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does any one know how to make it so i can get surround sound from the cable tv samsung

Electronics novice
I've had mine working for the past month, except periodically I get NO SOUND. Turn off the unit for a few hours and voila... AOK. Anyone have that problem and a solution?

Also, I hooked up a BSR turntable to the unit but I get very minimal sound from all speakers on MAXVOLUME. It is producing sound, just not an adequate amount. You can hear from each speaker that the music is playing. Could it be something with the turntable (needle supposedly is new) and there is a question of the cartridge not working with the Samsung?? Any ideas?

Joe P
From what I understand you can unplug the unit and this resets the software. This worked on my "Fiddler on the Roof" problem. But I have not had a problem with no sound. It may also be that your unit is too hot. Next time the sound stops check to see how hot it is.

The turntable has a lower output and this is why the sound is so low. You would have to connect the turntable through an amplifier that has a turntable input. I believe that there are 2 different kinds of pickups for turntables. I believe one is called moving coil and one is moving magnet. One of them has a much lower output level than the other. This may also be a factor.

Helene Gagnon

I bought a DM 150 in January of 2003 and it was fine until I tried to listen to a CD last weekend. When I turned the switch on, it turned off by itself after five seconds. I cannot even open the tray to put the cd in, I have to repeat the operation for at least five times to insert the cd and close the disc tray. I read lots of the previous messages and it seems it could be overheating... The machine goes off by itself and I cannot even try to do anything. Can someone help me?

HG Quebec, Canada

Hi I bought a DM150 in december 2002 cannot find the production date on back have looked everywhere.

The problem is this everything works fine but after 5 months i cannot select anything on my dvd menu screens the cursor is missing on all. They all work fine on my other dvd system a sony. I have not heard anything in this forum about frimware or software failures so any help would be most appreciated.


Kevin, UK Yorkshire

Joe P
Helene, I doubt the system is too hot after just turning it on. Sounds like it has some other problem that I have not heard about. Sounds like you better take it in for service.

Kevin, This sounds like a new problem as well. I have not heard of anyone else with this problem.

Bernie G
To 022114, I believe the only way you can get surround from your cable is by using the optical input in the back of your Samsung unit. You will need to have a digital output on your cable box. If you have this you can get a digital coax to optical converter. But even then, the only surround you can get is from those cable channels that actually broadcast it that way. Some of the HBO channels will have that, the High Definition ones for sure.

has anyone heard any news about the new 220?
I have the 150 and its great.

I just bought the Samsung HT-DM150, made in dec. 2002 from Best Buy. It seemed great until, it would only play certain DVD's. How do i fix this problem, without taking it back?

Anonymous seems interesting that some people claim the ht-dm150 doesn't playback certain dvds while others say it handles everything they threw at it!!!!

Even the most expensive dvd players are incapable of playing all dvd releases. To those who have had problems with compatibility....I am curious to know what particular studio releases you've had the playback issues with?

Just so people know the NEW samsung HT-SK6, the one with the Klipsch speakers is now available from 1 online wholesaler, I can not post the website but if you want the site email me at It is an INCREDIBLE $798 US!!!!!! VERY NICE UNIT!!!!

The HT-DM150 i bought won't play dual layer DVD's. It won't play Spiderman, the Matrix or Minority Report. The unit says no disc. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? It seems it will won't play region 1 or dual layered DVD's. It play's CD's, CD-R's and VCD. Can anyone help?

i tried the region switch code from a different post and it didn't work. Although the tray opened and the player did what the instructions said it would, It still won't read region 1 DVD's but other DVD's and CD's it seems to read. Any suggestions?

Joe P
As I posted above, my 150 would not play Fiddler on the Roof at first. But after I unplugged it, for a second, it plays it just fine. Although I will say that it makes a different sound (not from the speakers but from the player itself). It's not loud it's just different, like a vibration. My unit has never had a problem playing Spiderman. I would recommend that anyone who has problems with a certain DVD's, try to unplug it for a second. Don't ask me why it works. A customer sevice guy told me to try it.

Yes my unit vibrates while trying to read the disc, but it won't read some discs. I tried uplugging it to reset it, but didn't work. It reads CD's and VCD's fine, but won't read The Matrix or Spiderman. HELP!

If your unit cannot read those discs then there is something wrong with your unit as mine reads everything I have tried including those 2 discs. You should take your dvd/receiver back and exchange it for a new one.

I tried the Region Free Hack on my HT-DM550 and although the tray will open and then close it did not work. My system is region 4 and tried to playa a region 2 DVD and it didn´t work. Can anyone tell me how to do it.
Thanks a lot.

I have Samsung HT-DM150 and I press eject and see LOCK, how can repare this?


I live in Brazil and I have bought an Samsumg DVD Player model P-231 in the US.
I would like to know how to unblock the area code of this device.

At I see report that DM150 can play:
"Kodak Picture CD/JPG image support"
"MPEG1/2 ISO, plays MPEG1/MPEG2 files with no authoring"
I tried both, but without succes.
Can anybody confirm this info?

I have US region set system and want to be able to play DVD's from Europe. I tried to use the "region free" instructions posted but it does not seem to work? Can anybody help me?

I have one made in Sept 2002. I have applied the region hack (it's a Region 1 machine). Now, the Region 2 disc I have to test says "Wrong Disk format". Any help. It was saying "Wrong region" before I applied the code change.

All other DVDs I tried have worked so far. They are Region 1 or 0, though...

Anyone know much about the Samsung Ht-SK6 system?
I am really starting to think it is just a HT-DM550 with a new speaker package and probably the amp for the sub taken out but maybe even that is the same. Anyways If anyone has any info on this please let me know, thanks.

I now have had my DM-150 for 4 months. It is on almost non stop (radio, cd, DVD). It has never failed (knock on wood), and plays everything I Throw at it. What a great unit !!!

Q: I have Samsung HT-DM150 and I press eject and see LOCK, how can repare this?

A: Hold the Power and Function buttons simultaneously until the word "UN LOCK" displays on the front of the unit. (Thanks Best Buy!)

Joe P
No, Thanks Anonymous. It is nice that you have posted an answer since most of us have more questions than answers.

Patrick McClintock
I love the unit except for a problem with volume that I am having (my build date is Jan03). While playing DVD's the volume is acceptable (not really loud mind you). But when I connect anything to AUX, I have to always have at max to have a moderate volume. With my satelite connected (which is using pro logic) I only get regular stereo and when I try to enable pro logic2, I only get sound out of the center speaker.

Any help would be appreciated

Joe P
This sounds like a bad unit because I have no problem with my AUX input (from a VCR) and no problem enabling the pro logic2. Unless there's something else that I cannot see going on here, I would say your unit is bad.

Patrick McClintock
Yeah I think so...I opted out of the home theatre in a box as I was able to score a Kenwood vr6060 for $400 canadian and bought the Harman Kardon HKT55 6 piece speaker set. I'm still having problems with volume though which leads me to believe the probelm is with my Satelite receiver (Expressvu 2700), I'll have to figure something out. I'm discovering that I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to sound setup :)

D keogh
Hi , I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get the "DEALER LOCK ON " off???? i have a M105 dvd player and it wont open or do anything !!! helpppp ! :)

I've had my DT150 Samsung for over 3-4 months and its working perfectly. I also notice after seeing some back pictures on the samsung website my unit has an attached external fan (black plastic add-on so could be refurbished). I think it says built date is Oct or Nov 2002. DVDs work great (i watch about 1 a day), VCDs work, CDs, CDRs, CDRWs, MP3s, DD 5.1, DTS, pro logic 2, all is fine. Wish I knew the sub was passive before buying though. Other than that it was a great buy.


i think i've done some stupidity by purchasing theDM 150 ... Because i saw after that the player only read the NTSC standards (of course i bought in Montréal !!) .. So of course it's possible to make it Free-Region but for the structure of image.....

Problem i'm French ! And European standard is PAL-SECAM , pity for me . I tried to contact Samsung about this and they answered simply that the unit was NTSC only.
Question : is there a way to install some kind of decoder to make the player All-standards so i can play my French DVDs or is it truly impossible ?? The French version of DM 150 is also PAL only , very weird because almost every players (even the cheapest ones) are multi-standards even at Samsung's but not this very model....

How can i do ??


I have the DM 150, since March, it has worked fine (knock on wood) except for two minor issues.

1) Every now and then, I have NO sound output. I did take everything off of it and that has helped but I still had it go out once last week. NO IDEA why, mainly on the AUX1 for TV.

2) I bought a BSR turntable (ProLogicII will play any source as surround). It is set on AUX2. At the absolute highest volume level (60 I think) it plays at a very minimal volume, you have to stand next to the speaker to hear there is something coming out. As far as I can tell the BSR works. I haven't tried it with other speakers because I don't have any other amp. I was told by the guy I got the BSR from that the cartridge may not be compatible with the Samsung amp.

Anyone have any ideas or is familiar with turntables and DM 150?

Joe P
Back in the old days when the turntable was one of our main sources for playback you would find specific connections on the back of the amplifier for the turntable. This is because the signal from a turntable needs to be conditioned through a pre-amplifier because the signal level is so low. So, yes, the guy is right that the turntable output is not compatable with the AUX inputs on the DM150. You need a pre-amp designed to match the turntable output. Then you must also be carefull about what type of cartridge is on your turntable. The types are moving coil and moving magnet. They also have different signal levels.


Are you living in France or Quebec ? (Your email is from Quebec). I have the unit and it does do PAL -> NTSC conversion. I'm not sure about the other way though. But in Europe, many new TVs now allow for NTSC playback these days.

Hi it's Waterfly again, merci de l'attention !

Yes i'm French and living in Paris BUT soon moving to Montréal for 3 long years and the player is bought but still in Canada. My DVDs collection is ... French ( and consequently in PAL) but once i will be in Quebec i will have to try playing my European DVDs .

Once there i'll buy a TV allowing both standards. But the player won't play PAL again ... In fact it's what Samsung told me when i asked but maybe it will do the conversion as you experienced... Who knows, i dont have the player with me: it's waiting for me there so can't check to see.

But what if it doesn't ?? Can i add some device in it to make it play all standards ?? Thanx for attention !!!

Ryan R
Has anyone heard of or tried out the Samsung ht-db600? It sells for the same price as the dm150 at bestbuy but it has a 5-disc changer and a 500 watt system. I don't really want to buy the dm150 because of all the overheating problems I've heard of, but since this is the same company and price I was thinking the db600 might have the same problem.

i recently purchased the ht-dm 550 ($320 demo model/can't go wrong) I can't get the dvd to open or play...all it says is lock.I read the entire instruction manual and even reset the system back to the factory settings and it's still locked.There is no button on the remote for it either.Help ...please. Thanks guys.
Hey...Does anyone know if the DM150 will play DVD-R or DVD+RW's???? Also does anyone know if I can make my speakers transmit wirelessly since I live in an apartment and I can't run the wires though the floor...T H A N K S......C T

The HTDB600 is a great HT for the price, Samsung has discontinued the 550's because of heat problems, but they are kickin but with there new line. The 600 and the NEW HT-SK6 are 2 amazing systems. No other company is matching Samsung progressive scan HTIB's. I recently bought the HT-DM550 and have had no probs with it but if I would of known about the HTDB600 sooner I would of waited. Hope this has helped some!

hi i have just bought a DM 150 and whatever disc I may put in all it displayais loading and then no disc....the damn thing is not reading anything............please help!!!!!!!!!!!!......havent even played one disc since I missing a button or what????....i have tried making it multireg. by the code above did what it was expected to but still is not playing anything!!!!

Look guys, this is the real reason why this DM150 cuts off. while the amp is spitting out 6 ohms for the 5 speakers, which by the way are only 6 ohms, it's only spitting out 3 to the sub and the sub is only 3. so as you guys crank up the volume, the speakers are loud and crisp, but the sub is doing too much power. the fact that the fan doesn't ever want to turn contributes to this fact.

does the samsung have a scart connection if so why not and how do i connect it up what cable do i need?
my svideo cable is on front of telly so looks stupid i dont want to use that connection if i can help it

Does anyone know how to switch off Macrovision on the DM550?

Neil Duff
I had the problem with the disc loading and then no disc being displayed. I had the unit replaced and its worked great ever since.

forget what OOrizzo said, that's just stupid. it shuts off because it's a lemon.

bought a DM 150 recently - the hissing test sound that is passed to every speaker in 'test tune' mode doesn't go to the subwoofer. the LED panel shows 'subwoofer' at the end of the rotation but no sound emanates from it. the sub though seems to process sounds from dvds - am not an audiophile so cant really say if its doing justice or not but it does sound ok.

any answers as to why it doesnt respond to the 'test tune' hissing sound?


Bought HT-DM150 7 months ago. Worked fine until yesterday. When I load any disk (CD, DVD, etc) the LCD says LOADING, but the disk does not spin and it never goes past that. Tried DVD cleaner disk, but since ot does not spin it didn't do much.

Any ideas?

Joe P
Julio, Sounds bad to me. But try unplugging it for a day and then see if it works. Otherwise, it probably needs service.

I have not used the test sound for set up. But I would imagine the subwoofer freq. response is not in the range of the freq. of the test sound. I don't know if it uses a different freq. for the sub.

Thaks Joe P. I called Samsung and they told me to send it for service. I did have my directTV box on top of it. When I removed it it started working again.

You actually found a phone number for Samsung?? Do share if you please.

Joe P
The number I have used for Samsung customer service is 800-726-7864.

Julio, I guess I'm not sure why the directTV box on top would make much difference. I suppose it could have contributed to it getting too hot. But then why would it have a problem when you first loaded the disks? It should not have been hot then. Also, it is strange the the problem manifested as a disk loading problem. All other posts on heat problems indicated that the unit would just shut down or lock up. This sure is a strange system. I wish I would have taken mine back when I was thinking about it. Sure, my family and I have had hours of enjoyment from it with only a couple of small glitches. Also, I broke my rule of not buying the extended warranty and purchased the 4 year deal for $100. I know it's usually a waste of money but I knew this unit could have problems. But I don't look forward to dealing with the problems if they come as I expect. Hopefully it will end up that I just get a bran new unit when this one dies.


Your unit should play the PAL DVDs on the North American TV just fine. I have "Les Enfoires 2002" in PAL (Region 0) and it works just great (except that the reds are a little high). I have another DVD (Mondial 1998) which is a region 2 and it says "wrong disk format". (My player is unlocked as per the hack)

Finding a multistandard TV is near imposible in North America. I do know some APEX Flat screen TVs (Available at Best Buy) take PAL as a source.

Good luck

Hey I just got the HT-DL200P. Its a great system but I just have one question. It is a progressive scan dvd system but is progressive scan already enabled or do I have to enable it manually.


I have plans to buy a HT-DM 150 next week.
Are you using this to play MP3 CDs ?
What you can say about MP3 files browsing ? looking directory names, tree structure, ID3 tag info, etc ?
Thanks for your help.


I have a problem. I just bought the HT-DM150 and when i play some dvd's the sound and video don't seem synchronized all the time. This has occured on numerous dvds. Is this just a dumb problem with a simple solution and has anyone else noticed the sound coming slightly before the video. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Dan Dare
It plays MP3 but only displays the first 8 chars or the directories and files.

I have not had any sound sync problems or read of any with the HT-DM150 - take it back.

Where can I get a firmware upgrade for this model?

Folks, I'm experiencing a problem with a HT-DM150. When playing movies, the sub gives off a constant interference that sounds kind of like being on a phone in a wind storm. Has anyone else experienced this and/or know of a fix? Manu date is Nov 2002. Thanks


Does the line feed to your sub run past any electrical wires, power points , fans ect as this can cause interference with the signal to any speaker. Even if nothing is visible try moving the wire path and sub and see if that helps. Othrewise the speakers sounds like its blown and needs to be sent back.




Thanks. I'll give moving the wire a try. One interesting thing I noticed while playing with this last night: even with the unit stopped i still get the unwanted noise but if I hit the stop button on the remote, the noise goes away for a second or two and then returns. Happens every time I hit stop. Hmmm. Thanks again.


To Todd T,

Sounds like a software problem to me m8 as you cant adjust audio properies to increase audio timing just decrease for rear speakers. I had a firmware problem just recently and that caused serious issues had to have full unit replaced (un fixable) just take it back and put your foot down. I just took the unit back and let them keep the new speakers so not to disrupt my setup.


HELP !!! I have a ht-dl200p and it has been great until recently. Now, on several different DVD's ( Lord of the Rings, X-men, etc. ) whenever the volume is above 40 ( which it damn sure has to be ) and there is a very loud passage, the unit cuts off !!!

Any ideas ?

Are the region-free codes also for the HTDM-550? If anyone knows please email me at

Joe P.
David, My 150 will shuts down on occasion during loud passages. I would imagine it is the over load protection. I would contact the Samsung costomer service at 800-726-7864 to see if you can do something to correct the problem.

Anyone know how to stop the ht-dm150 putting gaps in between CD tracks? I have loads of mix CDs and it is very annoying.

I'm thinking of buying this product. I know, there are some problems with it but I am thinking of taking a chance.

Apart from mfg date after Aug 2002, which all things should I take care of? Is it true that it displays just first 8 characters of MP3 file names? Does latest firmware also have this problem?

I'm staying in Brussels, Belgium. Are there any problems specific to the model made for Europe? Does someone know the place (in or around Brussels) where I can get it at the best price? Any idea how much would it cost here?

By going through the above reviews, it seems, in many cases, it starts giving problems after a couple of months of use. Are there some users who are using it for more than 6 months now? I would like to know their opinion.

Are there any other home theater systems, available in Europe, which falls in the same price range (300 Euros) but out-performs this one? I'm sure, each one of you will have different opinion but I would like to know what are the available options.

Nico el Rico
Yo lo acabo de comprar y es un cano... POR QUE NO ME CHUPAN LA PIJA Y SE DEJAN DE HABLAR PELOTUDECES

Does anyone know where I can find the remote to the Samsung HT-DM150? I seem to have lost mine.

i bought Samsung HT-DM150 from Best Buy recently and works great. I have some DVDs of my own and I would like to record them to a Tape. So, I connected Video Out from DVD player to VCR but I cannot find Audio Out. Looks like entire Audio Out of the dvd player is given to the players. Is there any way i can record audio too ?

Thanks in advance...

Joe P
For those of you that are still thinking about buying this model I thought I would write this post. After 8 months of light use my second unit is now having over heating problems. This unit has plenty of open air. But it appears that after an hour of operation the fan stops and it over heats. I did buy the extended warranty so now I will start with the trips for repair.

I would contact Samsung about replacement remotes.

It does appear that there is no audio out connection. About the only way I could imagine getting the audio to tape would be with a microphone that can connect to your VCR. I'm not sure how that would work either.

If anybody knows how to make a HT-DM550 free-zone, please let me know, I need to read Chinese and French ones.
You can email me at or

edwin K
Hi there, I just bought the HT-DM550
I'm wondering when I'm playing a dvd it sound great sound is coming from everywhere (O so that's why its called surround)

however when I put the sound from my TV on the machine it does not sound very surround.
did I push the wrong buttons or connect the wrong cables and does this machine have the same surround sound options for DVD mode and normal TV sound ?

I live in Ontario, Canada.
I purchased a Samsung DVD home theatre HT-DM150
in March 2003. After 4 months of daily use, I began to have problems with overheating. Unit became very hot and cd-dvd was also extremely hot when removed. I called Samsung and they referred me to a repair centre three weeks ago. They replaced some laser or something and charged Samsung for the repair. I have had it home for one week and it is having the same problem again.
I have faxed Samsung and requested that they replace this unit with a new one. Other than the overheating, I am extremely pleased with quality and performance.

PS to previous message re: HT-DM150
My unit was manufactured in Oct 2002 and has an external fan unit.

Joe P
sggas, I just got my overheating unit back. As expected they replaced that fan which was not working. It would be my guess that repair center should have replaced your fan. It could be they fixed one problem while forgeting to check for more possibilities. In many cases the fan will run for a while after you turn it on. So they may not have run it long enough to see the fan stop. I have not run mine much since I got it back. So I can only hope the fan fixed my problem. Good luck.

Edwin, It's hard to speculate about your connections. But you should have 2 connections for left and right stereo from your TV to the AUX left and right input on your unit. To get the surround effect you need to check the Pro Logic settings for mode and effect.

Own DM-150 (USA)
Bought at Best Buy, Manufactured Date: July 2002

BIG PROBLEM: Will not even recognize DVDs such as THE RECRUIT, BLACK HAWK DOWN, I SPY... all it says is "NO DISC". When I eject, the tray opens while the disc is still spinning. However, it plays certain other DVDs just fine.

What's going on? Any fixes or do I just need to start searching for a new system?

Please advise

Got a HT-DM150 open box with no remote or manual, and The surround sound speakers aren't on, can i change this without the remote? I am only getting sound from the sub, and the left an right speakers, not the back left/right or the center. trying to decide whether toreturn it if it isn't worth the hassle. thank guys...

Zach Hammett
i need to fin the programming code for a universal remote to controll my HT-DM150. the remote is a URC 9910. If anyone can help me

Joe P, I think you were possibly right about replacing the fan. The overheating seems to be the biggest problem with these units. I think if I were you I would run my system non-stop for about 48 hours and make sure the unit is really repaired. My biggest worry about having it repaired again, was that I would find out after the warranty was up that it was still not working correctly.
We have had a reasonable outcome with Samsung. I faxed them a letter stating that I did not want a second repair on a unit that was only 5 months old. I wanted the system replaced with the new model DB600(500watt) system. They contacted me within three business days and offered to ship the new system to me and pick up the old one for a charge of $75(CDN)on my credit card. This seems like an acceptable solution to me and we are in the process of finalizing the agreement. Hopefully the HUGE fan on the back of the DB600 will help with the over-heating problems.

Joe P
sggas, Thanks for the very good advice. I have played several movies and it seems to be OK. But I do fear that it is just a matter of time before the unit has problems again. It's great that Samsung has been so cooperative with you. I think they know these units are pretty buggy. I think the fan on the back of the 150 does an OK job as long as it keeps running. So a bigger fan on the DB600 should do the job. Please keep us up to date on your exchange with Samsung and let us know how you like the DB600.


Need help. My DM150 plays CD's and VCD's but not DVD's. I have done the multi-region hack is this the problem.

Does anybody know how to change it back to Region 2 so I can take it back to the shop.

Cheers Pete

I currently bought a Samsung DL200P from a friend of mine not that long ago and it was working fine until I had him ship it to me.

For some reason I'm getting a very large quantity of whitenoise and static while I can faintly hear the audio. All visual content works great and the speakers are properly hooked up, aligned and set.

The warranty is expired and the licensed Samsung outlets are fairly scarce. Does anyone know what the problem may be before I ship the unit? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Manny Hernandez

Eric Confused
The brochure for the HT DM150 says

"Disc Compatibility
*Ability to play back may depend on recording

I can't get it to play picture CD's. Will it or won't it and if it will what type of files are required jpeg's?

Hi people!

I think DM150 is a good buy considering the price vis-a-vis specs (plus your inputs). In fact I was going to get one this weekend from Best Buy (Ontario, Canada). Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately), they ran out and it won't be till Thursday or Friday till I their shipment comes in (and I'm not guaranteed if any DM150's are coming in). Pissed me off and I didn't want to leave the place empty-handed! And lo and behold, corner of my eye --- Philips MX3900D 5 tray w/ its 75Wx6, etc... for $30 less. I brought my own DVD movie to test the beast vs DM150, cranked up both machines --- I think I was moving DVD's from one machine to another a dozen times... Bottom line, for an extra $30 (vs. DM150), I was willing to forego my Samsung and try my luck with the Philips. I don't want to say the Philips is a better product; lets just say the Philips suits my auditory taste better. Only thing is, I have not read ANY (none what-so-ever) reviews/write-ups/comparison on the Philips MX3900D. So, if anyone who has any bad or good experience with the unit, please let me know. And to everyone --- Doug, Dave, particularly Joe P... THANKS and keep on writing!!! Great day to all!!!


I am just adding an update on Samsung DVD/HT DB600
My last message on September 4th indicated that things had moved quickly and smoothly with Samsung in replacenent of my HT-DM150 (which had a continual overheating problem.
Just wanted to let others know that the process became quite slow after they received my payment
and the returned unit three weeks ago. I am still waiting on the shipment of my new system DB600. Whenever I phone they tell me that it is in stock, but that the order is just backlogged and should be shipped any day. I will keep you posted to when I receive it and how it works.

My new Samsung home theatre was delivered yesterday. The biggest problem was with the unit not being in stock. After my husband made a couple of phone calls and wrote to the manager of the RA department in Toronto, we received the unit within days.
I am VERY pleased with the new system. It does have the huge external fan and a total of 500watts
I am not really a technical person so I don't have a lot to offer about it's performance, but I can say that it has amazing sound and some added features from the older model. As far as set-up for "technical dummies", I can comment on some improvemnts. The speaker wires have been color coded for ALL of the speakers which makes it much easier to troubleshoot if you have a speaker that is not working. Each speaker also has a plug in adapter on the receiver end. The front surface of the speakers is metal material on the new system making them easier to dust and clean. The old system had a cloth type material. The speakers are a little smaller and have a much shinier finish. It is just my personal preference, but I prefered the duller grey finish of the older model. They have also added feet to the bottom of the sub-woofer. I find that this helps to absorb some of the vibration from the woofer as it is not sitting directly on the floor.
I hooked up the system at noon and left it running NON-STOP until after midnight. Twelve hours straight and no overheating. Which is the best improvement of all!!!!!! My opinion is that it was well worth the $76.00 charge to upgrade to the newer model. Have a good day all.

Anthony Tiberini
I have a bit of a problem with my 150 unit. I recently tried to turn it on and it turns on for a second then the word "protection" scrolls across the screen and then the units shuts off. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know how to fix this?


I do have a Samsung DM HT 150J which I bought together with a relative at the same time. Mine works perfectly fine, but hers doesn't want to read some of the DVD's that work in my 150.
Any ideas? Should I return the unit or is there some things we could try?

I do have a Samsung DM HT 150J which I bought together with a relative at the same time. Mine works perfectly fine, but hers doesn't want to read some of the DVD's that work in my 150.
Any ideas? Should I return the unit or is there some things we could try?

Joe P
Anthony, I have never heard of that problem. I would say that your unit needs service.

Richard, I had trouble with Fiddler on the Roof. I called Samsung and was told to unplug the unit for a few minutes (like maybe 10) and then try again when you plug it back in. This did work for me with Fiddler on the Roof. But I have not had problems with any other DVD's. If the uplug deal doesn't work I would take that unit back.

Tried the code free instructions in our Canadian region one Samsung DM150 and every thing happened as per instructions but the region 2 British DVD we have still doesn't work ....the wrong disc format comes up on the player. Can anyone help us make our machine code free???

Anthony Blair
Could someone help me i want to buy a home cinema systems for my family this holliday.I do not know nothing about this .Future shop wants to sell me a 51 inch tv code 51F500 i think it is a hitachi withe the cinema maison Yamaha 799.00$ and the tv 2399.00 $ plus they will give me free a hitachi com 60 dvd and magnetocope player .For that kind of money what would be the best buy..Quality and the store service.I live in the montreal laval region..Thank you for your advise. Anthony.

we havea dl200p that has never worked right we put in a disc and it says no disc and it takes over a minute to open the door to put dvd in Does anyone else have this problem

Unregistered guest
I have owned my 150 for about a year now and I have had no problems with up to now.....My daughter put a dvd in this morning and now when I try to take out the dvd it reads "lock" on the display. The player works fine but I can only watch the dvd thats in there. Can u help please.

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If I remember correctly from a previous post on this thread or the other Samsung 150 thread, you need to: turn it off, hold the stop button on the front of the unit in, and turn the unit on with the remote at the same time.

Unregistered guest
ANy news on HoW to FIX the angle mark that appears occasionally on some scenes of VaRIouS DvDs? It's been my only problem in 11 months of ownership! Help PLEASE!

SyKo PgSkN
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hey people, just say want to say hi and thanks to all those people who give answers!

i my self have samsung HT-DB120, bought in the UK, it plays everything fine and i have got the region hack to work. only think is that i want a VCD or SVCD anyone know one? it would be greatly appreciated! i am sure the player has the capabilites to play it since the same model bought in another country can play vcds as descreibed on the samasung website.

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I have a samsung ht-dm 150 and i cant play dvr-r
All the original dvd play perfectly but when i put a written dvd i cant see it. i get the message no disk
please help me

Justin Bray
Unregistered guest
I bought my Samsung HTDM150 in October and it was rolling along nicely with my new Phillips TV until two days ago. I was skipping to select a new scene when the machine suddenly clicked and turned itself off.

Since then, it has not worked properly (ie will turn on for about 5 to 10 seconds and then click off by itself). Has anyone else encountered this problem or know how to fix it?

I bought this machine off E-Bay and I think the warranty has run out. *sigh*

Somebody please help as I really like this system!!!

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Justin, I have not heard of that problem. But try unplugging for a couple of hours. It clears the memory and maybe it will "reboot" properly.
G petal, You might also try the unplug but I don't know if it will play written dvds.
Syko, I can't help you.
Raul, I wish I could fix that problem as well. My only other problem is the occasional shut down during a load part.

Justin Bray
Unregistered guest
I tried that. I even left it a few days unplugged. When I turned it on again, it seemed to work so I selected a scene from a DVD and lo and behold, 5 minutes into the scene, the player clicks itself off. :-(

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HT-DL200P: I have had my system for awhile now. Someone played around with the remote & now I only show 2 speakers working. This system is a real pain! It makes me feel stupid. Easy way to set up the sound, I just don't understand! Still can't get it to work with the TV

Unregistered guest
well, if you are hooking your tv to it all you will have is 2 speakers.. unless you push the mode button and select a preset like DSP/DPLII..

if u have ???s email me, ill help

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Samsung HT-DB600 - I purchased May 27, 03. I believe it was defective out of the box but one set of outputs was working so I stupid me used it as-is. In technical terms, the S-video and the RCA video outputs are defective. The signal is out of sync. The image output is double, wavy and black and white. The component video output functions properly. Any suggestions?

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i baught my ht-dm150 2 weeks ago and paid 350 cdn after taxes and all i do is leave it on max all day listening toheavy bass songs and it does not over heat i have it on top of my vcr and under my dish reciver and i have had no problems over heating it plays all movies sounds great none of the speaker seem to damaged from the abuse. i took the center speaker apart and noticed that the magnets are pretty big for the size but there is only one speaker and a tweat on the center i was kinda pissed about that but it is clear as crystal still

Unregistered guest
need help!ad900 dvd-by switching to pal system i lost picture. how to switch back to default settings

Unregistered guest
I have a question? Where can I get a replacement cooling fan for my ht-dm150? My last fan threw a bearing and is rattling and does not cool the unit. I have had an intolerable time trying to find a replacement fan.

The only place that does have it. doesn't want to sell me a fan because they want me to send the unit down to them so that they can fix it for a premium price. It a simple fix.. just unplug the old fan and plug in the new one. Anyone know where I can find one? I even checked the manufacturer, and they are in Cambodia or Thailand or something. please email me if you have any leads!! Thanks..

Unregistered guest
I have a weird problem here .... My dvd player htdm150 played all dvds for 4 months and now i have this problem :
For some dvds, newer ones, i insert the dvd it loads fine i get the menu and hear the menu sound, play the movie and it seems to read only background audio track. Cannot hear voices and foreground sounds ... anyone had that issue before ??
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