Walmart sound systems any good ( durabrand mainly )?


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i bought the durabrand system on sale and its a gift i just wana know is it good or should i take it back and get a better quality one? my price range 150 to 250 dollars!

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I got the ht-395 (no dvd player) and I'm happy so far, haven't cranked up the volume yet.

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I purchased my HT-395 last Dec 26. At less than $75, taxes included, I'm very happy and satisfied with my new home theater system.

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I purchased one at walmart and I got to admit, I was really impressed. The sound is clear and crisp. The bass is deep and it was easy to set up...on top of that it was relatively cheap. At $75 bucks you will be happy!

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Found this place in google - thought I would
post - I got one to - it is nice and works
well - the bass from the sub is good but
not full, but its a small speaker looks
to be a 5.25 inch or smaller - buts it
works well, the center speaker is fair
but not good - the rest does its job ok

- the AMP it self is a good amp - low power
but clear with very little hiss no pops
nothing but clean - seams well make - you
can force it into surround mode even when
its just stereo - its got a EQ of sorts a
reset and even a test tone and you can
switch inputs from the remote - its got
Coaxial, Optical, AUX rca, TV/VCR rca,
And a rca Game input

I would rate this 7 out of 10 - its nice
and clean sound but not full - missing
some mid range and lower bass tones - the
mid range is what is more lacking here -
there is a slight hiss on the center
channel when in stereo mode but you
cant hear is unless your right up to
it and your ear is like a inches from it
- and I have 2 computers in the same room
side by side and am using this
on one of them


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Durabrand sucks!!!! Had mine less than a year and no sounds come from the speakers. I have tried everything. What a piece of crap. Buy something better

I purchased the HT-395 about a week ago and I haven't had any problems exept for one, I can't get the sound from my regular TV. I think it's my TV's fault though since it works great with my XBOX, PS2, and DVD player. I really like the surround feature. The rear speakers are always really quiet though. I give it 8/10 because of it's 55 dollar price, and ease of hookup and use. Does durabrand have a website?

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I just bought this product today at walmart for 49.99 +tax. i have it hooked up to my dvd player and gaming pc. it has great quality and has great bass. great buy!

Joshua DeHaven
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I have had my durabrand ht-400 since July of 2003 with only a minor problem when you first turn the unit on my fan makes a wierd grinding sound then it goes away after a few seconds. Other than that it is a very good system for under a $100. I would recomend the ht-400 to anyone that can not afford a full fledged system. Also one other thing that I found out is that the HT-400 can also decode DTS even though it is not listed on the specs. I would give the ht-400 7/10 stars.

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Guys, take a look at some other Duranbrand/Regent?Walmart strings in this forum (there are quite a few) and make your own decision. I was going to buy the HT-391 just to try it out, but they were all sold out before New Year's. So I got the Onkyo HTS-570 for $270 instead. You get what you paid for. My system sounds top of the line to me. I'm not going back to the $40-$50 Regent or Durabrand idea anymore.

How about the Durabrand STS98 140 watt with the DVD player, not much mention of it on here. $88.64 ept=3944&path=0%3A3944%3A172481%3A77622%3A4477

Awesome, i'm gonna buy it soon as the bank account fills up.

tell me about the imputs on the back (if i had connect my xbox, vcr, sound system main unit)


None of the walmart stores around me carry the HT 391 at all. I have been looking for the past 2 months. The Walmart Website says it is out-of-stock.

Is there another place where one can buy the HT 391. I am looking for something in this price range WITHOUT a DVD Player.

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try toys are us

Andy Fontella
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I bought the Durabrand HT-3916 non-DVD player home theater system a couple weeks ago, and I'm extremely pleased with it. Hooked it up to my existing DVD player (Philips DVP642) and it works like a charm. Sure the subwoofer doesn't output really low frequency deep bass, the center channel speaker output is a tad too soft even on maximum volume setting, but despite all this I'd recommend it to anyone. I mean it's 40 bucks, and you definitely get what you pay for. In fact the overall performance of this system is actually quite good and it is a step up from just the stereo output from your TV for example. A final issue is that the wires for the back speakers are not very long. In fact the length of these wires is about the same as the length of the wires for the left and right speakers. This may be a problem if the area where you want to place the system is large. However, I'm hooked and am going to keep it. Rated output power of 80 watts is a bit unrealistic. I think it's probably about 20 watts at best.

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I thinking of buying the STS98RW model with the dvd player.. Does anyone know if its good quality? I also want to know if the dvd player has an all region code.. Can someone help?

link : pt=3944&path=0%3A3944%3A133251%3A77622%3A4477

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I recently purchased a durabrand surround sound home theater system, 100 watt, with dvd player. It works great when watching dvd's, but what I want to know is how do I hook it up so that it works with regular tv and also with my ps2 for gaming? Please email me at, I need serious help...
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