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hi guys
i recently got an news from a friend of mine who works for Dish Network in US.. he told me that all this Fta companys and dishnetwork preforms there task jointly, u see in last sep 2005 hackers crack in to dishnetwork and it was up fo about 8 months no there will be someting new the will be up again and the ppl will buy that and then it will go down again... these guys are making money either way around
Fta makers claims they have sold over 500000 units around the world

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I 100% agree with you, besides they make more money by selling commercials to a larger audience, the only time they zap it is when they get sh*t from movie makers for PPV and special events

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Hmmm.... average FTA box costs $150. One month satellite about $40. So, if they sell one FTA box, they make equivalent of 3 months of satellite subscription. And the average person keeps their box for at least a year...

Nope, the math doesn't work out.

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And also that one month $40, doesn't include PPV and Adult, like the FTA does for free.

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All BS if fta manufacturers did that then no one would trust them and no one would buy there product ever. DN has run a sucessful ECM period. It is up to the coders now to try and fix problem.

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It's BS, there's no way that DN will work with FTA companies. What's in it for DN for working with the FTA companies?
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