have seen them in the same area before. I also have the tag # 3232 ABW #0302 I have some friends that can get me the info of where they are working out of.

they approach me today in the jewel plaza Waukegan IL. Same story, same minivan: the system worth $1500, i need to sell the speaker and i will put the rest on ebay (why?) , you're cool and i'm giving to you almost for free. etc etc. the answer was i'm not interested try someone else. @ best buy or circuit city you find good deals with not to much money, and if you are not satisfied you can bring the products back.

I was just stopped as I was walking out of The Citzens Bank on the corner of Torrey and Thompson Rd in Fenton, Mi, just after I had cashed my paycheck. Two young guys (I'm 19 myself) stopped in a white van and told me they had some speakers to sell because they were extra from a wrong invoice. They were selling the Epiphany Series speakers. Only one guy got out and the other sat in the passenger seat and looked on. Must have been a trainee. This guy was pretty slick, but he could have sold himself better. But the guy had the nerve to ask me "How much cash do you have one you?". He kept putting his hand on my shoulder like he was my best bud. He told me that he would give them to me for cheap and if I kept a set for myself and sell the rest, hence basically making my purchase *free*. But it seemed way too shady to me. Because even if these speakers DID all they said they did, why, oh why, would you buy any type of equipment from a two guys in a van??? It just seems all to coincidental that they caught me on a Friday, around 5 o'clock, leaving a bank. To much in common with money for my likings, I told him "no thanks", (which took a lot more than those two words to get him off my back) and decided to check out these speakers online. I feel sorry for the people who bought these speakers for hundreds of dollars when they can get a decent 700watt complete surround sound system from sam's club for $250.00. It just seemed all to fishy that they didn't have a phone number, website, uniforms, ID badges, a name on the van, and that the lines were so practiced, they looked bored saying them. Besides, they were in a damn van for pete's sake!! A WHITE VAN!!! I hope people will find this site and the word will spread about this company and its tag lines. I am going to call the Journal and talk to a reporter and let them know about the scam/story. Later Folks.

I just bought an Ephiphany SubWoofer,and and Sunnami Series/2 speakers and home speaker system in Duluth, GA, from a Tahoe, with Jersey Tags, I got driver's liscense everything,tag, vehicle ID, one of the guys was named Ken, the other one was named Ted, or Tim, I have all their infor. Hope it all works, I have a mailing address on West Paces Ferry if any one needs it in Atlanta, and they have problems. Put Ephiphany Subwoofer in the subject line

i havea problem with surround sound setting..the speakers are hooked up correctly they work fine on "hall" setting)..but on surround, the two back speakers do not work....any suggestions would be appreciated....JUDGEENDOJESS@AOL.COM

I worked at the Dallas Soundivision for less than 2wks, the dumbest thing ever. Well I got their phone number if you have a problem call them 972-358-5354

These guys followed my mom's boyfriend here from the local supermarket today. I've known about this for a few years now so that was the first thing I asked them. They denied everything obviously. Anyway, we didn't buy them. I'm just informing the Michigan crew that these guys are running around in a new tan Suburban with Jersey plates. Keep your wallet in your pocket.

Though if you get a chance to buy the girl that they were with... Do it. :)

local girl
These clowns stopped me yesterday in Chicago. All of you should be wary of two guys selling speakers out of a plain white van anyway. Hope this message gets out to more people in the area. When it seems you are getting too good of a deal you probably are. So dont be a sucker!

Got me. Still trying to recover emotionally and financially. Happened in March 2003, Danbury Fair Mall parking lot, CT. What the heck do I do with these now? They take up space, and I paid too much to just throw them away.

got me in Silver Spring, MD seen them at least 3 times before so ill see them again im sure...they are always by my school UMD so ill find them and kick some but...but the H3 speakers sound pretty good...better than some of my sony's but i doubt they will last that long....the casing is pretty nice looking, and the box is lined with padding to prevent rattling....need to reseal the rear port, but they look like after market we'll c....looks like they bought the speakers in bulk and along with seperate generally built but nicely looking casings....probably could have built the same set for the price i paid....gonna take the beat i-p-i-fany tag or whatever it says off....prolly couldnt have purchased all the pieces, being that 2 10" subs would cost around $150 min and the casings wouldve taken up another $50 so the speakers and tweaters cost me $40, indiviually for the price i paid -$240 worse case scenario is I parts the whole unit and pass the subs off to another system or donate them to salvation army for tax credit...prolly get more than i paid

I bought some speakers from 2 guys in the mysterious "white van", but I also got a web address for the company it is ""

man, these guys really get around, don't they....

For all those that are going to kick the "white van guys'" butts, please video tape and post

Epiphany is not open for business.
Ordering is allowed for testing purposes only.

I feel so bad for all you stupid, stupid suckers...

Hey, I work in the pro-audio industry and just moved to Nashville. I saw a job listing the paper looking for help to work for an audio company opening up. I called the toll free number (866-293-2263) and they are called Soundivision and listed offices in Chicago, Atlanta, NJ, and now Nashville (including directions to the offices.) I couldn't find any info on the company until I was driving down Broadway and these two guys in a white van said,"You wanna buy a home theatre system, right now?" I told them to bugger off, and as they drove away I saw the company logo for "Soundivision." Anyway, there's the number if anyone wants to call..."for a job," ha, ha!

Hey,Guys I just bought a Epiphany Home Theater System from thesame white van for $300. The same story they asked me for extra money for beers pease tell you frends becarfull with guys.

Dang, just happened to me. Three kids in a white van blah blah, nothing but punks. Same shpill extra money for beers, taking my band to europe... bang. They got me. One of the kids looks foreign maybe brazilian the other two plain punks. Stay away from my neiborhood. Seems like they are all over Atlanta, look after them. Every Home Depot, Lowes, Mall, parking lots... whatever you are on my radar. If anybody has a licence plate, video anything... take this to the media, people need to know. Rip off. Peace and learn from this POS.

Anybody in the Atlanta area....

here is their address and phone number.

1710 Chattahoochie Ave. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-2112
Phone: (404) 355-6153

Its a known scam....... check the link below.

Saw the guys in Nashville yesterday (6/24) around 6:00 in the Kroger parking lot at Nolensville Rd. and Old Hickory Blvd. They gave me the same story about extra inventory in the van and they were on their way to a delivery so they were in a big hurry. Fortunately we didn't make the purchase, but they weren't particularly pushy about it. They asked $400 for a sub-woofer and the 5 satellite speakers, but I don't know what they would have taken for them.

just to clear things up about the 2 pairs of speaker connectors in the back, they are fir BI-aplification. You can use a tuner that has this feature to power the "sub" and tweaters seperately. Lots of high end speakers have this feature.

HyKlas - Yeah, the girls are for sale. We get them "free" too. Make an offer. They LOVE us. Why? We have balls. SELLOUT!

They are singing about a white van in Music City...
Looks like I'm not the only one to fall for the white van, extra inventory story. Complete with the "little extra for beer money" line. Haven't had time to hook up the system, so I can't comment on the quality of it yet. These guys pulled up beside me in Hermitage, TN (near Nashville), on Mt. Juliet Road. They wanted $550+ for the system. Went to the bank and got $320 for the 6-speaker Holographic Surround system.
Felt confident the equipment wasn't stolen, but it sounds like it is definitely lower-end. I'll sell the whole system for $250...with another $20 thrown in for beer money.......

A working asociate and I met at a Mcdonald's in Irondale, Al. These guys in a white van with a New Jersey plate asked if we wanted to buy a set of high quality home speakers. They had a cut sheet saying they sold for $1469.00 retail. They suckered me in on a set for $260. Had to go to bank machine to get money. After I purchased the tower speakers, they offered to sell me a sub for the speakers. I offered $100 but they would not take it and sped off to Olive Garden to ask someone else. I was very puzzled when I realized that they said that they were from Atlanta, but had a New Jersey tag. Guess I'll learn one day

Speaker Guy
I'm working the Atlanta area myself and we are changing from white vans to white SuV' watch out...we're coming for ya!

It was my turn about an hour ago. Leaving Micro Center on Paces Ferry and was approached by a guy that jumped out of a maroon SUV. He said he was going to deliver an expensive sound system to a customer down the street and his boss had put an extra system in the back and he was going to unload it for some cash. He showed me the slick for the speakers $1495. and was willing to take $300.. He put it in the back of my SUV and jumped in so I could drive him to the bank. I called my wife on the way and asked her to look at the web site and see if there were any local resellers. She confirmed that the site existed but couldn't find resellers. I questioned him and was told that it was professional equipment that is not sold retail. I asked about the power rating of the speaker and got a vague answer so I opened the box and the speakers said 35 watts. I said I was looking for 80-100watts per channel and he said "you don't know much about speaker, Bose are only 15 watts each". That was all I needed to hear. I told him I had to wait for my wife to call me back before I could get the money out of the bank. He said he couldn't wait and got the stuff out of my car and took off. Lucky Me....

To my fellow Atlanta citizens: If you see them, call the police. If they don't get arrested, they will at least know they are not welcome.

To the Speaker Guys: You have a good sales technique but I can't imagine you will tell you children, if you ever have any, how you make a living. What comes around, goes around.... I hope you enjoy coaching little league.

Just got taken an hour ago in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago for a pair of Bantam Towers. Found this website almost as soon as I got them out of the box and thought their literature looked phony. Tried them out and I want to get my money back.

I just saw a fleet of 30 or 40 white vans and SUV's headed into downtown Atlanta.....look out guys.

My little brother just got suckered today in the Home Depot parking lot of Powell in Nashville. I went back to get his money, but they drove off. I feel so bad for the kid, they took him for everything he had.

I saw them in Nashville too, but they're not in a white van anymore. These guys were in a Tahoe rental car from Armada.

Amish Bill
Yep... just met up with "The White Van" myself.

Stopped at a red light on my way into Atlanta this white van pulls up and the driver says that they deliver these for a living and they were just given a "Home Theater" system for free. Do I want to buy it cheap? It's a $4000 system! I say no thanks and pull away.

A little further up the road I'm pulling out of the bank and they pull around through the teller lanes and I heard the driver telling the passenger to ask me again. I looked into the cargo area while laughing my head off and saw the boxes... The packaging just screamed "I'm Cheap Off-Shore Crap Packaged Up in faux-Impressive Boxes!" (I recognized the stereotype from buying cheap off-shore computer components)


ps.. total of 3 twenty-something white(ish) guys in the van.

Like P.T. Barnum said, "A sucker born every minute". I'm glad I don't have "Stupid" written on my forehead.

I got duped 6 years ago by these guys in Orlando, if anyone has addresses on them please post, I need to take $300 out of their arsses.

There is a guy and girl in their 20's in Murfreesboro TN. They are pitching that same my boss line. I got their boss for them if I see them again, him and her both. You better believe that. They are in a black 2003 Tahoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please send video tape footage

I bought a tr-5210 theater research speakers system,from a passer.I try to get intell on this product,but is unable to find anything.Is there any way of knowing if this product is not boguss or not.

What I don't understand is that a few posters here actually let the "salesman" get in their cars with them! Why on earth would you do that? For all you know they want to mug/carjack/maim you.

And yes, I fell for this in May 1998 when I was packing up after graduating from college. My brand of speakers was Acoustic Response. They actually work very well, but I need to see if I still have the spec sheet so I can tell if they could be hooked up safely to my new receiver.

Honestly, I bought them because I thought it would be a great story. I mean, speakers out of the back of a van? Come on. To me, it was worth $200 to tell people the story.

Relieved, but still skeptical
My husband just purchased a pair of "Epiphany" speakers from, yep, you guessed it.....two guys in a white van in New Jersey. When he told me this, I immediately went on the internet and found this website. He hooked them up to our stereo, and if you can believe it....they work, and they work great. Maybe we're just the lucky 1,000 customer or something. I believe he has learned his lesson, though.....if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is.

i heard the guys in the white van have a bet going to see how many posts they can get on this thread!

I also purchased the TR-5210 Home Theater. I have not yet tried the speakers. This was in Phoenix Arizona. Does anyone know the wiring sequence or have an existing wiring diagram?

Ask for a Receipt
All of you crack me up. Especially the people who write all of the time and apparently don't have lives. The only reason I came to this website is to let everyone know that I bought the new cypress system from two guys in a white van in Atlanta,Ga. They work great!!! If you don't even take them out of the box, then how do you know that they don't work and that it is a scam. And it is also funny how some of you say they work for right now. If they work, they work. What do you think it going to happen? That they are on some kind of timer and in 10 days, they are going to explode. Also,they will give a receipt if you ask for one and it is your fault if you don't ask. Even if you are at your local grocery store or gas station, you should always ask for a receipt. If for some reason you hook them up right and you do have a faulty system, then sh*t happens. Why do you think stores have return and exchange policies? Sometimes, a faulty system is accidently distributed. Also, if you are still unsure, ask them to hook it up before you buy it. They did that for me.

Yes....I got scammmed to in Atlanta, Ga., but we can fight back and put these guys in prison. Call your local F.B.I office and report the incident and also call the I.R.S. The F.B.I number in Atlanta is 404-679-9000. Please call and report these guys. Jason C. Taylor is the ring leader in Atlanta. His number is 678-427-2550 cell phone, 404-352-8575 office. One of their companies is Acme Supply , Inc. Jason C. Taylor is the registered agent for this company that is based out of Florida. This scam crosses state lines and therefore the F.B.I will be interested. The I.R.S can get them for tax evasion. There is a hotline to call to report them. Check your local phone books. There address in Atlanta is 1710 Chattahoochee Ave N.W suite 102. They have several vans, the tag numbers are 3234 ABW, 3237 ABW and some others. Sometimes they park their vans outside and it is in a secluded area. Drive by and throw a rock throw the windows. The username above is my Email address for any questions...check out the website WWW.

I have these guys personal tag numbers from their personal cars. If u guys wanna track down these punks in Atlanta....Just let me know and I will post them.....Wouldn't it be fun to go to their houses.......

I have these guys personal tag numbers from their personal cars. If u guys wanna track down these punks in Atlanta....Just let me know and I will post them.....Wouldn't it be fun to go to their houses.......

Are you all mentally retarted ? You purchased speakers out of a fuc*ing van in a parking lot, gas station, ect... WHAT THE FUC* DID YOU EXPECT YOU WERE GETTING. I speak with you americans all day, listening to your sad, rediculous, whinny problems as to why you can't pay your cell phone bills, I want to give you guys more credit, but come on.. You purchase something that is listed as 2500.00 for less than 300.00, and furthermore, you are buying these goods out of a van, and you expect these speakers are going to sound like Harmon Kardon speakers.. you are all rediculously naive, unbelievably unintelligent, and just plain stupid for your typical, american fueled actions. THIS ONES FOR YOU AMERICA, CHEERS TO THE GREEDIEST NATION IN THE WORLD....

p.s. I apologize to those who have an IQ over 20, and realize that purchasing products at an "80%" discount from the laminated web page listed price was not a sound decission. However, please stop whinning, as you made the decission to purchase these products, which you must have thought "GEEZ, THIS WILL BE A GREAT SYSTEM, BEING SOLD OUT OF A VAN, FOR NEXT TO NOTHING. BUT I'M SURE THEY WORK GREAT, oh ya, what are they called again, oh, never heard of them, oh well the van guys say their good so i'll pay for something I've never heard of." I cannot understand how you can honostly believe this to be a good decision, unless of course, you are retarted or are high on glue. AGAIN THIS WAS SOLELY your choice, greed motivates, now live with it... FUC*ING UNBELIEVABLE

clown vomit
First of all, before you criticize Americans for being "unintelligent", analyze your own post.:

There are at least 10 misspellings, unnecessary caps, fragmented sentences etc. (not ect)

Although I agree with your ranting about buying speakers from a van, the "greedy American" angle is rather uncalled for to the point of being disturbing.

yeah, ummm......nofx_lagwagon.....i don't know what to say about that greedy american thing....except maybe !@#$ you.....

dude, you speak with Americans every day about cell phone that must mean you work here.....if you don't like it get the $%!! out. I'm tired of people complaining about America, but it's good enough for you to live here, right? Please......

No I don't live in America, but thanks for making an uneducated assumption. I apologize to the 5% of Americans who post in this forum that are not greedy, arrogant, extremely ignorant, and have no manners, let alone the concept of the words please and thank you. For everyone else, keep up the good work guys, maybe you can spill the blood of more innocent woment and children. HURRAY FOR THE U.S.A(put in caps for a reason, thanks for pointing that out clown vomit, possibly it was done for a reason) For future I will proof read and spellcheck my posts....

Again though, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GETTING WHEN BUYING ELECTRONICS AT AN 80% DISCOUNT OUT OF a TRUCK? If you didn't buy this in an attempt to be greedy and therefore, attempt to take advantage of someone, you at least proved that when it comes to thinking and being logical, your minds and thought process aren't really par for the course....

P.S. If you are going to attempt to belittle my post, at least have someone who has a larger brain then a small sea creature do so, someone who articulate their thoughts. Clown Vomit seems intellectualy fit enough, you may respond. JBL and JR, maybe you can attend school with my daughter and be
taught a lesson, see you in grade 1, you arrogant, poor versed, fools. Do the world a favor and stop wasting air that other people could be breathing, just a thought....

As this is a home theater forum, I will leave the rest to home theater discussions, and keep the comments about the american personna to a minimum. Thanks for your time, go eat a dick JBL, and JR, you go smoke one ;)

I dated one of these guys and he cheated on me recently. Please e-mail me, I know some stuff. Paybacks suck.

i've got phone numbers and personal addresses for some of these guys, too. just let me know who wants 'em......

Got scammed in Carol Stream, IL last night. What a dumbass. Looking for a White Van Scammer with a gap in his front teeth. Know his name and phone? These guys were good.

I just bought a Sony 27" Flat-Tube TV (model # ends in 100) [fantastic by the way] My trouble - I connect to my all-in-one (i.e., DVD, six-speaker,
tuner, analog-in) DVD 'hometheater' unit (KLH-thought bargin until now)using quality component video cables and all I get is a red tinted screen, move over to composite hook-up and all is fine. Hook-up my regular DVDplayer (Samsung) using component hook-up and picture is great. OK, so something is wrong with my KLH DVD system...questions 1) Is the component video connection on the KLH broken? I can't tell which individual connection is bad although I can get a gray or blue screen in addition to the red by moving the wires. 2) I'm going to get a high quality S-Video cable today and use that on the KLH - is there a big difference between S-video
and component? 3) I notice that the widescreen box was considerably larger when hooked up to the Panasonic componentally than the KLH compositally (HUGE difference in 16:9 enhanced mode) Is this a feature of component connection and will I get the same results with an S-Video connection? Could it have anything to do just that the KLH is a cheapy

Please help a video novice - if anyone can offer any assistance I would greatly appreciate it!

I was @ Home Depot in Franklin, Tenn loading lumber. The "White Van" crew pulled up and unloaded their sales pitch on me. I'm not totally knowledgeabel of specs, but looking at the stuff, I thought It seened like decent quality stuff. I'm building a garage and wanted to have some sound in it. After high priced haggling, I bought the 1200 towers, a powered sub and a pair of Cypress surrounds. Looks like from prices othere paid, I got rooked, but I gotta admit, hooked to my Kenwood THX amp, they sound great. The sub kicks my Sony's a**. I paid $700.00 for all and unless they blow, I feel like it was a fair deal. I lined then up beside my Infinity towers and very comparable sound.
If I did get screwed, It wasnt the first time!!! The main sales dude rode with me to the bank and we lost the others. He called them and this # was on my outgoing calls........404-509-5299 Anyone wanting to contact me, feel free

you know i was coming home from practice today, and what do you know 3 guys pull up next to me at the light (in a white van, of course) and say "you want a couple of speakers." So of course me thinking with the wrong head said ok. they opened up the door and said hey state of the art this... etc. I said cool, how much? "what do you have." (being stupid i opened my wallet in front of them) luckily i had $85. the guy said oh well that's ok see ya later. so im going back to my car when one of them jumps out and says hey take this and just give me what you have. So he stuffed something in my car real quick (i didnt know what it was) and they took off. i get home feeling like a dumb-butt and found it was just a center speaker. It works ok, but i still feel like a jack***.by the way everyone in dallas lookuot.

I'm in coweta, ga area and i got scamed too, those white pieces of trash in the chey van. 3 pu$$ies got me good.. and i was in front of circuit city too. good pitch but i was the fool. i was sold with a cypress brand TT3 speakers, lighting S21 and lightening T42 (what the hell). I looked it up on the net and it lead me here on this site. I feel so stupid that i paid $300 dollars and i will never tell my wife the truth about them. i told her i got them from a discount market for $75(now that's a good pitch). I was mad for a minute but i realize it could have gotten worse. so all the fools like me when u read this, go to circuit city, best buy, or someplace you feel comfatable to spend money for electronics or anything else. i've learned my lesson. i'll get those pu$$ies next time. if i see a new crew of white trash pitching me a sell in the parking lot, i'll take it out on them.

Bloomingdale IL
August 2, 2003 --- Bloomingdale, IL

My story is identical to most in here: same white van & sales pitch. I bought the Lightning S21 for $200. The webite (listed below) said that they "retail" for $969, even though the salespeople told me that they're worth $2500.

The speakers sound fine but I have not used them for loud music, yet.

For those speaker salespeople who don't think you are scamming anyone, ask yourself why you have to lie to make a sale...

These speakers are sold in a number under a number of names.
I bought a set of Bantam towers in a parking lot and they work like a champ I'm running 85w RMS into each as surrounds and they pump.
The stores for almost all names are somewhere on Yahoo stores, Epiphany is brand name I have the website was on the box.
The story I have found is this is a worldwide "SCAM" there are many alerts on the web with teh same stories in Euorpe, Austrailia,
I have never found a retailer for these brand names.
Someone asked earlier about the different input posts on the back. These are for Bi-Wiring this is found on many highend speakers I have them on my Mirage front and center speakers.
the peice of metal connecting them does just that connects them, if you remove it it will one speaker will not work.
You must remove them if you run a set of Bi-Wire cables or if you run two cables to each speaker.

Hope this helped

I just bid 50 bucks on ebay for these speakers, are they worth finishing the transaction for?

I do know the inside scoop on this so called business. I do know that they sell misleading merchandise. They give warranties with fake addresses (Hollywood, CA), you have to pay a deposit before you even start working there. So you have to basically buy the stuff you are going to sell. Then you put your stuff in the van and pitch people on the street and try to sell the stuff for more than you paid for. There are no tax papers so the IRS will get you eventually because it is all cash and there is absolutely no health insurance. They are very brainwashing. They make you watch a "training" video with promises of fast cash and they build you up to the point where you think you can really do this. Which is sad because basically the owners of the nationwide offices are using you as their puppets. The more money you make, the more they make and that's THEIR salary not yours. You are solely commission. You don't get some sort of pay regardless. They even put you on training for about a week where you don't get a cut at all. So basically you are feeding them money while they feed you lines of bulls**t. Sorry this is so long... BUT then they promise you they will buy you a Tahoe and give you a Tag watch if you sell this and that and they have these contests and whatnot. It's actually really sad because some of the people I have met are pretty intelligent but got brainwashed. You also get moved around frequently from state to state with more false promises and the offices change and move all the time and they go by ACME Corp. or Inc. sometimes. If I were you, I would steer way clear of this organization. It's very shady and you wouldn't want the IRS catching up with you 5 years down the road garnishing both of your wages. I just wish that the others who are actually in this buisness would realize this and move on with their lives. Yeah, my ex-boyfriend is an a*s for cheating on me, but his ego was so pumped by these weirdos that he just figured he was great. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Anyone looking to get into sales, we are looking for some good people, no experience necessary. You will only need a driver's license (you will be using our white company van). We specialize in selling the Epiphany line of home theater products, as well as some others at greatly discounted prices.
Talk to our current employees about the opportunity. We will be in the Home Depot parking lot around 3:30 on Friday. Thank you.

Does anyone have any information on these guys in the North Dallas area?

To Roxie: I also dated a speaker guy for like 7 months or so. I'll be sure to e-mail you... hang in there, it really really sucks and hurts to be cheated on! Believe me, I know!


About a week ago three guys in a white van sold me some epiphany bantam tower speakers for $300. They were actually worth it though. They sound really good. I'm happy I didn't get screwed like some of you did. They do like to move quickly too. They don't like to stick in one area for a long time probably because they don't want cops catching onto them. Watch out for these guys in parking lots because most of them are full of crap and sell you crap. I'm just one of the lucky ones that got something good from these guys.



I ran into the white van today.. ignored them.. but has happened to me twice before. First time when I was 13 years old in a parking lot two large men were trying to pressure me to buy speakers. I kept telling them I didn't have any money. They unpacked the speakers. Finally one asked how much I would offer. I only had $10, they waved their arms in disqust.

I have been plagued with not only the white van selling speakers, but also large white trucks selling furniture! I wish I had a rocket propelled grenade launcher (RPG-7).

I worked for these fuc*ers and quit, but this is the price this stuff is actually worth wholesale. They also go by a point system for the company if you get them for the prices below they jest get the points no profit.

Bantom Towers $245 points 1.8
C4 Towers pair $210 points 1.1
S21 $125 points .75
T42 $210 points 1.1

PSW8 $150 points .7
Center channel $100 points .7
TT3 $100 points .7

SOLO- ITS A CD/DVD PLAYER SH*T $360 points 1.4
Sub $180 points 1

I might be off on the points not on the prices. I hate this company its a scam I jest may rob one of these bi*ches what are they gonna do call the cops.

I would like to find the one in the Fl Keys again there selling the TR-8010 for $150.00 It sounds great & works well, I didn't feel ripe off. But it's a scam & sucks. Blue cheve van & said his boss was waiting for him on another job side. the driver is a white 35 year old Man (Brian) & a white blond woman about 28.

Actually, RaZor, they will call the cops. It doesn't matter if you think this is a scam or not. It is still a place of business and they will call the cops on you. Believe me I know. I used to answer phones for them and they have a lot of cameras around the buildings. It doesn't matter how much you think it is a scam, they have permits and they can sell their products for however much they want to. It is no different than a store like RadioShack or Best Buy. They just choose to just do it out of a van and not a store.


people are still trying to sell this crap


So, I had just spent two years saving up enough money for my vasectomy ($475). had the appointment set up and everything. got out of my car at the hospital, and these three young men come up to with a story about overstock, too far away from their warehouse, bla, and bla .. i don't know. I bought it, the C4 tower. I throw it in my truck and speed off home. i think i have the deal of a life time. turns out, the speaker doesn't do anythimg more than my alarm clock. i can't believe this. i don't get paid enough to have more kids, and now i have speaker that doesn't do anything. does anyone know where i can find these f*rs.

I got scammed the other night too, out in Jersey. Same guys in a white van. These guys were slick....gave me the whole story about having one system left, and they were "practically giving it away." Anyway, I fell for it and am stuck with these speakers I will now have to try to get rid of. And I also have to get rid of the George Washington Bridge, which they sold me also. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Rick Jones
I'm at homedepot, getting a skill saw for a house project that I'm doing, when out of nowhere these three guys in a white chevy van pull up. Guy number one asks "hey want a great deal?" I say sure. They get out of the van, open the back, and pull out two speakers. They're the C4 towers. I thought to myself that they didn't look half bad, but, I know relatively nothing about speakers. They told me that they retail for $1400 or something. I'm psyched, I'm getting the deal of a lifetime, as they offered them to me for $350! I'm into buying them, when a realization occurs ... I don't even know if these things work. I mention my concern, and the young men agree to come to my house, hook them up to my existing gear, and let me hear for myself. We get to my house, two of the dudes grab the speakers, and I walk with the leader, leading the other two into the house, and over into the room with the gear. The dude hooked them up, fiddled and diddled, and we played them for about 20 or so minutes, they were perfect, better sound quality than I've ever heard. I go to find my wife, and let her hear the quality. I go into our room, when I see her getting it on with the two other dudes. I'm ripped! I chase the guys from the house. If anyone knows anything about these guys let me know.

Rick (Macon, GA)

Hey i just bought them in jersey in watchung. If anyone knows how to get back at them or anything can you email me and tell me how. Thanks

Hey if anyone has info on how to get back or anythign please email me at

God, you morons are still gettting screwed by these guys? This has been going on for over a year now. Why is it that the people who buy these things all of a sudden come to this site afterwards. All of you people should be shot so you cannot reproduce. Have you not heard the cliche, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is"? Come on people, start to clean up the gene pool.

Im so glad i found this website !!!
after months of harrassing my local electronics store and local officers of the law i want you all to rest assured that these individuals have been secured and are in a safe, or not so safe if ya get mug drift location, a the moment never to sell anyone else any faulty equipment

This site came up after I was searching for information on Epiphany speakers. I just paid $300 for Epiphany Bantam Towers from three young guys in a white van in Dallas off Inwood Road on 8/28/03. Had me convinced that I was getting $1469 speakers. Showed me brochures, flyers, receipts, advertisements and everything with prices. But I can not find any information on these speakers on the internet. Is this company out of business? These guys said they were working for SoundiVision. Receipt shows main office at 7095 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028. These guys gave me their phone number and said they were heading to Carrolton, asked me to call them if I want anything else I saw in their van later today. Phone number is 404-423-4687.

So after reading all of these messages I can assume that Theater Research is the same company or an off shoot? I bought the TR5210 Home Theater yesterday in Tampa Florida. I was definitely naïve, but figured it would be a great birthday present for my husband who will be returning from tour in Iraq in a couple of weeks.
We don't have much money, but I was really hoping that they would at least work. I have tried them out and the sound is abysmal.
Silly me!

Does anyone kow if they're hiring?

We called the state's attorney general office and complained. Also notified local tv news stations to expose these hoodlums. Avoid purchasing anything from white vans or any other "fast talking" high pressure solicitors. Do not buy epiphany speakers C-4 or others. Go to appliance store and get better for less.

The guys in the White Van are still out trying to scam people. We got stopped at the Ridgeview Shopping Plaza in Severn, Maryland by two people (a guy and a girl) in a...(you guessed it)....White Van. We told them we needed to go get the money, so they gave us a phone number to call them..., we came home and searched the web for Epiphany Bantam Tower Speaker and got this website of course, we decided not to buy.

I just got scammed on 9/6/03 in Buckhead (Atlanta) at the Outback. Paid 400 bucks to AJ and some other Bitc$%. Anybody see them around email me at or call me at 678-887-7172. When I say I'm going to kick some a$$, me and my country boys follow through. If you want some payback, I'll do it for ya. Just point me the right way.

mike c
Just got me on the bantams for $400 and a 12-pack of corona (with a lime). I hope they work. Live and learn.

I've been unemployed for a few months now. They got me for a set of Bantam Towers in Toledo OH yesterday for $260. 3 guys in a white chevy van. You'd think they'd be from Redford MI but I think one of them said Chicago. Anyone else in this area get approached? Did they say where they're from?

When they approached me, I agreed to check them out. When I say what they had, I told them about being jobless (moneyless) so they suggested I get them off their hands and sell them again for a profit. That's what sold me. I tried to check out the value on the net and found they're worth nothing. I checked them out at home and found that they don't sound worth a crap! The "imaging" horn tweeter in the back is way too loud.

MIKE C....Where were you when they got you??
Did they say where they were from??
Did you see the plate on their van??

Email me back

If we get ahold of them, we could get our $$ back!
There's more info at

Just wanted to let everybudy know that I have settled the score for us alittle. I too was a victum of the white van, and was almost sold on buying the 12,000 dollar system. But I been reading this sight and last night I called the guy on his two way # said I was ready to meet him for the purchase and that I wanted him to meet me in a parking lot in the middle of no ware. When he got there it was just him and his little friend no major threat. I weigh 250 lbs and I'm perty solid plus I had three other buddies with me that jumped out of the back of my van we beat the crap out of them and toke the whole "$12,000" system plus 6 other receivers and about 10 other sets of speakers. These speakers are not Epiphany's these one are called cypress. Hit me back at

26448 Fordson Hwy.
Redford, MI
f*cker cheated on my friend...

Hi guys! guess what.....I got scammed today too. I refused these guys initially even tho they were saying its for free. But then this other guy I dont know how he convinced me to pay $200 for the epiphany. I even tested them in the white van. They sounded fine there. But I am gonna find out tommorow when I get the wires to hook it up to my TV. I just came home 2 minutes back and searched for this brand name and guess what? The first link in google took me here. I feel so cheated......those guys must be laughing there as$es off!!! Fu$$kers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help! I just bought a new home theatre system with an active subwoofer (which is also the receiver) and five speakers. I connected its audio input (two holes) to my TV's audio output (two holes). Only the subwoofer appears to respond while the five speakers make no sound. I I checked the connections, input selection and volume.....Help!

They are in the nort Dallas area as of 2 hours ago! Also they now have another brand Cypress. I just fell into this BS myself and I haven't even unpacked these things. Not going to, I'll drive back right now and hopefully will be able to catch these guys.

these goofy idiots pulled up at a job work site after a meeting i had, talked about overshipments and whatever. they wanted quite a bit, but i jewed them down to $200 bucks.

They look to be made fairly well, i feel it's a decent deal, these chumps need to make a buck just like everybody else. Not the smatest thing to do, buying stereo equipment from the back of a van, watch out metro detroit!

Wow I fell for the white van scam. I was driving down the road in my jeep wrangler with nice rims and tires, and I apparently looked like a good target for them. And I was. I pulled over next to a Circuit City. We went in there to check out some other comparable systems. We found a couple less expensive systems but didn't come with the same options. I spent $350 for an "Epiphany Solo Home theater solution". I just purchased the system earlier today and just hooked it up. It appears to be a nice system, I wanted to see if I got a good deal, and sure enough other people have described the same incident."Beer money and all". I gave him $8 more. Even though I like the system, I feel like I was ripped off after reading similar "White Van" stories.

Well, me too...beware Colleyville and Keller (TX) - female in a Hummer....guess I was a target as well...spent $400 for the Epiphany Towers and $200 for the Cypress S21...his name is Justin - 580-917-0177 - from OK...her name is Lisa - from Illinois...I feel so stupid...can't belive I didn't pull the speakers out and look at them - they look cheezy - I'd have never paid that kind of money for them...

I paid only $100 for a cypress center channel. not a whole lot of $, but still kinda annoying. haven't tried it yet. happened in the walgreen's parking lot on Hwy 120 in Marietta (across from the publix shopping center). 2 guys, the passenger did the talking... name was joe or josh... said he lived in douglasville and was a DJ. i'm not so concerned about the $ as i am for falling for it. they kept asking for more $, but i would only give $100. don't know why i didn't even think to get any more info from them. joe/josh was a somewhat heavyset guy, really short/shaved dark hair. both guys had Soundivision shirts on. oh well... live and learn. if anyone comes across this guy, get some info on him and post here!

I paid only $100 for a cypress center channel. not a whole lot of $, but still kinda annoying. haven't tried it yet. happened in the walgreen's parking lot on Hwy 120 in Marietta, GA (across from the publix shopping center). 2 guys, the passenger did the talking... name was joe or josh... said he lived in douglasville, GA and was a DJ. i'm not so upset about the $ as i am for falling for it. they kept asking for more $, but i would only give $100. don't know why i didn't even think to get any more info from them. joe/josh was a somewhat heavyset guy, really short/shaved dark hair. both guys had Soundivision shirts on. oh well... live and learn. if anyone comes across this guy, get some info on him and post here!

i just bought a subwoofer and twin bantam system like above today, 500 all together and the subwoofers retail for a lot more then i paid. but i also got them to buy me some wild turkey, think i should screw them over and call the police for distributing to a minor?

O.K. Today I ran across 3 guys in white van. Purchased Epiphany Bantam tower speakers and Cypriss speakers. Paid $303.00 for all 4 speakers. They sound great! Guy gave me # to reach him but can not reach him on this #.No complaints here with quality of speakers, however I would like to possibly purchase a tv and another pair of epiphany's. Marc, if you are out there come back thru the home depot or publix shopping center i have some more money for you.

Me again listed above as anonymous. Again purchased epiphany's and a pair of cypriss speakers. hooked up to very old aiwa amp. sounds good. Marc if you are out there i would like to talk to you about some other stuff,also i have 2 friends who have checked out my stuff and want to purchase same thing. If you are there or if anyone knows how to reach Marc please post here.

Where are you located? I haven't done anything with my speakers, but want my $ back...can't reach the guy that sold them to me...unfortunately, I paid $600 for mine...towers and Cypress...I'm in Texas


TO: Lawrenceville,

I have a pair of Bantam Towers I would be willing to sell. I have only hooked them up in order to make sure they were OK. They are still in original box if you're interested. Just contact me by clicking on my posting name (Toledo, OH).

Lawrenceville - I have 2 bantam towers and a sub that I was scammed for.
Although I've already reported to the FBI, local police, Attorney General, Channel 2 Action News, and talked with the owner of the company.
If I'm not able to get a refund (they work, I just feel shitty for getting scammed) - you can have both the towers and the sub for $400! My eamil address is linked into the username.

re: above post

that's the **S H I T T I E S T** deal I've ever heard of!!

Hey, if ya gonna get ripped and ya can't beat em, join em .. blow me

these guys are located at 144N Eisenhower Ln Lombard, IL 60148 in front of their "warehouse" is many white vans and inside are stacks and stacks of speakers managers name is Chris, company is called Soundivision

Nevermind, got my refund today - minus a 15% "restocking fee" Those guys are some shady guys that's for sure, and gave me the run around for 2 days. I'm in the Atlanta area, email me if you need any info and be sure to put something about white vans in the subject line so I know what you're emailing about.

Bob J
Same story in Keller, TX this afternoon. This white van with two 20-ish gents and one 20-ish female driving stopped me in a parking lot on 1709. They said they are 15 minutes away from their scheduled delivery for a custom $30,000 home theater installation. The female said they discovered an invoice error that included two extra speakers which were not part of the delivery. If they were to make the scheduled delivery, the installer would get the speakers for free. She said she phoned their boss who advised them to make someone a geat deal on a pair of high-end audio speakers. I was asked "How much do I have in my wallet?" "Can you go to an ATM and withdraw more?" "What price would you be willing to pay for a set of $1,400 speakers?" I only had $65 on me. She became upset because I wasn't interested in the Ephiphany speakers. I told her they weren't worth $10. She offered to give me a set of their newest product line from Cypress. The S21 Cypress Lightning speakers were small enough to mount as part of a rear channel surround sound set. I succumbed to her antics and bought them for $200. I brought them home and hooked them up to my system. Not very impressed with the audio quality. My Norman Labs have much greater range and frequency response. I thought I would help them out of a bind with the two extra speakers they just picked up at the FedEx dock while securing a good deal for myself.

As others before me have was too good to be true.

The white cargo van had magnetic stickers with the SoundVision emblem on it. She even wrote me out a receipt for my warranty without any personal information of mine included on it. Yes, they sped off after I handed over the $$$.

This is the funniest site... c'mon people. I've got a pair of Bantams. They don't sound bad, they are worth the $200-$300, sure you get a story but... welcome to the world of sales.

You get a story every time you buy any product. A story and a healthy mark up.

Life is too short to be grumpy over speakers. Go home, be happy and enjoy what you've got. I do!

clown vomit
they're in MA now .. last night at an ATM/Mobil station .. white van pulled up, guy says "hey man, you want a couple of speakers for your home system" .. i was at the ATM and told the guy "nah, I'm all set dude" .. thanks to this board i didn't fall for it.

He said something (probably a wise a$$ comment) then sped off.


Not Impressed
I answered an ad in the newspaper and I was led to believe this company was hiring people for commercial sound system installs - you know, like churches, theatres, etc. Having experience in that, I went over for an interview, and saw 5 white vans in the parking lot, with license plates from Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Connecticut. Imagine my dismay when I got there to find a bunch of unknown brand names and no professional commercial brands there. I soon figured out what it was. This was in Lombard, Illinois, at 144 Eisenhower. The guy's name was Chris, and they are in the back of the 157 building there.

Not Impressed
By the way, about five years ago, I bought a pair of Dynalab tower speakers from a white van in Cincinnati, Ohio. I got those reluctant guys down to $200 for the pair, and they were great! I later sold them to my friend for $400, and he is happy, too. Though this is the same type fo business practices you get from Soundivision (who sell epiphany and cypress), Chris in the Lombard, Il office confirmed that they were not the same company, and Soundivision does not carry Dynalab.

This was in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today...

Rock n Roll
I need 7 people. I will pay & train you to work with live sound equipment. $800-$1000/wk (salary/profit/bonus). Company vehicle, paid training. Suit & tie need not apply. Sell/delivery/install. SoundiVision.
Call Dank 404-781-2264

i was employed for 1 day w/ soundivision (tricked into working there through false info)
anything they tell you is a lie. the speakers are bought by soundivision and that is how they do business, out of the van, anything about to much inventory etc. is a lie. if they show you an invoice, it is fake! if they say they signed for it, fake!
here is the lowdown
epiphany bantam speakers - $210 (they say 1500)
cypress lightning LR speakers - $175 (1200)
? sub that they sale - $75 (1000)
epiphany dvd and surround combo - $350 (3400)
i know this cause they train you on your first day. I saw these guys take a preacher for 600 bucks! where is the line?!

my brother in law just spotted these guys at a truck stop on 285 outside atlanta...
he called me about it.. I looked it up,,, found this and saved his .. :O

Just to keep everyone updated, I am among the latest victims. I was taken today (8 Oct 03) in the Home Depot parking lot on Little River Turnpike and Braddock Rd in Alexandria VA. Young White guy and Asian at the wheel of the unmarked white van. I haven't tried the system yet, but my story is the same as everyone else's...I was foolish enough to take the risk, so I am not going to cry over spilled milk - I just learn my lesson and move on. I think that the Internet is the best weapon against this type of scam. If everyone on this thread emails as many people as possible about the scam and ask them to pass it on then the word will get out and their business will end.

Based on the help from one of the folks above,
I got the address of these guys in Dallas and went to chase them. To my surprise, they are
there and I happened to have a chat with the "Regional Manager"/Dan Kieser guy.
He looked so well prepared for all kinds of adversities/discussions/arguments. I noticed he is inconsistent in asnwering the questions. At one point he says he does not know who these guys in the van are, and the other time he says, he rents and at the other time he says he is ready to exchange, but not refund....So inconsistent....YET..I COUDNT DO ANYTHING...
We went to an extent of calling cops...they arrived and asked ME to leave on the grounds of TRESSPASSING...They do not seem to care about the
facts that this thing came in SCAM ALERTS all over the place and at Better Business Bureus (BBB). They just ask to report at local LAW OFFICES...!....and so I left....having learnt a good lesson for LIFE...."NEVER TRUST STRANGERS SELLING STUFF ON THE STREETS"...!!!!

Here is their address, if anyone want to try a
different path, may be take hidden cameras, local TV, newspaper guys...or may be a lawyer in disguise, if you are powerful....!!!!!!

2626-A Manana Dr.
Dallas, TX 75220
Phone: (214) 358-5359


You can file a complaint at your local
web site for Texas:

You can also file a complaint at Better Business Bureau:

JOSH--Former pco

umm...i feel like i was VIOLATED by a tall guy named ken in south nashville..he jus kinda slammed me i lil bit.kinda took advantage of my mental weakness..he was in a white van...i paid a few hundred bucks for bantams...they sound better than my bose though....SO I GUESS NEVERMIND..THANX KEN FOR SLAMMIN ME..

I know I'm a sucker. I just purchased the equipment at the Chevron Station on the corner of Piedmont and North Avenue in Atlanta, GA for around $400. I got some story about a delivery that was already paid for. . . that the owner's basement flooded. . . and they were trying to get rid of the equipment. The salesman Paul told me that they were trying to get rid of it because it was already purchased and they no longer had a use for it. I made them call their office "Atlanta Sound Vision," and supposedly I spoke with his boss who informed me that, "from time to time this opportunity arises were we can get rid of this stock. . " I made sure I called a number (don't think it's the same number) from my cell phone. The number was (410) 493-3889. This number is Baltimore Sound Vision. No one answers except voice mail. I've left messages, but no one has called back. There were three men, about twenty five years' old. They were in a Tan Chevy Tahoe with the following Georgia Plates: 3236 ABW. I've filed a report with the Atlanta PD. They mentioned that they were off to a stip club with the extra money. I guess I'll be looking for them at the Cheetah Strip Club in downtown Atlanta.

By the way, I work with the IRS, and I will make sure that Paul Allen (or whomever owns the Tahoe) has been making his required taxation payments off his speaker business., which I suspect he is not. Otherwise, he's looking at a fairly steep fine and some jail time. I'll let him off the hook for a refund. Otherwise, I may have to begin a taxation investigation. . .

I got my money back today. I went up to the office (or lack thereof) in Atlanta (1710 Chattahoochee Ave). I paid the 15% "restocking fee", but I got most of my money back. It really is sad how this guy up there is driving a Corvette, while he has a bunch of deprived, red-neck kids working an illegal business for him, while he's getting rich. I'm contacting the Attorney General's office, the F.B.I. (for interstate commerce violations), and the United States Postal Service (for mail fraud -- as they are providing false mailing addresses on their receipts and Warranties.)

If you've purchased speakers from these snakes, I urge to take back the equipment (within three day of your purchase) and get your money back. Also, please contact the authorities if you have also been swindled or approached.

Here's an annual report from Acme Supply/SounDivision.

--Pissed Off in the ATL

I bought from these people. I got a good price (compared to at Best Buy) and I don't know why you are wigging out. You must just be upset that it's all legit.

I know this company and it is a legitimate business. They sell a quality product for discounted prices. They honor the law and follow good business practices. That is why they give refunds and honor their contracts. The negative statements are purely inflammatory. They sell a product- just like anyone else and they honor their customers. The end.

Just purchased an epiphany subwoofer and satelite system speakers with a pair of bantam towers. Do not feel cheated.Hooked'em up to my sony reciever.They sound exceptonally superb.Ihave 3 surround sound systems and so far this one tops my best .

1 2 Thump
I am thinking about buying more Ephipany gear. I got the towers and the little surround sound ones, but I didn't get the the sub woofer (I was a little short- they gave me the satelites for 1/2 off). I wanted to get to Bose, but the subs are way pricey. I figure I have Ephiphany Towers I might as well get the Sub too. Anyone have that? You like it? I heard it F-ing kicks. Let me know!
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